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20 Feb
cow has learned how to open an electric fence
god I hate electric fences
more cows here for all the people who don't seem to know much about cows
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19 Feb
"David" (not real name) "worked as a senior Coalition staffer for more than 5 years. He agreed to be quoted only on condition of anonymity because he has nothing v good to say about the parliamentary culture & its treatment of staffers, especially female"…
“People are treated appallingly and there is literally nowhere to go, there is no HR department. There is no realistic place to complain.”
“A lot of the male ministers seem to think it’s fair game to hit on female staff. I think most of those 50-year-old men have no idea how intimidating it is for a 30-year-old woman to be hit on by a 50-year-old Cabinet minister.”
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18 Jan
Groups of regional Victorians are calling on the state govt not to allow the duck shooting season to proceed this year, amid continued concerns about vulnerable ecosystems and the impact on communities
Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting (RVOTDS) noted "dire environmental factors, significant long-term decline of all water bird indices, lack of critical data concerning protected species & lack of social/economic impact studies to the wider community"
Kerrie Allen from RVOTDS said that to allow any kind of shooting season this year would be "completely
reckless and cause irreversible damage to vulnerable ecosystems and rural communities. After the hell of a year we've had, regional Victorians - all Victorians - deserve better"
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17 Jan
important series exploring the stories of the Indigenous children trapped in Australia's jails, and how juvenile justice operates, as told by those who live and work in the system…
"On an average night in 2019, there were 949 children behind bars in Australia – more than half of them were Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. Of all 10-year-olds incarcerated, 80% were Aboriginal children"…
"Study after study has shown that contact with the criminal justice system at a young age can do lasting damage to children, their families and communities"
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16 Jan
As one of its last acts the Trump administration has set in motion the transfer of sacred Native American lands to a pair of Anglo-Australian mining conglomerates…
"Unbeknown to tribes and environmental groups who had long opposed mining Oak Flat, the land transfer was passed by Congress and signed by President Obama in December 2014 as a last-minute rider to a Department of Defense spending bill"
when Rio Tinto blasted a sacred Aboriginal site in Juukan Gorge 'the widespread public outcry & investor revolt... led the Rio Tinto chairman, Simon Thompson, to promise that the company would “never again” destroy sites of “exceptional archaeological and cultural significance”'
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16 Jan
the more dangerous storms seem to have passed here but clouds still interesting ImageImage
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11 Apr 20
swimming echidna
more swimming echidna
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2 Mar 20
this cannot happen

Slaughter will kill mothers and their babies': Permit issued to cull 200 wombats…
"We are in tears about this as you can imagine,” a Wombat Awareness Organisation spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

“This shouldn't be legal, but it is. We have to do something about this"

“It is baby season so this slaughter will kill mothers and their babies.”
"Across Australia, there are thought to be only 60,000 to 130,000 southern hairy-nosed wombats in the wild with ongoing threats including mange, habitat destruction, drought and culling"
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8 Jan 20
we all know WIRES in NSW is great and celebs around the world are asking people to donate to them. Please reply to this tweet with other animal/wildlife orgs around the country needing donations - there are many
Wildlife Victoria
Donate here:
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8 Sep 19
@HometoBilo 1. Priya and Nades came to Australia legally

"Under Australian and international law, it is legal to come to Australia seeking protection from threats to life or freedom. It is legal to seek protection whether you come by air or by sea"

@HometoBilo 2. Priya or Nades have not travelled to Sri Lanka since arriving in Australia

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1 Mar 19
'You no longer rule our world': The message from Pell accuser's sister ("swimmer's trial") to powerful Cardinal supporters…
Karen Monument: "The impact of child sexual abuse inflicted by members of the Catholic Church began reverberating in my family home almost 40 years ago and culminated in the loss of a brother to suicide just over 10 years ago"
Karen Monument: "The decision to come forward with allegations against George Pell, almost four years ago, set my brother, myself and my family on a journey that has had equally dark times and inflicted stress that I did not, at times, think we would survive"
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