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*80s DM's voice* THE DEMOGORGON!

Fuck him up Buffy!
Here he is in Stranger Things.
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#TheDreamThieves for #AZAG is in #PreOrder!

This is the first official module for this #SwordAndSorcery #TTRPG of modern reinterpretation of classic British #Games (and it’s compatible with Troika as well).…

#DnD #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM Image
In this adventure the characters try to steal back a #Dream from the #Sorcerers who take them from those who enter their domain.

#DnD #AFF #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM ImageImage
It’s a #Surreal #Heist adventure that can be played with different levels of difficulty and is procedural generated, allowing you to play it differently every time you sit at the table!

#DnD #AFF #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM ImageImage
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Original D&D had only the 5 types of dice: d4, d6, d8, d12, d20.

These shapes are called platonic solids, and they hold magical properties.…

d10 was added later to make some rolls easier, but it's not necessary.

#dnd #ttrpg #osr #ose #lotfp Image
Even numbers represent chaos, through duality (2), divisibility, the unknown (4). Odd numbers are stable, representing unity (1), trinity (3), protection (5).

All of these dice have an even number of sides, and each face has an odd number of edges (except d6).

d6 is Satanic. ⛧
d6 breaks the rule, with the even number of sides and edges on each face. It is the most chaotic of dice, and 3d6 is used to generate characters' stats, with 6+6+6 being the strongest. Image
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In 1963, a Cappadocian man discovered a mysterious chamber hidden behind a wall in his home. Investigation revealed access to the lost Byzantine city of Derinkuyu—an underground labyrinth reaching 279ft (85m) deep.🧵 1/3
#inspiration #History #writing #ttrpg #RPG #DnD #dnd5e
Artifact finds suggest construction began during the 5th century, and was completed by the 10th. Hewn from volcanic rock, the underground city’s countless rooms could shelter 20,000 people, their livestock, and food stores, all across five levels connected by stairs. 🧵 2/3
The upper levels of Derinkuyu hold stables, storerooms, chapels, and private homes. An abandoned cruciform church lurks alone at the deepest level. While the city was opened to visitors in 1969, over half of the tunnels—as well as the church—remain off-limits to the public 🧵 3/3
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THE WITCH HOUSE NEXT DOOR is a story I grew up with. In the early 60’s, several illegally-built houses in the woods nearby were being demolished to make room for a public park. One house had an especially poor reputation.🧵 1/12
#inspiration #urbanlegends #ttrpg #RPG #dnd #dnd5e
The story—as told by my stepfather—goes that the house’s owner was a practitioner of the black arts. Shortly after he died, local kids began daring each other to sneak into the house after dark. It took several weeks before any of them dared venture into the basement 🧵 2/12
Dirk, the local ‘tough kid’was a buddy of my stepdad at the time, and convinced him to explore the basement of the witch house together before it would be torn down by bulldozers. The boys didn’t expect to find much, since the upper stories had held nothing interesting 🧵 3/12
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Imagine a team where everyone is focused on a single task in complete alignment!

You could get 2x output - or more!

What if I told you you could do that as a #solopreneur?

I've figured out ways to implement similar approaches while running

Here's how:
1. Work in sprints, days and blocks.

I split my month into 2 sprints of 2 weeks & plan all the stuff I need to get done.

I split my weeks into 2 meeting days, 1 thinking day & 2 doing days.

Each day is split into 3 blocks of 2 hours each so that I can bunch tasks together.
2. Productive procrastination.

If I get bored/frustrated with one task, I switch to another task - of the same brand. Context switching load is reduced and I'm still making progress.

Of course it's not always possible.

In that case, I switch to no-brainer tasks like admin.
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I want to share with you the best #DND 5e magic item you've never heard of:

⚡🔥The Mizzium Apparatus🔥⚡

🧵~ Ral Zarek from Magic: The Gathering wielding lighting with h
This is my favorite magic item in the entire game for one simple reason:
It lets you *spontaneously* cast any spell on your spell list, unprepared! And it's only an uncommon

You've never heard of it (probably) because it's from Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica
2~ Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica cover
To get specific, it lets you cast any spell off your class list by spending an appropriate spell slot and rolling an arcana check. DC = 10 + double spell level. On a success, it works, on a fail, you still cast a spell, just not the intended spell (which is very fun)
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Finally, something worth being called a hot take. #DnD

💩 Dungeon Masters are an epidemic. Why so?

1. Not reading a single Dungeon Master's Guide. Some people can get away with this, but most can't. The DMGs are there to provide context, explain the rules in a way to prevent..
..foolish rulings, to help you expand your game into more than just a monster-fight simulator, to provide guidelines for custom content creation, to give optional rules that (should) fit well with the system, to assist in worldbuilding, etc.

It's DEPRESSING to see how many..
..Dungeon Masters complain about 5E in ways that they'd know are inaccurate if they read the DMG.

Bottom line, read the damn DMG. It'll make you better.

2. 💩 House rules. Not all house rules are 💩, but many are. Why? Because they are done without a comprehensive understanding
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As a player, I track my encumbrance, rations, and ammunition meticulously, whether the DM asks or not.

As a DM, I remind the players about these things occasionally but don't audit them unless that's what the challenge is supposed to be.

Generally speaking, I hate auditing. I'm predisposed to just not care enough to look at your character sheet. It's enough that I need to track all of your magic items, what you know them as, how many charges they have left, etc.

I usually just use the smell test.
Are you a level 3 Magic User who casted 2 level 2 spells today? 🤔

Carrying enough rations to feed everyone for several weeks? 🤔

Wearing plate, carrying multiple weapons and piles of gold with 13 STR? 🤔

Carrying 40 Oil Flasks? 🤔
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This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the kinds of games we play.

Whether I'm a player or a DM, when I play #DnD, there's a complete separation. When I play, I have no say in the composition of the world. When I DM, I have complete say in it. There's a reason for this. 1/12 Image
The most exclaimed reason is because there are games better suited for giving players authorship of the setting, like Dungeon World. This is because DW isn't about presenting a world as much as it is about improvising one in reaction to the players. 2/12
But the primary reason for me comes from that same vein. D&D is about presenting a world to the players for them to explore and change through their actions.

Giving the players the ability to change aspects of the world outside of their actions attacks the integrity of it. 3/12
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One of the biggest hurdles I notice a lot of #dnd players seem to struggle with about #pathfinder2e is the concept of an actually accurate encounter building system and I think we need to talk about this because this seems like the biggest cope-cross-Stockholm Syndrome in RPGs🧵
Probably the biggest reason I switched from running 5e to 2e is because of encounter building. The encounter budget and CL (creature level) system in 2e WORKS. Every counter is as easy or difficult as I intend it to be, and creatures are as threatening as I want them narratively
Almost every single 5e DM I speak to says their number one problem is the CR system makes no sense and ends with difficult monsters being trivially easy, and encounters they expect to be cakewalks leading to character deaths if not full-blown TPKs.
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As I work on the “Professional TTRPG Freelancer’s Guide,” I’m looking to ask THREE questions to publishers / industry insiders that’ll help give freelancers insights.

Here’s some questions I’m thinking about.

Check them out & vote so I know which ones to ask! 🗳

#ttrpg #dnd
Q: How do you identify potential freelancers you want to hire?
Q: What are common issues that you see freelancers struggle with?
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#PAXEast game review thread?

#PAXEast game review thread!
@LEGO_Group Brick Tales was very fun. Like Your basic LEGO game, but the play is a little less forgiving and a little more puzzle oriented which is something I really enjoyed. Both kids did as well. Image
The last legend of Nostalgia was also pretty fun. I've never played a soulsborne style game which is what this advertises to be but with tongue and cheek humor overlaid. The humor is Stanley Parable light from the demo. Still pretty fun and accessible though. #nostalgia ImageImage
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In the last month I finished DM'ing a 4-year AND a 2-year long campaign. Don't make the same mistakes I did.

A lot of these are going to be either SUPER obvious or completely wrong for your table.

But I wish someone had told me this before I started🧵
Big 'n' stupid monsters make for bad BBEGs.

The Terrasque is cool, but without pathos or purpose, it can feel more like your party is fighting a natural disaster with hit points. Give your villains reasons for villainy.
Wrap it up sooner rather than later.

D&D struggles with levels 12+. We also have few narratives to inspire us about protagonists with god-like powers that don't revolve around being 'depowered'.

Which leads neatly into...
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All right! Here is: A d100 list of books you can find on a shelf or desk in your Dungeons and Dragons game. I hope it sees some use! (The full online PDF can be found in comment below)

#DnD #dnd5e #TTRPGs #pathfinder A preview of a d100 list, f...
Here's your link:…

I've found Homebrewery is an amazing resource, but the formatting gets out of whack depending on what browser you're on and what zoom level you're at. Might have to play around to get the best experience.
Okay! For those who just can't the formatting to work no matter what, I bring you a different take, through the magic of Screenshots! ImageImageImageImage
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Elsewhere, someone asked me to explain how Apocalypse World, or any game, might hinder or support certain kinds of play. This has been a question asked 1000s of times over the last 20 yrs, but by whatever grace, this time I found a way to answer with I think greater clarity:
Imagine the games of soccer and basketball. You could try to play soccer with a basketball, you might even have a fun time, but the ball is not designed for that game, it would behave differently.
Likewise, trying to play basketball with a soccer ball would be very challenging because a basketball Must Bounce and soccer balls are not built for that! Now imagine trying to play tennis with a basketball.
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Fun throwback to concept pieces for the #RadiantCitadel!

The first is the very first sketch ever drawn of the Radiant Citadel, done by @the_strix while I rambled at her after inspiration hit me while I was in bed reading. We jammed for hours on it.

#dnd #ttrpg #desidnd
I have lots of notes from that first conversation--here is a small taste: "This is the central location of [redacted], and it is a place of trade, diplomacy, learning, and mystery. The current occupants don't know where it came from but have occupied it and learned to use it."
"There are 15 mini-floating island-buildings. Each has a single building that is [redacted] corresponds to 1 of the 15 locations. Below the base-level of the central island-city will be a protruding gemstone geode that corresponds to one of the 15 locations."
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99% of #ttrpg and #dnd problems can be solved by
*Talking openly with your table
*Prepping less
*Playing a game that supports the fun you want to have

This has been true since the start of ttrpgs. All the same advice gets asked, all the same complaints happen. Just do these.
To clarify that middle point: These three pieces of advice go together. DMs overprep and feel sad because they don't communicate. They feel upset because the game didn't support low prep or didn't make prep fun, so they feel like they wasted their hobby time.
This would also murder approximately 99% of DnD memes, so it's kind of a double bladed sword.
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Every time I hear someone say something like “humans are boring” in reference to #rpg #ttrpg #dnd, I can’t help but notice their #whiteness. The diversity of humanity is stunning, but I guess if I were white-only, I’d be desperate to play an elf or a dragonfurry, too. 😂
And getting back to what I was saying about Viking culture, earlier, I haven’t looked, but I bet a ton of wipipo are severely put out at Jarl Haakon of Kattegat being a black African woman in “Vikings: Valhalla”. Travel was international/global, even in the 10th/11th Century.
In playing a fantasy #rpg #ttrpg, even one substantially based upon Medieval Europe, like #DnD or #Ironsworn, you could plausibly play a human from any of hundreds of different cultures, yet the idea of playing a human is deprecated by many.
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Over the last 5 years I've slowly transitioned, with occasional painful moments, from academic #research to founding a #startup. Here's what I've learned as a #PhD turned #founder, a thread 🧵:
Step one of this journey, leaving #academia in the first place, was one of the hardest parts. It's a big leap to take, which I previously wrote about here:…

This thread reflects on how everything changed after that.
I've never played #dnd, but I think the idea of dual-classing in D&D aptly describes a PhD-founder:
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it was the first lorebook for #pathfinder2e that i really dug into as prep for the Strength of Thousands adventure path. Garund is supposed to be fantasy Africa + fantasy African diaspora, & it's so great to read recognition of how lovingly African sources have been treated here.
I'm a #ttrpg player, and i'm aware of how eurocentric and subtly or not-so-subtly racist most fantasy spaces and depictions can be. Pathfinder tries a lot harder to actively do good by cultural treatment than big leviathans like #DnD have tended to in the past.
If there's any nerdy comrades of african descent who are into #TTRPGs, give this one a shot. Pathfinder is a very cool system, and the setting is so much more vivid than your usual fare. Read this review 🙏 the art is amazing, and the lore is awesome AND funny
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As of tonight, @CritRoleBib has collected analysis of #CriticalRole in:
- 10 scholarly book chapters
- 10 peer-reviewed journal articles
- 4 academic conference papers
- 4 Undergraduate Theses
- 11 Master's Theses
- 1 Dissertation
- 1 Syllabus

And much more to come.

You can find them all in the master sheet at (or SUBMIT at…) but here's a highlight thread.
First, CritRoleBib co-founder @MariaKAlberto organized a #CriticalRole Week on @MC_IMR last December, including work by @jessb915 @jtloveridge @RaeLynFox and yours truly, on everything from fan art to Byroden's pie to ... well, go take a look:…
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Ongoing Thread:

A #DnD campaign isn't a story. It doesn't just follow one group of PCs. It is a model world, functioning in real-time, with rising and falling factions. The PCs are just part of it.

Wanna see how a game like that works?

Read on.

My original intention was to write up session reports and post them on my blog, but I just couldn't motivate myself to do it.

Instead, I'm just going to update this mega-thread as I go.

Follow, and you'll see how a campaign evolves and grows in real-time.

2/ Image
That said, there are some EXCELLENT blogs filled with session reports for this kind of game. Most are associated with the #BROSR hashtag.…

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#rpgs #dnd

1/ Imagine a style of game where you can create a character in 5 minutes and the DM can generate an NPC, town, lair, trove, encounter, merchant caravan - whatever is interesting - in 5 minutes. Requires a light but broad ruleset. (Think 2 sentence rules for foraging.)
/2 By necessity there is no expectation of balance. To the degree that anything is balanced, it's because you can (usually) run away.

PC's die a lot. Much of what DM generates doesn't get interacted with very much. It's fine. The next thing can be generated in 5 minutes.
/3 And yet things do stick around. Over time you develop attachment to certain characters, NPCs, locations, enemies, items - whatever. Character arcs / conflicts form over time, organically, arising in response to emerging situations - not scripts.
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