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Mar 28 5 tweets 5 min read
The bioenergy industry is being accused of destroying the last inland rainforests in BC to produce wood-based fuel. Critics say that, if logging rates continue, BC’s inland rainforest will experience an ecological collapse. Read more from @BrianJBarth: Not many Canadian power plants burn wood pellets as fuel. Most of what's produced in Canada gets shipped overseas—and business is booming. Part of their popularity has to do with the way wood pellets are touted as climate friendly. #Forestry An image of a black text on a white background, which reads:
Mar 2 25 tweets 13 min read
Stay tuned for a Twitter takeover from @AndyTomHunter1 on his new book, It Was Dark There All the Time: Sophia Burthen and the Legacy of Slavery in Canada, published by @goose_lane. 1/25 Hi there, this is @AndyTomHunter1, and I’m here to share a bit about my book on the life of Sophia Burthen—born in the 1770s, enslaved in New York, stolen at age seven, brought to Canada in 1785, and enslaved for three decades by Joseph Brant and then Samuel Hatt. 2/25 The book cover for Andrew H...
Oct 27, 2021 21 tweets 8 min read
Hi everyone, I’m @MatthewHalliday. I recently wrote about New Brunswick’s “mystery disease,” an apparent cluster of neurological illness suspected to have sickened at least forty-eight people in the province.… 1/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare But, right now, I want to talk about the government and scientific response that has emerged since my piece was published online last Friday. 2/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare #CdnPoli
Oct 27, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
Last October, a hacker gained control of a Bluetooth-enabled chastity cage and sent an unusual message to its users: “Your cock is mine now.” How secure are smart sex toys? @jduffinwolfe looks at how our private moments can come under threat.… 1/6 Sales of smart sex toys have surged this past year, as have security violations. Why is this happening? More here:… 2/6 #cybersecurity #hacking An illustration of an open pink eye surrounded by purple, bl
Oct 26, 2021 50 tweets 20 min read
We’re about to start live tweeting @Facebook presents The #WalrusTalks CanCon Online. Discussing Canadian content and the new online creator economy with Richard Lachman of @RUZoneLearning, @taraobrady, @heysciencesam, @EricGrenierTW! @Facebook @RUZoneLearning @taraobrady @heysciencesam @EricGrenierTW “Contrary to popular belief, a blue check on social media doesn't mean you get paid by the platform to create content.” - @heysciencesam
Oct 26, 2021 15 tweets 7 min read
Stay tuned for a Twitter takeover by @Ethan_Lou, talking about an excerpt from his book "Once a Bitcoin Miner," which depicts first-hand a North Korean cryptocurrency conference—one of whose speakers was later arrested by the FBI.… 1/15 Hi everyone. I’m @Ethan_Lou, here to tell the story behind the excerpt. You might have heard of it. Virgil Griffith is a US citizen and an executive at the Ethereum Foundation. In 2019, we were in North Korea together. Last month, I saw him in court facing twenty years. 2/15
Oct 26, 2021 5 tweets 5 min read
Students heading into postsecondary education face fierce competition, rising tuition, plus the tumult of starting a challenging new phase of their lives. How much of a toll has all of this taken on their mental health? Story by @SimonLewsen.… 1/5 Experts say that about 70 percent of mental disorders first arise in adolescence and young adulthood, making the undergrad years particularly important. From the November issue of @thewalrus, @SimonLewsen speaks with students across the country.… 2/5 A photo of a student wearing a burnt orange hooded jacket, wA photo of a student wearing a burnt orange hooded jacket, w
Oct 6, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Deepan Budlakoti was born in Canada in 1989 and was automatically granted citizenship by the “law of soil.” When Canada eventually learned that his parents worked for India’s diplomatic staff, they refused to recognize his birthright citizenship.… 1/5 At twenty-one, Budlakoti suddenly found himself reclassified as a permanent resident. But by that point, he was saddled with a criminal record and because of the “serious criminality” of his conduct, there was an order to remove him from the country.… 2/5 Illustrated layered portrai...
Oct 1, 2021 21 tweets 8 min read
Stay tuned for a Twitter takeover from @OmarMouallem talking about the cultural connections between Indigenous and Muslim people explored in his new book, Praying to the West: How Muslims Shaped the Americas.… 1/21 Hi Twitter. This is @OmarMouallem. It’s the day after National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and the first day of Islamic Heritage Month, so I thought I’d tell you about the historical links between Indigenous and Muslim people in the Americas.… 2/21
Sep 28, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
Years ago, @OmarMouallem started feeling a deep, unsettling anxiety. It was like a warning of something bad to come. Around 2015, he had his first experience of overt Islamophobia. More here:… 1/7 Then, when Donald Trump was elected US president, his Islamophobic rhetoric started to spread. It was both a time of deep resentment against Muslim people and a period when Muslim people were the face of the biggest refugee crises around the world.… 2/7 Book cover of Praying to the West by Omar Mouallem
Sep 27, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
The Mammillaria tezontle cactus is a mossy cherry-size globe frizzed with feathery spines. It grows only on volcanic tezontle rock and is nearly extinct in the wild. But it can still be found in home plant collections. How does that work? More here:… 1/5 The cactus is at once endangered and plentiful—as long as you look not in its native habitat but in private collections around the world. The market for smuggled and seed-grown cacti has ensured that this rare cactus can be found everywhere.… 2/5 illustration of a cactus with a sale sign
Sep 23, 2021 33 tweets 16 min read
We’re about to start live tweeting @Facebook presents The #WalrusTalks News & Platforms. @emileegilpin, @brianmyles, @neeeda, and @reporteremma discussing the shifting landscape of Canadian media and the way Canadians consume and connect to the news. "You want to ask yourself 'how do we as journalists engage attention to empower action?'" says @neeeda
Aug 19, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Reboots, remakes, and rewatches have long been a pop culture trend, and over the past year, our obsession with old favourites has only grown. But, once the pandemic ends, will our obsession with nostalgia-tinged TV and film be left behind?… 1/6 #Nostalgia Pop culture nostalgia has proven to be a popular coping mechanism. And the proof is in the numbers: as @nerdygirly writes, in the early days of the pandemic, Spotify reported a 54 percent increase in nostalgia-themed playlists.… 2/6 Illustration of a woman staring into a static-filled TV scre
Aug 18, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
Higher ed in the West has become a hot commodity in the developing world—not for the education but as a route to immigration. As @nickhunebrown writes, with so much money to be made, the business is built on exploitation.… 1/6 #CdnPoli #EdChat What’s the pitch? First, get a student visa—the school doesn’t really matter. Then get a postgraduate work permit that lets you stay in the country for a few years. Then apply for permanent residency. The problem? It’s never so simple.… 2/6 #CdnPoli Illustration of a universit...
Aug 4, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
For the past several years, @MarieKondo has been preaching minimalism. But now, interiors packed with colour, patterns, and clutter are all the rage. Mireille Silcoff makes a case for the maximalist home here:… 1/5 #HomeDesign The pandemic has transformed people’s relationships to their homes, so it’s no surprise that minimalism, with its concentration on order and blank-slate perfection, has not endured COVID-19 in the best condition. More here:… 2/5 Illustration of a colourful maximalist living room, includin
Aug 3, 2021 6 tweets 3 min read
It is easy to assume that accessing abortion care is no longer a problem in Canada—the procedure was fully decriminalized in 1988. But, as @jessleeder reports, the battle to provide access in New Brunswick is still ongoing.… 1/6 Doctor Adrian Edgar has spent the last seven years combating New Brunswick’s restrictions. He and his wife, Valerya Edelman, moved to Fredericton to try and save the only clinic in the province that offers abortion services outside of hospital.… 2/6 A picture of Adrian Edgar in Fredricton, New Brunswick, this
Jun 10, 2021 17 tweets 7 min read
Stay tuned for a Twitter takeover by @evaholland talking about her article on the Brayden Bushby trial, how Canada’s criminal justice system handles violence against Indigenous women, and what meaningful change might look like.… 1/17 Hey everyone! This is @evaholland. I’m a writer based in Whitehorse, Yukon, and the author of a nonfiction book, Nerve. I don't typically cover crime, but I became interested in this story right after the attack on Barbara Kentner, in January 2017.… 2/17
Jun 10, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
Recently, celebrities including Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage have been captured in deepfakes—startlingly realistic videos created using artificial intelligence. @internetmaggie looks at the truth about deepfakes:… 1/5 In 2017, deepfakes began circulating on message boards like Reddit as altered videos from anonymous users; the term is a portmanteau of “deep learning”—the process used to train an algorithm to doctor a scene—and “fake.” More here:… 2/5 A woman with a pixelated face.
Jun 9, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
Why do fans watch games religiously? Why do they buy overpriced tickets and cram into arenas to support perpetual losers? In a new digital series, For the Love of the Game, The Walrus digs into the world of sports fandom.… 1/4 In a new series on sports fandom, updated each week leading to the 2021 Summer Olympics, The Walrus is exploring the ecstasy, the agony, and the complex motivations behind why we cheer.… 2/4
Jun 9, 2021 5 tweets 5 min read
Writer @waub has been a fan of the Toronto @MapleLeafs his whole life. He inherited his love for the team from his father, who idolized George Armstrong, the Indigenous captain who led the team to Stanley Cup glory in ’67.… 1/5 “This expression of fandom is more than just a ritual and more complex than just supporting a professional hockey team," writes @waub. "Like those of so many other sports fans, the roots of my devotion are intergenerational.”… 2/5 A picture of George Armstrong, of Algonquin and Irish roots,
Jun 8, 2021 37 tweets 15 min read
We’re about to start live tweeting @Facebook presents The #WalrusTalks The Future of Speech Online. Kara Brisson-Boivin of @MediaSmarts, @CaraZwibel, @CaulfieldTim, and Tamara A. Small from @GuelphPOLS discussing the balance of free expression and navigation of harmful content! “Our online experiences shape our capacity to develop empathy and to act ethically.” says Kara Brisson-Boivin, director of research of @MediaSmarts #WalrusTalks