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DECISION MADE by @CommrRCMPGRC @rcmpgrcpolice to NOT open a Canadian criminal investigation is indefensible.

THAT SAID, it raises the question of what constitutes a violation or breach of the #RCMP Oath of Office?

@ps752justice #cdnpoli…
IS IT REASONABLE THAT a refusal to investigate the murder of 55 Canadian citizens aboard #PS752 by an alleged "terrorist activity" might constitute a betrayal of the said Oath? **…
** All 167 passengers (55 Canadian citizens, 30 permanent residents and 53 others on their way to Canada) and 9 crew were killed.

Criminal Code of Canada with respect to terrorist activity stipulates, "the act or omission is committed against a Canadian citizen."
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"Canada's eight-month forensic examination of the destruction of Flight PS752 shows that Canada does not have evidence of its own proving the catastrophe was 'premeditated',"

@AshleyBurkeCBC @NahayatT @CBCNews #cdnpoli…
A NUMBER OF points immediately stand out in the @CBCNews story. However, at risk of stating the obvious, it is not possible to assess these without first reviewing the referred unclassified forensics report of the downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 #PS752.
Language is as important as the information.

THAT SAID, and in closing, there is a general truth which says: "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."

@JavadSoleimani8 @Daniel_Ghods @kourosh1959 @esmaeilion @SalmanSima @NahidGhani #ps752justice
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Since #Harper is trending, let me take this opportunity to remind everyone that 🇨🇦 is still paying a heavy price for the decade of darkness from his #CPC.

#Conservatives self-servingly claim he’s long gone from office & it’s ridiculous to invoke him. Wrong. #cdnpoli ImageImageImage
There are too many acts of corruption, malice, subterfuge, fraud & blind ideology to possibly list in a Twitter thread. So I’ll just bring up some highlights.

1st. Harper’s secret #FIPA with China, where he sold 🇨🇦 out & tied the hands of all future Cdn governments for 31 years. ImageImageImageImage
Then there was Harper & #CPC selling 🇨🇦’s Wheat Board to a conglomerate controlled by the Saudis. #cdnpoli ImageImageImage
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AS A FORMER @rcmpgrcpolice #RCMP (Ret'd), and risking serious understatement, it is outrageous that @CommrRCMPGRC has decided to NOT open a Canadian criminal investigation.

55 Canadian citizens perished aboard #PS752

Ref. Terrorism in Canada @Wikipedia
@ps752justice #cdnpoli Image
IT FLIES IN THE FACE of the Criminal Code of Canada with respect to "act of terrorism", the provisions of which formed the subject of a decision by Ontario Superior Court Justice Belobaba.

AS A RESULT, there exist sufficient grounds, authourity and jurisdiction to warrant ImageImageImageImage
the opening of a Canadian criminal investigation.

THE INTENTIONAL SHOOTING DOWN of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 with 55 Canadian citizens aboard (and 30 permanent residents), by any definition or understanding, constitutes a 'mass murder' event.
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THERE'S A (SHAMEFUL) 'Ministerial shell game' underway.

"Without such answers,how can we ever be confident that Iran's airspace is safe for international civil aviation ... we are doing all we can to prevent another tragedy?"@OmarAlghabra

WHILE Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra addresses the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) with a "symbolic gesture" for #PS752, it is done solely in the context of the Safer Skies Initiative, a Canada-established initiative protecting global civil aviation.
THAT SAID, for one of the worst mass murders of Canadian citizens in history, omitted was any mention that no Canadian criminal investigation is open.

IN FACT, RCMP Commissioner Lucki made her decision in spite of a recent Ontario court ruling…
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There is so much happening now that is just not normal. And I am not talking about there being a pandemic.

I am talking about things like a Canadian MP calling on the Government of Canada to bow to an American Republican senator's demands. 1/18
What does "unilateral reopening of the US/Canada border" even mean? Is this US senator suggesting the American army should just march to the border crossings and force their way through? That's sort of what it sounds like. And a Canadian MP is supporting this? Not normal. 2/18
But then, Ms Rempel-Garner and other CPC MPs have a history of airing Canada's laundry on American TV and other media. 3/18…
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"While this could be seen as strongest language from Ottawa ..."

IN GRAMMAR, «COULD» is a modal verb typically used to express possibility. @NahayatT wisely includes it.

Statement by Transport Min Omar Alghabra @OmarAlghabra is NOT strong, it is weak.

Original Thread

IT READS AS an empty avowal of advocacy. #Iran, too, will undoubtedly view it for what it is, timorous.

THE (MORE) IMPORTANT QUESTION,is why issue a spiritless and irresolute statement?For domestic theatre?Does it send another message?
IN THE COMING WEEKS that answer will begin to take shape.

PLAINLY, Transport Minister ALGHABRA has not been authorized to refer to #PS752 as an «ATROCITY». He remains shackled by PMO @CanadianPM to a narrative that permits the use of "tragedy" only.

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Canadians: We love our universal healthcare!
Conservatives: We promise to give you the right to pay for your healthcare.
Canadians: We value public education!
Conservatives: We promise to give parents the right to choose to educate children at home or in a charter school.
Canadians: We believe in strict firearms laws!
Conservatives: We promise to make it easier to get more guns, more kinds of guns.
Canadians: We love our multicultural society!
Conservatives: We promise to limit immigration to people wealthy enough to "contribute" to society. 2/10
Canadians: We love and value our pristine wilderness!
Conservatives: We promise to monetize all those empty spaces out there.
Canadians: We love arts and culture and libraries and museums!
Conservatives: We promise to make Rodeo the national sport.
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Be on the lookout for accounts like these & accounts using this symbol. Report & block. They are toxic. #cdnpoli
What does it say that #CPC is peddling identical messaging as an openly fascist group? #cdnpoli
There are multiple accounts that have sprung up in the past year or so using “Canada First” &/or “Groyper”. (Goypers usually use some version of Pepe the Frog in the profile). These are far right extremists profiles, peddling RW propaganda & disinformation. #cdnpoli
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The Guardian offers an article written by Leyland Cecco that erroneously states that Canada drew down COVAX vaccines intended for poor nations. This assertion has been refuted ad nauseam yet it still appears in articles. /2 @guardian #cdnpoli
2/ The Guardian/Leyland Cecco can inform themselves here:…. Screenshot from that page: Image
Canada *paid* for those vaccines *in addition* to paying for vaccines for less-wealthy nations and/or those unable to arrange bilateral agreements.
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*SOME* Canadians. For many, it's part of the "freedumb" anti-mask, anti-vaxx argument. #cdnpoli
Even as the UK has delayed reopening because hospitals flooded with Delta cases...
I think, over the summer and into the early fall, the international community - airlines likely to play a key role - will come to some form of consensus about vaccines and borders. /2
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This is my list of the NDP and Conservatives not being reasonable alternatives for Canadians and why pragmatism beats populism any day, since populism leads to conspiracies, misinformation and distortion of the truth. Here is why NDPers and Tories should vote Liberal.

My thread:
Populism is a hell of a drug when it comes to misleading people about statistics, whether it’s left- or right-flavoured.

Seriously. The @NDP under @theJagmeetSingh is a joke...
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ONE SENTENCE (highlighted in Red) is troubling.

It stands out and is completely incongruous with the emerging fact pattern of this case.
IT READS ❮AS IF❯ downing of #PS752 was nothing more than a matter of negligence, a 'failure to take proper care in doing something.'
@OmarAlghabra calls it a "tragedy".

"Tragedy" is more great loss and misfortune, even calamity. It's benign and it minimizes.

FIRSTLY, it flies in the face of a recent Ontario Superior Court ruling: "The plaintiffs have established that the shooting down of Flight 752 by
the defendants was an act of terrorism and constitutes 'terrorist activity' ..."

SAID IN OTHER WORDS, it has been now ruled that this was NOT an accident, but deliberate; NOT a tragedy, but an ATROCITY

It is literally, a 'mass murder'.

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MUCH HAS BEEN SAID about Sir John A. Macdonald and his place in Canada's history ... but, there's something (ugly) that hasn't been mentioned.

In 1763, Lord Jeffrey Amherst cold-bloodedly saw an opportunity in the gifting of smallpox-infected blankets to his

#cdnpoli #YGK
Native American adversaries.

THIS WEEK "Kingston [City] Council has decided to move the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald to his gravesite, pending Indigenous consultation." @PaulSoucyygk via @CKWS_TV @globalnews #YGK
THE HORRIFYINGLY RUTHLESS use by Amherst of this crude form of biological warfare was callous brutality and a crime against humanity.

AND YET Amherst Island, named in honour of Jeffrey Amherst, 1st Baron Amherst, and its
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Conservatives will be forcing a vote later today on a v rare & dramatic procedural move to demand the head of PHAC appear at the bar in the Commons (a move not factored into virtual sittings) to be reprimanded by MPs & to hand over the docs. #cdnpoli…
Also, it’s a CPC oppo motion day & they have put forward a motion calling for the HoC to “censure” @HarjitSajjan over his handling of misconduct in the CAF & past years-old defence controversies. @erinotoole will be speaking about this as debate kicks off.…
It’s the final Thursday of the sitting & these motions might on a typical day be the focus on the Hill but they are just 2 of several notable events / pressers today. Also: SCOC Chief Justice is taking Qs, report on systemic racism in policing dropping, Centre Bloc reno update.
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Excuse my fucking language but I cannot believe what I just saw on @CBCTheNational. The coverage of Ms Paul’s remarkable news conference today had no fucking mention in the lead story of her full frontal attack on PMJT. Not a word. Disgraceful. #DefundCBC #cdnpoli
I’ve been reluctant to refer to our public broadcaster as a government broadcaster but this sealed it for me - it has become the government broadcaster running interference for PMJT at every turn. #cdnmedia
This is the clip that any reporter doing a proper job and NOT working on behalf of the government would have used in their lead story:

Paul to PMJT: “You are no ally and you are no feminist”

That clip wads absent from the lead story on @CBCTheNational.

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.@AnnamiePaul says she has faced incredibly racist and sexist allegations from unelected Green counsellors. She says that Green MPs defended her against these allegations.
Global News reported on the racist and anti-Semitic comments Paul faced during her leadership campaign
Paul is the first Black, Jewish woman to lead a federal party in Canada. Her election to the role of leader was historic and her leadership is historic.
Paul is on fire says she will not bow down or "be brought to heel"
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This is incorrect. In fact, Canada has donated $440M to COVAX for the purchase of vaccines for less-wealthy nations, and another $222M for access to vaccines for Canada. Compare that $440M to the US contribution, for example, with GDP/population in mind. #cdnpoli
The facts, which are not very difficult to find are here:…
Canada does not produce vaccines. It will, with luck, beginning in Q3. In the meantime, Canada can donate $ to COVAX, which it has done. The demand for vaccines will not end this year or even next. I expect Canada will be a major supplier.
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'Conservatism These Days' Thread
First comes the 'populist' salesman who appeals to emotions, not facts. In fact, they tell us facts are fake and cannot be trusted coming from smart people like scientists or teachers, who aren't trustworthy, like a populist pitchman is.
Now tie in some macho-man jingo and nationalist/patriotic short, emotional mumbo-jumbo phrases that endlessly repeat keywords like TAKE BACK, GOD BLESS, I'LL FIGHT for this, that blah blah .. FREE SPEECH, SCHOOL CHOICE, JESUS, FATHERLAND, MOTHERLAND, PAST GREATNESS etc.
While at it's VERY CORE - is the putting of the blame for ones’ target audience's personal, educational, economic and everyday failures on those who have nothing to do with it; those of other colours, of other religions, and on the immigrants, the poor and 'foreigners.'
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Bloomberg continues to obsess about a story it seems to be inventing, which is the idea that there is a "dean" of the G7 who controls the narrative and that PMJT might be the recipient of a "baton" being passed to him by Angela Merkel. /2 #cdnpoli
2/ I'm interested to know if others perceived that Angela Merkel, the previous "dean", controlled the G7 narrative. I haven't. It seems to me that Bloomberg is trying to invent the notion that the "dean" (longest "serving" member) has some sort of power in the form of a "baton".
Greg Bonnell also asserted that PMJT has to win another election in order to be "dean". Just because the press is anxious for an election does not mean that one must be held before October 16/23.
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So, if you'll permit, I have a rant about ministerial-media relations. It starts with an unsolicited offer to sit down with a minister for 20 minutes. I won't name the minister or the topic, to keep this about the principle, not persons/politics. (1/thread.) #cdnpoli
The topic was "progress on X issue over the past year." Which sounded a bit like: We want you to publish our annual report. (2/thread.) #cdnpoli
Because I know this minister, I said thanks and just so you know, I write about politics/issues of the day, so I'll of course be asking about X and X. (pandemic and racism related.) (3/thread.) #cdnpoli
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More info to show how #FordfailedOntario and how #fordfailedthepeople. We know in Canada how disproportionally racialized our prison communities are. Now they are removing oversight on the care of the people inside. @BLM_TO @OfAcb @anticorruption @UNDPGAIN @UN4Indigenous #cdnpoli
Richard Bird of Bird Construction Co. of Mississauga won prison contracts worth $63 million over 8 years when Harper was in power. He was VP of Enbridge. He links to sex scandals with Ecopatrol. My website here.…
Here are the numbers for Covid 19 outbreaks in jails in Ontario.…
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'No choice': Liberals look to cut off debate on budget bill in dying days of House sitting… via @CTVNews
They are now calling on the Bloc Quebecois, NDP, and Greens to back the Liberal minority in imposing time allocation, but it remains to be seen whether they’ll find a partner to advance their request.
Vote happening in 10 ish to have no more than 5 further hours of debate on C-30 at both report stage & third reading.

CPC have called it a “gag order,” the Bloc questioned whether the move would be needed if the Liberals had managed their legislative agenda, NDP support unclear.
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Some thoughts (thread) on @RosieBarton's interview with Pakistan's @ImranKhanPTI: /1

#cdnfp #cdnpoli…
.@ImranKhanPTI claims the world must confront Islamophobia and hate crimes consistently. True, but his FM @SMQureshiPTI is a raving antisemite, and neither men will challenge China's genocide of Uyghur Muslims. /2…
He pretends to lead the Muslim world, but the Organization for Islamic Cooperation honoured the nation home to the world's third largest Muslim community, India, and PM @narendramodi's late foreign minister @SushmaSwaraj, ignoring Pakistan's boycott. /3

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