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14 May

Tonight I'm gonna be starting Persuasion by Jane Austen, as chosen by you 😂 I have never heard of this book, and now Mr Darcy is done and dusted, I'm out of Austen characters.

I guess there'll be some persuading, both good and bad, however 👀 as always no spoilers!

Right so we have a Walter Eliott and two more Elizabeths like Jane pls can I have some new names!!!!

Sad about his wife tho, that's tough.

I like the different feeling to this book!!!

Oooh so we've got a silly dad and a sensible (albeit dead) mum

Is this also a love story??? An older persons love story??? Okay I'm down for it, let's go Jane, I'm here for the ride!!!!
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27 Apr
Listening to Pride and Predujice for the first time and Mrs Bennet was JUST about to describe the lace on one of Mr Bingley's sister's dresses and Mr Bennet cut her off!!!! GODDAMN IT I WANNA HEAR ABOUT THE LACE!!!! WHAT LACE WAS IT!!!

Also don't spoil me for this book lol
Honestly never read the classics and haven't seen any of the films but I do now know this is the Mr Darcy one and I cannot remember which sister he ends up with but i think this one is seen as A Great Love Story and I'm eager to see if it is or if it's just cis nonsense tbh
If you have strong feelings about this book put them in a lil notepad and let me know when I'm done with it 😂
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8 Aug 20
ALREETY MY PALS! It's time for #YubiViews and Die Hard!

Here's what I know about Die Hard:

1) It has the bald car man in it.
2) It's apparently a christmas movie (??)
3) There's death and / or hardness (???)
4) I think this is the movie where there's lots of driving and-

explosions??? I think?
4) I think bald car man is Jason Statham (who's name is not said stat-ham, which i know bcs my dad lost his shit when i said 'look that's jason stat-ham' when he was on a bus, except it wasn't it was another bald man and it's not stat-ham)

2/- #YubiViews
5) This movie is WAY OLDER than I thought the listing says 1988?! Is that right!? is this the right movie?! I was sure it was like, 2000s?!

I'm hoping, as always, it's an alien, mummy, spider-free film, but I've learned never to let your guard down.

3/- #YubiViews
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25 Jul 20
ALREET PALS i have my zarusoba, i have my pocari sweat and a lil cup of nigori sake, i am READY for a MOVIE!

so stardust was what i thought the princess bride was lol, with a lady who came down on a meteor. That's all i know. I assume she's the... star B)

1/- #YubiViews
other than that i have NO CLUE. i assume it's fantasy-lite? esque? sad, happy, no idea. actors in it? no idea.

as always, i am pleading with the deities for NO aliens NO dead-things-which-are-moving and NO spiders

i beg of ye, o film

2/- #YubiViews
"Do the stars gaze back"



3/- #YubiViews
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4 Jul 20
ALREET PALS, tonight we're gonna watch Howl's Moving Castle for #YubiViews!

Now some of ye may know that I actually lived in Japan for a while and hold 2 whole degrees in Japanese language, a bachelors and a masters! I've seen a lot of Ghibli movie, but never this one.

I don't really have a good reason why? But I've been since told it's also a book??? No idea what happens in it. I guess there's a guy called Howl (excellent name). I guess his castle moved. Did he move with his castle? Are we castle hunting? Is this all -

2/- #YubiViews
an extended metaphor for human destruction of wildlife and the rapidly diminishing experience of childhood in an increasingly lonely and disconnected world, Miyazaki-san???

Also if the castle moves rapidly and unpredictably, i will be scared of it. Just saying.

3/- #YubiViews
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1 May 20
ALREET MY PALS! Tonight on #YubiViews we watch... THE MUMMY! (1999 version)! We will also be doing our Help tweets every 10th tweet, so please check them out and help those in need!

As per usual I've never seen the Mummy. I think I had smushed these films and Indiana Jones-

all into one big movie, and was horrified to find out that 1) there's more than one indiana / mummy movie, and 2) Harrison Ford is not in the Mummy.

going out on a limb and guessing Brendon Frasier or whoever is in it seeing as people said that name a lot!

2/- #YubiViews
Now as i thought Indy/Mummy (terrible ship most likely but we'll see) was the same film I'm guessing this is a rag-tag Man and also A Lady in Another Country, Plundering Graves and Fucking Shit Up for Patriotism and Money. I guess there's also going to be a Mummy.

3/- #YubiViews
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7 Mar 20
Tonight on #YubiViews we tackle Jurassic Park. It's old. It's a classic. It's gonna be goddamn terrifying. What do I know abt Jurassic Park? Well:

1) Dinosaurs. I fuckin HATE dinosaurs. I'm terrified of them.
2) A park. Parks are fine. Unless they're filled with dinosaurs.

3) I'm gonna out on a limb here and say People Realise A Park Full Of Dinosaurs Is A Bad Idea. A dino probably eats someone. Whoever the kind of edgy sad man with a badboy style is will be the one who dies. Probably by dino. Rip in pieces in advance.

2/- #YubiViews
4) I'm 99.9% sure a T-Rex is in it. I think also a... diplodunkas? long neck one? Also probably velocoraptors. Hate them.

... idk anything else. Dinos, it's bad, we kill all of them?

3/- #YubiViews
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1 Feb 20
OKAY. First Indiana Jones movie. Learned while making the poll it's called Raiders Of The Lost Ark. It has Harrison Ford in it. He's also Han Solo. I can name no other thing he's in (don't tweet me things he's in). I'm hoping he's Indiana Jones but who knows.

1/ #YubiViews
Things I know about Indiana Jones:

1) I think he has a whip.
2) It's not the film I thought it was, turns out that was The Mummy. They're separate films.
3) I think... he... gets stuff?

Now the title of this movie does have more clues.

2/ #YubiViews
1) I guess there's gonna be raiders.
2) I know of precisely one (1) ark, and it's Noah's Ark. So I guess we're gonna raid Noah's Ark.
3) Probably gonna be a whole lot of fucked up old animals or something. Also maybe religion? Maybe we find Noah?

3/ #YubiViews
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18 Jan 20
OKAY. The Princess Bride. Super well known and beloved film, and I have absolutely no idea what it's about. Now I did initially think it was the one (also not seen) where the lady comes down on a meteor or something but apparently not so, and I think I also got it-

1/ #Yubiviews
mixed up with Zorro? Idk i've not seen that one either. So my best guess is 1) there's a princess and 2) she's a bride. Now this seems, to me, pretty standard so idk why this movie is so beloved. Maybe the princess HAS a bride, now that would be neat!

2/ #YubiViews
I also think this is the "my name is iago montana (idk his name it's something similar) you killed my father prepare to die" film, right? I've def seen the gif of that, think it's the same film.

Other than that, I have literally NO IDEA. So... let's dive in?

3/ #YubiViews
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11 Jan 20
If you enjoyed my Avatar Thread / #YubiViews / Anything else I do and u wanna support me, here's a small thread of how you can! You are never obliged to do so, and I am exceedingly grateful for all and any support in all its forms!

Let's go! 1/7
1) The simplest way? Retweet stuff. It helps so much! I do a lot of stuff in the #DnD and #TTRPG circles, so it's great when people see my stuff!

2) I have a Ko-Fi: Slinging me a coffee means so much to me and I am so grateful for each one!

3) I have a podcast! It's a #ttrpg #podcast DM'd by me, a pan, #nonbinary human, with a main campaign in #DnD5e and loads of other systems! We're full of #LGBTQ rep in cast and story, we've got goofs, plot, giveaways, and spook galore! @TheMortalPath for eps!

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19 Dec 19

Sokka don't.... eat random plants..... please......


897/- Sokka's tripping balls.
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14 Dec 19

alreet jeong jeong the only edgelord i accept in this show is zuko git tae fuck

i was pretty sure toph was a girl but maybe i am mistaken. the hunt for toph continues. All I know is 1) blind and 2) sassy.

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14 Dec 19
oh my god zuko flashback OH MY GOD ZUKO FLASHBACK


This war room is INTENSE


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12 Dec 19
fuck it I'm gonna do the thing people have been telling me to do for years. I'm gonna watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. But first, this is a thread of what I think this show is about, who's who, and what happens... 1/-
First: Aang. I know this name. This is one of the 4 names I know. I think this is the main guy. I think he's bald. At some point he gets an arrow on his head? I think he kicks and fights people. I think he's maybe the main guy. Going out on a limb, probs the last airbender. 2/-
2: Toph. She's blind. She's very cool. People forget she's blind a lot, I think. Def saw a gif of her being sassy about someone showing her a bit of paper? No idea what she does, but I guess she also fights? Don't actually know what the last airbender does, so... 3/-
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