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Most infuriating falsehood is Dr. Cornel West 4Prez is “vanity run” who did “photo op” in Ferguson.

No public figure stands w/OTG activists more—& it ain’t close. In 7/2014, it’s career suicide to be at #FreePalestine rally—worst vanity choice in history
“Photo-Op” claim doesn’t come from Ferguson activists who I watched hug the shit out of that man cuz by Oct2014 big media left but not the brutality. He used his celeb to BRING BACK cams to daily fight after world moved on. How come no one else famous wanted these “photo ops?” ImageImage
“Standing Rock is consistently the same struggle (as Ferguson). It’s a beautiful thing I see this coming together” —Dr. Cornel West

It was COLD! CW came to help impact the months long media blackout at SR. Again, why is he one of only public figures?
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In 1981, the then Defense Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon had a dream....

That one day, the South Hebron Hills would be emptied of its 1000 native inhabitants.... Image
Alas, in May 2022, the Supreme Court of Israel approved the ethnic cleansing that Ariel Sharon dreamed about: Image
And, by June 2, 2023, Israeli settlers had already moved into the area.

This is the history of Zionist colonization of Palestine in a nutshell. Slow, steady, gradual, quiet removal of the native population, to be replaced by Jews

#FreePalestine Image
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Today in Berlin, the only publ. event commemorating the Nakba took place. All others - organized mostly by Palestinians were preemptively barred by City/Police. This one was organized by pro-Palestinian Jewish Activists among them descendants of Holocaust survivors. I shouldn’t >
have to point this out because Palestinians shouldn’t have to rely on other - any! - group to lend authority/space/voice to commemorate their own & ongoing ethnic cleansing, the wanton destruction of their history/society spanning millennia by European settlers. Here in Germany >
however this is the case. Palestinians aren’t afforded any space by the state, their rights to congregate are systematically undermined due to a misunderstood sense of responsibility & guilt. From the beginning, the rather small demonstration faced intense Police intimidation. > Image
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Мини 🧵

Накба - катастрофа, связанная с вытеснением палестинцев из своих домов и созданием Израиля в 1948 году (75-годовщина). Множество палестинцев лишились домов, земли и имущества, став беженцами. Это событие оставило глубокий след в истории Палестины.
День Накбы ежегодно отмечается 15 мая, чтобы помнить потери и страдания палестинцев. В этот день мы должны остановиться и задуматься о несправедливости, которую они пережили.
Вообще, термин "Накба" в арабском языке означает "катастрофа" или "бедствие". Это слово используется для описания последствий, связанных с созданием Израиля и вытеснением палестинцев, а также повлекшим за собой войной.
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Hoje se completam 75 anos do início do brutal regime israelense de colonização, apartheid e ocupação contra o povo palestino. Não à toa, essa data é conhecida como Nakba, palavra que significa catástrofe em árabe.
São décadas de massacres, demolições de casas, destruição de plantações, confisco de terras, prisões ilegais, controle de movimento e estradas segregadas, leis racistas, colônias ilegais, muros, e muita opressão em todas as esferas da vida.
A cumplicidade internacional é o que permite que essa catástrofe siga se aprofundando diariamente. Não podemos permanecer neutros e muito menos permitir que empresas e instituições sigam lucrando com esse sistema de controle e segregação.
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Today we'll compare the States of #Liberia 🇱🇷and #Israel 🇮🇱
It's said that both of these countries are settler colonies and apartheid states.
Others say they are peaceful democratic societies.
Maybe one is and the other isn't?
Let's compare and see..👀
#AfricanHistory a Thread 🧵 ImageImage
We will begin with comparing these two countries starts and foundings.
To escape persecution in Europe early Zionist wanted a Jewish state in Palestine and offered to buy it from the Ottoman Caliph but they where rejected.
Zionist began illegally migrating to Palestine anyways... ImageImageImageImage
Despite the illegality these early Jewish settlers at first lived peacefully with their
Palestinian neighbors.
The Ottoman Empire fell after WWI. The British empire took over Palestine.
In 1947 after the Holocaust the British wanted to reorganize Palestine into 2 new states. ImageImageImage
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Why would 🇵🇸 account, like every 🇵🇸 account, writer, leader, activist call Ukrainians Nazis when Palestinian Muslims were allied with Nazi Germany during Holocaust? Because it’s Russian propaganda. That’s why. And they are Russian vassal. Image
Same man who pretends this lie, like every other #Palestine account, writer, activist, leader but supports Russian murder, rape, occupation, deportation of Jews and Muslims? If you just want freedom why your soldiers in Ukraine killing Muslims and Jews?
#FreePalestine supports every Russian atrocity from #Chechnya to #Georgia to Baltics. It’s not about Israel. It’s about Russia. And I already explain why here.
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There are currently 160 Palestinian children languishing in israeli dungeons…
#Freepalestine Image
Between 2016 and 2022 idf terrorists incarcerated 7,561 Palestinian children…
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Last Friday of Ramadan marked as Yaum al Quds - 🧵
#FreePalestine Image
Al-Quds Day (يوم القدس) is the last Friday of the month of Ramadan on which demonstrations are held accross the world to protest against the occupation of Palestine.
Imam Khomeini called on Muslims to dedicate this day to demanding the rights of oppressed Muslims .
▪️It is the day the oppressed stand up against their oppressors
▪️It is the day the oppressed Palestinians feel supported by other nations
▪️It is the day to stop the omission of the name of Palestine from geographical maps
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Today marks 47th anniversary of #LandDay, a 1976 general strike & uprising against Israeli occupation & expropriation of Palestinian land & the murder of 6 Palestinians by Zionist forces in response.
Today is commemorated annually, reminding the world that resistance against the Zionist theft of land & destruction of life will continue until the liberation of Palestine.
Tune into IG live at 3pm ET at @peoplesassembl_ & @movimientosalba to hear from our education director @layansima
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ACTION: He laughed when Christian children were gunned down inside a Christian SCHOOL

REACTION: The crowd protested his immoral behaviour

CARD: He did not apologize for his immorality, but played the #antisemitism CARD. These gangsters are playing games with us
Our magnificent department did some digging and this is not the first time this far right Jewish extremist disguised as a liberal agitator has made disgusting remarks about our Christian brothers being killed inside a school or a church.
Some more anti Christian hatred. He never criticises Judeism or Jewish people. All the hate is directed towards Christians and their Christian values.
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Zionists have been trying to ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ the Palestinian people from the historical record for more than a century.

In this thread, I document usages of the term, “Palestinians,” from its earliest appearances in the late 19th century to the late 1940s. A 🧵 Image
This thread covers the 170+ appearances of the term “Palestinian” found in Arabic sources from 1898-1914.
This thread explores how Palestinians used the term "Palestinian" in the 1920s
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Good Morning #Georgia.

How will Russia dehumanize #Georgia Maidan? What propaganda will they use?
Which of West Russian paid propagandists will be first to say #Georgia is NATO coup led by American Vicky, Nazis or Russian speakers are being persecuted?
Will you see #FreeAssange, #FreePalestine, #Libertarian, Tankie, #MAGA, Brexit, African and Indian profiles on Twitter spreading propaganda?
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Une journée sanglante
◾10 palestiniens assassinés et 102 blessés par des soldats israéliens à Naplouse au nord de la Cisjordanie occupée ce 22 fév 2023

◾L'armée israélienne a assassiné 10 palestiniens 🇵🇸de 14 à 72 ans, dont 2 vieillards de 61 et 72 ans…
◾et 2 enfants <16 ans, et en a blessé 102 dont 4 très graves.

◾Un vrai génocide devant le silence complice de ce monde officiel !
Les crimes israéliens se poursuivent jour après jour
Tous les jours des morts et des blessés palestiniens par des soldats et colons israéliens.
◾Quotidien infernal en Palestine 🇵🇸 sous occupation israélienne 🇮🇱.

Depuis le début de l'année 2023, presque 61 palestiniens ont été assassinés par des soldats et des colons israéliens en Cisjordanie occupée, parmi eux 13 enfants, une femme, 2 personnes âgées et 1 prisonnier.
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Can you imagine this #FreePalestine movement after they support land annexation in #Ukraine, war crimes in #Syria and Ukraine, apartheid in Russia, and crimes against humanity in Syria, Ukraine and #Iran?
You want to see how much damage they did to their movement which I actually supported? Every Palestinian leader, intellectual, journalist and all of their West mouthpieces have destroyed themselves.
Can you imagine they spread Russian propaganda to dehumanize us and label us Nazis but we are now to forget they siding with Axis powers during WWII? Should have either stay silent or supported us. Now you are under microscope. Let’s try such arguments we will see in future.
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La (no) infancia y adolescencia de niños y niñas presas del estado genocida de Israel.

Perdón por la dureza de las imágenes. Es su realidad y puede ayudar a empatizar con su sentimiento.

Dentro hilo 🧵 🧶
Las autoridades israelíes detienen y procesan cada año a entre 500 y 1.000 niños y adolescentes palestinos. Muchas siguen un mismo patrón: redadas en medio de la noche, traslados con los ojos vendados y las manos atadas, sin que padres o familiares sepan el destino.
Además, en un caso único en el mundo, los menores palestinos son sometidos automáticamente a tribunales militares, que no garantizan sus derechos básicos. Unas violencias que alteran por completo la infancia y adolescencia de estos niños y niñas.
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Le président français accueille aujourd’hui le premier ministre d’extrême-droite et criminel de guerre Benjamin Netanyahu, dans un contexte où l’année 2022 a été la plus meurtrière depuis 2004

#Israel #Palestine #FreePalestine Image
pour le peuple palestinien et où le gouvernement israélien tend vers une fascisation des institutions, à l’instar du ministre de la sécurité nationale Ben Gvir, aux velléités ouvertement pogromistes.
Une visite sous le signe d’une surenchère belliqueuse réciproque sous fond de guerre en Ukraine d’un côté, de recherche de partenariats contre l’Iran du côté de l'État israélien et de regain de tension dans les colonies de Jérusalem-Est, Cisjordanie et Gaza.
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اسرائیل کے حقیقی دوست ممالک کون سے ہیں؟
دو ممالک ایسے تھے جنہوں نے اسرائیل کو اسی دن تسلیم کرلیاجب اس نے 14 مئی 1948 کوآزادی حاصل کی۔
جس دن اسرائیل نے ریاست کا اعلان کیا وہ چھ ماہ تک ایک تلخ خانہ جنگی میں گھر گیا اور یروشلم کوبھوک ImageImageImage
خون اور مقبوضہ میں تبدیل کر دیا۔
اس دن کچھ ممالک نے صرف دوستی کی خاطر دنیا کی زبردستی کی یہودی ریاست کو یقین دلایا کہ اگر وہ اپنی دہلیز پر تلخ جنگ کو ختم کر سکتی ھے تو اسے دنیا کے اسٹیج پر جگہ ملے گی۔
لیکن اسرائیل کو ہر غلط، ناجائز اور جبروظلم میں ساتھ دینے والے دو ممالک تھے؛
امریکہ__جو چھ روزہ جنگ کے بعد سے اسرائیل کا ثابت قدم اتحادی اورحامی ھے۔ دلچسپ حقیقت یہ ھے کہ امریکہ نے سب سے پہلے اسرائیل کو دل سے تسلیم کیا۔
اور دوسرا ملک تھا؛
گوئٹے مالا__جس نےاپنے ابتدائی آغاز سےنہ صرف اسرائیل کی تصدیق کی بلکہ اس نےاس دن سےلےکر اب 74سال تک اس چھوٹی یہودی ریاست ImageImage
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Toute perte de vie humaine est à déplorer. Mais s’indigner de l’attaque contre les 7 « civils » des colonies israéliennes de Jérusalem-Est & oublier de condamner les meurtres de 9 palestiniens à Jénine relève d’une déshumanisation de la vie des palestiniens très claire. 1/9
Qualifier des colons de « civils » montre une grande méconnaissance du sujet. Les colons font la guerre aux palestiniens tous les jours, les volent, les violentent, avec l’appui de l’armée et de la police. Ces trois forces constituent les forces d’occupation israéliennes. 2/9
Une fois de plus, on déplore la situation en Israël / Palestine quand les israéliens sont touchés par cette violence, occultant la violence quotidienne subie par les palestiniens. En 2022, Israël a tué 231 palestiniens. Le 26 janvier le décompte était déjà de 30 tués en 2023. 3/9
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1. There is one very good thing that came out of Russia’s genocide. For years it was difficult to identity what was Russian proxy and what was real, what was pro Middle East peace and what was antisemitism, what anti imperialism and what was just anti West
2. Russia on 24 Feb blew off masks of all of their proxies and corrupted things. It’s such clear moral position and so factually undisputed that anyone who sided with Russia is unmasked. Then you actually see all of their previous work in context.
3. I found this prominent American antiwar group led by feminists by accident when they were promoting Russian propaganda. They called @codepink. Seem like nice ladies. They demonstrate against war, for #FreePalestine, for human rights. Until Russian genocide.
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1. Good thing about remembering all of Russian crimes for my ancestors and family as well as memorizing all Russian crimes in general is that I can share them with you. That is in fact my role. That’s my mission.
2. So I just think about how ironic that most violent, racist and antisemitic country on planet call us Nazis and they infiltrate and corrupt Israeli leadership
3. In process while also funding #FreePalestine, not caring how many people they destroy.

Here is Russian active measure policy, 1972 as described by KGB chairman Yuri Andropov
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12.01.2023 r. - od początku roku 170 Palestyńczyków zostało zatrzymanych przez żydowskie siły zbrojne;

- Żydzi w dalszym ciągu podtrzymuje swoje zdanie, że nie dostarczy Ukrainie broni do utworzenia Żelaznej Kopuły; Image
- celem wczorajszego ataku samobójcy z ISIS w Kabulu była delegacja chińska;

- gen. Siergiej Surowikin przestał pełnić funkcję dowódcy połączonego zgrupowania wojsk rosyjskich w Ukrainie i otrzymał nominację na jednego z trzech zastępców nowego dowódcy, gen. Walerija Gierasimowa Image
- kolejne głosy w sprawie zamknięcia bazy w Guantanamo;

- w Słowenii zostały zakazane małżeństwa osób tej samej płci;

- w rejonie winnickim urodziło się 84 chłopców.
Najpopularniejsze imiona to Jan, Artur, Bayraktar , Habib, Sultan i Iskender. Image
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