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Today our team @hope4college releases the largest national survey conducted during the pandemic.

For #RealCollege community members, you’ll note this is our 6th annual report.

So what’s new? What surprised me? What now? A 🧵

Full report:…
Let’s start with #COVID. It has deeply affected #RealCollege students.

13% of these 200K students lost a loved one. Twice as many among Latinx students.

Whatever the “return to college” looks like, it’s going to be marked by trauma.
Many, including our team, have been calling for increased #mentalhealth supports for years and years— particularly for #communitycollege students.

Listen to the students in our latest data— now is the time to invest👇🏻
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The news today from Washington signals the biggest victory in the field of #CollegeInPrison in decades. It’s a long time coming. This undoes the #94crimebill’s ban on #Pell Grants for incarcerated students. #PellRestoration #PELLYES
A thread.
Prior to the #94CrimeBill, college was common, even normal, in state and federal prisons across the country. The #Pell ban eviscerated college nearly overnight.
Since then, a small but growing number of privately funded programs helped keep the field alive. @BPIBard has been proud to be one of them, but we want to shout out our friends & fellow travelers at @MtTamCollege @HudsonLink & women in Bedford Hills who got so much of this going.
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THREAD: List of Royal Comm (unredacted) findings re #Pell:
1. Ballarat Bishop Mulkearns did not lie to his consultors, including Pell, re true reason for shifting paedophile Fr Ridsdale from parish to parish.
2. 'Inconceivable' Mulkearns deceived Pell et al. (Rejects Pell alibi)
3. "We are satisfied...Mulkearns told the consultors it was necessary to move Ridsdale...bc of complaints that he had sexually abused children. A contrary position is not tenable."
4. Conduct of any consultor (Pell) who knew & didn't advise against moving Ridsdale 'unacceptable'.
5.Pell's was consultor. Pell's conduct, therefore, "unacceptable".
6.“Lives of dozens of children and their families, likely to be more than 100, were devastated by [Ridsdale’s] conduct."
7.Pell, then-Episcopal Vicar for Education, knew of offending in Ballarat diocese from 1973.
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THREAD: Pell & bunkum ABC conspiracy: 1. Dec 2015: Royal Commission prepares for #Pell to fly from Rome & give evidence. 2. December 2: @VictoriaPolice issues warrants for raids @ St Patrick’s Cathedral & St Kevin’s, re alleged offences vs teenage choirboys. Reported in @theage.
3. December 11: Pell’s lawyer tells Royal Commission he’s too ill to fly & wants to give evidence from Rome via video link. Furore. I much later discover sick note written by doctor who advises the Congregation for the Causes of Saints of medical miracles, ergo person is saint.
4. Dr Richard Sallie, gastroenterologist, writes to @smh offering to accompany Pell home & to pay for 1st class ticket. 5. Survivors desperate for answers about what #Pell knew resolve to fly to Rome. But they’re broke. 6. @GorgiCoghlan & @theprojecttv organise fundraiser.
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A thread about yesterday. In 2018, I attended the final submissions in DPP vs #Pell. The last thing that Pell's defence presented to the jury was this summary of the principle of reasonable doubt:
- It did not happen: Not Guilty
- It possibly happened: Not Guilty
- It probably happened: Not Guilty
- It almost certainly happened, with a reasonable doubt: Not Guilty
The jury were made painstakingly aware of the standard of proof required for a guilty verdict. After months of careful consideration of the evidence, and three and a half days of deliberation, they deemed that that standard was met.
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High Court reasons on Pell. "It is evident that there is 'a significant
possibility that an innocent person has been convicted because the evidence did not
establish guilt to the requisite standard of proof'."
"Upon the assumption that the jury assessed A's evidence as thoroughly
credible and reliable, the issue for the Court of Appeal was whether the compounding improbabilities... required the jury, acting rationally, to have entertained a doubt as to the applicant's guilt." #Pell
"Plainly they did. Making full allowance for the advantages enjoyed by the
jury, there is a significant possibility in relation to charges one to four that an innocent person has been convicted." #Pell
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#Auspol #Pell THREAD: 1. 2017, Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse delivered final report. Following are its findings re Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, who moved serial paedophile priest Ridsdale from parish to parish, to abuse 100s of children.
2. George #Pell was a consultor to Bishop Mulkearns - one of inner circle of priests whom the Bishop consulted on priestly appointments and movements. No-one, including Pell, argued Mulkearns didn't know about what Ridsdale was doing. There is enormous evidence to support that.
3. What #Pell did say is that Mulkearns kept the truth from his consultors. Pell gave this evidence from Rome in 2016. He did so bc he was, his Vatican doctor (Dr Polisca, who declares medical medical miracles to say someone's a saint), wrote, too ill to fly back to Australia.
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THREAD: Thinking about #StKevins business. About way they & other #Catholic schools handled #Pell. Or same-sex marriage. Or @BishopComensoli re risking jail to avoid reporting hearing of child abuse in confessional. Thinking about all parents/staff/alumni of schools...
who contact me privately to express to express deep dismay. I want to say this to those parents/staff/alumni/students: Only way for likes of these schools, @BishopComensoli & @AnthonyFisherOP to hear all the disquiet you so desperately feel is to make yourselves publicly heard.
I think of bravery of traumatised people who cast their shame (it’s not their shame, though, it’s Church’s shame) aside to speak of what was done to them. To endure unbearable legal proceedings. It would be nice if the people who speak out behind scenes would also show courage.
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Here’s something I missed on my first pass of #Pell judgment: Defence tried to argue Court of Appeal should not see video of J’s evidence (that is, what jury saw). I think that’s extraordinarily telling: The defence didn’t want them to see what jury had: that he was believable.
And of course, this came from a pricey defence team whose client exercised his (legal) right not to give evidence at trial.
So yes, jury’s instructed not to read anything into him remaining schtum while his counsel tries to demolish witness who alleges was raped as a child. But in light of that decision, attempt to deprive their Honours of seeing how complainant presented to jury is Quite. Something.
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🚨 New working paper on financial aid for college! 🚨


A quick summary in this #thread...
This paper looks at two-year college students who have the greatest financial need, and finds that a grant of around $1,000 increased rates of degree completion over the following three years by about 1-2 percentage points, from a baseline of 19% completion.
The research design is a regression discontinuity using a cutoff in the date of filing the FAFSA. Wisconsin allocates aid first-come first-served among financially eligible applicants. More details on this and supplementary strategies, in the paper.
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1/ This is a MEGATHREAD. 👇🏻

That's not a Jamaican Doom Metal band name. It's a list of LNP issues & scandals for:


I’d like to present evidence to show they’re voting against their interests.

Please Distribute & RT. #auspol #ausvotes19
2/ If you hate your internet, it’s entirely LNP fault. The Labor NBN fibre to the premise model was world class. It was hobbled by Turnbull to serve Rupert Murdoch. The lost productivity / opportunity cost for Australia is likely TRILLIONS. #NBNfail…
3/ If you are a woman LNP voter - Why? What the heck? LNP have a huge issue with women. Their best PM candidate was not considered for the role and that’s why Julie Bishop quit, among many others. Add your examples in comments. #auspol #ausvotes19…
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'You no longer rule our world': The message from Pell accuser's sister ("swimmer's trial") to powerful Cardinal supporters…
Karen Monument: "The impact of child sexual abuse inflicted by members of the Catholic Church began reverberating in my family home almost 40 years ago and culminated in the loss of a brother to suicide just over 10 years ago"
Karen Monument: "The decision to come forward with allegations against George Pell, almost four years ago, set my brother, myself and my family on a journey that has had equally dark times and inflicted stress that I did not, at times, think we would survive"
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George Pell is not just a pedophile. He is a Luciferian who ritually abused multiple children. He was in the audience during the Luciferian ritual #FionaBarnett attended at St Mary’s Cathedral when she was 14 years old.…
Australia's Child Abuse Royal Commission were supplied with multiple witness accounts of George Pell’s Luciferian ritual crimes against children. The Royal Commission poorly cross-examined George Pell regarding his cover-up of priests raping children in Victoria.
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“Dutton’s Secret Drug Cartel Connection: The William Betham Case” by ForLovenFreedom
My Dear Australians, Thank you for your kind messages of Support.
As you may know I write this from Detention, & i have taken a serious risk to my own safety by publishing this.
I write all these facts under oath,& will be happy to give evidence to any Court or Senate Committee.
& I know for a fact that now Dutton will come for me & target me real hard, a risk I'm willing to take to expose what Dutton doesn't want you to know & the Truth.

All I ask of u is call your local MP & @ShayneNeumannMP & DEMAND that they Question Dutton about this 'William' Case
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