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29 Jun
Do you know that you need to make an appointment when visiting Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (JPN) or National Registration Department (NRD)? A short thread. #DYKT
Took my daughter to obtain her MyKad as required under the law when a citizen turns 12. Arrived at JPN+Immi centre at Dutamas. There were two lines - immigration and JPN itself. So first make sure you on the correct line. Inside looking out - JPN on left, Immi on Right.
For JPN, which was why I was here for, and did not make appointment, you have to register in advance. Make your appointment here at

Or you can try to scan the QR code I attached below to do it.
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1 Jun
All good (and free) things came to an end. @IRONMANtri has introduced a more stringent requirement to compete in the coming weekend VR10. It is one of the qualifying race in series of 4-weekend to earn you a spot in the IM 70.3 World Championship.
To start with, you need to have:
1. You have raced in one Ironman or Ironman70.3 event previously; or
2. Raced in one of the Ironman Virtual Race or VR, either the 5150 (Olympic equivalent or 3-40-10 run-bike-run); or
3. Raced in IMVR70.3 (5-90-21 run-bike-run.
So if you are like me, been racing in the @IRONMANtri Virtual Club since it started in April with VR1, until VR9 just ended yesterday, you can consider signing up for the IMWC70.3 qualifying.

I am a big fan of these challenges and races. This been staple for me in COVID19.
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15 May
Ready for @IRONMANtri VR7? I be posting IG Story on A Day In Life Of... a wannabe triathlete:) #beatyesterdaymy #garminmalaysia #hammeron #anywhereispossible
Monitoring HR is good practice. Couple that with how your sleep been helps you to understand your body and prepare for the rest of the day. Garmin devices allow me to monitor all these. #beatyesterdaymy #anywhereispossible
Sleep, Klingon, Exorcise, Lets Go. #anywhereispossible #hammeron
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9 May
@IRONMANtri #VR6 will start in a moment for me. Turning the 40km to an indoor FTP test and will take the 3km+10km run outdoor in 33DegC afternoon heat to push the body limits more. Mixing a serving of @hammernutrition #perpetuem to fuel me in the max 150mins workout.
Dang. Forgot to charge my @Garmin #Fenix5xPlus. 23% battery may be sufficient but not taking the chance. Lucky I have my #Edge1000 for the bike session first!
Setting up the FTP test on #Edge1000. Entering current FTP of 226W. Let’s see if I can come close! #Garminmalaysia #beatyesterdaymy #hammeron #anywhereispossible
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