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Theresa May's deal in a nutshell...
L: "I want fish."
R: "I'd like to have beef, please."
TM: "You can both have bananas."
L: "I hate bananas."
R: "So do I. Detest the things."
TM: "Excellent... Bananas it is. Seems like a fair compromise. Tuck in!" #BBCqt
L: "I'd rather go without food. I've never starved before, so I'm sure it'll be ok."
R: "Couldn't we just stick with what's in the fridge?"
TM: "Absolutely not."
R: "Why?"
TM: "Because."
R: That's not an argument.
TM: "It wouldn't be fair on L."
L: "She's right. I want a change."
TM: "Fantastic. See, L agrees with me. He wants bananas."
L: "Now hang on a second-"
TM: "I'll ask you again: shall we have bananas?"
L&R: "No!"
TM: "Don't make me ask a third time."
L&R: "..."
TM: "..."
L&R: "..."
TM: "Sigh. You're forcing me. Would you like bananas?"
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Rhetoric matters. Op-eds matter (looking at journalists who have told me nees and op pages are ‘separate’). Clickbait, hate reads, ignoring hate speech, gaslighting. These make us complicit.
Every time we snigger about terms like snowflakes and triggered. Every time we make jokes about safe spaces. Every time we don’t bother doing the hard work to understand what free speech actually means.

Every time, we are complicit
Every time we commission school friends to write about ‘white self interest.’ Every time we hate click Daily Heil links or share links to Spectator editorials. Every time we watch shit like #bbcqt KNOWING fully well that it is a spectacle of violence.

We are complicit.
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#bbcqt has defeated me. I couldn’t bear to continue watching. I had thought that Twitter criticism of Hartley-Brewer was exaggerated but having heard her huff dismissively at the risk to diabetics from a no deal Brexit, I am re-considering my position /1
What particularly depressed me was how many people in the #bbcqt audience appear to have been radicalised. They are angry beyond the point of reason and allowing slogans and half arguments to do their thinking for them /2
It was most notable on the question of a people’s vote. I am, of course, in favour of it. The suggestion that it is “anti-democratic” is an empty slogan, but, it appears, no less effective for that. /3
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Fiona Bruce: "Is anyone in favour of a second referendum?"
Forest of hands goes up.
FB: "My goodness!"
I imagine very stern words will be had with the audience "pickers" afterwards.
Here's some background to a second referendum...
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Julia Hartley-Brewer: "I'd be happy with no deal".
You may be happy turning us into the only major economy IN THE WORLD with no trade deal with its neighbours?
You're not the one who'll lose your job.
You're not the one who'll struggle to feed your family.
For ****s sake!!!
People "believe that we uniquely in the world can't go it alone".
@JuliaHB1 #bbcqt
But hey, at least she's consistent...
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Interesting that Chester's 2015 UKIP candidate magically managed to get into the #bbcqt audience, and got called upon...…
Now, Chester's only got a population of 118,200 people, so it's very easy to see how that could just have been a random coincidence.
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Whelan invested zero effort in understanding the issues and has learned nothing the whole time. Spiked thinks #Brexit is uncomplicated and is being frustrated by "remainer elites" because to these simpletons everything is binary. Blissfully unaware of her own galactic ignorance.
This is actually what makes Whelan worse than even the HipsterJugend. Most people have grasped there are nuances and difficulties to Brexit not easily resolved but in the Spiked world none of it exists. We just swan out the door and everything continues as normal.
There is a certain astonishing arrogance in Spiked setting themselves up as the intellectual defenders of Brexit when collectively they know nothing and presume they are gifted intellects looking out for the inarticulate binman in Sunderland who probably knows more than she does.
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Andy McDonald is saying that the Conservatives haven't gone too far to the right.
Theresa May's response to the sharp rise in hate crime after the Brexit vote was to basically say "Hey Racists, ALL ABOARD!"
Really moderate... #bbcqt
Sorry I used my 2017 tweet⬆️. Just hunted down the full clip.
She said this at a time when the country needed (still does) politicians to stamp out the racism that Brexit 'legitimised'. Instead she dog-whistled, by mixing the legitimate need for change with the above Nationalism.
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1/ Click-bait headlines are damaging the Brexit conversation. A rage thread.

I woke up this morning to the news Australia was planning to "fast-track" the UK FTA.

This was news to me, as I'm not aware Australia has multiple "tracks" or that one of them is faster than others.
2/ Australia assigns a team to every FTA. They work really hard to reach agreement within their red lines. If they do, there's a signing. If they don't, work continues.

The US has a concept called "fast-track," but it's a legislative instrument to do with executive authority.
3/ So from which hell did this idea of a fast tracked AU-UK FTA spawn from?

Turns out it comes from this run in a story by Jamie Smyth.

It's a good story, but it doesn't suggest anything like what a normal person would read the headline to infer.
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Jacob Rees-Mogg's response to someone explaining how Brexit has hurt the business she built, as well as 1000s of others around the UK, is truly shocking. #BBCqt
My mistake. Jacob Rees-Mogg was referring to Ineos, the multinational global corporation. It's their interests he's choosing over those of the woman in that video, and all her employees. #BBCqt
But you might be thinking: "Yeah, but surely that total disregard for how Brexit is hurting ordinary people isn't shared by those who've actually been running Brexit, like @DominicRaab"
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Forsyth’s superiority crystallises this thought: For many Brits “sovereignty” equates to “dominance”. It’s not about the UK deciding for itself, but imposing its will on others (eg. Ireland). Anyone not submitting is “inflexible”. It’s a post-imperial hangover. #bbcqt #Brexit 1/3
It’s precisely this gulf that #Brexit cannot bridge and results in so many unhappy Leavers - “winners” still acting like conspiracy victims; the gulf between the romantic idea that sovereignty would translate into power and the reality it actually results in weakness. #bbcqt 2/3
The UK that begged to join the EU was the Sick Man of Europe, ravaged by economic dysfunction, petrol shortages, three-day weeks, had to ask the IMF for a bail-out. Leavers were told to tick a box and get a dream. Reality will never measure up. Brexit is a corrective. #bbcqt 3/3
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I give that a solid 👍🏻 after two consecutive dire, dire, dire episodes. Let's hope the trend continues! #bbcqt
Tories rubbish. Labour rubbish. Loopy Brexiter off the scale babbly. People who actually knew what they were talking about clear, coherent, moving the discussion productively along. Decent audience comments. Showed up the desperate weakness of politicians in the face of Brexit.
And Fiona Bruce did a better job of trying to press the MPs to answer the questions they absolutely categorically did NOT want to answer. Not great, but good.
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Can people in their 60s stop saying "We'll just take the hit" on Brexit.
Your careers are either already established or finished.
Some of us are are trying to get started. Some of us will have to support families in Brexit economy!
I've made this very clear time and time again. So please be aware that there are those who are intentionally choosing pretend they don't understand what I mean and what I don't mean.
The hashtag & "quotation marks" show I'm referring to specifically to what someone said on question time.
If I'd said 'Could people with their own popcorn stop stealing mine" that wouldn't mean that everyone with popcorn is stealing mine. (esp. with the hashtag #ThePopcornThief)
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What the mainstream media won’t tell you about the man at the centre of the US-backed #VenezuelaCoup.
#rte #BBC #UTV #ch4 #VM1 #Tg4 #Newstalk ...
An uncritical MSM with no memory is critical for US foreign policy ...
None of them remember the WMD'S anymore ...
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1) Thread
The options for #Brexit are still:
- May's deal as is
- No deal
- Remain
That's it, and whenever there is a focus on that Remain clearly comes out as the better option

But we don't focus on that because too many powerful groups want to pretend there's a unicorn 4th way
2) The hard brexiters want to pretend no deal is not really no deal but a "managed no deal" which will somehow force the EU27 into a "better" deal

Corbyn's front bench want to pretend there's a Labour "better" deal following new negotiations
3) the May government is about to support an ammendment to strike out the backstop, which everyone knows is simply not going to happen

And with respect to the Norway + supporters, whilst Remainers would accept this, it's not actually on the table as a confirmed option
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I watched #Bbcqt and it was painful viewing. Abbott was treated like a buffoon essentially became the prob of two WW, Bruce & the Blond woman whose name I did not bother retaining. Could see Abbott was struggling, who would not...but she kept her head up & stayed the course.
The contempt was unmissable. It was nasty. The audience mostly joined in the festivities but then again they had been primed by Bruce. It really did feel & look like bullying.
All I could think about was these two ww stepping on the head of this despised Black woman & using her as faire valoir while all were entertained.
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No Fiona Bruce!! She just intervened after a woman referred to Leave's "dirty campaign" & said there are "questions about both sides in the referendum". Totally untrue. There are multiple legal investigations into Vote Leave, BeLeave, LeaveEU and Arron Banks. And none into Remain
Fiona Bruce's approach makes #bbcqt so much more watchable than it's just incredibly sad that one of the @BBC's top political presenters has zero idea about any of the referendum illegality. A bleak reflection presumably of @bbc's wholly inadequate coverage of it
And now it's @afneil's turn. What about a workshop @robburl? Electoral fraud #101 for @bbcpolitics presenters?
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1) #BBCQT and the tide turning
Many Remainers have watched Question Time through their hands or not watched at all as this Leave stronghold reinforced the simple messages of Brexiters

It was very disheartening, but not any more
2) Week after week we had the right wing agitator "columnists" like Oakeshott, HartleyBrewer and others come on & shout betrayal, will of the people, Remoaners whilst the crowd cheered them on

"why can't we just leave?" the audience cried to rapturous applause

Until 6 weeks ago
3) occasionally a brave audience member or panelist would say "hang on, this Brexit thing isn't going that well" before being shouted down.

The tide has now massively shifted. The audiences have pivoted & no one is confidently supporting Brexit
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1. One of the arguments made by remainers during the referendum was that #Brexit would make us "inward looking". The solipsism of the Brexit parliamentary debate, though, suggests that we have never been more politically self-absorbed.
2. If we bother with european politics at all it is only in terms of near-Europe, hyperventilating about French protests or speculating on Merkel. Only when there's a juicy drama do we pay any attention. Adult concerns seldom ever feature.
3. I have of late taken an interest in Eastern European politics. I am by no means an expert - and I'm aware of the many pitfalls, but I sense a growing tension in Ukraine with serious ramifications for Poland and Germany who disagree on a number of issues.
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In 2018 we publicised so so many stories evidencing either the UK population or that individuals have changed their mind on brexit and are #Remainernow.

We now bring you the Top Ten stories (in terms of tweet impressions) of the year.


At Number 10 with 92,028 impressions..

This pair of compilation videos of numerous leave voters who appeared on the media within 4 days of the #Brexit "deal" coming out in November.

Worth a watch and share..


At number 9 (with 94,330 impressions)

A tweet sharing the results of the large @survation poll for the #c4brexit show in November which showed UK is noticeably #Remainernow


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When I first heard that UK police were running people over in order to combat moped crime, I thought... Hmm well if it works on GTA...(joke) But now I've seen the footage. Are you kidding me? We're doing this to people who are merely SUSPECTS!?!?
I'm fully aware that the issue isn't black and white (not a pun). But I just feel that maybe somebody suspected of stealing a mobile phone shouldn't get a broken back before he gets a court date.
I'm all for hard justice in certain circumstances, I'm just not sure this qualifies.
▪️"How else are you going to stop them"
True, but it's not a perfect argument. If you need to get into your house but instead of a key, you only have a sledge hammer...
▪️"Just pull over"
True, but more easily said by communities that trust the police. This doesn't help with that
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A story.

Once upon a time the Government decided to ask the people a question: Cake or Pie?

“What?”, the people replied.

“Do you want cake, which we have had for many years, or do you want to change to pie? If you change, you can never have cake again”

“What kind of pie?”
“The kind of pie is still to be determined” said the Pie people “But it will be a good pie, and with the money we save we can buy some nurses and some of those machine-thingies to keep people alive”

The people were divided. Half of them wanted cake; they liked cake. A lot.
But half of them wanted pie. “The pie is British” said a silly man with a fag in one hand and a pint in the other. “But the cake isn’t. The cake comes from all over the place; some of it is Muslim cake - look, here is a misleading picture of all the cake streaming in”
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