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Hey #CDNpoli, remember how @Comey got Trump elected with a fake investigation story just before an election?

You should. It's the same thing here...
Remember how Republicans got caught extorting Zelensky to force him to announce a fake investigation into Hunter Biden?

The president got impeached and everything... was big news.

They say it was all Trump, but you know that guy can't run a popsicle stand on his own...
Remember when #CDNmedia said Brenda Lucki was mean to her employees and made them cry, all to make Justin Trudeau happy?

They called it "government interference into an ongoing investigation..." when the Libs asked a simple question of the #RCMP. ImageImageImageImage
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An extra segment of debate in the @HoCChamber occurred for Bill #C42 tonight and here's a short thread with my reaction: #cdnpoli #endsnowwashing
Man, we succeeded in branding. Almost every elected official who spoke referred to Canada's AML regime weakness as snow-washing. There was also recognition that 45bn to 113 bn annually is being laundered into #Canada. Our work was heavily referenced by all parties.
On 25% vs 10%: This is better suited for study during the PCMLTFA hearings this summer. Yes, it could be possible to reduce the threshold in the bill, yet there would be a lot of pushback from Canada's business community and by FINTRAC reporting entities. Not worth it.
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RCMP contradicting itself re: PM Trudeau, Liberal Cabinet & SNC-Lavalin prosecution obstruction investigation. Said in May 25 letter to DWatch that matter “is currently under investigation.” Today, RCMP says investigation concluded in Jan. 2023 (full statement below) #cdnpoli 1/5
Here is the full RCMP statement today: “The RCMP is not investigating allegations of political interference in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion to secure a remediation agreement for SNC-Lavalin. The statement, in a May 2023 Access to Information Release… 2/5 #cdnpoli
“was sent using information available at the time.
The RCMP’s Sensitive and International Investigations unit conducted an assessment pertaining to these allegations. As part of that review the RCMP spoke with and collected information from a variety of sources, and”
3/5 #cdnpoli
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The arguments for dropping mask mandates in hospitals are insane. The lack of logical reasoning & critical thinking is both astonishing & frightening. This is madness that will literally lead to continued mass disabling from #CovidIsNotOver & other airborne diseases. #AHS #Ableg
Covid causes brain damage. Repeat infections worsen the risk of long term harm.
#CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver
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When people tell you what they stand for, believe them.

The Conservatives are accelerating their efforts to re-open the abortion debate in Canada.

@PierrePoilievre has moved up debate on Conservative Bill C-311, paving the way to granting legal status to a fetus.

The dogwhistles are everywhere…

Conservative MPs spoke of "pre-born" children.

They spoke of the "legal voids" caused by the "lack of abortion laws in Canada".

When people tell you what they stand for, believe them. ImageImageImageImage
These not-so-subtle dogwhistles have been heard.

By far the most active support of the Bill is coming from the anti-abortion campaigns run by right-wing Christian lobby group ARPA

These flyers are everywhere… Image
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There goes Jagmeet Singh on CTV noting that "the government" has always had the capacity to launch a public enquiry and why doesn't "the government" just do it. Apparently Mr. Singh hasn't read the part of the Rapporteur's report (not classified) that says why. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ That "why" is that so much material is ***classified***. Mr. Singh says that Canadians are entitled to the truth about FI, but he can't bring himself to be truthful or secure the clearance needed so that *he* can look at the classified material in the report's Annex. /3
3/ Then he ties himself into a pretzel explaining why the NDP didn't recommend a Rapporteur when invited, saying that the NDP did supply criteria for the selection of one, but doesn't explain why he set about poisoning the reputation of David Johnston. Ugh, ugh, ugh.
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Right wing pundits will not go there - Foreign Interference under the Stephen Harper Conservative Party in Canada.

So let's go there. Stephen Harper - during his 9 years in power - received Foreign Interference reports yearly - 2006 - 2015. During this time /1
Harper ignored all reports by CSIS, there was no inquiry, there was no investigation, in fact this happened:

According to Byrne, who still blames the current government for past problems that they the CPC did nothing about:

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A tale of two Canadians.
A thread.

David Johnston

- Scouted to play in the NHL (chose university instead)
- Harvard University - BA; magna cum laude
- captained the Harvard hockey team
- two time selection to the All America Team

- Cambridge University -
B of Law; with honours
- Queen’s University - Law Degree; first class honours
- specialist in securities regulation; corporate law; public policy; IT law.
- Queen’s University - faculty of law.
- U of T - faculty of law

- Dean of UWO Law School
- Principal/Vice Chancellor of McGill University
- President of U of Waterloo
- Moderator of various political debates and panel discussions

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For the first time in Alberta's history, there will be 3 elected Indigenous MLA's heading to the Alberta Leg at the same time, they are Brook Arcand-Paul @sipiysis, @jodi_stonehouse & #ScottSinclair. They all handily won there seats in the recent election. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli Image
2/ NDP Arcand-Paul, NDP Stonehouse and UCP Sinclair all hadily won their seats. Previous to their election, records show there were ever only 3 Indigenous people previously elected in Alberta. Indigenous people now make up 3.5% of all seats and 6.8% of Alberta's total population.
3/ Their were 3 total previous Indigenous MLAs prior to this election. Including Cabinet Minister Pearl Calahasen elected 1989-2015. She was the first Indigenous (Metis) elected to the Alberta Legislature. She was also the longest serving MLA for Alberta. #abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli Image
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This video of MPP Joel Harden was recorded on June 9, 2023, at approximately 12:07 PM.

#cdnpoli #Ottawa
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MPP Joel Harden allegedly got punched in the face at yesterday’s protest.

Here, he stands by while his comrade shoves a noisemaker in my ear.

Physically violent behaviour occurs on a spectrum, and none of it should be normalized.

📸 Jun 9, 2023

#cdnpoli #Ottawa
I am consistent in my positions.

Constant truck honking during the convoy/occupation was painful, and fairly described as a violent tactic.

The same applies to this red contraption which was deployed in a targeted way.

That’s MPP Joel Harden hiding his face beside the culprit.
Honking during the convoy is distinguishable based on the duration and frequency of noise— a dull ache that worsens over time.

But the red contraption caused acute physical discomfort in a way that was almost debilitating— a sharp pain that is all-encompassing in the moment. Image
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A dental thread.

My parents are elderly.
They’re on a fixed income…with a very limited budget. They do their best to live very modestly.

Like many elderly people, their dental health has deteriorated.


They’ve both lost a lot of teeth and have resorted to using dentures. For now, they’re getting by with partials.

But as their dental health continues to deteriorate, the costs are mounting, and tough decisions need to be made.

My dad was at a point where he couldn’t chew food properly. The food he could eat became more and more limited and he started losing weight.

My mom is in the same boat, but not quite as bad.

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I’m a rural BC hospital taking an elderly relative to ER. No masks on staff & visitors but aggressive efforts to make everyone sanitize their hands, despite the fact that the diseases helping to crash the health system are airborne. We are truly living in an age of disinformation
*I’m IN a rural BC hospital. I am not a hospital. But you got that
Look at the handwashing fixation of @IPACCanada & the blindness to airborne transmission & masking stretching back many years. Every year they suggest infection control is largely a handwashing issue. It's as if all the airborne diseases do not exist. Why?
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Yesterday, the @bankofcanada & its governor Tiff Macklem slammed Canadians with the 9th interest rate hike since January 2022. These rate hikes are an attack on working people.

We will fight back. 🧵 1/ Image
Despite what Mr. Macklem says, this hike wasn’t inevitable. After hitting 8% last year, inflation had dropped to 4.4% by April. Canada is faring much better on inflation than many of our global counterparts & it’s not because the #BoC keeps raising the interest rate. 2/
Tiff Macklem has said that he would need an “an accumulation of evidence” that inflation was worsening before raising rates again.

This evidence doesn’t exist, but he plowed ahead anyway. #CdnPoli 3/
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In Canada the Tory Party, Confederation of Regions (COR), the KKK and Orange Masons organized to keep my people illiterate, in poverty and ignorance. View 52 minutes into this video for the truth of what my family personally endured.…
Acadians were denied the vote in Canada too because the policies of the New England Company system that was used in US and Canada which discriminated against anyone who was not white, English speaking or Protestant. Same gerrymandering efforts.…
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This clip is making the rounds and has prompted the attached statement.

We’re not going to link to what appears to be the source, because the context and comments are appalling.

That being said…


#abpoli #ableg #cdnpoli #abed…
This is a deeply polarized and emotional issue for many, and while the nitpickers are out in full force, one thing that this teacher said is extremely important.

“It goes two ways. If you want to be respected for who you are, if you don’t want to suffer prejudice for your……
This is a cornerstone of not only the ideals of Canadian society, but also any civil society.

Acknowledging and respecting the mosaic that Canada aspires to be is a key component in making that mosaic function.

Canada has ideals that we aspire to.

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"Wilson's ideal society, according to Gribben, would be run along biblical lines: same-sex marriage and abortion would be illegal; men would be in charge and women would be at home with the children."
We are seeing a lot of this in Canada. The Take Back Alberta group in Alberta is taking over the UCP from the inside and seeks to control school boards and municipal councils as well as the provincial government. This Liberty Coalition is actively trying to do the same
in other parts of Canada. Are they linked? Working together? They certainly have very similar goals. They seek to establish a theocracy where men rule and women and children are chattels. Where strict Old Testament interpretation becomes law.
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Today's parental pushback against the gay Pride flag was a success!

A minimum of 6 provinces (BC, AB, SK, ON, QC, NB) + the Yukon participated in the National "Pride" Flag Walk-Out Day, with parents keeping their kids home from school in protest.

#PrideFlag #SayNo #cdnpoli

/1 Image
We also held or promoted five PRAY-IN events at the offices of the Catholic Bishops in Toronto, Ottawa & Hamilton, plus the @TCDSB and @niagaracatholic School Boards.

Signs included "Yes to Jesus, No to Pride".

#PrideFlag #cdnpoli

/2 Hamilton Pray-In @ Bishop C...Toronto Pray-In at office o...Ottawa Pray-In event at off...Pray-In event at the head o...
Our favourite photo from today!

A poignant message to Canada's Catholic Bishops.

#PrideFlag #SayNo

/3 Image
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🚨Foreign Interference 🧵

After reviewing all the intelligence in context and interviewing all the key people involved, our former Governor General, the Right Hon. David Johnston (appointed by Stephen Harper) has determined that there was no malfeasance or neglect…

…on the part of the Government including Ministers and the PM.

He also concludes that the supposed CSIS leaks in media reports have unfortunately “misconstrued” bits of intelligence taken out of context.

He offers to have his conclusions verified by:
1. MPs from all parties on NSICOP;
2. National security experts on NSIRA;
3. All official Party Leaders;

NSICOP and NSIRA members already have the enhanced top security clearance to view the intelligence/evidence in the Annex to his report that he used to make conclusions.
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Thread on the topic of foreign interference:
In 2011, when Harper's conservatives got a majority, there was a widespread, illegal, voter suppression campaign. Liberal and NDP voters were called on election day and were told their polling stations had moved.
In the weeks leading up to the 2011 election, Liberal supporters in key ridings received fake calls (traced to U.S. numbers) late at night rudely demanding money for the Liberal Party. This was done to anger voters and either get them to flip or to not vote.
Harper won a majority government in 2011 by just 6,201 votes in 14 key ridings - thanks to an illegal campaign of suppression that appears to have been helped along by Republicans in the USA. Image
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Some people have the impression that the UCP won an 11-seat majority. Numerically, it's true - the UCP got 49 seats, the NDP 38. So, 11 more seats.
#ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
But that's not a legislative majority. The house has 87 seats, Support from 44 MLAs is necessary to win a vote. The UCP has 49 seats; a legislative majority of five votes. Previous low for any government was 13 for the NDP in 2015. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
And the five-seat majority is weaker than it looks. A speaker must be elected. The speaker is nominally impartial but can vote to break a tie. One MLA, Jennifer Johnson, will sit as an independent. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #Yeg
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Vote splitting has consequences.

A tiny portion of voters can have catastrophic effects in an election & easily empower a party they oppose. This is precisely how Trudeau has clung onto power & Canadians must consider this dynamic when voting

#AlbertaElection2023 #cdnpoli #UCP Image
While the UCP win was resounding, both from popular vote and seats here we see how 6714 voters decided the fate of 10 ridings.... which is less than the margin of rejected ballots.

Massive amount of power in very few hands

Over 1.7 million voters fought over the rest Image
Had NDP flipped 7 ridings...

Notley would have been premier.
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Having worked w diplomats from dozens of states, I can emphatically say that we should be suspicious of any foreign affairs advice from Stephen Harper. He did our reputation💥 damage & did little to prepare Canada for this harsh new global order. #cdnpoli… Image
There is every reason to believe that the content and timing of Harper’s comments on Chinese interference are intended not to be helpful to Canadians but to bolster Pierre Poilievre’s toxic politics.
If I had a penny for every time I heard over the years from diplomats and staff working at international organizations things like “what is wrong with Harper?”, “What happened to Canada?”, “Where did Canada go?”, “You’re harder to work with than the Americans”, etc. I’d be rich.
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The dangers of reporting too quickly late at night after a long campaign. Result - errors in what I reported and tweeted last night about vote count. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #yeg
So I’ve revised the column online - again.…
First, the scanners at advance polls DO count votes. They are not connected to the internet. Each local returning officer communicates the riding-by-riding votes from each machine to Elections Alberta. #ableg #abpoli #cdnpoli #abvotes #yyc #yeg
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