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Cool collaborative research on #coal air pollution sources from @irenededoussi, @joanacasey, @cchoirat, and others in @JExpSciEnvEpi

"Comparisons of simple and complex methods for quantifying exposure to individual point source air pollution emissions"
2/ Hundreds of coal power plants emit air pollution, which is bad for our health. Air quality regulations should target the sources that impart largest health burden first.

But it’s difficult to calculate burdens of hundreds of individual sources
3/ A good place to start: Adjoint chemical transport models, which use the sum of our knowledge of atmospheric processes to calculate the influence of emissions from anywhere in the modeling domain on air pollution/health in a specified location.

But: computationally intensive
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I’m trying to lose weight, which is kind of like trying to address #climatechange. I made a bunch of pledges to myself at my very own COP35 before Christmas 2019. But how can I do it, and will I succeed? 1/11
A diet is about finding the right balance between energy demand and supply. I can reduce my consumption, switch to healthier fuels (less ‘fossil’ varieties, more ‘greens’). I can also exercise, making everything more #energyefficient. Setting targets is also important. 2/11
But by golly, it’s hard to fit all this in when I also have to maintain a job, an apartment, pay bills, keep relationships… there’s more to life than fretting about the climate (um, I mean, my health). 3/11
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Looking at the RCP8.5/BAU debate so far (as a trained anthropologist of knowledge), here's my take how it will probably evolve.
A short THREAD
Probably first one to identify the problem of unrealistic (high #coal) assumptions behind RCP8.5 was @jritch.… He even got high-level media coverage, by @eroston… But in academia, who really cares about a Ph.D student's findings?
Then @RogerPielkeJr developed an interest, mainly in dominant use of RCP8.5 in impact studies.… Then more pieces, and on Twitter…
But when it comes from Roger, not much of a chance that mainstream will acknowledge the problem
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India’s electricity sector transition continues to progress. #RenewableEnergy has been the least cost source of new generation capacity since 2017 at <Rs3/kWh, 20% below existing domestic coal power at Rs3.60. RE is over two-thirds of all new installs in 2019/20.
Indian electricity demand grew just 0.7% year-on-year in CY2019, a dramatic slowdown on the >6% CAGR this decade.
In the ten months to Jan’2020, India’s #coal fired power generation is down 26TWh. Not the peak, but definitely a clear sign of the technology transition underway.
And key players driving this technology driven transition like @AzurePowerSolar continue to power ahead!…
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🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Phase One #Trade Deal: Chinese Commitments

1/ To purchase at least an additional $200 billion in U.S. exports over the next 2 years (base: 2017).

2/ To do more to crack down on the theft of American technology and corporate secrets by its companies and state entities.
3/ To avoid currency manipulation.

4/ To bring forward the planned opening of its capital market.

5/ To set up a system to resolve conflicts over drug patents.

6/ To endorse an enforcement system.
🇺🇸 🇨🇳 Phase One #Trade Deal: Full Texts En/Cn

#China’s Ministry of Finance published both English and Chinese versions of the text - Statement
*Link (Chinese):
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The Dec 2019 monthly installation figures are out: 1.5GW of new #RenewableEnergy added (a 2019 monthly record) vs 1.3GW of new thermal power plants (TPP) for 🇮🇳: 65% of all new capacity is zero emissions, low cost VRE.✅
And TPP hit a decade low 53% utilisation rate in 4QCY2019!
And while NTPC & TANGEDCO are now completing TPP announced a decade ago, reports are coming in thick & fast of >60% TPP asset write-downs by Indian banks; investors need to be wary of commissioning even more stranded thermal power assets.… @Vibhuti_D_Garg
@Vibhuti_D_Garg And India's Minister for coal and mines @JoshiPralhad is reminding us of plans for India to reduce its dependence in thermal #coal imports, saying of the 235Mtpa of coal imports, only 100Mt was "non-substitutable."
An interesting take @mattjcan?…
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As #Australia reels from unprecedented bushfires, the disconnect between its vulnerability to #climate change and the inadequacy of its government's response is coming under international scrutiny.
We have produced a mountain of research on this -
👇👇 thread👇👇
1/ #Australia is on fire due in large part to #climate change yet the government is looking for ways to weaken the Paris Agreement by using 40 y. o. Kyoto protocol credits to meet its 2030 targets. We show there's no legal basis for this @TheAusInstitute
2/ Our calculations show just how bad using Kyoto carryover units to meet #ParisAgreement commitments would be for #climate action: an extra 0.1˚C of warming that wld not otherwise hv occurred due to delays in energy & economic system transformation
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@AsiKym First up, India doesn't need persuading. They're on track to meet (possibly exceed) their Paris targets, thanks to Modi's HUGE investments in renewable energy.…
@AsiKym China, the world's largest nation and largest emitter isn't doing as well. However they're the world leaders in renewable energy installation and moving in the right direction, albeit not as fast as they were, due in part to trade war with US.…
@AsiKym Here's a summary of who is on track or not (note Australia is not)…
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Horrific #Bushfires 🔥 are burning in every Australian state. No wonder people are angry + despairing about lack of action on the #ClimateCrisis

But w/out glossing over tragedy, here's a list of things happening right now in Australia that inspire me.
Australia is installing #RenewableEnergy at an amazing rate DESPITE federal govt resistance. We're on track to have ~ 30% renewable energy by 2021. Imagine what could happen with fed govt support!…
The ACT is now on 100% renewable energy as of Jan 1st 🌞🌬️…
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Happy #NewYearsEve everybody! 2019 has been a record breaking year for GB electricity. Here's why...1/5

✅ Record levels of #solar power 🌞

9550MW on May 14th - the equivalent of approx 1.9 million 5W LED light bulbs 💡💡💡💡
2/5 ✅ Record #wind power 💨 - 16873MW on Dec 10th at the tail end of #stormatiyah

Wind supplied almost 44% of #electricity over the day as a whole.
3/5 ✅ Record number of #coal free days 🔥 - the longest period without burning coal to produce electricity since the Industrial Revolution! @PastCoal
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The >30% decline in prices of Australia's fossil fuel exports over 2019 has undermined volume growth, smashing profit margins and promising profitless-prosperity. Time for 🇦🇺 to plan for this technology driven transition to decarbonise.… by @adamlmorton
Thermal coal prices have fallen >30% to US$66/t in over 2019, from over US$100/t. This is a clear reflection of the unexpected 300TWh or 3% global decline in coal-fired power generation over CY2019, an unprecedented rate of decline not forecast by any, particularly the @IEA.
Our @IEEFA_AsiaPac analysis of the technological and deflationary headwinds building against thermal coal, co-authored with @laurimyllyvirta of @CREACleanAir
& Dave Jones of @sandbagorg…
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THREAD: Here is my take on one of the elements of the #EUGreenDeal that got most attention in the last weeks... the new #JustTransition Mechanism aka #JustTransitionFund 👇

The full proposal will be published in January but the communication gives a taste...
1. The Commission rightly recognizes that the #JustTransition needs to be fair for everyone:
➡️people suffering from the impacts of climate change & a lack of climate action
➡️people negatively affected by climate policy

More on this:…
2. The fund will support the regions and sectors most affected by the transition. Yes, you read that right! It’s not only about #coal. This is important because reducing emissions in other sectors will also have consequences for workers and communities. 👏👏
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The @BrownUniversity @climatedevlab is investigating 10 #utilities historically dedicated to #climatedenial and opposing #climateaction. (1/8)
These companies are part of a tight-knit historical cohort of #coal #rail and #utility companies, three carbon-intensive industries that have driven the extraction, transportation, generation of American #dirtyenergy. (2/8)
Our research found that many of the same large coal & rail companies have been doing business with the profiled utilities — again & again. (3/8)
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@RBReich You're still worried about Russia's ability to propagandize a few computer-illiterate swing voters?
Did it bother you that #ObamaBiden supported the #MaidanCoup along with #NeoNazis who are still influencing the government in Ukraine?… #JoeBiden
@RBReich Snipers who killed scores of protestors and policemen on Kiev’s Maidan Square in February 2014, triggered a “democratic revolution” that overthrew the elected president, Yanukovych, and brought to power a virulent anti-Russian, pro-American regime.…
@RBReich When a founder of a #NeoNazi party and repackaged speaker of the Ukrainian parliament visited Washington in 2017, he was widely feted by leading American politicians, including Senator John #McCain and Representative Paul Ryan.
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Court win blocking #Colorado #coal mine expansion a victory for #climate, #publiclands. @WildEarthGuard's @JeremyJNichols1:

"it’s a resounding rebuke of the Trump administration’s attempts to sidestep our environmental laws to appease the coal industry,"…
It comes on heels of longstanding efforts to defend #NationalForest lands, #climate from Arch Coal's attempts to expand West Elk mine.

Not only does mine's #coal fuel #climatecrisis, mine vents massive amounts of #methane, as we explain in this video.

Read on for full saga!
We first filed suit in 2008 challenging #methane venting at West Elk mine. We were represented by @TedZukoski, a long-time defender of #publiclands and #climate.

Mine is largest single industrial source of methane emissions in #Colorado,…
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Thread: @BillGates claims fossil fuel #divestment has 'zero' climate impact, and #climatechange activists are 'wasting their time' lobbying investors to ditch #fossilfuel stocks…
@BillGates Gates: “#Divestment, to date, probably has reduced about zero tonnes of emissions. It’s not like you’ve capital-starved [the] people making steel and gasoline”…
@BillGates As @350 note: arguments against fossil fuel #divestment miss a larger point. The idea is not to starve companies of capital but to remove their “social licence to operate” & make it easier for Govts to act on climate issues by breaking #fossilfuel companies’ hold on politicians.
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Recent @bradplumer article for @nytimes asks - will utilities replace #coal with #naturalgas or #renewableenergy? Utilities are diverging along those paths, but the math for renewable and storage economics is more compelling than many understand. A thread:
1/ If you concede that natgas or some "firm" capacity is for balancing and to meet peak, it's fair as a rule of thumb to say solar plus storage replaces that service until we get to much higher penetrations of renewables. We can rely for now on 450 GW of existing gas.
2/ @Lazard LCOE v12 puts the LCOE of natgas at $41-74. Consider two interesting numbers. The first is yesterday's contracts for 1200MW solar and 590MW storage in Nevada. Only one contract for 200/100 MW of solar + 4hr battery announced prices.…
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1. #News ~ China’s President Xi in Russia: President Trump Is My “Friend”
– China, US Too Intertwined to Break Up Over Trade War…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
2. #News ~ Far-Left Vice News Celebrates Prepubescent Boys Dressed in Drag, “Next Generation of Drag Queens” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #ChildSexAbuse
3. #News ~ Protesters Who Dumped Glitter-Lube Concoction On Police Receive Jail Sentences…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
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Huge #cleanenergy news to kick off week!

@GuzmanEnergy offering to buy three of @TriStateGT's #coal-fired power plants (and a coal mine), shut them down, replace them with #renewables.

Tri-State would be crazy to pass up this deal,…
Deal would shutter @TriStateGT's Craig power plant in NW #Colorado, also Escalante plant in #NewMexico.

@GuzmanEnergy would replace costly #coal w/more affordable #cleanenergy, saving Tri-State's rural electric co-op members higher rates, promoting local economic development.
According to @GuzmanEnergy release, proposal would also provide, "substantial financial assistance to communities negatively impacted by the early retirement of coal plants, to be driven by engagement directly with those
communities and other local partners."

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So China's MacMines shelves its decade long development of its Galilee Coal project, China Stone. A $6.7bn high ash, low energy (HALE) thermal #coal export proposal.… by @LGartry
Why? 🇨🇳 is moving to decarbonise & transition its economy as fast as it can. China is the world's biggest producer, consumer & importer of coal. But China's coal consumption peaked in 2014. 🇨🇳 will probably cease thermal coal imports medium term, relying on their domestic mines.
China just announced a 21GW subsidy free wind & #solar tender, for construction completion by next year. Grid parity for renewables in China by 2020. That is well ahead of target. Zero pollution, zero emissions domestic production.… by Feifei Shen @business
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In April, Alberta, Canada, will elect a new provincial government. Many may be unaware that the current @rachelnotley govt has adopted a globally significant #climate plan. Here is what's in it, what it has done, and what is at stake next month. A THREAD #abvote 1/24
First, where did Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan plan come from? (George Soros, perhaps? Foreign-funded radicals?) No. It came from Albertans. A volunteer panel led by @andrew_leach spoke w 1K residents in-person and heard from 25K+ online. 2/24
The panel also engaged with 350+ stakeholders and met w Aboriginal Peoples in three cities, and received hundreds of detailed submissions from NGOs, industry groups and others. 3/24
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Globally significant financial institutions are exiting the thermal #coal sector. To-date, over 100 firms have restricted coal finance, ceased thermal coal insurance and/or divested coal and coal-fired power plants globally from their portfolios.…
Capital is fleeing the rising stranded asset risk of thermal coal as more and more globally significant financial institutions move to a policy framework more aligned with the Paris Climate Agreement. The growing global focus on TCFD means this will accelerate. @ieefa_institute
Since the start of 2018, 34 globally significant financial institutions have announced new coal divestment/restriction polices. In 2019 to-date, VIG of Austria, Varma of Finland, Nedbank of South Africa, Barclays Bank UK & Export Development Canada have all announced.
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I thought it worth a thread suggesting something material might just have changed in Australia's #1 thermal #coal export destination - Japan 🇯🇵. We at IEEFA have written about this quite a bit, but mainly about the growing momentum to exit #coal.…
On the other side, @JoshSHill wrote about TEPCO, Japan's biggest thermal power generation firm. They just announced a joint venture MoU with @Orsted for offshore #wind.
Anyone else seeing a Japanese corporate pivot towards #RenewableEnergy internationally?…
TEPCO also this week announced it will co-seed CleanGrid Partners' US$60m #solar infrastructure fund for South East Asia, starting with distributed, off grid solar replacing imported diesel applications in Philippines. A smallish step, but a good one. ✔️…
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