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On Question Time tomorrow night, Fiona will be joined by @CPhilpOfficial, @wesstreeting, @LaylaMoran, @RoryStewartUK and @tomhfh.

Join us and a studio audience from Dorking at 10.40pm. #bbcqt Image
The Conservatives' @CPhilpOfficial will be on the panel. #bbcqt Image
Labour's @wesstreeting will be on the panel. #bbcqt Image
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*Thank you* for every tweet & supportive msg re: the slurs on my academic integrity

I'm not important, but information, evidence & facts are.

In honour of that, here's a🧵correcting false claims in @bbcquestiontime on #Protocol [16:22-38:50] #bbcqt
There were statements made that some will disagree with or view v. differently.

& Each panellist @RobertBuckland @peterkyle @johnfinucane @little_pengelly @naomi_long made some statements that were true.

No need for me to repeat those ones, with two interesting exceptions…
@little_pengelly claimed @allianceparty had called for "rigorous implementation" of the Protocol [33:05]

As @naomi_long said, it was re: UKG previous intention to break intl law in Sept 20

NB the phrase was used by *4* party leaders & @MarosSefcovic
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Great move by #bbcqt to smuggle @hayward_katy into the Belfast audience. Sudden outbreak of expertise and balance on the NI Protocol.
As to @RobertBuckland’s point about the relationship between the Protocol and the Good Friday Agreement …
@peterkyle absolutely right: the Protocol (for better or worse) is law; the way to change it is patient negotiation.
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POLL: After Alyn Smith MP called out right-wing lobby group the IEA over its “non-transparent” funding on #bbcqt, Fiona Brice told its spokeswoman Emily Carver “we’re very happy you’re on the panel”. Are you happy or unhappy Carver was on the panel?
[I could have added third choice - would you be happy for Emily Carver to appear on #bbcqt if the right-wing lobbying organisation she represents, the IEA, came clean about who funds it?]
also, I doubt any of this would have happened if the BBC had properly applied its own updated editorial guidelines on appearances by spokespeople of “thinktanks” - from September 2019…
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Alyn Smith should have added the IEA is a lobby group masquerading as a thinktank (and an “educational charity”) which is renowned for dangling access to ministers in front of donors. Emily Carver’s “how boring” response was, frankly, pathetic. #bbcqt
Here is footage showing IEA director general Mark Littlewood offering potential donors (actually undercover reporters for @UE) access to government ministers in 2019 (I got his name wrong in the original tweet).
If you’re interested in finding out more about the origins and goals of the Institute of Economic Affairs ⁠— a neoliberal lobbying organisation that masquerades as a “thinktank” ⁠— this blog by Adam Curtis should be your starting point. #IEA…
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So why have the @BBC invited yet another unhinged hard-right crank - Emily Carver - from the divisive, opaquely funded libertarian-right free-market fundamentalist think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs #IEA - YET AGAIN - to spout their reactionary nonsense?
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I’m watching #BBCQT this morning. Recorded this clip - sorry for the shaky view - Did Braverman just give away the truth right in the middle of this? Business moving to NI needs to stay in GB….
And it would appear the current actions by the DUP in conflating Stormont with an international treaty are in support of this. Keep people in NI poor and dependent on UK. Using the GFA is blatant, esp as DUP never supported or signed up to it.
Here’s Donaldson and the DUP, wanting removal of the Protocol as it harms NI.
AG Braverman says the Protocol harms GB not NI.
Seems both want NI to be a colony, dependent on GB, and not capable of being a self-sustaining place.
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Have to admire how @SuellaBraverman can manage to keep a straight face while claiming on #bbcqt that it’s “the EU’s application” of the Protocol that leads to checks and barriers in the Irish Sea rather than the text of the Protocol itself.
It was pointed out by eg HM Treasury *at the time it was negotiated* that East-West checks were an inevitable consequence of the Protocol. See eg…
Unfortunately, as Stephen Weatherill pointed out in March 2020 (well before any “application” of the Protocol), UK ministers misrepresenting what the Protocol actually says is something of an ingrained habit, and comes from the top.
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Lee Anderson is wrong about foodbanks - but it's @RishiSunak and @BorisJohnson who have the power to tackle hunger in the UK.

Tonight's #WaughOnPolitics is in your inbox…
In 2014, @Feeding_Britain had 70 recommendations on how to tackle hunger, backed by the brilliant @BootstrapCook.

But it took the pandemic for the govt to agree 2 key asks: raise Universal Credit and halt benefit sanctions.

Food bank queues fell as a result.
After the £20 Universal Credit uplift was withdrawn last October, food banks saw a sharp rise in demand.
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FFS @GMB - you describe Richard Hendron as a "Barrister, former Met Police Inspector & Journalist", but neglect to let viewers know that he's a former UKIP activist who has been sanctioned by a bar disciplinary tribunal for not attending a hearing.

Letting viewers know that Richard Hendron is a former Sun journalist, UKIP activist & UKIP Mayoral candidate - while he argues against making misogyny a hate crime - would give viewers important context with which to make a more informed assessment of his contribution.
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@KerryLeeCrabbe @ANNETTE22398150 TPA and IEA funded by Koch and Mercers. Chloe Westley and Kate Andrews continue to be platformed on #bbcqt. Never asked to disclose who funds them (MATTHEW ELLIOTTS vote leave EU Head. Sarah is chair of Republicans overseas USA, Koch/Mercer/Bannon. 1/
@KerryLeeCrabbe @ANNETTE22398150 Westley is No10 WhatsApp coms orchestrating the thicket of a cabinet; hence they all say the same bollox in support of whichever buffoon has screwed up on a particular day.
It’s the “Libertarian” way; a word that us Brits are too comfortable with cuz it sounds like “liberal”.🤫
@KerryLeeCrabbe @ANNETTE22398150 See how many Downing Street SpAds have links to 55-57 Tufton Street. Singham for one. Lizz Truss employs some. All originally set up by guess who? The Barnard castle bollox bloke🤷‍♂️. All to distract.
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On Question Time tomorrow night, Fiona will be joined by @DamianHinds, @lisanandy, @domjoly, Mark Serwotka and @KateAndrs.

Join us and a studio audience from Reading at 10.35pm on @BBCOne. #bbcqt Image
The Conservatives' @DamianHinds will be on the panel. #bbcqt Image
Labour's @lisanandy will be on the panel. #bbcqt Image
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After 9 days, >10 refugees have arrived in the UK. The online & phone system does NOT work (takes 4 hours to fill in an application with a further MINIMUM 3 day waiting time, THEN you have to go to Lviv to collect the VISA in a WARZONE? #bbcaq @BBCRadio4
My mistake, LESS than 10 but that figure is generous in itself. An application was finally filled out over the phone at 9:09pm from a relative yesterday (the system went live at 4pm yesterday.) So given the further 2 day MIN waiting period & VISA collection, nobody has arrived!
Wow, did not expect such a huge response! Please could you all retweet the below document outlining the flaws of the UK gov’s Ukrainian refugee effort to MPs/News channels, thank you! @Channel4News #bbcqt #RussianUkrainianWar #RefugeesWelcome
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Of all the possible Russians #bbcqt could have had on, they had to choose divisive & explicitly anti-woke shit-stirring culture war weirdo Konstantin Kisin, who writes for right-wing media, including Quillette, The Spectator & Torygraph, & co-hosts the anti-woke 'Triggernometry'. Image
Triggernometry guests are a 'who's who' of predictably divisive anti-woke contrarians, including Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Doyle, Peter Hitchens, Laurence Fox, Melanie Phillips, Rod Liddle & Matthew Goodwin, controversial outrage merchants the UK media adore. #bbcqt
Seems like only a few weeks ago that almost-impossible-to-avoid contrarian Triggernometry guest & arrogant walking superego Jordan Peterson was on #bbcqt not realising that putting "RACISM" in air quotes is something 99% of normal people would NEVER do.

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After graduating in 1996, Liz Truss worked for Shell as a commercial manager.

In a 2013 #bbcqt, just before she became Environment Secretary, Truss dismissed clean renewable energy as “extremely expensive” and said it was damaging the economy.…
“We do need to look at the green taxes because at the moment they are incentivising particular forms of energy that are extremely expensive. I would like to see the rolling back of green taxes because it is wrong that we are implementing green taxes faster than other countries."
Before she became Environment Minister in 2014, free-market fundamentalist Liz Truss also said on BBC Question Time that #fracking would benefit people living nearby. “We need to make sure shale gas is being exploited in this country, which will benefit local communities."
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I also studied philosophy at university but tend not to argue with world renowned clinical experts because I didn’t also study medicine.
My favourite bit is where he just dismisses the whole notion of ‘global’ evidence as if the rest of the world has no relevance. That’s one of the major problems of our time, right there, on telly.
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It’s only taken the BBC 2 years but finally, a perspective from a healthy young woman asking for equal treatment and respect rather than pity or persecution for her choice not to have a covid vaccine. She deserves nothing less. #bbcqt
It takes an audience member with guts like this woman to say vaccination is an individual choice and no one should be attacked, all whilst acknowledging she’s likely to be abused for saying it. It shouldn’t have been left to her to say this, and it shouldn’t have taken 2 years.
The Prof on the panel said if she got vaccinated “you are not going to be passing on the virus” to vulnerable members of her family 🙄 This is what’s known as totally acceptable misinformation™️ that never gets corrected and is genuinely dangerous. No wonder trust is so low 😒
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I'd been in two minds about JP, but after his #bbcqt performance a few weeks ago where he put air quotes around the word "racism", & now amplifying absurdly simplistic clickbait shit from the Mail with the word 'murderous', it's clear he's an arrogant attention-seeking prick. Image
Fuck him. He thinks he's fucking God. He's not. He's a very naughty boy, clearly deprived of something.…
Peterson could do with a heart transplant, & possibly a brain transplant.
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@IainDale Apply here:
I won't be travelling to Morecambe to join the unwitting *vaccinated* spreaders without natural immunity. Happy to join remotely @bbcquestiontime if you want to get in touch. Some questions below:
@IainDale @bbcquestiontime Were the government scientists wrong about the effectiveness of herd natural immunity first touted (we know it may have overwhelmed the NHS)?

What's the longest anyone has been vaccinated with *these* vaccines for to determine negative impact?
@IainDale @bbcquestiontime Is it immoral to vaccinate v low risk individuals when much higher risk people in the world remain unvaccinated?
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🚨🌐| NEW!!! Worth noting Tory MPs sent out to defend the PM in the last 12 hrs (Zahawi & Lewis) have been lawyer advised to use the 'MensRea' defence. To to claim you had "no mental intention or awareness" you were at a party & to accuse others of having the wrong "perception". Image
Along with the coordinated confident flurry of tweets from his cabinet last night reminding people to wait for results of @SueGrayCO investigation which will inevitably likely exonerate Johnson just as Lord Geidt did. Integrity of all around Johnson is questioned. #r4today #PMQs
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📺 Watch @StewartHosieSNP on tonight's #bbcqt panel.

⏰ Tune in from 10:35pm on BBC One, or follow this thread for live updates.
@StewartHosieSNP 📣 @StewartHosieSNP: "The problem is - when one sees photographs of Tory staffers having parties, because it's one rule for you, and a different rule for them, the mixed messaging of the UK government couldn't be more stark." #bbcqt
@StewartHosieSNP 📣 @StewartHosieSNP: "Omicron is massively transmissible. Even if the numbers of people hospitalised are relatively small, a small percentage of a very big number still puts huge pressure on the NHS.

Mask-wearing, hand-washing and the measures - that's just common sense." #bbcqt
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Michael Portillo got double-jabbed, went out and caught Covid, then went on national TV to tell people that because vaccines don't make you IMMUNE, then it's reasonable not to take them.


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On the basis of what I've seen of his #bbcqt performance last night, it seems that Jordan Peterson and his acolytes have mistaken 'made up words' for intellect.
I recall that our old friend Chloe Westley was a major fan.
When not writing poems about sea battles
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📢 @StephenFlynnSNP: “I look at this in a slightly different way because if HS2 is going to Leeds, then the reality is there is no chance it’s coming to Scotland.

And I have to say I would be surprised if anyone was actually surprised at this announcement.” #bbcqt
📢 SF: “What we’ve seen over the last 6 months or so is a litany of broken promises:

❌ The pensions triple lock,

❌ International development aid commitments,

❌ The promise not to raise taxes,

❌ To build carbon capture and underground storage in the North East.” #bbcqt
📢 SF: “If we are looking at the reality of Boris Johnson’s premiership today, if we look at his history, it is broken promise after broken promise.” #bbcqt
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