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21 Jul
Bitcoin as a tool for economic empowerment with @CathieDWood @elonmusk @jack & @moneyball

live tweet highlights thread:…
@CathieDWood @elonmusk @jack @moneyball Steve: What shaped your views on Bitcoin?
Cathy: Focus on disruptive innovation, economics. Collaborated with mentor Art Laffer, and this launched their efforts.
Elon: Thought about money for a while with PayPal. Thinks of money as an information system. Sees opportunity for something better from an information theory standpoint vs say, ACH, credit card networks.

Fraud and govt interference being sources of error.
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19 Jul
Covidians don't grasp the bigger picture.

Due to their fight to mandate lockdowns, masks, vaccination and travel bans, millions of people around the world will starve.
The nerve of these people to sit on their zoom calls and pretend to us how virtuous they are.
If given the choice, many of these people would happily go to work and earn some income to feed their families.

Meanwhile I see these western world virtue signallers on about how the world must vaxx to get freedom back. Get lost losers. If you want to sit inside, do it.
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17 Jun
Listening in to #Bitcoin Mining Council spaces hosted by @michael_saylor…
@michael_saylor Idea being an open forum to share best practices and promote transparency.

(I'm not convinced 'transparency' is necessarily a good thing)
@DarinFeinstein notes the framing of bitcoin miners being on the defensive. Energy use and emissions required is 'perceived' as a problem.

Notes the very small fraction of energy use takes. Less than a fraction of 1%

(perhaps not a good long term arg.)
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14 Jun
SLP284 @SGBarbour #Bitcoin & Fossil Fuels vs Fiat Maxis

Steve and I chat:
- Wind and Solar as unreliable
- compliance costs
- Carbon ESG is it a state attack?
- industry BSing
- @upstreamdatainc & hash hut Image
@SGBarbour @upstreamdatainc "It's just like, sweep it under the table. These are clean. Give me my subsidy to go to this project and let's ignore the elephant in the room."
"I consider all Bitcoin miners doing great things for humanity, with helping secure, helping distribute, helping produce the greatest money that has ever existed, the greatest freedom money that ever existed."
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9 Jun
Paraphrasing @nayibbukele from @nic__carter's Spaces on #Bitcoin legal tender:

El Salvador govt will have a govt-wallet for merchants (but it won't be the only choice), as Bitcoin is an open network
@nayibbukele @nic__carter Company balance sheets will be in USD, but taxes can be paid with Bitcoin.

Debts will be able to be paid with Bitcoin.
There will be a trust fund put in place by govt, which will assume the price-risk of the merchants, and deposit USD for them, even if the customer pays BTC.
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7 Sep 19
Highlighting a few fantastic sections from Ludwig von @mises in Theory of Money and Credit:
@mises Inflation sends false signals to businesses, making them think they're making profit, when really they're consuming their capital.

Monetary depreciation falsifies capital accounting.
@mises Totalitarian govts don't want their subjects to shield themselves from monetary depreciation.
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23 Aug 19
Some consequences of inflation and hyperinflation, as discussed in Adam Fergusson's "When Money Dies" book:
Thanks Fiat Money! For driving poverty and malnourishment.

"All children of every class... were two years physically and mentally backward for their ages"
"Rise in prices intensified the demand for currency"
" ration the cashing of cheques"
"business came to a standstill"
"Wages were simply not available"
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1 Mar 19
@iwearahoodie 2/ First off, we should look at Bitcoin as a multi decade monetary phenomenon. We have to be patient overall!

The altcoins that try to rush this end up becoming the irrelevant 'kiddy pool'.
@iwearahoodie 3/ "The fees just get too high" - Yes the fees will eventually rise, and arguably this is baked into the design. But there are ideas on how to let people participate using things like channel factories.
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16 Jul 18
1/ "Intolerant" and "toxic" bitcoin maximalism? Understand what's going on beneath the surface with altcoins and their affinity scamming
2/ Affinity fraud: "in which the fraudster preys upon members of identifiable groups, such as religious or ethnic communities" "The fraudsters who promote affinity scams frequently are – or successfully pretend to be – members of the group"…
3/ They try to make out like it's a 'crypto community' and align themselves with known bitcoin pioneers and advocates.
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16 Jul 18
1/ Crucial ways in which HODLers are not free riders:

They are bearing much of the price or exchange rate risk. Merchants who accept BTC and insta-convert to fiat aren't bearing this risk.
2/ HODLers take on the opportunity cost of not holding any other asset

They could otherwise invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, other currencies etc.
3/ HODLers help 'pay' for bitcoin's security with inflation (block reward subsidy)

Incentivising miners to provide network hash rate
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