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Today marks 3 months since I have been meeting my kids outdoors for lunch every school day.
It takes 2 hours of my day, every time.
It has affected my work schedule and other aspects of my life.
I wouldn't have expected to have to do this for 3 months. I'm glad I do.
Back when NB announced that school masks would be dropped, at first I waited for someone else to step in and say it was a bad idea. Surely, it wouldn't actually happened.
Days passed. We realized nobody else was going to speak up.
Our group was the first organization of people in Atlantic Canada to speak up for the protection of universal masks in schools. We did it before the IWK pediatricians, before NB's pediatricians, before NBMS. We had great citations though.
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The New Brunswick Minister of Health tabled significant changes to the Public Health Act today.

These may appear minor but they provide legislative adjustments so New Brunswick no longer has to resort to using a State of Emergency in a subsequent wave of COVID. #nbpoli #cdnlaw
At first glance, these amendments address several concerns I identified with the current Public Health Act: unclear roles, unclear class orders, allowing closure of premises related to notifiable diseases, increasing fines.

I discussed changes on my blog:…
In any legislation there will always be room for improvement. Let me be clear at first glance full credit to Public Health and the Office of the Attorney General.

Bill 104 provides a proper legal framework for New Brunswick to respond to pandemics.
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A neat procedural / consitutional update: The NB LG transmitted a message to the Assembly that Bill 99, an Act to amend the Electricity Act receives a Royal Recomendation per section 90 of the Constitution Act, 1867 #nbpoli
S.90 of the Constitution Act, 1867 is a restatement in Provincial Constitutions of the requirement that any monies appropriating revenue from the Consolidated Revenue Fund must be recommended by the Lieutenant Governor. This is a key feature of Responsible Government /2
S.54 of the Constitution Act, 1867 indicates that there is a requirement for the GG (LG) to recommend the appropriation of public monies form the Consolidated Revenue Fund. Why? /3
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Landlords are plotting and scheming against you because they can only earn 3.8% more this year.

This is a time when landlords and rental / housing companies are making record profits. They should be happy with 3.8%, it’s more than I would give them.…

We need a PERMANENT rent cap of 2% or inflation, whichever is lower.

We need to ban reno-victions. If you lived there before the reno’s, you have the right to live there after.

When a building is sold, tenants should have the right of first refusal.

Housing needs to be built at an unprecedented rate to increase supply and decrease prices.

Rental Unions need to be in place to give tenants a bargaining voice against their landlords.

Private Companies should get NO funding. Only public serves should get public money.
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Going to keep cleaning for the Easter bunny over here 🥰

Wondering how we can get more educators and admins in the know about COVID transmission. I truly hope most educators would #MaskUp if they understood airborne transmission and how well masks work.
Poking through the #uLead2022 hashtag is super depressing if you care about COVID safety and you think educators should know a bit more than they’re demonstrating about safety, transmission, precautions.
Ultimately the failure of our governments for not communicating and educating well on airborne transmission.
But at some point, the facts are our there and adults who are responsible for children’s safety can’t hide behind public health ineptitude anymore.
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I’ve never shared these pics, I was mad they were taken at first. I am sharing now to try and wake some ppl up. It’s easy to see the # of people on ventilators and gloss over it. Seeing a loved one on a #ventilator torture. This is my dad. A 🧵1/ Image
This is why it looks like for the first 7 to 14 days. It violently shakes them, you can’t help but imagine how much it hurts them even though your brain tells you they are sedated. You hold their hand but its like they aren’t there. You have no idea if they will make it. 2/
They are so weak you don’t know which outcome to hope for. After the 1st fewdays the dr says if they leave the vent in their throat it will permanently damage them, so they cut their neck to to a tracheotomy. You think the first day you saw them was the worst. You are wrong 3/ Image
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We are joining Minister Scott-Wallace and Dr. Jennifer Russell for @WomenNB's virtual conference on the path forward for women and gender equality after COVID-19.

Notre DG @JohannePerron10 siègera sur un panel avec @JulieGillet5 sur les répercussions économiques sur les femmes.
Dr. Jennifer Russell: The playing field wasn't level [for women and gender minorities] before the pandemic, and it's only gotten worse. #NBpoli
Dr. Jennifer Russell: I did embody the role of [the Mother of the Pandemic], played the role of healer and protector. But I was also the bearer of bad news and was target of heated emotions—I felt like a punching bag for the frustrations of others. #NBpoli
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🧵What are the extent of the New Brunswick government's powers to end a strike using the Emergency Measures Act? Let's review. The province has the ability to order workers back to work if a strike impacts the ability to respond to an emergency. With some caveats #nbpoli /n
S.12 of the Act gives the province the ability to "do everything necessary for the protection of property, the environment and the health & safety of persons therein" the list in section 12 only provided examples but isn't exhaustive. Can also ensure access to buildings /2
The province cannot legally suspend or amend other acts via a mandatory order as the EMA doesn't give this power. Paragraphs that overreach this rule I would expect to generate considerable interest in a labour context especially regarding fines for violating an order. /3
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Hi everyone, I’m @MatthewHalliday. I recently wrote about New Brunswick’s “mystery disease,” an apparent cluster of neurological illness suspected to have sickened at least forty-eight people in the province.… 1/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare
But, right now, I want to talk about the government and scientific response that has emerged since my piece was published online last Friday. 2/21 #NBPoli #Healthcare #CdnPoli
The cluster came to public attention this March. Most cases were initially identified by one neurologist, Alier Marrero. But the cluster was not something Marrero simply invented. New Brunswick, having limited expertise, requested federal assistance. 3/21 #NBPoli
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Only the Legislature can increase fines (they should), this is because the Emergency Measures Act does not allow Cabinet to suspend or amend laws. The Act needs to say "suspend the operation, either in whole or in part, or amend an Act of the Legislature" but it doesn't #nbpoli
Statutory interpretation & and the Bill of Rights does not allow Cabinet (or in this case the Minister of Public Safety) the authority to unilaterally suspend or amend laws unless authorized by the Legislature. Same reason why Cabinet cannot unilaterally change school vaccination
New Brunswick is distorting the principle that the Legislature is Supreme. Because these fines are being imposed contrary to the rule of law, Crowns are going to run into issues when prosecuting these offences. This can be fixed via Legislative amendment but not retroactively.
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In 1918, after NB Minister of Health ordered the closure of places of worship to limit the spread of the Spanish Flu, the Baptist Churches in Westmorland endorsed him for safeguarding public health and stated that the order was "no interference" in the exercise of worship #nbpoli Image
Minister Roberts thanking them for their view stating it is the correct one to take respecting "the health & lives of the people".

He regretted that some churches did not share this opinion but is pleased there are some who will stand up and take the part to do what is right Image
The pandemic of 1918 was incredibly hard on people. Here Minister Roberts issues a reminder that no public funerals were to occur to in order to lessen "the ill results from Influenza". Roberts received many correspondence asking for exemptions. Image
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🔔 Dr. Nicole O’Byrne was one of the very first high profile Frederictonians to support me in my first campaign to represent the people of #Fredericton South in the Legislative Assembly in 2014

Like me, she... 1/

#nbpoli #frederictonnb #explorefredericton #gpc #cdnpoli
2/ ...found that Green principles lined up nicely with hers, and she was a vocal champion for me. I trust Nicole with my vote.

In #Parliament, she will advocate for the urgent needs of #Fredericton families, our community...

#newbrunswick #nouveabrunswick #cdnpoli #oromocto
3/... and our environment. Growing up in a farm family, she learned the value of hard work, the sustenance the earth and #climate provides if treated respectfully, and the importance of family and community to our well-being...

#frederictonnb #elxn44 #newmarylandnb #mintonb
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Please RT. Knocking on #Fredericton, I have heard again and again the frustration of disillusioned people over broken promises, whether by Trudeau or Harper before him. No one has faced more... 1/

#WeAreAllTreatyPeople #NoMoreBrokenPromises #fredericton
2/ ...broken promises than the #FirstNations of this land.

⚖️ Today marks 22 years since the Marshall Decision, when the courts upheld the Mi’kmaw right to fish outside the the federally imposed licensing system. Government was...

#nbpoli #frederictonnb #explorefredericton
3/...expected to work with the Mi’kmaq to define parameters and of course, that never happened. In the last year as the Mi’kmaq have begun defining their own fishery, local commercial fishers have...

#fredericton #nbpoli #oromocto #mintonb #newmarylandnb #elxn44
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Now let's look at what the government could do using the Public Health Act. 1st is closing down businesses and also placing capacity restrictions. In fact they did exactly that when the original "modern" public Health Act was passed in 1918 to address the Spanish Flu. #nbpoli
The powers under the Public Health Act re notifiable diseases in humans are divided into two areas. Medical Officers of Health have powers (currently being used) & Cabinet has a more general power to make regulations to control of covid or the vaccination of residents"
I am not going to speculate exactly what form this could take as cabinet can make formal regulations "regulations respecting covid-19" to clarify powers of the Chief Medical Officer of Health or there could be a more or subsidiary policy instrument like an Order
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With the announcement of possible new public health restrictions being approved by the NB cabinet. let's have a quick look at what the province cannot do without a state of emergency: any matters that do not fall within the purpose of the Public Health Act #nbpoli
Generally if we look at the Mandatory Order, it conferred extraordinary powers to the Minister of Public Safety and cabinet to take additional measures related to addressing an emergency.
Lets use the May 29, 2020 order as an example where it extended the validity of expired licences, registrations, certificates and permits. This has no linkage to Public Health so cabinet cannot use this power outside a state of emergency.
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On Nov 14, 1918 the NB Minister of Health lifted public gathering restrictions after shutting the province down on Oct 11. Schools reopened on Nov 18. His letter has commentary that is very relevant for NB in its path living with covid. Let's have a look. /N #nbpoli
In lifting public health restrictions in 1918 the NB Minister stated that "the Department of Health would not wish it to be understood, that it regards the epidemic as completely done and over with. In probably very few parts of the province is this absolutely the case" /2
"Beyond doubt, it will be many weeks before sporadic cases crease to appear, and in some localities mostly in the remotest settlements, and in somewhat isolated communities it is yet in an epidemic stage" /3
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A reminder that the Public Health Act gives cabinet the ability to make regulations related to the control of notifiable diseases, & respecting the vaccination of residents of the Province. There is no need to declare a state of emergency to reintroduce certain measures #nbpoli
Whether certain measures are needed should be based on recommendations from Public Health.
These powers are in addition to tools available by medical officers of health or under legislation governing schools & childcare facilities.
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I agree with @DominicCardy view that there should be mandatory vaccination in schools. To do so, the Education and Public Health Acts needs to be amended to require mandatory vaccination of any students who can receive the covid-19 vaccine. Why? Let me explain #nbpoli /n
Presently only those students who are entering school for the first time have to show proof of immunization for a list of diseases outlined in Public Health regulations. There is a separate list for childcare operators #nbpoli /2
Currently the information of whether a student is vaccinated can only be requested by the school system if a child is attending for the 1st time. Early Childcare providers have it as a requirement for any children attending the facility /3
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Historically New Brunswick had mandatory vaccination laws for all individuals in the province against smallpox. These became more limited to those in high risk employment settings. Depending on the context government isn't required to offer an employment accommodation. #nbpoli
The Moncton Daily Transcript reporting in January 1900 that cabinet authorized a mandatory vaccination order in Campebellton and Moncton to combat a smallpox outbreak. There was a defect in the regulations which was deemed retroactively valid via a 1903 law Image
If the province wishes to require mandatory vaccination of students aged 12 and up against covid as a condition of in person learning, then it will have to amend the Education Act as proof of vaccination is currently only required for students entering school for the 1st time Image
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1. RJNB is pleased with the government's decision to fund this research project.
We agree that this funding does not solve the systemic issues that forced #SaveClinic554 to close most of its services...…
2. ...and we are frustrated that we, and many others, have poured countless hours of protest & advocacy into trying to move the provincial government to #Axe8420 and #FundClinicAbortions.
3. The federal grant will not fund the medical services that #Clinic554 provided. But it provides funding to properly research & document abortion barriers in New Brunswick, a province that stubbornly clings to a practice of state misogyny, not least by restricting abortion.
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With the news of Derek Chauvin being found guilty in the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, it’s probably a good time to remember that Canada also has deep-rooted problems in policing. 🧵

#blacklivesmatter #blm Image
This starlit beating took place in Calgary in 2013.

“When the officers left him at a desolate construction site, it was –28 C with the windchill, and Addai-Nyamekye was dressed in only a tracksuit and sneakers.”

“This is where he almost ended my life,” says Addai-Nyamekye in the film, returning to the site where he was tasered and beaten.…
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Okay, why is Nazi Germany, Antifa, and #FordMustResign trending?

Did @fordnation's "infect as many people as possible" policies finally start to catch up with him?

Oooh, it's because some American pro-Trump's followers were dogpiling #onpoli...

cool cool cool

#cdnpoli ImageImageImageImage
Just to be clear, as of yesterday, Alberta had higher rates of new cases than Ontario.

The push by a large American pro-Trump accounts to incite anti-vax MAGAs in Canada to protest health measures is totally fine.

It’s fine. 🔥🐶☕️🔥

#ableg #cdnpoli ImageImage
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