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22 Mar
how the hell can @ScottMorrisonMP not know what “stage 2” looks like?

there should have been a multi-level scheme defined years ago, and no later than early february.

material explaining each stage, letter box drops, banner ads, etc should have been prep’d 4 weeks ago.
…tonight school master morrison tried to sheet the blame on to australians for not following social distancing guidelines.

this is the guy who 9 days ago was all “i’m off to the footy. go sharkies”, standing next to the CMO who was enthusiastically shaking hands last sunday. 🤦‍♂️
@ScottMorrisonMP just gaslit the nation.

we've lost control of #covid19 — not because he snoozed again while the country burns, but because _you_ people didn't follow his (unclear) orders.

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24 Feb
🤓 currently, most of the world's steel is produced with coal — a lot of it with australian metallurgical coal.

(some steel is produced with biochar, some with gas.)

to reduce emissions, several companies are working to eliminate coal (and gas) from steel production…
this is significant for 🇦🇺 as metallurgical coal makes up $43.6bn (9.3%) of our exports, 2x the share of thermal coal.

most of our met coal comes from QLD.

it's been said: coal will leave australia before australia leaves coal.

here's a list of "green steel" initiatives:
1. german engineering & steel giant @thyssenkrupp_en is working on two parallel pathways.

i visited last year and wrote this report:

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18 Feb
i nominate this @CUhlmann piece as 🐂💩 article of the day!

chris wrote about how 'paul from nelligen' was dumped by the woke lefties on twitter as soon as he revealed paul's a pauline fan — and that's why we have shit government.

it didn't happen…

read the @CUhlmann's tweet, and ignore any comments from after the @smh piece came out at 4.35pm today.

upon revealing that paul's a pauline fan… the twittersphere continued to stand with paul.

supporters outnumber detractors massively!

so @CUhlmann:
• tried to incite a "milkshake ducking" of paul…
• it didn't work…
• but he wrote it up anyway as if it had. 🤦‍♂️

hard to improve on @MattGrudnoff's salient comment written hours before chris's piece went live:

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16 Feb
🤓 just geeking out @GlobalEnergyMon's coal power database…

here's a list of US coal fired power stations that have closed since 2010:

• Albright
• Allen
• Alma
• Altavista
• Ames
• Apache
• Arapahoe
• Armstrong
• Ashtabula
• Avon Lake
• Bailly…
• Baldwin
• Barry
• Bay Shore
• Beaver Valley
• Beckjord
• Big Brown
• Big Cajun II
• Big Sandy
• Black Dog
• Black River
• Blount St
• Blue Valley
• Boswell
• Brayton Point
• Bremo Bluff
• Bruce Mansfield
• Buck
• Burger
• Cambria
• Cameo
• Canadys…
• Cane Run
• Cape Fear
• Carbon
• Cayuga
• Cedar Bay
• Celanese
• Central
• Chamois
• Cherokee
• Chesapeake
• Chesterfield
• Cholla
• Cliffside
• Clinch River
• Cobb
• Coffeen
• Cogentrix Portsmouth
• Colbert
• Coleman
• Conesville
• Corette…
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9 Feb
folks often claim "we need a plan" & "renewables can't provide baseload" — whatever that means!

here's the central scenario (ie. current policy settings) from the boffins at @AEMO_Media (the market operator).

• lowest cost path forward
• 76% renewables
• lights stay on
@AEMO_Media last year i proposed "simon's law":

"if you bring up baseload you’ve almost certainly lost the debate."

why? because chances are you don't know what it means.

read on:
@AEMO_Media btw. @AEMO_Media reckon we can hit 92% renewables in the same timeframe for only a slightly higher cost.

…the lights stay on
…and we reduce electricity emissions to 85% below current levels.
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22 Jan
we’re kicking off proceedings at the 1st green ammonia consortium international symposium in tokyo. 🇯🇵

(ammonia is emerging as a likely carrier for the international trade of hydrogen.)

sadly this is one of the few photos i will be allowed to post.
200 attendees, ~10 presentations and lots of networking.

good to see a number of australians here.

“green” ammonia is derived from renewable energy. (not to be confused with blue ammonia, derived from gas and includes carbon capture and storage).
a key initial use will be the co-firing of ammonia in coal power stations — helping to reduce the CO₂ emissions intensity of japan’s power fleet.

research is ongoing into using ammonia as a fuel in gas turbines.
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21 Jan
if there’s a prize for culture warriors, i nominate opinionista @parnellpalme, for squeezing “greenies”, “costly renewables”, “nuclear” and “virtue signalling” before she even got to her opening paragraph.

…and what a lot of 🐂💩 followed! THREAD 👇

.@parnellpalme notes germany is “expected to fail the majority of its own 2020 energy transition targets” but neglects to say:
• their goals are very ambitious
• they're way ahead of schedule in the electricity sector — the entire focus of her article.
germany hit their "35% renewables by 2020" target *three* years early, and haven't stopped there — they recently bumped up their target to 65% by 2030.

i reckon they'll make it.
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8 Dec 19
🤓visit to @thyssenkrupp_en in #duisburg: this massive german conglomerate produces 12 million tonnes of steel annually & has committed to an net-zero emissions by 2050.

no mean feat given they currently emit ~20mt CO₂ annually.

they're serious about finding solutions…
last month @thyssenkrupp_en introduced hydrogen into a blast furnace for the first time…

coal has two major roles in steel production — as a source of heat and as a reductant.

in the first phase of the trial H₂ is used in one of the "tuyeres" (heat injection points) substituting coal.

in 2021 they expect to test H₂ in all 28 tuyeres of a blast furnace.
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17 Nov 19
👇THREAD on @ScottMorrisonMP and #climate

no doubt the prime minister will have noticed the shift in the public mood, and the media, around climate change.

“climate and the environment” is literally top of mind.

morrison can implore us not to discuss climate change while the country is on fire, but as the fire chiefs have tried to tell him, we have months of fires ahead of us — this is the new normal.

unless australia gets a lucky break, this fire season is morrison’s "port arthur".
if @ScottMorrisonMP seeks to be a great PM, he needs to rapidly pivot to real #climate leadership — meaningful words and meaningful deeds.

to be meaningful:
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10 Nov 19
@DoctorKarl there are a couple of external reasons why a solar (or wind) farm might switch off when it otherwise could be generating:
• "constrained off" by the network operator, basically meaning that the wires near the project are at maximum capacity and can't take more, or
@DoctorKarl • or it could be responding to market events — some projects are exposed to the spot market, and some others have a clause where the offtaker requires them to stop generating when prices go negative.
@DoctorKarl "negative prices" exist by design to provide a signal to market participants that there's an imbalance between supply & demand.

when a project switches off it is simply responding to the market signal.

this @OpenNEM chart from SA last week shows almost daily -ve pricing events.
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31 Oct 19
welcome to @LiteFootPrints' forum:

➡️ living in the clean economy — the case for a faster transition

#CarolynIngvason, lighter footprints' indomitable convenor, is introducing the evening's programme…

(facebook live link to be posted soon — or follow on along on twitter👇)
@LiteFootPrints a great lineup this evening!

#AntheaHarris of @DELWP_Vic

if you have questions for the speakers, you can make them (or boost other's questions) through sli.do #7873.

(look, i get a credit! these guys are professionals!)
@LiteFootPrints @Tom_Kompas @PeterNewmanCUSP @DELWP_Vic great to be working alongside @VictoriaMcKMcH this evening.

victoria is a veteran climate communicator and very capable chair.
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15 Oct 19
🤓if you know me, you know i’m an energy nerd.

i’ve visited coal & gas power stations, wind & solar farms, geothermal & hydro projects. (plus a few nuclear plants, but yet to get inside one.)

i was recently near the decommissioned yankee rowe plant and thought i'd pay a visit…
the yankee rowe nuclear power station (massachusettes) was one of the first commercial power reactors in the world.

the 185MW pressurised water reactor operated for more than 31 years (1960-1992).
in 1992 it was prematurely closed due to 'reactor pressure vessel embrittlement concerns'.

decommissioning was finally completed in 2007, some 15 years after the plant stopped operating, leaving _almost_ no trace of the former power station.
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8 Oct 19
🤓 so, i was looking at the @MineralsCouncil submission to the nuclear inquiry, which includes this nifty little infographic…

…and low and behold, it's the typical misinformation & truthiness we've come to expect from them.

THREAD on just a few things i noticed…
the world does not have 452 operating nuclear reactors…

there are 449 if you include the 28 japanese reactors that are still out of service 7.5 years after #fukushima.

so more like 421 operating reactors. no biggie, but let's get it right!

source: pris.iaea.org/PRIS/WorldStat…
no, germany is not extending the life of its coal fired stations "to back up the grid".

in fact quite the opposite — germany is _paying_ coal power stations to leave the market early.
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7 Oct 19
🤓 UK electricity market's decade of change:

• 2008: Gas 46%, Coal 31%, Nuclear 13%, Import 3%, Waste 2%, Wind 1.9%, Oil 1.6%, Hydro 1%, Biomass 0.3%, Solar 0%

• 2018: Gas 38%, Nuclear 17.4%, Wind 16.8%, Biomass 7%, Import 6%, Coal 5%, Waste 4%, Solar 3.8%, Hydro 2%, Oil 0.5%
👆 data from the *incredible* data visualisation site by @CarbonBrief, which shows all the interim years too, with a clear explanation for how the UK achieved it.

the UK's coal phase-out has been phenomenal!

this @guardian graphic shows coal's changing role.

number of hours without coal in:
• 2016: 233
• 2017: 624
• 2018: 1856
• 2019: 3513

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25 Sep 19
@ScottMorrisonMP is very comfortable lying to the australian people, but today he looked world leaders directly in the eye and lied to them. 🤥

morrison claimed “australia is taking real action on climate change and getting results”

thread 👇

theguardian.com/australia-news… #auspol
in fact, australia’s CO₂ emissions are rising and the government has no credible plan to reduce them.

@ScottMorrisonMP claims “australia is doing our bit on climate change and we reject any suggestion to the contrary.”
.@ScottMorrisonMP is contesting the fact that australia is absolutely *failing* to deliver our share of reducing emissions.

he is lying to all of us.

his government’s “climate solutions package” has australia emitting no less in 2030 than we do presently.
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14 Sep 19
🤓 there's a persistent claim that electricity retailers buy householders' excess solar for nearly nothing and sell it at a huge profit to other customers.

this is (generally) not true. 1/5
these days, in *most* of the country, the solar feed in tariff is determined periodically by an independent third party and is based on a calculation of the value of the electricity in the wholesale market. 2/5
(in victoria there's even a slight premium paid for solar in recognition of the "social cost of carbon" — ie. a slim carbon price.). 3/5
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30 Jun 19
i keep hearing from @dmichie66 and other pessimists that nuclear is the only tech that's ever decarbonised an economy, so i thought i'd take a look at the latest BP data on *energy* sector CO₂ emissions.

since 1994, nuclear states have done well, but not as well as denmark.
in fact, denmark reduced their energy sector emissions 41% in 15 years. france took almost 3 times as long to achieve the same.

(yes, there are many ways of slicing & dicing this data, but let's drop the "nuclear is the only technology that's ever worked" trope — it's 🐴💩.)
some smart alecs have posted tired old charts about relative energy costs in europe.

here’s one to keep handy:
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14 Jun 19
true story…

the first time i met @AngusTaylorMP, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration was 393.5 ppm and the newly preselected member for hume was at the start of his parliamentary crusade against renewables energy.

(he'd been fighting as a private citizen for years.)
he was routinely addressing anti-wind farm rallies…

taylor would go on to attend community forums and boast how he was doing his best to kill the renewable energy target…

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23 May 19
"australia isn’t right-wing. it’s cautious."

"…labor’s narrative of fairness failed before the coalition’s story of aspiration…"

"…australia has not called time on neoliberalism…"

insightful election result analysis by waleed aly.

nytimes.com/2019/05/20/opi… #ausvotes
so i was nodding the whole way through. aly's take makes sense — but it was missing at least a few points (in no order):
• the impact of clive palmer's massive spend
• shorten's unpopularity
• the new level of dirty tricks
• failure to "sell" a vision for post-coal queensland
…and the deep dissatisfaction that scandal (eg. watergate, paladin), lies (eg. everything on energy), inhumanity (eg. offshore detention) and incompetence (eg. energy and environment ministers) have been rewarded.
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24 Apr 19
🤓 for those trying to combat 🐴💩 about the need for opening up gas reserves in the NT, i give you these pointers:

1. we're using less gas for electricity generation that at any time in the past decade — even as variable renewables have grown from 2% to 12%.
2. AEMO, the energy market operator, doesn't think we're going to use more gas as the energy transition continues:
3. we don't have a gas shortage — we just choose to export the vast bulk offshore.

…which would be nice if it didn't have huge carbon impacts *and* if there were significant royalties and taxes paid and/or profits were kept in australian hands.
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20 Apr 19
💥 help please!

i'm compiling a list of big (>$50m) questionable #coalition expenditure. eg:
• $50m cook statue
• $500m war memorial upgrade
• $80m "ghost water"
• $444m GBR foundation
• $423m paladin/manus
• $185m xmas island stunt
• $50m coal2hydorgen

got any more? 🙏
…and if you care to list any big, questionable cuts made since 2013, please list them too.
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