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@iltalehti_fi "-länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”:
#Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna…
@iltalehti_fi #Kusetus
cc: @ odefinn
Johan oli.. meidän onnemme että #Venäjä näkee läpi tuon Suomen valtiovallan kansan kusettamisen, ilman sitä olisimme todella #kusessa.
@iltalehti_fi @kokoomus @Demarit @vasemmisto @persut @keskusta @KDpuolue @sfprkp @vihreat #Zdokumentti eli #SateenkaariSanna
- "länsimaiset '#poliitikot' ”eivät aja omien maidensa etuja, vaan ovat #marionetteja globaalien #eliitti'en käsissä”: ImageImageImageImage
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About Trump and vaccine mandates.
Took him an excessively long time to come out against it, once everybody was already jabbed.
And if you recall he said “if you have gotten the virus, there would be no need to force you to take a vaccine” im paraphrasing of course.
It was only months after that again, that he said he would be against mandates, when he wasn’t president and couldn’t make the decision anyway.
He kicked the can down the line in order to keep his base somewhat on hold, and redirected the blame.
Basically being a politician
The powers that be needed Trump to produce it in record time, and the other hand (democrats) to mandate it. “Inittogether”

They worked TOGETHER.


The patent 4 the vaccine was dated 2016. There’s no way they could have produced billions of doses in such a short time.
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salut salut 👋 😅

l'épisode de #grêles sur ma ferme m'amène à une réflexion:
#agriculteur je suis en première ligne du fameux #ChangementClimatique
Quels sont mes leviers pour agir ?
Quelles actions ai-je déjà fait ?

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📸 féveroles d'hiver grêlées à 95% ⤵️ ImageImage
La grêle n'est pas un fait nouveau chez nous. Mais elle devient plus récurrente et surtout elle a suivi un chemin géographique différent cette fois.

C'est là en général que certains évoquent les conséquences des #eoliennes implantées en masse ici, mais je ne peux en juger. Image
En 2021 nous avons eu des #inondations au 14 juillet. Du jamais vu ici. (Vallée d'Oise)
En 2022, même endroit, même date: #secheresse
Pas d'irrigation.
J'adapte mon assolement avec moins de cultures de printemps et la #vigne est arrivée en 2021

Notre Bureau est à ciel ouvert ImageImage
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$MMTLP @nbhydrocarbons
I've been getting a little tired of hearing our investment being called a meme.

I'm also tired of hearing people bashing NBH. I truly don't think people are grasping the magnitude of the asset.

I understand you're suffering, but heal through knowledge. Image
If you do your research you will find quite a bit of these disingenuous articles.

Sure.. there will be less demand for O&G for transportation purposes (not really, but ok) but it will just be replaced with O&G for OTHER purposes.…
OTHER purposes: Image
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#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood” Image
‘It was not #Ukraine that #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk

Sometimes anti-#Ukrainian #propaganda uses falsehoods – e.g. #fabricated documents or photos, through which it gives a completely new, #untrue context – or simply untruth.
This is the case here. In the post we read that the current Ukrainian authorities "#murdered the #people of #Donbass and #Luhansk due to their #ethnic origin."
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Friday Fact-Check Overview: 12-05-2023

#russian #Disinformation #Ukraine️ Image
#Ukraina #mordowała ludność #Donbasu i #Ługańska? #Fałsz (#Ukraine #murdered the people of #Donbass and #Lugansk? Falsehood)”

“Narracja o #ukraińskich #zbrodniach na #ludności Donbasu i Ługańska, które poprzedzało łamanie praw tamtejszych mieszkańców #Ukrainy, [1/4]
to element rosyjskiej propagandy, a #Putin przedstawia się jako obrońca ludności tego regionu. W naszym serwisie wielokrotnie pisaliśmy, że takich opinii nie potwierdzają żadne #fakty. [2/4]
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Here's the thesis: Just like our media got in bed w/George W. Bush in pushing for war against Iraq over a lie, we now have our media outlets getting in bed w/Joe Biden pushing for war with Russia

Walk w/me. A thread w/bars.…
I need U2 view every TV talking head who does this as a warmonger. Theyre literally casting the '24 election as who will protect Ukraine from Russia& NOT who will protect Americans from nuclear war. These media types care more about Ukrainians than Americans. I deem this treason.
Van Jones should be deported to Ukraine. Take note of how stacked the panels are on CNN. Its an echo chamber. This is by design. The goal here is 2uplift 1 perspective & marginalize another. From here on out, anytime you walk in a room, take not of all the positions in the room.
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“Myth 9 – The #USSR and the #Third #Reich were Not #Allies from 1939–1941” Image
“The Essence of the #Myth

The #Soviet #Union never was an ally of #Nazi #Germany and in those cases where joint actions took place, this was motivated by #political and #military necessity.”
“Fast #Facts

This was not so much myth as taboo. The cooperation of the #USSR and the #Third #Reich was not written about in #Soviet textbooks or encyclopedias and was even circumvented in academic writings.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

The policy of the #USSR before the #Second #World #War only included support for world peace and stopping #Hitler’s aggression.
Only because of the West’s rejection of #Moscow’s peace proposals was the #Soviet leadership forced to conclude the #Molotov#Ribbentrop Pact in order to win some time and postpone the beginning of the #war.”
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@ChrisCuomo Promised you this thread on the Ukraine-Burisma-Biden trope They will drop this story & are swithcing to another since #FactsMatter & kill #lies I can send it in facebook in a pdf w more detail but this works for a wider audience.Credits to… Image
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@Jess_VBCPSBoard The issue of "gender "affirming" care for Trans children is NOT about politics. Your #Science illiteracy about the pharmceutical and surgical interventions is endangering children. STOP IT. Stop politicizing this issue. This is based on #Science AND Virginia's…… Image
@VBFACE1 @vbschools @Jess_VBCPSBoard Here are the medical risks & side effects of the NON FDA Apporved "affirming care" treatments. Under VA Constitution and 45CFR46 (exptl research treatments) & HIPPA & FERPA & VA Constitution, parental consent is required for ALL medical care…… Image
@vbschools @VBFACE1 @Jess_VBCPSBoard @VBSafeSchools The 2 short pages above cannot describe all the dangers of these dangerous NON FDA approved "affirming care" treatments. This is NOT a political issue. It is about protecting children from dangerous experimental procedres of……
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Tell me precisely. How deep does your hatred 4 DonaldTrump go? What if I told U that Georgia DA FaniWillis & NYC DA AlvinBragg might be the biggest threats 2human existence? The Donald might be all that stands b/t us & WorldWar3.

Walk w/me. A thread w/bars.
Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. In "Blood of Zeus," Zeus has an affair w/a woman & out of that affair comes a son, Heron. Zeus' wife, goddess Hera, becomes so enraged by the affair she frees the Giants who ultimately kill Zeus & damn near kill Hera & all the other Gods.
In the "Hunt for Red October," a Russian nuclear submarine commander becomes so consumed w/hatred of another captain who defects to the US that he ignores his training & crew & steers their sub into an oncoming torpedo. His crew chief's final words: "You fool. You killed us all."
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Alhamdulillah, after a long wait, the construction of our #Mosque has resumed.
As expected, "Pastors" from a particular church along with neighbors were present and constantly threatening and abusing the constructor verbally and physically.
It is important to note that this is not just a conflict between "Neighbors vs Muslim Students". These pastors from a particular #church group have been leading the protests from the very start, not just "morally" supporting the neighbors.
As these pastors even lead them in official negotiation meetings, this is the primary reason why all our negotiation efforts for peaceful coexistence failed with neighbors. The role of this particular group in this conflict cannot be ignored.
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The word Parijat is beautifully derived from"Pari Psrsm gatarh jatarh janmasya" means the source or drug which keeps away from the sea of sorrow in the manner of repeated cycle of birth and death. There are 14 Ratna came out of Samudra manthana After the poison.
#India #Hindu
The bright orange corolla tubes of the flowers contain a coloring substance nyctanthin, which is identical with ά-Crocetin (C20H24O4) from Saffron. The corolla tubes were formerly used for dyeing silk
#facts #India
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Hey @RyanAFournier what exactly do you see that's classed as a "threatening demeanor"?

Also what makes them a "transgender activist" and how is that video any different to any other video of a non transgender "patriot"
Also it's 2023 if you need and automatic weapon of any kind for "defence" then you're just not a sane person.

The 2nd amendment was written back when a round was barely 6 shots.

It should have been adjusted as guns evolved and you and everyone "patriot" knows it.
I'm not saying get rid of the second amendment or the guns (although America would be far better off) but the second amendment has definitely been abused over the last 100 years.

Fun #facts there been more people injuried/killed by guns in the last 2 years than covid vaccines.
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How’s your morning going? Good, I hope — so now let me ruin it for you!

TIL /mlpol/ exists: a forum just for Neo-Nazi bronies. Here’s the banner image.

(You’re welcome.) Image
Don’t tempt me - it’s Ramadan, and I’ve got loads more where that came from…
I’m serious. It’s Ramadan so I’m trying to behave, but I PROMISE:

You have not yet glimpsed the tip of the Neo Nazi nonsense iceberg, people.
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#Facts Hier un gros compte debunk a conversé à mon sujet avec un soralien belge, par ailleurs condamné pour le harcèlement d’une autrice belge. Il m’a qualifiée de « dingo » qui parlait « tout le temps de lui ». Le tout un 8 mars. J’ai vérifié le truc.
En un an, et avant qu’il ne fasse un tweet pour ces dizaines de milliers de followers pour dire que je n’étais « pas fiable » et que « je n’arrêtais pas de dire du mal de lui », j’ai fait en tout et pour tout 1 tweet et 1 message Mastodon à son sujet.
Les deux fois il s’agissait de screens insérés dans des longs threads, et utilisés à titre d’illustrations des angles morts mascu présents dans la « lutte contre la désinformation ». Je ne vois pas trop comment faire un plus gros CQFD que ce qu’il s’est passé ces derniers jours.
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Lots of shills on Twitter spreading lies about President Trump’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Use this to set them straight.👇🏻

An attorney for Epstein’s victims, Bradley Edwards, wrote this in his book, Relentless Pursuit, about Donald Trump:
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Among other excellent stuff, my essay on Roger Moore, the CIA asset that funded the Oklahoma City bombing, appears in this issue of Garrison 🙏
Hell yeah
First place in print to discuss the cable about Moore that the CIA’s deputy director of operations sent to the FBI in the wake of the bombing. It’s heavily redacted because of “national security” and “sources and methods”
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#Unheard #facts on #Tension within #EOTC
There is heightened tension b/n the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church (EOTC) led by the Patriarch and a splinter group from Oromia. Here r #facts you might need to consider before jumping to conclusions. 1/14 @althecat
The current tension can have 2 main sources/reasons. First, it can be a result of z ongoing political tension b/n Oromo and Amhara political elite. Second, it can be a manifestation of a growing tension within the Oromia Prosperity Party itself. 2/14 @Qnie_Addis
Tension has been building up between Oromo and Amhara political actors (both inside and outside the ruling party) following the recent signing of agreement between the Federal Government and #TPLF for cessation of hostilities. 3/14 @LaurenBinDC
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1/10 Argument très exactement contraire aux faits : la SORTIE du nucléaire, c'était la dépendance à la Russie et aux pétromonarchies du Golfe, comme l'a démontré l'allemagne.
Thread succint de rappel des faits, sur le mythe de la dépendance à la Russie du nucléaire français. 👇
2/10 La France maîtrise chaque étape du cycle du combustible. Si elle n'exploite plus ses propres gisements d'uranium, pas un gramme ne provient du sol russe… Les quelque 7 000 tonnes d'uranium naturel extraites chaque année pour alimenter le parc Français proviennent...
3/10 d'un portefeuille diversifié : Kazakhstan, Canada, Australie, Niger… La Russie ne serait pas d'une grande aide, puisqu'elle ne dispose que de 6% des réserves mondiales d'uranium.
La France n'est pas NON PLUS dépendante de Moscou pour enrichir cette matière première,
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@mikepompeo NO #RussiaHoax Fact 1. YOU went on @RT_com attacking America. Fact 2. @realDonaldTrump approved @RT_com PROPAGANDA STATION & YOU helped locate it in the heart of @KansasGOP Fact. 3 PaulManafort, convicted for $ from Putin Pal Deripaska removed antiRU plank frTrump platform #facts
@mikepompeo @RT_com @realDonaldTrump @KansasGOP Fact 4 Trump had 6 bankruptcies & NO US bank would loan 2 him. Fact 5 DeutscheBank made loans cosigned by Russian oligarchs (Justice Kennedy's son OK'd loans) Fact 6. Trump use these #facts to pressure JusticeKennedy to resign. Fact 7. #HelsinkiTrump signed stack of Putin papers
@mikepompeo @RT_com @realDonaldTrump @KansasGOP Fact 8 #PutinPuppet Trump brought GRU cyber generals to @WhiteHouse & ordered @US_CYBERCOM to hand over US keys & passwords. Fact 9 @JoeBiden ordered @US_CYBERCOM @CISAgov to secure US #CyberInfrastructure & harden #powergrid for US & Allies @_FMCanada @NATO @DefenceHQ #facts
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