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Starmer - Cost of Living issues and challenged why Tories spent last week arguing who gets a peerage
Sunak - Followed procedure

Starmer - PM signed the list and those who partied night before Queen buried husband get honoured
Sunak - I followed precedent and procedure
Starmer - Honour should be for public service not Tory cronies - Is message 'If you don't like it tough'

Sunak - Challenges on Tom Watson - rebuked by Speaker for criticising other member and not answering questions (also highlights no understanding of investigation process)
Starmer - Country paying the price of distraction - Mortgage payers will be paying more

Sunak - Just has a cheap crack about future Labour policy and chaos with Ed Miliband

Starmer - Tories never take responsibility - challenges Truss honours list rewarding failed policy
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Are you able to be the Prime Minister you want to be right now?

"My priority is delivering for the country... I've got a lot of work to do, but I want people to know I'm hard at it."
How was your flight to Washington?

"My priority is delivering for the country... I've got a lot of work to do, but I want people to know I'm hard at it."
Who got you your boots for your boat ride at Dover?

"My priority is delivering for the country... I've got a lot of work to do, but I want people to know I'm hard at it."
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So Rishi Sunak has decided that Suella Braverman hasn't broken the Ministerial Code (again) so there's no need for an investigation!

Are some MPs more equal than others? Image
Although Suella Braverman’s letter to Rishi Sunak trying to persuade him of her innocence is quite lengthy, it does not address the claim that her special adviser lied to a Daily Mirror journalist when he denied that she had been caught speeding.…
This seems to have been a breach of the code of conduct for special advisers, which says they must not “deceive or knowingly mislead ministers, parliament or others”.

Maybe Sunak will take it upon himself to decide there's no need for an instigation. Image
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.@MhairiBlack: "The DPM said it was his duty to furnish people with 'the facts that are available' in regards to Brexit.

Brexit Britain faces higher food prices, a lack of workers, a shrinking economy & a decline in living standards. Why is he happy to ignore those facts?" #PMQs Image
.@MhairiBlack: "The only thing more deluded than that defence of Brexit, is Labour's support for it.

Just today, the world's fourth largest car manufacturer said Brexit was 'a threat to our export business and the sustainability of our of UK manufacturing options'." #PMQs
.@MhairiBlack: "Even Nigel Farage can admit Brexit has failed, so Mr Speaker, why can't the Deputy Prime Minister?" #PMQs
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#PMQs coming up in an hour Image
Lab benches been told to make more noise
Starmer’s joke writer upgrade
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It is a 'Labour smear campaign' but this is the Telegraph and this is 2023 UK BP demands guarantee that B...
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At his first #PMQs, in October 2022, PM Sunak said: “I'm pleased we had a record number of new homes built in the last year.” 🤥

There is no evidence to support that claim, & No 10 declined to provide any evidence for it, despite several requests.

While the number of ‘net additional dwellings’ technically hit 'the highest point on record in 2019/20', these statistics only go back to the early 90s. Other metrics & housing experts suggest that recent house building is generally far lower than records set decades ago.
#bbcqt Image
It’s also important to note that these figures don’t strictly relate to “house building”—as well as new build homes they also include conversions (such as turning a large house into multiple flats) & changes of use such as an old shop into a house or flats.
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.@StephenFlynnSNP: "Can I ask the Prime Minister to outline the safe and legal route available to a child refugee seeking to flee Sudan and come to the United Kingdom?" #PMQs Image
.@StephenFlynnSNP: "To be clear, Mr Speaker, children in Sudan are already dying.

Now whether it's a Tory slogan to "Stop the Boats" or a Labour slogan to 'Stop Small Boats' - we need some more humanity in this debate. Rather than a race to the bottom." #PMQs Image
.@StephenFlynnSNP: "So can I ask the Prime Minister, now that he has confirmed that there is no safe and legal route.

Will he therefore confirm that it would be his government's intention to detain and deport a child refugee who flees Sudan and comes to the UK?" #PMQs
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Starmer deserved that.

Sunak and the Tories are utterly appalling, of course, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he walked right into it with his ridiculous choice of questions.

If you missed it, Sunak ambushed him with a copy of the law that gave Starmer better pension treatment.

But Starmer teed it up with his choice of questions.

REFERENCE: "The Pensions Increase (Pension Scheme for Keir Starmer QC) Regulations 2013"…
The fact that it was passed under the coalition is irrelevant. 99.999% of the electorate won't care about that level of nuance.

Starmer had his pick of countless vital topics that could not have triggered this sort of personal attack. But he misjudged the situation badly.
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.@StephenFlynnSNP: "What worries the Prime Minister most about Brexit right now?

Is it the likely 4% hit to UK productivity or the 3 former Tory leaders planning to vote down his deal this afternoon?" #PMQs
.@StephenFlynnSNP: "The reality is, that whilst Westminster is once again consumed by the damage being caused by Brexit.

The public are facing the biggest fall in living standards, ever. The highest tax burden since the end of the Second World War and inflation at 10.4%." #PMQs
.@StephenFlynnSNP: "When are the Conservative Party, and indeed the Labour Party, going to realise that Brexit can't work?" #PMQs
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It’s #BudgetDay2023

🧵 Here’s everything you need to know
🔴 @ChaplainChloe looks at what is expected to be announced – and where are the political sticking points for Jeremy Hunt?…
What could #BudgetDay2023 mean for pensions?

⬇️ @theipaper's deputy money editor @gracegausden93 explains…
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I want to talk about lawyers

And I am going to do so in the form of a story

I want to talk about Daniel, Blake, Stephen and John

All 5 have important roles in this story
So let's begin

Now Daniel

He is really upset

A journalist has cast aspersions on his spouse

And he feels agrieved

Normal routes of reply to the journalist aren't an appropriate enough response

Instead Daniel wants to go further
So Daniel is really angry

He wants revenge

But in order to execute his revenge on Stephen

He doesn't have a crucial piece of information

His friend Blake works in the same industry as Stephen and knows this

So Daniel enlists Blake to provide this information to him
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Now we get onto what @BorisJohnson said in the HoC that could be held to be ‘misleading’

Worth noting that what he was actually asked is as important as what he then said in response

When you’re asked a specific question you answer that question

#SueGray #PrivilegesCommittee
Dec1st 2020 from PC 👇

Boris Johnson said:

‘…all guidance was followed completely in no 10’

As per the #PrivilegesCommittee initial report


Let’s look at what he was actually asked…
.@Keir_Starmer asked:

‘As millions of people were locked down last year was a Christmas Party thrown in Downing Street for dozens of people on December the 18th?’

That’s specific

So let’s look at Dec 18th again

➡️He wasn’t there. It was the Allegra video 👀
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#PMQs @NickFletcherMP calls attention to political indoctrination in schools - eg teaching children they have an 'inner gender'. @RishiSunak agrees teaching should be age appropriate & politically neutral. @DontDivideUsNow @SafeSchools_UK
Let's take one Council alone - Swindon. Totally captured by gender ideology. Rewriting *our* language; undermining science; gaslighting our children who are in their care; the vulnerable few will step onto a pathway of irreversible damage...
They're teaching this restrictive regressive unscientific nonsense to our kids.
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SNP"s disgraced Sex Pest & moronic 🤡 of epic proportion Patrick Grady at #PMQs. 👇
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🔴 The Government is set to face an urgent question in the House of Commons over its handling of the coronavirus pandemic following the publication of #TheLockdownFiles.

It will take place immediately following #PMQs.

Follow the latest 👇…
🔴 Sir Keir Starmer said the formal inquiry into the Government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic must report by the end of this year as he raised #TheLockdownFiles in the House of Commons.

Follow the latest here ⬇️… Keir Starmer in the House of Commons  (UK Parliament/Jessica
🔴NEW: Using WhatsApp to discuss Government business is “part and parcel of modern government”, Downing Street said

Read the full story ⤵️…

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One of the PM’s answers at #PMQs made my jaw drop. It was his response to the DUP leader @J_Donaldson_MP - who said he wanted a change to the Brexit treaty to take Northern Ireland out of the EU’s single market for goods. Rather than confront the DUP leader with the facts,…
which is that there is zero chance of that, Sunak implied he agreed with Donaldson and said reforms to address the “democratic deficit” in Northern Ireland was at the heart of what he and his colleagues are negotiating with Brussels. Really? Surely the PM…
knows that Brussels negotiators have been given no mandate by EU leaders to rip up the NI Protocol. It just isn’t going to happen. So why not just deliver the unwelcome news to the DUP and Tory ERG Brexiters straightaway, and at least look like a determined PM…
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Whether it be writing off £4.3bn in fraudulent Covid loans or dishing out PPE contracts to their mates, this Govt is good at blowing taxpayers money.

Yet they claim there's no money to give public sector workers the pay rises they deserve.

A🧵on their catalogue of waste:

💰£13 billion of waste at the Ministry of Defence since 2010.

💰£4 billion on unusable PPE.

💰£4.9 billion lost to Covid loan fraud.

💰A £2.3 billion fine paid after the UK allowed Europe to be flooded with cheap goods from Chinese fraudsters.
Incredibly, the £2.3bn fine the Govt had to pay equates to a 20% pay rise for NHS nurses in England - £7,000 each for those on an average salary.

This Govt is reckless with public money. What they wasted could have been spent on the vital public services we all depend on.
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[thread] from 18/1/23 at #PMQs

Q. It is three minutes past 12. If somebody phones 999 now because they have chest pains and fear it might be a heart attack, when would the Prime Minister expect an ambulance to arrive?

A. Cross your fingers
Q. for a person suffering chest pains, the clock starts ticking straightaway—every minute counts. That is why the Government say an ambulance should be there in 18 minutes..... I will ask him again. When will that ambulance arrive?

A. Cross your fingers
Q. If they were in Northampton it would be 20 minutes, Plymouth 40 minutes. That is not the worst-case scenario; it is just the average ..will he stop blaming others, take some responsibility & just admit that the NHS is in crisis, isn’t it?

A. Cross your fingers
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I would like to thank @10DowningStreet @RishiSunak

And @Conservatives @CCHQPress

For the clip below from #PMQs on 25/1/2023

This was the *best* clip they could get from #PMQs

They think this shows Rishi Sunak in a positive light.

It doesn't

Let me explain why.
First of all you have to go back to PMQs to realise

That Sunak was flummoxed by several of the questions being about failings in the criminal justice system that his party have overseen for the past 13 years

Here's question 1
Here's question 2
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After 13 long years of catastrophic Tory misrule...
The answer to Britain's multiple crises is obvious: #TaxtheRich
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The Home Office set up the hotels children are going missing from *expressly* outside the duties in the Children Act that local authorities do hold. Gavin Williamson approved it.

Nat gov *bypassed* councils & child protection law so that their hotels are NOT run under LA duties
What Rishi Sunak is saying in his answer at #PMQs today is that the Home Office is contracting hotels and putting children at very high risk in them, and *then* holds the local council and police responsible for failing to protect those children in the "care" of the Home Office
It *is* a grave, sustained child protection failure, and most child protection failures do involve multiple agencies..... but what happens to the Home Office for losing several school-classes-worth of real, live children, without trace?

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"Yet another vital service on its knees after 13 years of Tory government" - Keir Starmer

Follow this thread for video updates from #PMQs
"Is he starting to wonder that this job is just too big for him?"

Keir Starmer accuses Rishi Sunak of being "hopelessly weak" in #PMQs.
Stephen Flynn asks Rishi Sunak for advice on protecting personal finances:

Should people "seek out a future chair of the BBC to help secure an £800,000 loan"?

Should they "set up a trust in Gibraltar"?

Or should they apply for "non-dom status"?

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I don't want to talk about @nadhimzahawi

I want to talk about @RishiSunak

But I think it is of "paramount" importance to focus on @10DowningStreet @RishiSunak

Let us go back in time to 23rd October 2022

And a promise…
Now we move on to the 23rd January 2023

Now I transcribed that interview from Channel 4

Because I have questions

So many questions

Not of Nadhim Zahawi

But of Rishi Sunak
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