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19 May
Israel said it'll kill until there is "absolute quiet", & they mean it - they will kill & harm until every Palestinian has lost someone just in this last week, to remind Palestinians that peaceful protest means death, & that their rights are forfeit even in the international eye.
Every time you don't say #FreePalestine or #SaveSheikhJarrah, every time you stay quiet, the Palestinians are reminded that Israel will get away with these atrocities against protest, against life, against human rights, even in the full view of the world. Don't be part of that.
Palestine is watching to see what their lives & rights are worth to the world. Are you gonna help Israel prove to them that their lives & rights are forfeit? Or are you going to give them & their children hope that justice is possible?

It takes 14 characters: #FreePalestine
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17 May
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16 May
Hey, it sucks @IGN & @gameinformer's posts & tweets with humanitarian resources supporting Palestine are gone - but it is clear their teams had no choice. They had a choice in posting, & unlike many others, they did.

Can we send a quick supportive tweet for chosing to speak up?
Nobody accidentally posts and tweets a list of resources to support the Palestinians. These are brave, potentially career-ending choices - and instead of blaming them for trying, let's support them for being brave, and blame the corporate owners that censored them.
The impact seeing the Palestinian flag next to the IGN logo had on me is impossible to overstate, or the article on Game Informer. Even if it was only up for a day before their teams were silenced, that day matters. How many people saw that flag, that post, & educated themselves?
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16 May
Understand how important this is: clearly @IGN and @gameinformer editorial posted this under their editorial freedom. If these posts are gone, it very likely means their corporate owners stepped across the editorial barrier & forced the censorship of those humanitarian resources.
Here are details for IGN and Game Informer's corporate. Do send your objections.
My thanks to @IGN & @gameinformer Editorial for running these posts, very likely aware of the risks of spreading these humanitarian resources to support the oppressed Palestinian people against the current Israeli-instigated aggression.
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16 May
I clicked on this list of names (right column) and ages (column to the left of that) of Palestinian children murdered by Israel and immediately recoiled at the "Page 1 of 2".
To see how uneven the violence is, & emphasizing that any death anywhere as a result of the current Israeli-instigated violence is awful: 9 Israeli civilians have died. Using this list of only Palestinian child victims, up to what age do you need to include to exceed that number?
For those of you who don't have the time to read through - it's the age of 6.

So statistically, for every Israeli civilian death, in Palestine 1 child under 6 years is blown up, along with 19 civilians of any age, 4-6 residential units, and 150+ wounded.
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16 May
Tonight Israel further intensified the violence it started, escalated, and refuses to negotiate an end to, and Palestinian casualties and damaged are expected to rise further. Israel also bombed the main road to the primary hospital serving the Gaza territory.
Daily, I try to sift through the infinite horrors from Palestine to share with you a few stories emblematic of Israel's intentional & ongoing human rights violations against Palestine.

I've grown somewhat desensitized, but this story still broke me.
As for Israel's suppression of the press, the @AP has strict procedures & protocols to ensure safety for its crew, and to remain impartial & separate of whatever dangers it reports on. It has confirmed there was no indication of military in the building. apnews.com/article/israel…
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15 May
I will personally throw my shoe at any person with reach whose only response to Israel's continued intentionally extreme violence against Palestinian civilians is posting "so true ❤️❤️❤️ really important so brave" under @tamoorh's brave & important video calling out the industry
Like come on - the people speaking up are mostly brown people that are already at risk of never getting a Western visa and are adding the risk of losing their social media accounts - we don't need your shoulder pat for speaking up, we need you to speak up yourself
Also, for those who chose silence, how embarrassing does it feel to know that IGN, a massive US corporate subsidiary of a multinational holding with public stakeholders, has a better moral compass when it comes to opposing ethnic cleansing & the bombing of civilians than you do?
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15 May
A reminder that Israel has been repeatedly offered the opportunity to end the violence that it started with police brutality a week ago, violence that it escalated, and that it chooses to continue. Behind these doors is what was Palestinian children living in a refugee camp.
Arabic reports I found on this Israeli bombing of a refugee camp say the medics tried to save as many limbs as possible for these children - not as in "make sure they can keep the limbs" but as in "making sure the children are buried as complete as possible".
If Israel hadn't tried to steal Palestinian houses on Palestinian land, these kids would be alive.

If Israel hadn't violently brutalized Palestinian protestors, these kids would be alive.

If Israel hadn't attacked innocent worshippers at a holy mosque, these kids would be alive
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15 May
Just really quickly: yes, giving money to charities supporting Palestinians is great - but please do not think of money as an alternative to using any privileges you might have to speak. Money can rebuild, not revive, & what is rebuilt can be bombed again unless people speak up.
If you have the privilege of money, give to charity so the Palestinians can rebuild. If you have the privilege of a voice, speak up so the Palestinians can have their full rights and full humanity, and so that they will not need your money to rebuild ever again.
Keep in mind, in the future "the violence will cease" & things will go "back to normal". "Normal" means Israel occupies Palestine. It will continue to draft extremists into its army. It will continue to control the water. It will continue to impose apartheid. Normal ain't normal.
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14 May
One more piece of context on Palestine's fate: the currently hawkish Israeli government was facing a leftist surge in favor of political cooperation with Arab nations these past elections. The violent right in Israel could really use strong anti-Arab sentiment to bolster support.
The week of escalating Israeli aggression, from supporting the violence against innocent Palestinians to the police brutality against the peaceful Sheikh Jarrah protests to refusing a cease-fire - it all benefits the Israeli hawks eager to sustain their violence and oppression.
This started with the Israel trying to steal Palestinian houses from Palestinian people on Palestinian lands. It continued with Israel's extreme & disproportionate brutality against the peaceful protests opposing it.
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14 May
@DannyBittman The short timeline: #SaveSheikhJarrah is a peaceful Palestinian protest movement objecting to the forced expulsion of Palestinian people from Palestinian homes on Palestinian land by Israel. Israel responds to the protests with police brutality, killing several & injuring many.
@DannyBittman After several days of protests, Israeli troops attack the Al Aqsa mosque -the third holiest mosque in Islam- during Ramadan, the holiest month in Islam. They use stun grenades and tear gas on peaceful protesters and worshippers, injuring many - including a 1-year old.
@DannyBittman Israel then blocks access to Al Aqsa for the Palestinians during Laylat al-Qadr - the holiest night of Ramadan - by blocking the highways with buses. Israeli forces cause more violence, and attack Al Aqsa once again.
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13 May
Eid Mubarak to everybody on Earth except for Israel, which is relentlessly bombing high-rise civilian buildings during this Eid, the Muslim equivalent of Christmas - despite Israel having started all this violence & opportunities to end it. #SaveSheikhJarrah #SavePalestine
Israel's military invaded Palestinian territory again, shelling it with artillery, machine gun fire from a helicopter, & armored vehicles. Air raids continued throughout Eid. Hundreds of Palestinian have become homeless, 109 were murdered, including 30 children, & 600 injured.
How can this Israeli-instigated & Israeli-executed murder & destruction & oppression of Palestinian lives & land & property & children & rights end? I don't know.

What I do know is that if you could speak up safely but you're not doing so, you're choosing to not even try.
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10 May
This German politician was entirely quiet for days of Israeli atrocities, theft, & murder and now made his first statement about the entire situation with this tweet, saying that "firing missiles on the Israeli population can never be justified".
“Hamas needs to stop rocket attacks, but Israel needs to stop the forcible eviction of Palestinians from their homes” said a US senator who prefers to simply pretend there aren't tens of thousands of terrorized, injured, & dead Palestinians from Israeli violence these past days.
This fucker in the UK felt no statement needed to be made about the Israeli theft of housing, hundreds of Palestinian civilians injured, the murder of a 16 year old Palestinian civilian boy who bled out as the Israeli army held the ambulance.

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10 May
Three days of state violence at a mosque, police brutality, the murder of a 16 year old, the injury of a 1 year old, burning of land, theft of houses, settlers & cops firing guns at unarmed Palestinians - it's air raid time. 20 dead, including children.

Fuck the US for *now* coming in with "we need a path of de-escalation" where "the houses should not be evicted but also the missiles have to stop". I guess the Israeli violence over the past few days was fine, hm?
For those of you who follow me, I hope you're seeing this. I hope you can never unsee this injustice. The failure of Western media. Look at the @guardian, reporting on "clashes" for days of blatant one-way Israeli violence, reporting on this as "Hamas fires rockets into Israel".
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10 May
Right now Israeli forces are raiding Al Aqsa mosque once again, despite no protests, injuring hundreds. This ahead of an intentionally aggravating Israeli march through Occupied East Jerusalem, which is illegally occupied Palestinian land, later today.

There's not even an official reason today. The Israeli government just denies Palestinians access to a mosque and raiding the third holiest mosque in Islam during Ramadan increases tensions enough that they might finally get their excuse for killing and stealing these past days.
The reason it's always "both sides have to find a solution" is because anything more specific would sound absurd. "Both sides have to stop being Palestinian one year olds being injured by Israeli stun grenades for existing near a mosque" or something.
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8 May
I don't know how anyone can bear to know, even vaguely, what is happening in Palestine, what is happening in Nablus, what is happening Sheikh Jarrah and not speak up. How can my Arab timeline be on fire & the Western one so quiet. I can't sleep over this. #SaveSheikhJarrah
Palestinian people living in Palestinian houses on Palestinian land, land assigned by international law, have routinely come home to find a foreign family living in their houses. If they tried to fight, they got shot at. If they stayed in the house, they got shot at.
Now, in Sheikh Jarrah, a Palestinian neighbourhood in Palestinian "Occupied East Jerusalem" - named that way because it is legally Palestinian but Israel didn't care and took it anyway, once again several families face eviction by the Israeli courts.
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8 May
The blocked hashtag is "#AlAqsa" written in Arabic, the third holiest mosque in Islam that Palestinian folks got stun-grenaded & tear-gassed at during their Ramadan prayer earlier today.

It's like blocking "#StatueOfLiberty" when police are brutalizing innocent people there.
I don't even have words for what is happening anymore. The cruelty on open display here is beyond words. People told to shush, finger on the mouth, when they object to the stranger in their family home, standing on the street in disbelief, all their possessions instantly gone.
Did you see this photo? It was taken by AFP on May 4th, showing a Palestinian man with a knee on the face, available to press everywhere.

It has not been used anywhere in the West as far as Image Search says. Instead, there's photos of burning cars and people throwing rocks. Image
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7 May
These Palestinians are praying at the Al-Aqsa mosque. During Muslim prayer, people stand, bow, and kneel. The stun and tear gas grenades Israeli troops added are generally not part of our prayer routine.
A reminder that it is Ramadan, the most important religious month for Muslims, and that communal prayer is especially encouraged in the last ten days of the month.

This is the equivalent of military kicking in a church door during Christmas, and throwing in some stun grenades.
I'm sorry to once again interrupt the video games tweets with news of Israeli government, police, and settler atrocities against the Palestinians, and promise I will stop bringing it up it as soon as the atrocities cease or Western media starts reporting on it properly.
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10 Apr
For over 2 billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is about to start around April 12th. As I do every year, I'm going to run you through the basics of what my understanding of Ramadan is, what it isn't, and answer as many questions you might have about it as I can.
First things first: "Ramadan" is simply the name of the 9th month of the Islamic "Hijri" Calendar - which is a lunar calendar. Where the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar - based on the Earth's orbit around the sun, the Islamic calendar is based on the phases of the moon.
The month before it is called Sha'ban and the one after it is Shawwal. Just like the Gregorian calendar, the Hijri calendar has 12 months - but because the lunar months are slightly shorter than Gregorian months, Ramadan actually "moves" about 11 days in the year every year.
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9 Apr
I am so tired of speaking against Six Days. I just want to make videogames but gosh does it suck to not just oppose the game amidst the disingenuous arguments & harassment, but also have to lament the lack of proper coverage and the lack of Arab voices afforded a platform.
You want to know what my messages and email look like every time I speak because otherwise I fear the silence? Messages of hate. Images of violence & torture & illegal prisons. Blurry videos of civilians being blown up and worse. They say they can't wait to buy the game.
It took Al Jazeera to actually put two Arabs and a journalist on a screen. The devs bowed out as far as I understand - I guess they couldn't sustain their marketing narrative under pressure.

I'm not press but it didn't seem that complicated to set up not-"let's talk to the devs"
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26 Mar
Folks, I've been receiving the usual hatred and absolutely disgusting videos and images and a wide range of photos of pork products - and at this point I'm so used to them that they're barely worth mentioning but

I just wanted to share this guy because this is a new one
Can anyone tell me which school of internet bullshit this falls under because throwing slurs around and going "I might have money might have photoshop double bluff that you'll block me" doesn't seem like a winning strategy to me
Also if anybody is into several dozen photos of pork products please come get them, somehow these people still think Muslims will spontenously combust if they see bacon
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