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19 Sep 20
Here's one of my favorite Ruth Bader Ginsburg stories: In 1960, Harvard Law Professor Albert Sachs suggested Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter take on his star student — Ginsburg — as a clerk. Frankfurter was a notorious sexist and said no because Ginsburg was a woman.
One of Frankfurter's most misogynistic rulings was from 1948, when he wrote the majority opinion in Goesaert v. Cleary, upholding a Michigan law that prohibited women from obtaining bartender licenses, unless the bars where they worked were owned by their fathers or husbands.
The plaintiff in the case, Valentine Goesaert, challenged the law on the ground that gender discrimination infringed on the Fourteenth Amendment's Equal Protection Clause. Frankfurter ruled against her.
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29 Aug 20
Last week was one of those weeks when everyone on the Autostraddle TV & Film Team was just out here doing what they love and doing it so brilliantly it was a joy to watch. I love these humans so much. Here's a thread of our week.
First of all, this roundtable where I made everyone confidently describe a gay TV show they've never seen—do yourself a hilarious favor and watch @PunkyStarshine mash-up Star Trek and BSG, and @natthedem mash-up Buffy and Save the Last Dance. bit.ly/31z5yZp
Sara Ramirez updated their pronouns on social media a while back, but this week they came out as non-binary on Instagram and @carmencitaloves wrote about it with such affection. bit.ly/3jqrLPz
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15 Jul 20
Tomorrow is three weeks since my dysautonmia diagnosis. My life has changed so dramatically in the last four months. I had a mild case of COVID and now I use a cane, a shower chair, multiple medications to manage my heart...
I can walk slowly around my house during the day, wearing compression socks and stockings, but still need to spend a significant amount of time in bed and need to avoid stairs as much as possible. I only leave my house to go to the doctor. I have to take a car, door to door.
I wish people who won’t wear masks could have seen me in early March and could see me now. I was walking three miles a day, cycling constantly, physical therapy, cooking, cleaning, all-day with friends, wedding planning. Now I have to lie down between making tea and making toast.
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24 Jun 20
#Covid1in20 #LongCOVID update!

Week 16 here. Was diagnosed with post-COVID postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) today. Cardiologist said I'm the first patient she's seen with post-COVID symptoms, but wasn't surprised.
She'd been anticipating an increase in patients suffering from dysautonomia after having COVID.

My symptoms have evolved to tachycardia, orthostatic intolerance, light-headedness, brain fog, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and heart palpitations.
The hope is, because this is post-viral, it will phase out in time. There's also a possibility that it will be with me for the rest of my life; only time will tell. The best way I can help myself is accept this as my new normal and give my body the hydration and rest it needs.
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