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27 Oct 20
SO EMBARRASSING so I do zoom classes on my phone and I heard an ice cream truck and started running out of my house to the truck that’s down the street. While I’m running with my phone I don’t realize my mute is has been switched off so everyone can hear me ordering icecream-
and joking with the driver of how I’m still in pajamas:’) i order a coconut bolli and a powerpuffgirl gumball eye popcicle 😂 i check back on my classes and see everyones messaged and private messaged me that im off mute. Everyone asks what i got and jokes how i Needed icecream
No idea how much they heard but I feel so bad and embarrassed:’)))
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15 Oct 20
BKDK NSFW ABO Deku w Pussy for my sweet Fish Kun 🐟

At 18 an Omega is legally bound to choose their Beta/Alpha. An unfair law, but it at least gave Omegas one year of a free choice before assigned government mandated partners. Companies thrive off of this with dating programs-
and such. Although the rise of quirks gave humans supernatural abilities, a rising rate of sterile humans rose as well. It was encouraged to mate at 18 to start the process of making a family, and the norm.

Deku was still very insecure, even with his newfound powers and-
his loving friends. His childhood loneliness and being ignored was ingrained into him, and he just couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to mate with a nerdy scarred up omega like him. Especially Kacchan.

They were on good terms now, but he honestly didn’t know what the -
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30 Aug 20
Aizawa x Shigaraki NSFW Shiggy w pussy (I’m sorry but uh) ABO dubcon

Shigaraki ends up kidnapping aizawa, from what he learned of Chisaki Kai, he supposed perhaps there was something similar he could do in regards to Aizawa’s quirk. His League of Villains have a -
hideout on the outskirts of the city, it was an abandoned bath house, Aizawa was handcuffed in special handcuffs that muted his quirk. Shigaraki never had the time or peace to notice just how good Aizawa smelled before. Of course, he knew instinctively that Aizawa-
and so many of those heroes he despised were Alphas, but Aizawa just smelt the best. Like fresh cut wood and a spicy musk that made his body hot as he took the time to sniff his unconscious body.

They had locked him up in one of the abandoned guest rooms, some of-
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21 Apr 20
BKDK / ABO / Low key promiscuous top!A!Bakugou and virgin!o!Deku NSFW

Deku knows the rumors. Although people liked to talk shit, everyone had the hots for Bakugou, girls And boys at UA. Word was, if you knock on his door 5 distinct times it was code for casual sex.
He would open the door, see if you were worth fucking, let you in or not. Also, you had to bring a condom and any sex supplies needed. He was the strongest Alpha and word of his humongous cock and knot was well spread. Gossip that he’d fucked even Alphas was the new hot topic.
You had to come in before 8pm though or else he’d get pissed you were interrupting his sleep schedule. Everyone shared Bakugou, he was notorious for not being interested in relationships.

Deku didn’t know how he felt about this, but it wasn’t a good feeling.
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2 Feb 20
#dkbk /angst with happy ending/ nsfw

Deku broke up with Katsuki.
They were older now, 25, Deku was now the same build of All Might in his prime. Katsuki’s build was impressive but no where near Deku’s, the sunshine smiled boyish freckled face was still there.. just more manly.
Deku was the no.1 Hero, Katsuki was second, and their friend Todoroki was 3rd.

At senior graduation at UA, Deku confessed to Katsuki underneath a blooming sakura tree. Deku had his eyes squeezed shut, red as a tomato, when he didn’t hear anything his heart dropped.
He opened one eye, like when a scene in a horror movie is too much to bear but you Need to know what happens next. And Bakugou was blushing and his feline like ruby eyes were wide, to anyone else he would look angry, but Deku knew this was Bakugou’s surprised expression.
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5 Dec 19
#BKDK AU Alpha!Deku Omega!Baku

After Deku found Bakugou in a mess of slick in the locker room, Deku had been worried why Bakugou hadn't returned to the dorms, they had mated right then after going delirious from Bakugou's delayed first heat. Deku lost all sense after seeing-
Bakugou slumped against his locker, black tanktop pulled up and caught behind his tits, pink nipples swollen, thick muscular legs open wide, his feline-like face red and miserable with lust, his pussy sloppy while getting fingered with two battle toughened fingers, and a dense-
Fog of sweet cinnamon pheremones that made every nerve and instinct in Dekus body neon flash the words "ONE TRUE MATE NEEDS YOU" in his mind. Both green eyes and red eyes were glazed over with desire, Bakugou raspily keened as he saw Deku stripping like a man on fire before him,
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