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i always imagine #dnd wizards to be a bit like wine purists

FIGHTER: we need a fire spell, now!

WIZARD: oho well this *is* interesting (opens book) aganazzar's scorcher? incendiary cloud? perhaps a quick 'essaim de météores', if that's not too robust at this time of day-

WIZARD 1: *sniffs the air* ah! ...I thought as much. A hint of bat guano. Claude, you absolute maverick.

WIZARD 2: (produces a cheeseboard) well, it is your birthday
FIGHTER: we need more firepower! Wizard what the hell are you doing up there?!

WIZARD: a decent lightning bolt needs time to mature. You can't just throw any old line of electricity at a demon lord, they'll laugh us right out of the room
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What heroin, #roleplaying is the real addiction! I've played a (super-simplified) version of #DnD with my 5-yo. twins on Sunday, and they're talking about nothing else for two days now and we're prepping our third session and Patrik is going to DM his first!
Oh, the first obstacle: two grizzly bears.
Oh, and the ultimate enemy is already revealed: The Meanest Wizard!
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1/8 #DefenceTeam: It’s Friday of a challenging week, one with many moving parts, frequent updates, and multiple pivots. Thank you for your patience. Both appreciated and incredibly helpful.
2/8 Big thanks to CAF/DND and @CST_CSE folks working to keep critical ops and infrastructure running. Same for Canadians on front lines of this fight: first responders, healthcare workers, pharmacy and grocery-store staff, and those keeping supplies and necessities flowing.
3/8 Heading into the weekend, please do an info status check. Are you tracking the right online resources for CAF/DND #COVID19 updates? Start here:…
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1/n At @choosetothinq, been used to #workingfromhome but was NOT prepared to have the kid also ‘working’ from home. Classes on #Skype, school sends stuff to watch, forms/ sheets to upload. And only one laptop to pass around. Here's what I’ve been trying that you could too..
2/n A schedule. Circle time slots when the kids are SURE not to need your device. Evenings, mealtimes, early mornings, sleeptimes. Work uninterrupted during those. Start early & stay a step ahead. Make a timetable that includes their online classes / school work & work around it.
3/n Alternate devices for videos: Use phones, TV, casting devices rather than the laptop for videos. Connect your laptop to a projector / TV / another computer screen if your work allows for a bit of toggling. #kidsathome #WFHTips
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Hey everyone, with pandemic going on, here are some tips I have for running games on a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) platform for #DnD . I have run tons of games over the year on Fantasy Grounds, Roll20, Maptools, now learning Astral, and using other tools. #DnD 1/x
First, figure out what you and your players most *need* to actually run the game online. IME, they are often as follow, and in order of importance:

1.) Communications

2.) Method of delivering handouts and/or maps

3.) Character sheets

Coms can be built in, such as in a platform like Roll20, or using any of the myriad of meeting software, such as Skype, Hangouts, Discord, Zoom, etc.

I personally really like to have video (true of work conferencing as well), as I find it helps better connect the players.

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Does anyone from #RPG Twitter still follow me? Incoming thread for those trying to continue their #DnD or whatever game online and still interact with friends, because friends are really important now. #roleplaying 1/thread
So the world is currently failing a prolonged CON-based skill check.

Here's my approach for a bare minimum online game, based on a year of PF/D&D and about 10 playing other systems online...
Minimum viable platform
Literally all you need is a way to communicate and a way to agree on reality. If you can handle roleplaying and trust and 'theatre of the mind,' just start a shared call with your pals wherever and BOOM, make-em-ups time.
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ok so I work in rare books and when I see something advertised as "early #dnd setting??" I snap that stuff up

and so I came into possession of "a history and tour guide of the infernal kingdom of hades"

but I was not prepared for what was inside
it is HUNDREDS OF PAGES of IN CHARACTER lore for a bizarre version of the nine hells with maps & illustrations which would be fine if it weren't for the staggering amount of thought that went into the minutiae like the "history of the flag"
the infernal anthem SCORED
101 words for newcomers
an entire alphabet
a directory of local shops
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In the early days of Dungeons & Dragons, players rolled to determine their ability scores. On 3d6. In order. Certain classes were only available to those with good rolls. #dnd
Note that in the earliest form of D&D, high ability scores did very little. High Str, Int or Wis? That only gave a bonus to XP earned, and only if you were of that class. No bonus to hit or damage from high Strength, for instance! #dnd
As the game developed - and with the release of the "Greyhawk" supplement - ability scores rose in prominence. And, as they did, alternative methods of generating them were needed. I've got a feeling characters with below average stats didn't survive long - if even played! #dnd
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Someone asked me to list some of the #dnd design tools I use. There are lots of them! I'll share a few of my favorites below.
First and foremost is the Dungeon Masters Guide. We all have this, but I suspect a lot of people aren't really taking advantage of the treasures therein. The dungeon stocking tables are gold.
This is a hard book to use, but the tables are incredibly comprehensive. One of the few tool books I've bothered to get in hardback.…
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I've been thinking about marketing and branding in the #TTRPG industry lately. I wanted to share some words of wisdom that I heard during my MBA that some writers, editors, and artists may find useful when creating projects for #dnd.

This is one example of a brand pyramid.
The idea behind the pyramid is that the "best" marketing is one that resonates on a deeper level with a customer by creating shared values. A brand that shares values with a customer resonates with them, usually leading to some degree of loyalty when it comes to future purchases.
For the purpose of this example, we're going to compare TTRPG products with soap.

The pyramid starts with Features: What is it? How is it different?

Early marketing from Dove would advertise that it contained cream. A creamy soap was unheard of at the time. It was different.
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I wanna run a Tyranny of Dragons #dnd campaign in which Tiamat has already won and conquered both Avernus and Faerûn, rather than relying on her cult to be liberated.
To use a Star Wars analogy, Tiamat is the Emperor and the Death Star all in one, and Zariel—who she overthrew in Avernus and made her lieutenant—is Darth Vader. A Zariel-descended tiefling (or better, aasimar) would be an excellent PC. Severin is Tarkin.
Waterdeep is the last bastion of resistance, but it falls after a direct attack by Tiamat not long after the PCs reach it. Rebellion leaders are scattered to the four winds, and Xanathar takes over the ashes of the former City of Splendors.
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(1/19)What if fantasy were not based on European but African myth? This is the premise behind the world Wagadu,a #5e setting and an upcoming online multiplayer RPG by @twindrums: below a teaser of people, creatures and places. Join here to follow project:…
(2/19) In the Upper Realms, life is mostly peaceful and safe. For unknown reasons, every few years, people "fall" into a realm of wild spirits and powerful nature: Wagadu. People band together to survive and even thrive in its savannas, deserts and rain-forests. art @Gordiluv
(3/19) There is no such thing as "races" in Wagadu, everybody is one people. Ancestry manifests in different ways, they call them "lineages" - you are usually born in one, but for various reasons some people can switch during their lives. art @igsonart
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Hey @JamesIntrocaso @Dan_Dillon_1 @sherlock_hulmes @stonefly_ky @cconowitch @WebDMshow @matthewmercer @Wizards_DnD I had an idea about A.S.I.’s in regards to character creations. I’ve seen a few ideas thrown around on Twitter and a couple other places about alternatives for
assigning ability score improvements. I’ve seen suggestions to make it based on class for optimization, on background for relevance, and some for player’s to choose entirely free and independent of any other choices.
I agree that just having one’s attributes determined by
a broad generalization of their race is limiting and unrealistic (look at the broad scope of humans or even sub-species among families of the animal kingdom). And it wouldn’t make sense to create a subrace for every ASI combo (imagine that players hand book!).
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#PlotHooks Episode 2 is out Saturday morning at 10 EST!

And as promised yesterday, here’s what to expect! (mini-thread)

#DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons #RPG #roleplaying #collaborativestorytelling #podcast
In “The Prime Material,” Samuel and Matt begin a series about using the Upper Planes of #DnD’s cosmology in your story. We discuss using these planes as a whole, and then zoom in specifically on Elysium and Bytopia. We’ll look at more of the Upper Planes in a later episode. (/2)
In “The Wilds,” we take a look at different ways of using the classic Mimic in your narrative, outside of just using them as chests. (/3)

#Mimic #PlotHooks #DnD #DnD5e #dungeonsanddragons
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After this new #dnd #UnearthedArcana, specifically the warlock noble genie, here's an updated opinion thread on bringing "Arabic flavor" into your games

Feel free to ask me on any point to elaborate more 😊
In Arabic culture, magic is usually attributed to djinn, especially to be believed as illusion.
I'm trying to think of simple ways with minimum changes to what is currently officially available in 5e to bring this in a way that feels very Arab...
... I'd add a fighting style for fighters, Paladins, and Rangers to be able to cast Vicious Mockery as a bonus action once per turn if their attack hits, cause saying some poetic diss after nailing an attack is such a perfect thing to do!
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If you enjoyed my Avatar Thread / #YubiViews / Anything else I do and u wanna support me, here's a small thread of how you can! You are never obliged to do so, and I am exceedingly grateful for all and any support in all its forms!

Let's go! 1/7
1) The simplest way? Retweet stuff. It helps so much! I do a lot of stuff in the #DnD and #TTRPG circles, so it's great when people see my stuff!

2) I have a Ko-Fi: Slinging me a coffee means so much to me and I am so grateful for each one!

3) I have a podcast! It's a #ttrpg #podcast DM'd by me, a pan, #nonbinary human, with a main campaign in #DnD5e and loads of other systems! We're full of #LGBTQ rep in cast and story, we've got goofs, plot, giveaways, and spook galore! @TheMortalPath for eps!

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Well ... here I am in a Ottawa, on the cusp of a new year, new decade mere hours away. I’ll not be awake for it, want to wish anyone watching a Happy New Year & make the best of the double critties we are getting this coming year. Make the best of it all, we’re in this together🎉 This image is borrowed shamelessly from @campaigncoins Happy New Year mates!
Reflecting on the decade, it started with a work high, winning a piece of work for my company and then expanding the involvement to bring a talented team together con continue the good work. A lot of new things learned, including a complete re-tooling of my skill set ...
This was pretty cool as it was not a lift and replace, per se, but a new horizon. While with this client for 6 years, we explored new means to manage their information, including assessment of what they had, age and determination of value. At the height of this, I had a team of 5
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#ttrpg #dnd Let's discuss removing supernatural evil from the game. This is going to take a Shintoistic view of the world and what's in it, and compare it to tabletop games. Bear with us.
In Shinto, there is no universal good or evil. The universe doesn't care if you're 'good' or 'bad'. It cares if you're spiritually pure or not - which is an entirely different thing. 'Good' and 'Evil' depends on mortal choice and action, and is dictated by society.
Things which are not 'human' (or 'mortal' in a game) do not have this free will, they do not choose. Instead, they act in accordance to their nature. A spirit of the storm makes storms. A spirit of fire burns things. It isn't done out of malice. It's just nature.
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Dumb #dnd story time.

I once gave my players "A Tome of Absolute Knowledge." A thick wood-bound ledger full of tiny 3pt font script. There was a wooden mouth carved on the front that spoke (without moving) to anyone who wished to read from the book.

The players found it in an old abandoned library of a city that was swallowed by a swamp, so they were pretty hyped to pick it up and hear "I am one of the Tomes of Absolute Knowledge. I have the power to answer 4 more questions before the magic ebbs from my pages. Ask."

I could not make this up. The PC holding the book immediately said "Did this book just talk?" in their character voice.

Obviously, no DM could resist: I replied "Yes. I spoke. 3 answers remain open to you."

Instead of laughs, the table erupted in PANIC.

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OK, I'm up to 30... that was hard! I'm going for a lunch break! LOL
People from the #osr that I salute... No particular order, Matt Finch for Swords and Wizardry, Old School Primer
The authors of OSRIC for clarifying AD&D 1e #OSR
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oh my god zuko flashback OH MY GOD ZUKO FLASHBACK


This war room is INTENSE


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fuck it I'm gonna do the thing people have been telling me to do for years. I'm gonna watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. But first, this is a thread of what I think this show is about, who's who, and what happens... 1/-
First: Aang. I know this name. This is one of the 4 names I know. I think this is the main guy. I think he's bald. At some point he gets an arrow on his head? I think he kicks and fights people. I think he's maybe the main guy. Going out on a limb, probs the last airbender. 2/-
2: Toph. She's blind. She's very cool. People forget she's blind a lot, I think. Def saw a gif of her being sassy about someone showing her a bit of paper? No idea what she does, but I guess she also fights? Don't actually know what the last airbender does, so... 3/-
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Hey. #DnD Twitter?
I'd enjoy a magical library in my world, thought I could crowd source some books.

If you'd like, reply with
(Honorific) [name of author] - [book name]: [description]

"High Mage Halcuo Reedwhip - On Training Lithovores: how to stop pets from eating your tower"
Based on the first responses alone this was the BEST idea. I am cackling with glee
There are 140+ replies and I'm despairing over every one that doesn't use the suggested format because I can't run them through a script to separate the data into a neat file but will have to do it by hand 🙃 There are just so many
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Ein Thread zu #DnD.

Bis vor ein paar Jahren dachte ich DnD wäre überhaupt nichts für mich. Heute weiß ich: Die Dungeon Master und die Szene haben mir den Einstieg nicht gerade leicht gemacht. Daher ein paar Tipps für Nerds, die mit Babynerds eine Kampagne starten wollen.
1. Lass den Elitismus bleiben!

Meine ersten DnD-Versuche sind deshalb gescheitert, weil sich die Typen in der Runde sehr viel auf ihr Vorwissen eingebildet haben und herablassend waren. So vergrault man nur Leute!
Anstatt sich zu benehmen als sei das alles voll easy und die Neulinge nicht schlau genug, erkenne an, dass DnD ein ziemlich komplexes Spiel ist. Es gibt die Regel-Ebene, die schon kompliziert genug ist.
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