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WATCH: Israeli police brutally throw a solidarity activist to the ground at a protest yesterday in #ShiekhJarrah, occupied Jerusalem.
This violence happened at the weekly protest in Sheikh Jarrah. This week we were many as it is the last protest before a crucial court hearing for the Salem Family.

A Palestinian family who faces the threat of displacement by state-backed settler organizations.
Police arrested 6 and injured many. Two activists are still in police custody.
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אין דמוקרטיה עם כיבוש, אין מאבק בלי סולידריות

הערב ב-19:30 נעמוד כולנו לצד הפעילות שלנו במגרש הרוסים, שם יובאו לדיון בהערכת מעצר העצורים מההפגנה אתמול בשייח' ג'ראח, נגד גירוש משפחת סאלם.
אתמול, בהפגנה האחרונה לפני הדיון של משפחת סאלם במאבק נגד גירושה (9/3) היינו מאות בשייח ג'ראח שבאו להפגין בסולידריות עם המשפחה.
המשטרה פיזרה אותנו באלימות קשה, עם אלות, בואש, וסוסים.
הם עצרו 6 פעילים, והרבה נפצעו מאלימות משטרה ומתנחלים. 4 קיבלו טיפול רפואי.
הערב המשטרה תנסה להאריך מעצר לשניים מהעצורים.
נעמוד לצדם ונפגין סולידריות, ונפגש בשעה 19:30 מול בית משפט השלום.

לכן הערב, לראשונה מזה חודשיים לא נפגין כגוש 'דמוקרטיה לכולןם' מול בית הנשיא, אלא במגרש הרוסים.
אין דמוקרטיה עם כיבוש. אין מאבק בלי סולידריות!
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BREAKING: Meta's human rights due diligence report is out today, confirming the company's censorship has violated Palestinian human rights.

Here is thread on the report's main conclusions:
The two key takeaways—which confirm what Palestinian users and civil society—have been documenting and experiencing for years:

1) Meta's censorship of Palestinian content during #SaveSheikhJarrah and Israel's assault on Gaza in May 2021 had adversely violated people's rights.
2) The report confirms that Meta's content moderation policies and practice are biased against Palestinians and Arabic speaking users.

For example, Meta had greater over-enforcement of Arabic content compared to Hebrew, which was largely unmoderated.
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Sheikh Jarrah needs your solidarity NOW just as much as May 2021 when millions of us took to our streets and keyboards to support Palestinians defending their homes against Israeli ethnic cleansing.

Listen to Muna El-Kurd’s call to amplify their struggle #SaveSheikhJarrah
As we speak, hundreds of settlers are descending on Sheikh Jarrah for the 6th night in a row in a violent campaign to remove the Salem family from their home, with the assistance of Israeli forces. This is what we were resisting last May — exactly what we were trying to prevent.
The Israeli government and settlers are counting on us to look away, to burn out, to let our attention and dedication to solidarity falter. They saw — and were threatened by — the impact of our posts and protests, and they are hoping that we won’t bring that energy now.
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Palestinians in Al-Naqab, Jerusalem, the Jordan Valley, the South Hebron Hills are protesting right now to stop the Israeli gov't's campaign of ethnic cleansing.

It's on us to call on our members of Congress to hold the Israeli gov't accountable & demand #EndEthnicCleansing
The case is clear.

The Israeli government’s increased brutality against Palestinians is exactly how it maintains its apartheid regime & continues ethnic cleansing.

@UN is responsible to investigate–& dismantle–Israeli apartheid.

The complicity of our governments with Israeli apartheid & settler colonial oppression perpetuates the #Nakba & emboldens Israel to continue to be a threat to the entire framework of International Law.

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This Fri. 1/28 to Sun. 1/30 are Global Days of Action for Palestine. Protest in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are resisting expulsion from their homeland!

#EndEthnicCleansing #SaveAlNaqab #SaveSheikhJarrah Global Days of Action for Palestine Protest graphic: January
More coming soon! Check planned actions by your local group, follow @stopthewall, and stay tuned for announcements.
Read more about the Global Days of Action in this statement:…
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HAPPENING NOW: Hands off Palestine!

As Israel's ethnic cleansing escalates in al-Naqab, Al-Khalil, and Sheikh Jarrah, so too must our resistance in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

We'll post highlights from today's actions, hosted by @palyouthmvmt & other orgs Image

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" 🇵🇸

#FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveAlNaqab #SaveMassaferYatta
Outside the Israeli embassy in DC, protesters have just announced a sit-in, setting up tents.

"We are not leaving!" #FreePalestine Image
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This is a crisis moment. We have been watching the ongoing Nakba unfold in Sheikh Jarrah, for months, for years, for decades and now as ever, we need to be listening and be led by Palestinian voices and uplift their resistance.


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Israel’s destruction of the Salahiya family home is not an isolated incident.

It is part of Israel’s ongoing effort to steal Palestinian homes and land in order to replace Palestinians with Israeli settlers whose presence on Palestinian land is illegal.
It is the same goal that Israel was founded on when it violently expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in 1948 in what is called the Nakba.

The Nakba never ended. Today it looks like what is happening to the Salahiyas.
But the Salahiyas are far from the only family who Israel is targeting.

Palestinians experience the Nakba every day through Israel’s relentless destruction of Palestinian homes, arrests, beatings, and killings.
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The decision by the Jerusalem municipality to force the Salahiya family from their home is part of the Israeli government’s plan to evict Palestinians from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied East Jerusalem and build a Jewish-only neighborhood instead.
This is part of a larger plan to build a ring of Jewish-only neighborhoods around the Old City, forcing more and more Palestinians from their homes in Jerusalem.
At least 280 Palestinian households in Jerusalem, consisting of 970 people, including 424 children, are at risk of forced displacement by the Israeli government, according to the UN.
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In May 2021, Members of Congress spoke out against the forced displacement of Palestinian families in #SheikhJarrah.

8 months have passed & Israel's ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people continues - @USProgressives, stick to your word & keep up this pressure.
.@USProgressives you can't call yourself progressive if you're silent when Palestinian people are being ethnically cleansed by the Israeli military that the U.S. funds.

What do you support: justice for the Palestinian people or the Israeli apartheid regime?

Ethnic cleansing of Palestinian communities in Sheikh Jarrah, the Naqab, & Massafer Yatta is escalating.

.@USProgressives your inaction is complicity.

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In cold heavy rain & in a pandemic, ~50 Israeli officers stormed the Salahiyas' house, beat people, arrested 6, & destroyed the home the family had fought so hard to protect.

Why now? Israel waited until attention turned away.

Raise your voices loud for #SaveSheikhJarrah SHEIKH JARRAH ALERT Israel destroys Salahiya family home.  F
Pay attention to eyewitness reports, like that of Yasmeen Salhiyeh, 19, in this article. Right now, there's no information on the whereabouts of the 6 Salahiya family members arrested.

Make noise now to call for their safety and release! #SaveSheikhJarrah…
Collective global outrage can protect Palestinians from ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah & all of Palestine. We must demand accountability.

@SecBlinken & @StateDept, our tax dollars are funding these brutal expulsions of Palestinian families. Are you going to say anything?
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The Salhiye family forcibly dispossessed on a freezing winter night in Sheikh Jarrah & their home demolished by Israeli regime forces. Real time ethnic cleansing.

The brutality, cruelty & illegality of policies of occupation & apartheid for Palestinians
This is what’s left of the Salhiye family home in Sheikh Jarrah #SaveSheikhJarrah
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🚨🚨🚨BREAKING in Sheikh Jarrah: The brutal Israeli apartheid regime is arresting and expelling the Salahiya family, who on Monday defended their home from the rooftop saying they'd rather burn it down than be ethnically cleansed

See @theIMEU's full thread & RT #SaveSheikhJarrah
Mahmoud Salahiya said as he protected his home Monday:

"We want to expose them in front of the whole world, that the municipality of the occupation is ethnically cleansing us."

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BREAKING: Israeli Border Police Arrest Salahiya Family & Expel Them from Their Home #SaveSheikhJarrah
The Salahiya family has been fighting to protect their home against Israel’s increased efforts to kick #Palestinians out of East Jerusalem in order to give their homes and land to Israeli settlers.

We are witnessing ethnic cleansing in action.
Mahmoud Salahiya, who Israel has now arrested for protecting his home, had this to say yesterday:

“We will not flee again. We have nowhere else to go. You expelled us once already in 1948. We either die in our home or we live. We are not leaving,”
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Israeli regime forces are forcibly evicting & dispossessing the Palestinian Salhiye family from their home in Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem. The brutal reality of a vicious Israeli occupation which sees them dumped onto the street in cold winter
“He who leaves his home is a traitor. We won’t leave our home. Either we live or die”, says Mahmoud Salhiye on the top of his Sheikh Jarrah home threatening to set himself & his home on fire, as Israeli regime forces try to forcibly evict & dispossess them
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BREAKING: Israeli forces demolished a two-story home on Tuesday in the Palestinian village of Nahhalin near Bethlehem.
The home belonged to a family of 8, including 3 children.

As Israeli forces destroyed the home, soldiers tear-gassed village residents who protested.
The home is one of at least 834 Palestinian structures demolished by Israeli forces in 2021 alone.

(Source: OCHA)
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After trying—and failing—to make living in the Palestinian town of Masafer Yatta so unbearable that Palestinian residents would leave on their own, Israel is demolishing their homes.
Israel frequently targets the town by forcing residents to evacuate during military trainings, flying low helicopters, enabling settler attacks, and refusing residents access to water and electricity.
Demolishing Palestinian homes is a war crime that Israel plans to continue not only in Masafer Yatta but Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Tur, and more if they are not stopped.
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Palestinian flags at rallies against anti-Black racism represent shared material conditions, mutual inspiration, and common goals of the movements for Palestinian and Black liberation. Both are fighting the kind of state-condoned violence that Rittenhouse perpetrated.

And both movements have found that we can’t expect the legal systems of states built on racial/ethnic supremacy to deliver liberatory verdicts. As per @dereckapurnell's thread, we need to build power outside these systems, working toward their abolition.
@m7mdkurd has also pointed to the impossibility of Israeli courts ruling in favor of Palestinians resisting home theft. He has tweeted, “How can we win against a colonial court, a colonizer judge, and a colonizer jury? And laws that were *invented* to ethnically cleanse us."
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🧵 @POTUS meeting w/ PM of Apartheid Israel Bennett for the 1st time today. We demand Biden end US complicity in Israeli colonialism: sanction Israel & end the military & diplomatic support that enables ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. #SaveSheikhJarrah #MakeNoiseForJerusalem
Raya from @palyouthmvmt says the struggle to remain in #SheikhJarrah, to #SaveSilwan & to #FreePalestine is "a promise to our ancestors, our siblings, and our children." The #UnityIntifada continues across historic Palestine and beyond.

#SanctionIsrael & #MakeNoiseForJerusalem to show up for justice everywhere. @OsamaAbuirshaid of @AJPaction & @AMPalestine condemned every form of supremacy: we will fight white supremacy, Islamic Supremacy, Jewish Supremacy, AND Hindu Supremacy—we build safety for each other.
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We are shutting down all vehicle entrances to Raytheon's facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Two people have attached themselves to vehicles that are blocking the main entrance to the facility.

Raytheon is the largest producer of guided missles in the world and is the second largest military contractor. They have sold billions of dollars of weapons to both Israel and Saudi Arabia which have been used to kill civilians in Palestine and Yemen.
Raytheon sells billions of dollors of a wide variety of missles and other military equipment to Israel and Saudi Arabia, including missles for their F-16 fighter jets. Raytheon also produces Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system.
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As today's court proceedings were concluded at the Israeli high court, Israeli forces stormed homes in Sheikh Jarrah, arrested multiple youths and harassed its Palestinian residents. #SaveSheikhJarrah
This was the scene in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood this past hour when Israeli police forces & Shabak raided homes of multiple Palestinian families, arresting (3?) youths, harassing others.
This is Sheikh Jarrah resident Saleh Diab being harassed by a member of the force who appears to be directing the arrest campaign in the neighborhood right now
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132 Jewish illegal immigrants stormed the Al-Aqsa courtyard mosque today.

They do whatever they want in Palestinians land 😠

#savebeita #savesilwan
Zionist police raided the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in the city of Silwan, shortly after Jewish illegal immigrants attacked Palestinians there.
Jerusalem: It is not enough to detain Palestinians, their donkeys are also 'detained' by the Zionist army.

The Israeli military claims the donkey should be arrested for being used by Palestinians to ‘endanger’ the Jewish population.

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The Zionist regime demolished a school built in Dahiyat Al-Salam, northeast of Jerusalem.

Source: Quds News Network

Don’t stop spread awareness!😔

They just not destroy Palestinians children’s childhood, they also close the chance for the kids to have education 😢

Source: Al-Qastal Twitter
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak ImageImageImageImage
The training atmosphere of the new Izzudin Al Qassam Brigades Phase three at the Palestinian Liberation Front Front Vanguard Training Camp

Palestinians children and teenagers are truly different from others. They have strong heart and undefeatable spirit 🔥
#FreePalestine ImageImageImageImage
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