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After trying—and failing—to make living in the Palestinian town of Masafer Yatta so unbearable that Palestinian residents would leave on their own, Israel is demolishing their homes.
Israel frequently targets the town by forcing residents to evacuate during military trainings, flying low helicopters, enabling settler attacks, and refusing residents access to water and electricity.
Demolishing Palestinian homes is a war crime that Israel plans to continue not only in Masafer Yatta but Sheikh Jarrah, Al-Tur, and more if they are not stopped.
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Palestinian flags at rallies against anti-Black racism represent shared material conditions, mutual inspiration, and common goals of the movements for Palestinian and Black liberation. Both are fighting the kind of state-condoned violence that Rittenhouse perpetrated.

And both movements have found that we can’t expect the legal systems of states built on racial/ethnic supremacy to deliver liberatory verdicts. As per @dereckapurnell's thread, we need to build power outside these systems, working toward their abolition.
@m7mdkurd has also pointed to the impossibility of Israeli courts ruling in favor of Palestinians resisting home theft. He has tweeted, “How can we win against a colonial court, a colonizer judge, and a colonizer jury? And laws that were *invented* to ethnically cleanse us."
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Wie kann ein "aufgeklärter" und "informierter" Mensch des Jahres 2021 sich selbst einreden, sie oder er gehöre zu den "Guten", wenn er die Verbrechen der US/NATO oder der Zionisten und israelischen Regierung in Palästina (Gaza) oder im Yemen unterstützt?
Wer glaubt noch die Lügen &die Propaganda der israel. Regierung, der Zionisten &ihrer Mittäter, dass Massenmord an Kindern &der fortgesetzte Landraub, die Vertreibung &Unterdrückung von Menschen mit irgendwelchen Mythen &mit dem Recht auf Selbstverteidigung zu rechtfertigen sind?
Lasst euch nicht einreden, dass die Menschen verschiedener Religionen, Nationen und Herkünfte Feinde sind! Das es Auserwählte gibt, die dass Recht haben über andere zu herrschen, diesen ihr Land zu rauben, sie zu vertreiben oder gar zu ermorden!
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Terrifying news this morning. The Israeli Occupation police are accusing our beloved Murad Attieh, a Sheikh Jarrah resident, of "organizing terror acts." The same entity that for months teargassed our homes & targeted journalists and medics is charging Murad with "terror."
This summer, the Israeli occupation authorities lost the media battle. Clearly, targeting Murad is this rabid regime's attempt at revenge, stunting community organizing against ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah, tarring it with racist labels & punishing us for defending our homes
The court gaghged his lawyers, legally banning them from sharing details of the case publicly. Additionally, Israeli media outlets reported that the Occupation police repeatedly reference social media activism as the vehicle through which said "terror acts" were carried out.
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🧵 @POTUS meeting w/ PM of Apartheid Israel Bennett for the 1st time today. We demand Biden end US complicity in Israeli colonialism: sanction Israel & end the military & diplomatic support that enables ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. #SaveSheikhJarrah #MakeNoiseForJerusalem
Raya from @palyouthmvmt says the struggle to remain in #SheikhJarrah, to #SaveSilwan & to #FreePalestine is "a promise to our ancestors, our siblings, and our children." The #UnityIntifada continues across historic Palestine and beyond.

#SanctionIsrael & #MakeNoiseForJerusalem to show up for justice everywhere. @OsamaAbuirshaid of @AJPaction & @AMPalestine condemned every form of supremacy: we will fight white supremacy, Islamic Supremacy, Jewish Supremacy, AND Hindu Supremacy—we build safety for each other.
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We are shutting down all vehicle entrances to Raytheon's facility in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Two people have attached themselves to vehicles that are blocking the main entrance to the facility.

Raytheon is the largest producer of guided missles in the world and is the second largest military contractor. They have sold billions of dollars of weapons to both Israel and Saudi Arabia which have been used to kill civilians in Palestine and Yemen.
Raytheon sells billions of dollors of a wide variety of missles and other military equipment to Israel and Saudi Arabia, including missles for their F-16 fighter jets. Raytheon also produces Israel's "Iron Dome" defense system.
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As today's court proceedings were concluded at the Israeli high court, Israeli forces stormed homes in Sheikh Jarrah, arrested multiple youths and harassed its Palestinian residents. #SaveSheikhJarrah
This was the scene in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood this past hour when Israeli police forces & Shabak raided homes of multiple Palestinian families, arresting (3?) youths, harassing others.
This is Sheikh Jarrah resident Saleh Diab being harassed by a member of the force who appears to be directing the arrest campaign in the neighborhood right now
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Muna El-Kurd confirming that IOF soldiers stormed their home AND kicked them out. Please don’t stop paying attention to what’s happening in Palestine. 💔🇵🇸

The violence inflicted on Palestinians is only escalating. #FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah
UPDATE: Muna has confirmed they are safe in their home. They are NOT kicked out/won’t allow that to happen. I noticed this had already been shared a lot after I got that clarification. A reminder to be careful ab news you’re sharing! & I need to get on instagram! Sorry yall. ♥️
Super glad they’re safe and sound. ♥️🙏🏼
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132 Jewish illegal immigrants stormed the Al-Aqsa courtyard mosque today.

They do whatever they want in Palestinians land 😠

#savebeita #savesilwan
Zionist police raided the Batn al-Hawa neighborhood in the city of Silwan, shortly after Jewish illegal immigrants attacked Palestinians there.
Jerusalem: It is not enough to detain Palestinians, their donkeys are also 'detained' by the Zionist army.

The Israeli military claims the donkey should be arrested for being used by Palestinians to ‘endanger’ the Jewish population.

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The Zionist regime demolished a school built in Dahiyat Al-Salam, northeast of Jerusalem.

Source: Quds News Network

Don’t stop spread awareness!😔

They just not destroy Palestinians children’s childhood, they also close the chance for the kids to have education 😢

Source: Al-Qastal Twitter
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak ImageImageImageImage
The training atmosphere of the new Izzudin Al Qassam Brigades Phase three at the Palestinian Liberation Front Front Vanguard Training Camp

Palestinians children and teenagers are truly different from others. They have strong heart and undefeatable spirit 🔥
#FreePalestine ImageImageImageImage
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PLEASE SHARE- MONDAY DAY OF ACTION: Palestinian people in Silwan, #Jerusalem are in danger of being forcibly expelled from their homes. The Israeli government is threatening to demolish the homes this Monday for Jewish Israeli settlers to take over the land. #WeWillRemain
The Israeli ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Silwan is part of Zionism’s long and violent history across all of Palestine, which the U.S. has funded for decades. #SaveSilwan #SaveSheikhJarrah #WeWillRemain

Graphic from @RabetbyPIPD
Stand on the right side of history and defend Silwan! Tell Democratic leadership to stop giving Israel the green light on ethnic cleansing:
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Pihak berkuasa Isr25l terus melakukan kekerasan ke atas penduduk Al-Quds yang berhimpun di mahkamah untuk proses rayuan pengusiran Hayy Silwan.

Ditangkap, dipukul & ditutup mata. Ini yang mereka perlu hadapi hanya untuk membantah kezaliman ke atas mereka. #SavePalestine
Dilayan seperti penjenayah. Polis Isr25l memang melampaui batas.
Seorang lelaki oku yang menaiki kenderaan khas juga telah dihalang & dikasari oleh polis Z10n1s.
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Guidelines and safety protocols for all those going to the #BlockTheBoat action in so called Vancouver!

#SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveSilwan #FreePalestine #EndIsraeliApartheid

(alt text will be added to the replies here and added to the original tweet by @palyouthmvmt)
Image ID:

The goal of this action is to ensure Zim knows their profiteering from Israeli settler colonialism is not welcome here, not to be arrested.

Block the Boat Guidelines
1. Do not talk to the police. There are police liaisons whose role is to do this. If police talk to you, direct them to the police liaison.

2. If you have a concern or need help during the action, talk to an organizer. Organizers are wearing brightly coloured armbands.
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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This is happening today!

It's time to #BlockTheBoat and demand an end to Israeli apartheid!

#FreePalestine #SaveSheikhJarrah #SaveSilwan

(alt text in post by @PalestineLabour and in replies to this)
Alt text by @RabbitRichards

red and yellow poster shows an image of a cargo ship

end israeli apartheid — defend Palestine

Tuesday June 8 at 3 pm pst at woodland park in vancouver

Text your name to (833) 590-1987 to join and get updates!
Join us to stand with workers and community organizers in Oakland, who have blocked a cargo ship operated by ZIM — apartheid israel's largest and oldest shipping company — from docking for over ten days.
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I've been wanting to talk about my family history a little on here for a while but it never seemed like the right time. Trudeau's comments this morning really ignited a fire in me, though, so if you're interested you can find a little about that below.
(Pictures from

This is Sireen, where my dad's family is from. My aunt is named after it, and I'm named partially after it (ser-een-a). This graveyard is one of the only things left of it. The orange tips on the gravestones are lichens, an organism graveyard of rocks. flowers grow behind it.
between fungus and algae. When I first saw these photos I thought it was paint, but instead it's proof that life endures.

This is the structure that may have been a mosque, and the well. These structures are all that remain in the village of the people of Sireen. Small rock structure with a hole carved out. The landscape iA rectangular well full of water.
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The arrests of Muna and Mohammed El Kurd are completely unacceptable. As two of the most vocal activists in bringing international awareness to #SaveSheikhJarrah, these are political arrests designed to censor Palestinians from speaking out.

#FreeMunaElKurd #FreeMohammedElKurd
The international community must put pressure on Israel to release them. If you care at all about freedom of speech or the rights of marginalized people to protest apartheid this issue should be of huge concern to you.
UPDATE: MUNA EL-KURD HAS BEEN RELEASED, but we still need to push for Israel to #FreeMohammedElKurd. We don't know what's happening with him.
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STJ- Siblings Till Jannah

The El-Kurd siblings have officially been detained by Israeli police in Jerusalem.

Muna was arrested at their house this morning, Mohammed surrendered after an arrest warrant was issued.

| A thread | 👇
They were the ones who exposed the Israeli atrocities in Sheikh Jarrah to the eyes of the world.

"The world is going to ruin when the people whom reveal the truth is been attacked as if honesty is a crime. 👇

" The world just want us to normalize lying no wonder the world is corrupted."

I don't want to #visitisrael
I don't #supportisrael
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday koyak
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The Walla Israel website reports the Israeli regime has vowed to launch the Iron Dome after receiving Sinwar’s warning.

Is #Israelkoyak ?

I don't want to #visitisrael
I don't #supportisrael
I don't #loveisrael forever
#israeloftheday torn
Allahuakbar 😢

The Gaza Detainee Information Office reported that Zionists detained a Palestinian youth, Wajdi Nayef Atta Al Jaradat in a raid in Sa'ir City, Hebron at dawn this morning

May Allah protect our sisters and brothers in P$lest1n ameen🤲🏻🤲🏻


Muna Al Kurd, an activist and also a Palestinian resident in Sheikh Jarrah who is famous on social media for fighting Zionist aggression has just been arrested by the Israeli police at her home in Sheikh Jarrah.

|A thread|
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I am a runner.
I run marathons around whole world. Never have I been attacked violently by police forces as I was today, during the Jerusalem run from #SaveSheikhJarrah to #SaveSilwan.
I was beaten six times, attacked by Israeli forces, for running in my ancestral town & city.
We ran 3.5 kilometres from Sheikh Jarrah to Silwan. I arrived at the finish line Batn Al-Hawa, Silwan neighbourhood under threat of ethnic cleansing by Israel.
All runners wore t-shirts that had # 7850 printed on back, the number of Palestinian Jerusalemites under threat.
Out of nowhere, Israeli forces raided the finish line, where we had gathered and been singing songs, drinking water, and resting our legs.
They were violent, attacked everyone indiscriminately, beating, throwing grenades, & firing rubber bullets at some.
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Like most Jews of my generation, I grew up with the phrase “Never again.” My mom is a Holocaust survivor and it resonated. But if the phrase is to mean anything it has to apply to all people.
Last week was 73rd anniversary of the Israeli massacre at Tantura, a Palestinian fishing village. It was one of at least 37 massacres that took place during the Nakba (or “war of independence” as Israel calls it).
A survivor reported:

One officer selected 40 men and took them to the village square. Each four were taken aside. They shot one, and ordered the other three to dump his body in a big pit. Then they shot another and the other two carried his body to the pit and so on.
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1/5 This is how Israel is carrying out its mass arrest campaign against Palestinians who are nominally carriers of Israeli ID’s - ie ‘citizens’. #SaveSheikhJarrah #Palestine #ACAB #politicalPrisoners…
2/5 The mass waves of arrests are the settler-colony’s way of reasserting controls and crushing us into submission. Specifically the targeting of children and minors as well as working class youth amplifies the class nature of Israel’s repression and that of the current upraising
3/5 Thus far over 1,700 people have been arrested since May 9th and the campaign continues. The mass majority have been released which shows the level of arbitrary arrests that have been made.
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Apa Yang Berlaku Di Sheikh Jarrah?

Ianya adalah kejiranan yang terletak di Al-Quds dan penduduknya sedang menghadapi ancaman untuk dihalau oleh Rejim Zionis.

Kedudukannya amat strategik iaitu hanya 2km dari Masjidil Aqsa dan ia menjadi rebutan Rejim Zionis.

⬇️ Teruskan baca ⬇️
1/ Tempat ini dinamakan bersempena doktor peribadi Salahuddin Ayyubi yang dipercayai pernah menetap di sini ketika pembukaan kota ini pada zaman beliau.

Pada awal abad ke-20 keluarga Palestin yang kaya telah berpindah ke sini untuk lari daripada kesempitan kawasan Bandar Lama.
2/ Kepentingan Sheikh Jarrah adalah kawasan ini sahaja yang belum dimiliki oleh Penjajah Zionis. Kawasan sekitar Al-Quds sudah pun dijajah oleh penduduk Zionis.

Jika Sheikh Jarrah ini jatuh ke tangan Zionis maka keseluruhan Al-Quds dan Al-Aqsa ibaratnya telah mereka kuasai.
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11:49 pm in #SheikhJarrah: the Israeli occupation municipality came to erase our murals, after a city councilman vandalized them. The settlers filed complaints against us, claiming the murals carrying the Sheikh Jarrah family names & “We won’t leave” are, and I quote, “racist.”
Ofc, in the eyes of the very racist occupation municipality, the Kahanist signs that settlers put up are not racist, neither is the illegal blockade that bars Palestinians from entering the neighborhood but allows Israelis to walk in, armed, no questions asked. #SaveSheikhJarrah
Wait.. correction. The mural the came to erase, for “being racist,” says “welcome to the resilient Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.”

The occupation forces threatened us with a $1400 fine “each time a municipality employee’s car passes by the mural” .......
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