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29 Nov
First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "Good morning,

I am joined by the Chief Medical Officer.

Today’s full Covid statistics will be published later on.

However, I can confirm that the overall situation in Scotland remains stable at this stage."
NS: "We knew though that the weeks ahead would present real risks to this stability.

Colder weather forcing us indoors. Festive socialising. And a deteriorating situation in many countries across Europe."
NS: "However, over the past few days a new risk has emerged in the form of the Omicron variant.

It is that we want to update you on today."
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28 Nov
📺 Watch @Ianblackford_MP's speech to #SNP21, exposing the constant scandals at Westminster and setting out Scotland's path to independence.

⏰ Tune in now on, stream on the SNP social media channels, or follow this thread for updates. Image
@Ianblackford_MP IB: "Conference, as always, it is a pleasure to address you as our party’s Westminster leader.

And given that we are gathering in late November – let me take the chance to wish each and every one of you a very happy St Andrew’s Day on Tuesday." #SNP21
@Ianblackford_MP IB: "But just as I think of Saint Andrew – who history tells us made his way right across Europe on small boats - my thoughts naturally turn to the truly heart-breaking events in the Channel." #SNP21
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28 Nov
📺 Watch @Ianblackford_MP live on the Sunday Show, on Day Three of the #SNP21 Conference.

⏰ Tune in from 10:15am on BBC One Scotland. Image
@Ianblackford_MP 📣 @Ianblackford_MP: "We have a mandate for an independence referendum, we won an election, there's a clear majority in the Scottish Parliament and there will be a Bill published to enact the will of the people in Scotland."
@Ianblackford_MP 📣 IB: "The First Minister has said that once we've dealt with the pandemic, let's get this out of the way, and in ideal circumstances we will be having that referendum in 2023."
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28 Nov
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon live on #Marr this morning, as Day Three of the #SNP21 Conference gets underway.

⏰ Tune in on BBC One from 9:35. Image
@NicolaSturgeon 📣 First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: "There are no cases of Omicron identified in Scotland yet that we know of, but clearly it's a moving picture and we're monitoring this very closely." #Marr
@NicolaSturgeon NS: "It's important to get a proportionate response to this - but I think we might have to go further on travel in the next few days. I hope I'm wrong about that but we must keep our options open." #Marr
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27 Nov
📺 Watch Deputy First Minister @JohnSwinney's live speech on Day Two of #SNP21.

👉🏼 Tune in now on, on Hopin, or on social media. Image
@JohnSwinney JS: "Friends, it is a great privilege to once again address you once again - albeit in the comfort of your own homes.

I am very much looking forward to being back in a hall with all of you at our next conference." #SNP21
@JohnSwinney JS: "But I am also thankful that we live in a world where technology has allowed us all to stay in touch with each other even during a global pandemic." #SNP21
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26 Nov
📺 Watch @KeithBrownSNP's opening speech to the #SNP21 Conference.

👇🏼 Follow the updates live on this thread, or on Image
@KeithBrownSNP KB: "Delegates, members, friends,

Welcome to the 87th SNP Annual National Conference.

I dearly wish I was welcoming you all in person, to shake hands with fellow members and activists, to warmly embrace old friends and long-time comrades in our pursuit of independence." #SNP21
@KeithBrownSNP KB: "To share old stories, remember absent friends and, when the day’s work is done, to raise a glass in their memory.

But while this dreadful pandemic has loosened some of its grip on the nation, we are far from out of the woods yet." #SNP21
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23 Nov
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live statement to Parliament on the latest COVID updates in Scotland.

⏰ Tune in now on or follow the thread below.
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "2,527 positive cases were reported yesterday – 11.6% of all tests carried out.

743 people are in hospital with Covid – 7 fewer than yesterday.

And 60 people are in intensive care - 1 more than yesterday."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Sadly, a further 17 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours, which takes the total number of deaths registered under the daily definition, to 9,495.

Once again, I send my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one."
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18 Nov
📢 @StephenFlynnSNP: “I look at this in a slightly different way because if HS2 is going to Leeds, then the reality is there is no chance it’s coming to Scotland.

And I have to say I would be surprised if anyone was actually surprised at this announcement.” #bbcqt
📢 SF: “What we’ve seen over the last 6 months or so is a litany of broken promises:

❌ The pensions triple lock,

❌ International development aid commitments,

❌ The promise not to raise taxes,

❌ To build carbon capture and underground storage in the North East.” #bbcqt
📢 SF: “If we are looking at the reality of Boris Johnson’s premiership today, if we look at his history, it is broken promise after broken promise.” #bbcqt
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18 Nov
First Minister @NicolaSturgeon at #FMQs: "We will continue to ensure that our justice system does protect people from criminals, that it does ensure that vicitims get the justice they deserve. But also the principles of rehabilitation is at its heart."
FM: "On the issue of automatic early release, my government didn't introduce those measures but we did legislate to bring an end to them. It is important that we have a justice system that punishes those that have to be punished, but also promotes rehabilitation." #FMQs
FM: "Rates of crime, and I appreciate for any victim of crime this is no comfort at all, but rates of crime are at their lowest level in many years in Scotland." #FMQs
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17 Nov
📺 Watch @kaukabstewart live on tonight's #bbcdn panel from Glasgow.

⏰ Tune in from 10:30pm on the BBC Scotland channel.
@kaukabstewart 📣 @kaukabstewart: "The actions of one have a direct impact on other people.

Following the Covid restrictions we have, keeping each other safe and coming forward for vaccination is essential, and we're moving in the right direction - but we can't be complacent." #bbcdn
@kaukabstewart 📣 @kaukabstewart: "I have to say that the stench of Tory corruption and sleaze is overwhelming and consistent.

It's underpinned by hypocrisy, they're trying to explain this way - and you can't explain it in any way whatsoever." #bbcdn
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17 Nov
.@Ianblackford_MP: "The Tory sleaze scandal has been hitting the headlines for the best part of 14 days.

And yet it’s pretty obvious that the Prime Minister spent less than 10 minutes coming up with yesterday’s half-hearted, half-baked and already half-botched proposals." #PMQs Image
.@Ianblackford_MP: "These so-called reforms don’t even scratch the surface - this sleaze scandal runs far, far deeper. Month after month, the public have witnessed scandal after scandal." #PMQs
.@Ianblackford_MP: "Peerages handed to millionaire donors, VIP lanes gifting Covid contracts to Tory pals, Dodgy donations for luxury holidays and home renovations.

The Prime Minister and his government have been up to their necks in this sleaze." #PMQs
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16 Nov
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live statement on the outcomes of #COP26 and how Scotland is stepping up our efforts to reach Net Zero.

👇🏼 Tune in now on Image
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "On Saturday, COP26 concluded with 197 countries endorsing the Glasgow Climate Pact.

Today, I will report on the Scottish Government’s activities during COP and offer our preliminary view on the agreement."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Firstly though, I want to record my gratitude to all those who ensured that the hosting of the summit was a success.

COP26 was one of the most important events ever held in Scotland - and also one of the largest."
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16 Nov
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live parliamentary statement on the latest COVID updates.

👇 Tune in now on or on the BBC Scotland channel. Image
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "I will give an update on the latest Covid situation, and provide an assessment of the current course of the pandemic.

First though, today’s statistics."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "2,771 positive cases were reported yesterday – 12.8% of all tests carried out.

779 people are in hospital with Covid – 8 more than yesterday.

And 57 people are in intensive care, which is the same as yesterday."
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5 Oct
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live statement to the Scottish Parliament on the latest COVID updates.

⏰ Tune in now via or on the BBC Scotland channel.
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "I will give a further update on the latest Covid situation.

I will provide an assessment of the current course of the pandemic - and confirm that there will be no immediate changes this week to the remaining, albeit fairly limited, Covid regulations which remain in force."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "I will then give a reminder of the new arrangements for international travel which took effect yesterday."
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28 Sep
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live statement to the Scottish Parliament on the latest COVID updates.

⏰ Tune in now via or on the BBC Scotland channel.
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "I will give an update on the latest Covid situation.

As part of that, I will recap on the decisions made at the end of last week in relation to international travel.

I'll also announce some additional support to help businesses improve the ventilation of their premises."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "And I will give an update on the introduction of the Covid certification scheme following a discussion at Cabinet this morning.

Firstly, though, I will cover today’s statistics."
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28 Sep
💷 £1,200 cost of Brexit to every person
🛒 Empty supermarket shelves
⚡️ Rising energy prices
🏥 NHS under threat
📲 Roaming charges
⛽️ Fuel shortages

Boris Johnson's hard Brexit is forcing all of us to pay a heavy price.

Here's a thread. 👇🏼…
📉 Brexit is shrinking our economy.

@scotgov modelling shows that Scotland is disproportionately impacted by Brexit, with a 6% GDP loss by 2030.

Brexiteers promised an extra £350m/week, but the reality of Brexit actually means the economy faces a cost of around £800m/week.
@scotgov 💷 Brexit costs around £1,200 per person.

The OBR, the UK government's own forecaster, estimated that most of the damage is still to come.

An average cost of Brexit per person has been around £480, with at least a £720 cost still to be inflicted.
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22 Sep
📢 @kirstenoswald: “Thank you Mr Speaker, across Scotland and the UK, millions of families are seeing their incomes slashed by this Tory government - with a toxic combination of Tory cuts, tax rises, and the growing cost of Brexit.” #PMQs
📢 @kirstenoswald: "The Prime Minister promised he would make energy bills more than £60 per household cheaper after Brexit.

Instead, they could skyrocket by £550 at the worst possible time." #PMQs
📢 @kirstenoswald: "The UK government is slashing Universal Credit by £1040, furlough is ending prematurely, and a Tory tax hike will leave the majority of families hundreds of pounds worse off next year." #PMQs
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21 Sep
📺 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's live statement to the Scottish Parliament on the latest COVID updates.

⏰ Tune in now on or on the BBC Scotland channel.
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Today I will summarise changes to the rules on international travel, some of which will take effect tomorrow and others in early October.

I'll also provide an update on development of the Covid certification scheme, ahead of further details being published later this week."
@NicolaSturgeon FM: "Firstly, though, I will summarise today’s statistics.

2,870 positive cases were reported yesterday – 11.7% of all tests carried out.

1,107 people are in hospital with Covid – 19 more than yesterday."
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13 Sep
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Watch @NicolaSturgeon's #SNP21 speech on our path to a fairer, greener, independent Scotland.

💻 Follow the speech live on our social media, on or in the thread below.

📣 And join in the conversation using the hashtags #SNPbecause and #SNP21.
@NicolaSturgeon NS: “Good morning.

This is the first gathering of the SNP since our election victory in May. So let me begin with a big, heartfelt thank you.” #SNP21
@NicolaSturgeon NS: “Firstly, and most importantly, to the people of Scotland - thank you for again putting your trust in me as First Minister and in the SNP as your Government.” #SNP21
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13 Sep
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Watch @ShonaRobison's speech, opening the final day of #SNP21.

💻 Follow the speech live on our social media, on or in the thread below.

📣 And join in the conversation using the hashtags #SNPbecause and #SNP21.
@ShonaRobison SR: “Social justice is not just in my job title. It’s in my DNA.

It’s why I went into social work, it’s why I went into politics and it’s why I joined the SNP - because I know independence is vital to achieving a fair, equal society for us all.” #SNP21
@ShonaRobison SR: “And it is social justice which is one of the starkest contrasts between the Scottish Government and the Tories at Westminster.

The tale of two governments is there for people to see.” #SNP21…
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12 Sep
📺 Watch @JohnSwinney's #SNP21 speech on our bold plans to secure a fairer recovery.

📲 Follow the speech live on our social media, on or in the thread below.

👋🏼 And join in the conversation using the hashtags #SNPbecause and #SNP21.
@JohnSwinney JS: “Friends, we meet again, not in person, but virtually.

And while life feels much more like it used to – the virus and the harm it causes has not gone away.” #SNP21
@JohnSwinney JS: “Meeting virtually allows us to perform our democratic duty as party members, while keeping us all safe.

For many, I know, that will be a disappointment – those yearning to see old friends, meet new ones and enjoy the hustle and bustle of SNP conferences.” #SNP21
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