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I MCed for the first time @lumpleygames & @NightSkyGames #ttrpg Under Hollow Hills!
Here follow a long thread about it
It's the first show.
Ocasion: the Red Princess's Birthday
Place: Crossroads of the Four Streets
Season: Summer
Show: A Command Performance
Fairy Kinds: Trading, Working, Selling and Watching types.
They have in plenty: Coin
They hold dear: Kisses
They Crave: Acclaim & History
Notables NPCs:
The Poppy Queen
The Red Princess
Uline, the Poppy Captain
Octavia, the solitary witch
Passiflora, the cricket violinist
Frances, merchant of many things
Rainbow, goblin street seller
Spark, the scarecrow
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You know what question #TTRPG game designers really, really hate?

"Can I play the bad guy?"
First, it's almost always asked in bad faith by edge-lords. Secondly, you already know the answer. You can do anything you want with a TTRPG. You want to be a garbage human with your fellow edge-lords, there's literally nothing to stop you.
In descriptions or even KS campaigns, designers are telling you the game's intended thematic struggle. If a group or faction is playable, if even a complicated side is meant to be played, you'll know. That's a feature, not a bug.
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This is how a hacker writes a hacker character class for a #TTRPG. Here's a write-up of the Signaler, a playable class from my forthcoming game #Reclaimer.
You ever wanted to play Riviera from Neuromancer (minus all the grosteque things about that character)? Well, you'll be able to soon. Here's the Mesmer...
Have you ever wanted to play Snake Eyes from GI Joe, except instead of fighting Cobra, you hunt down fleeing oligarchs that caused the climate-crisis threatening the continued existence of the human species?
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Und weil es die liebe @chra war die mich wegen @KhazAndCrit drauf gebracht hatte, gibt's den #Duetgame Thread jetzt auch noch in deutsch für die #pnpde #ttrpg Twitter Blase 😘

Duospiele - 1on1 oder Duetgames - was ist das?

#Duetgame = 1 #ttrpg, 1 #GM / #DM + 1 Spieler

Du kannst ein Duetgame mit den Regeln von so ziemlich jedem #ttrpg spielen

#ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #pnpde
Ich habe die meiste Erfahrung damit #DSA und #DnD / #dnd5e Duetgames zu leiten, aber ich habe auch schon #Duetgames in #Shadowrun und #Vampire the Masquerade gespielt und es hat super funktioniert und hat so viel Spaß gemacht!
#ttrpg #pnpde
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I can't act, I don't do funny voices, I mispronounce every fifth or sexth word, & I'm kind of a shit orator.

But I can still play the hell out of a #ttrpg. I even GM some!

Nobody: "How is that even possible, Eppy?"

Eppy, optimized for clickbait: "With this 1 simple trick…"
When it's my turn to narrate, I pause to think about what I'm going to say. Then I start by narrating what I, Eppy, the player, am doing: "I think what happens is..." Because I am, literally, thinking that.

Then I share my thoughts. Occasionally I follow that up with, "Right?"
I'm going to call this a technique which makes it sound honed & deliberate, but in the interest of honesty I should say that this is just a mess of habits I've formed over the last thr—fuck I'm old.
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🔥Napalm Take🔥

The biggest issue in the #ttrpg industry isn't the reach of Dungeons & Dragons. Its that we have Content Creators who say,

"I don't care about the money."
"I'm not looking to get rich"

No. Stop this. Stop it right now.
If you act like you won't make money....
Then you won't make money.

That's it.

Stop letting your love for the hobby rob you of a livelihood. You can charge an equitable price AND making a living.

One last and extremely harsh word..
You won't get rich. I won't even add a probably. Getting rich is hitting the lottery. Bank on it all you want, but luck is luck. It happens or it doesn't.

Find your vision, fuel your passion and give it your ALL. The industry needs that and you deserve it.
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A thread about the most interesting findings (to me!) about how #ttrpg spaces and masculinity interact (for those interested in #AcademicTwitter and #PublicSociology, I wanted to do a quick summary!):

Overall - TTRPG spaces tend to serve as homosocial spaces
Homosocial spaces are groups/communities where relationships between people of the same gender are centered. Mostly, these are men's spaces. These spaces are important in creating gender. They serve as the sites where people learn the "right" way to be a man.
This is normally invisible. Most of the time, men don't realize that spaces are centered around them. This is because men are seen as the default gender. This is most true for men who are also cis, straight, white, able-bodied, etc.
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A Thread

So you want to make cool RPG Zines and have just discovered you can use paintings and illustrations under creative commons CC/public domain PD license. This are some advices around this kinda tricky thing. Here we go.
1. The laws around CC/PD are kinda tricky. There are a lot of different laws depending on which country the art was first made. BUT... most of countries understand that after 70 years of the artist's death, his art is now under public domain.

Gone before 1948? Great chances.
2. Not everything you see in the internet as Public Domain it is Public Domain in fact. You have to be careful and remember (1). Sites like have a lot of this already-not-yet files. Flickr as well. Be careful, do your research and have fun.
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The scariest and most depressing thing about naming and talking about known missing stairs in the #TTRPG community is how many more stories pop up when you start investigating or talking about one incident. When I talk about Bill Webb, I'm not talking about that ONE victim.
I'm talking about the people warning each other about him. I'm talking about the people who don't have enough standing or cred in the industry to have a loud enough voice to be heard. I'm talking about the victims who stayed quiet because they were afraid.
And. There. Are. A. Lot. The whisper network among not-white-dudes is full of them. Even men have been warned to stay away from him when he appears drunk. This is common, conventions cover for him, and he just keeps continuing. It's never just ONE victim. EVER.
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How I see Procedures and Mechanics:

Procedures are like recipes: instructional with predictable outcomes.
#ttrpg #storygame #rpgtheory
Procedures are communicated through language.
They are to be remembered and followed.
A procedures might describe how to:
-Setup the game
-Create a character
-Take a Turn
-Frame a scene
-Use a Mechanic
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A Thread

(I'm no expert or something at all, but here we go. This is just my opinion, so if I'm wrong at something...yeap, I am a human... a human that can't draw)
First of all: creative commons + public domain images

Be sure, my friend: most of the time you'll spend in your zine production will be curating CC images and public domain paintings. I truly believe there is a bloody awesome #ttrpg zine inside every CC old illustration.
"But where, can I find those cool images?"
A lot of places but here are my favorite ones:

In advanced search choose to just show Big and public domain pictures.


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In creating the planeshifter and survivalist, the biggest question we had to answer was, "How do you bring nature-focused classes to a science fiction game?"

In the traditional sense, nature plays a relatively small part in sci-fi. There's a heavier focus on tech. #ttrpg #DnD5e
We've been calling the upcoming supplement 'the nature book' because of the two classes that are its capstones. But how does that work in space? What's a druid to do? Not much flora and fauna to see if you're not on a life-sustaining planet.

So we started by redefining 'nature'.
The void is part of the natural world, and so are any creatures that inhabit it. Asteroids, moons, celestial bodies - all these constitute nature, even if they're inorganic! Add in spaceship and station greenhouses and weird beasties and plants and you've got plenty to go on!
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1. Weather Prophet: highly glorified weather predictionist. Wields great gubernatorial power.
2. Heliomancers: wizards constantly research more efficient spells for creating helium. Dangerous magic, risk of exploding lungs or floating away.
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Someone wrote on reddit (paraphrasing) "@MonteJCook's Invisible Sun has a $99 PDF. That's ridiculous. No PDF is worth that much."

They're wrong. Let me tell you why you're not paying enough for your RPGs.

P.S. Sorry for picking on you, Monte.

#ttrpg #rpg #rpgwork #gamedesign
For starters, let's set aside "it's 80 different digital components" and arguments like that. One file or a dozen, $99 is still a reasonable price for a complete game system.
First, let's think about how we typically consume games. Unless it's the big one (cough dnd), it's a pretty safe bet that there is one copy of the rulebook per table.

Someone sees a neat system and says "hey, I'll pick this up, the group would love it" and they go from there.
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If you like noodling about dice probabilities for #TTRPG design and don't already know about AnyDice, this thread is for you!

AnyDice lets you plug in single or multiple dice with modifiers and produces a probability distribution for the results.
You can also link to the results of any roll. Here's d10+d8, which I'm going to use in a sec to talk about wandering monsters.
I'm not mathematically inclined (good at quick arithmetic but not much else).

I'm also not primarily a game designer. I dabble.

Despite that, I get a ton of use out of this simple tool.

For example: wandering monster tables, or random encounter tables if you prefer.
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I'm going to start a #DnD formatting thread with this tweet to note some common pitfalls I notice while editing adventures. I'll come back to it as I have more thoughts. #RPG #TRPG #TTRPG
When you write an NPC's statistics in parentheses next to their name, it should look like this: NAME (ABBREVIATED ALIGNMENT SEX OR GENDER SUBRACE RACE STATISTICS). e.g. Fireface McDragon (LG female mountain dwarf knight)
Always indent inline subheads. Those are the subheads that are in bold and italics.
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I started writing a reply to this, but it's quickly turning into a whole thread, so I'm gonna spare @DungeonCommandr's mentions, and QT instead.

Let's talk about podcast promotion. I've been on both sides of it--I've run an AP pod for 3.5 yrs, and promoted a game on other shows.
A lot of people will throw out "pitch your game to podcasts" as advice. And it's really solid advice! They're right to say it.

But, I want to talk today about what that looks like on a practical level, and how to make the most of having your game featured on pods.

Make a note of the podcasts you see on the TL, or that friends/designers you like appear on. Keep a running list of shows you know of. Give a listen if you can, even if just to an episode or two.
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So here’s the thing about the ‘no excuses’, ‘always hustle’ bullshit; the refusal to recognize that people - even neuroatypical folks, or those with a chronic illness or disability - have limits.

We KNOW people have limits.

The evidence? Video games.

Let me explain.

In every game ever made, there’s a recognition of limits. Look at, I don’t know, Super Mario World for the NES as an early game. Mario jumps into a pit? He dies. He hits a Goomba? He dies. There are places he can’t go, no matter how much he wants to or how much he tries.

But I’m thinking more about modern games.

Think about the Final Fantasy series. You have HP and MP. If you run out of MP, you can’t cast any more spells unless you eat or drink the right things, or you rest. If you run out of HP, you faint.

Sound familiar?

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Tell me (and the world) about a #Tabletop RPG that isn't #DnD. Tell us why it's awesome and why it should be played. It has to fit in a single tweet. Images and/or store links welcome.

Let's spread the word about the diversity of #ttrpg out there. Post your favorites & retweet!
I love the great responses to this thread. Keep them coming, keep sharing, tag your friends, let's keep the recommendations coming! The #TTRPG community is awesome!
Oh wow, this thread exploded! I'm trying to catch up after my work day, bear with me. The #TTRPG community is so awesome! So many great game suggestions! 👍
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Yuan-ti. Serpent-men who spread by evil and deceit... but were they always this way, and what could their future hold? Time for a stan for Yuan-ti thread! #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
Yuan-ti are an old foe in the FR setting. Real old. like, pre-humans old. They're the most successful and longest lasting creation of the Sarrukh. The Sarrukh being a creator race, and more specifically, the creators of all the scaled races like the Yuan-ti, Lizardfolk, and more!
The Yuan-ti were unique among their creations, having the capability to turn mammalian creatures, like humans and elves, into "Purebloods", and ironic term because they are the lowest caste in Yuan-ti society. Often called "corrupt", this is a feature of the Yuan-ti, not a bug.
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Let's talk about #Chult, the peninsula, and the #WesternShaar. These places are amazing, but there's not a lot of good anchoring on what they're about and their deeper history, or how any of that translates into kick-ass adventuring today. #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
Right off the hop, let's talk player races. The places is a little different, and its dominant populations =/= those found in the more familiar north. Humans of course, are everywhere. Specifically Chultans, Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and Calishite humans are the dominant groups.
There's a strong argument that all of them should/could be Black; but let's leave it at "they're all POC" and non-European culturally. Next are dwarves. Gold Dwarf populations are top of the pile. Elves are actually relatively unseen, and mainly Wild/Wood types.
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So I found out a friend of mine was using some pirated pdf @Wizards_DnD products to plan his next campaign. Found out he had no intention of purchasing, nor did he feel bad because they were a "big company." Here is why that pisses me off:

#dungeonsanddragons #CriticalRole
I am CEO of a really tiny RPG company that is desperately trying to break even on our products. We do this for love, for sure, but things cost money. Not only that, as much as I thought I did, the main thing that I have learned is how much work it takes to make even small things.
Right now we are working on a #savage worlds setting called #ArchonsofNikud and it is going to cost us thousands of dollars and untold thousands of person hours to make. It is hard to describe the blood, sweat, and tears that will go into this project.
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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Remember that cover and concealment are two different animals when dealing with firearms in game, and that most buildings not made of brick, logs, rammed earth, or similar materials offer little protection from incoming fire. #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
If you're in a scifi setting, be cognizant that walls and whatnot probably are more effective against lasers and so on, said energy weapons are likely to start a lot of fires. Like, a distressing amount of fires.
Another aspect to think about as you run gun battles is that different groups respond to the firefight differently, depending on their training, morale, and the conditions they're in. Here's some broad examples:...1/4
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