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Rather than padding NPC text, I think WOTC should look at better presenting encounter areas. I suggest we need only ever have the following headings:... (1/x) #dnd #dnd5e
Area Name/#, Features (light, terrain, ceiling/dimensions), Creatures, Traps/Hazards, Exploration, Interaction (2/x)
Area Name/# is self explanatory: "1-5. Goblin Barracks."

Features includes light (natural, dim, dark, 'lit by torches' etc.), ceiling height (indoors), cover options, difficult terrain. Save more complex stuff for the Traps/Hazards heading. (3/x)
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This is a constant conversation I've been having with friends and industry people since D&D 5th Edition launched.

Why has #DnD surged so much in the past few years and what ingredients came together to encourage this upswing in visibility and enthusiasm?

Lemme thread this-
In no particular order:
- A young audience hungry for unique experiences and looking for personalized entertainment. Tabletop RPGs like #DnD are infinity customizable and don't have to be expensive.
- The game can be dramatic and nuanced, or slapstick-silly. Strategic with minis and grids or highly narrative. You can play with kids or get a group of adults together and be raunchy and "inappropriate". All with the same basic framework and rules.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
"Oh put them in the armor first" calls Sir Thorns "I know I needed a change of pants after my knighting!"
There's general chuckling from the crowd
"Mrs S if you wouldn't mind showing them to somewhere they can get changed" the Lady asks her.
"Certainly me
Lady, this way big un" she grasps your arm and steers you off to a small room just off the main hall.
Inside there's a chair and a table with some garments on it, a jacket, pants, and a vest
They seem to be some sort of black leather, you're sure you've seen them somewhere before
Mrs S puts a jar of some chalky powder on the table.
"Rub this on your legs before you put those pants on, they can get a bit tight after a while, this will make taking them off again easier"
You look at her in confusion
"What in the hells is happening to me now?" you ask
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I'm going to start a #DnD formatting thread with this tweet to note some common pitfalls I notice while editing adventures. I'll come back to it as I have more thoughts. #RPG #TRPG #TTRPG
When you write an NPC's statistics in parentheses next to their name, it should look like this: NAME (ABBREVIATED ALIGNMENT SEX OR GENDER SUBRACE RACE STATISTICS). e.g. Fireface McDragon (LG female mountain dwarf knight)
Always indent inline subheads. Those are the subheads that are in bold and italics.
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#Diablo3 and plot - a thread.
Diablo 1 was a game that fit on a single CD and had fewer resource requirements than Angry Birds, but had what felt like HOURS and HOURS of voice acting, written text, and an understated plot that made you invested in figuring out the "why/what" 1/?
Part of the joy of the game was its dark tone and heavy emphasis on conversation. You'd go fight your way down a labyrinth for a few hours, come back to town, and talk to everyone as a little break. A reward for advancing further downward, it felt like a reward. Genius. 2/?
There was a small cast of characters, all of them normal folk trying to live in this shitty place with this crazy bastard ruling over them, hoping the rumors they hear are not true. They had skills, but NOPE, they didn't want any part of skeleton's with axes, dude. 3/?
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As someone who uses very similar methods to the Lazy DM ethos on prep of @SlyFlourish , try this out: Right as you finish a session, in addition to normal notes, come up with ways in which villains, factions, npc's et al will react to the characters' actions #DND #rpg
I used to to this as part of prep, but in doing it following a session instead, I find its much fresher in my mind, and helps with with prep for the next session, as well as helping your campaign world feel more alive.
Journal image is from @tabletitans , found here…
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So here’s the thing about the ‘no excuses’, ‘always hustle’ bullshit; the refusal to recognize that people - even neuroatypical folks, or those with a chronic illness or disability - have limits.

We KNOW people have limits.

The evidence? Video games.

Let me explain.

In every game ever made, there’s a recognition of limits. Look at, I don’t know, Super Mario World for the NES as an early game. Mario jumps into a pit? He dies. He hits a Goomba? He dies. There are places he can’t go, no matter how much he wants to or how much he tries.

But I’m thinking more about modern games.

Think about the Final Fantasy series. You have HP and MP. If you run out of MP, you can’t cast any more spells unless you eat or drink the right things, or you rest. If you run out of HP, you faint.

Sound familiar?

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Tell me (and the world) about a #Tabletop RPG that isn't #DnD. Tell us why it's awesome and why it should be played. It has to fit in a single tweet. Images and/or store links welcome.

Let's spread the word about the diversity of #ttrpg out there. Post your favorites & retweet!
I love the great responses to this thread. Keep them coming, keep sharing, tag your friends, let's keep the recommendations coming! The #TTRPG community is awesome!
Oh wow, this thread exploded! I'm trying to catch up after my work day, bear with me. The #TTRPG community is so awesome! So many great game suggestions! 👍
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The confusing parts of Lord of the Rings start to make a lot more sense when you realize it's actually just a transcribed #DnD campaign. THREAD:
1) Starts with a long, low-level adventure of just getting out of The Shire and getting the ring to Rivendell. DM originally prepped a low-level hobbit campaign for their roommates who had never played before.
2) DM lets their friend Steve play an OP wizard character from a previous campaign because Steve is super busy IRL and only found out he could play at the last minute, but everyone is into it because Steve rules.
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Yuan-ti. Serpent-men who spread by evil and deceit... but were they always this way, and what could their future hold? Time for a stan for Yuan-ti thread! #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
Yuan-ti are an old foe in the FR setting. Real old. like, pre-humans old. They're the most successful and longest lasting creation of the Sarrukh. The Sarrukh being a creator race, and more specifically, the creators of all the scaled races like the Yuan-ti, Lizardfolk, and more!
The Yuan-ti were unique among their creations, having the capability to turn mammalian creatures, like humans and elves, into "Purebloods", and ironic term because they are the lowest caste in Yuan-ti society. Often called "corrupt", this is a feature of the Yuan-ti, not a bug.
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Let's talk about #Chult, the peninsula, and the #WesternShaar. These places are amazing, but there's not a lot of good anchoring on what they're about and their deeper history, or how any of that translates into kick-ass adventuring today. #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
Right off the hop, let's talk player races. The places is a little different, and its dominant populations =/= those found in the more familiar north. Humans of course, are everywhere. Specifically Chultans, Tashalan, Lapal, Shaaran, and Calishite humans are the dominant groups.
There's a strong argument that all of them should/could be Black; but let's leave it at "they're all POC" and non-European culturally. Next are dwarves. Gold Dwarf populations are top of the pile. Elves are actually relatively unseen, and mainly Wild/Wood types.
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#DnD pondering about my island

Would you as a PC, prefer locations that are spoken/written in your native tongue (for me, English), or using a language that conveys a more remote distant feeling (for me, Arabic).

E.g; 'The Land of the Spear' or Al'ard Ramal

#worldbuilding #rpg
Disclaimer - I think the phonetics of Arabic are wonderful and the visual appearance of the script is stunning. I will however translate, use and modify words in my #DnD world, so they are not perfect, good or even true translations. No offence is meant by this.
Eg 2: The large central mountain range:
'The Dragon's Back' or 'Zahar Altanin'

Eg 3: A famous ship wrecked off the southern tip
'Sailor's Grave' or 'Qabr Bihaarn'

Eg 4: The poisonous 2x vents in the volcano
'The Nostrils' or 'Alhaysheem'

(Some words written more phonetically)
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(So 3rd attempt writing this thread. Now condensed)

#DnD World Building thread:

I'm writing up a largely sandy island for a #DnD5e campaign 🏝 The island is loosely shaped like a spear head, with a mountain ridge running along what might be seen as the spears ridge / fuller 🗡
I love the phonetic sounds of the Arabic language for this location. I'm currently thinking the island is called internationally as Al 'Ard Ramali. Which roughly translates to The Land of the Spear. Is that too many syllables for a countries name? Does it flow? ⁉
At the very tip of the island (the pointy end), is the capital, a large trading port city that is literally & physically split in two ⚓ It is known for trading in exotic items, precious metals & precious gems. Due to the desert environment that largely covers the island, food...
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Friendly reminder that DMing is hard work and draining. This is gonna be a thread so buckle up. Please stop giving DMs "advice" that strictly focuses on the players enjoyment. Stop telling DMs not to focus on world building, or not to spend too much time on the NPC background. 1/
The one thing I have seen in the #dnd Twitter community since joining that frosts my jimmies is this constant thread of DM "wisdom" that espouses the idea that the players' enjoyment comes first. I'm here to tell you as a veteran DM of 20 years that this is bullshit. 2/
Is player enjoyment important? Of course. But you know who has the hardest job at the table and needs to make sure they have fun too? You. The DM. The person spending hours each week prepping so you can run hours of a game session for your friends. That's A LOT of work. 3/
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This guy is so bad ass. I need to come up with a campaign to use him in. #dnd
So this artwork comes from Dungeon 133, The Age of Worms adventure path, and it’s a type of undead Giant called raam.
Anyway. He rules Cairnheim. This is his 4e call out.
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I modified Daekle's super simple character sheet (link in comment) for a kid's introduction #dnd #rpg game.
Making a character: stats have to add up to 10. Each number is a 1d6.
Armor is light 1, medium 2 or heavy 3- plus 1 for shield.

Roll over difficulty number (armour) to score a success (owie).
Weapons give +1 or +2 dice.
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Remember that cover and concealment are two different animals when dealing with firearms in game, and that most buildings not made of brick, logs, rammed earth, or similar materials offer little protection from incoming fire. #DnD #ttrpg #blerd
If you're in a scifi setting, be cognizant that walls and whatnot probably are more effective against lasers and so on, said energy weapons are likely to start a lot of fires. Like, a distressing amount of fires.
Another aspect to think about as you run gun battles is that different groups respond to the firefight differently, depending on their training, morale, and the conditions they're in. Here's some broad examples:...1/4
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Today marks my 7th anniversary since I first walked through the doors at Wizards and began doing work on Magic. It's been a crazy seven years with all sorts of highs and lows.
Yesterday was our company All Hands meeting and it was a great day. A few highlights:
1. We got a very exciting look at what next year holds for Wizards. I had good visibility into Magic, but there were still some surprises, and also I got a look at what is coming for D&D which was SUPER exciting as well. #wotcstaff
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I recaptured that “in Ravenloft character” conversation I had with a porn spammer awhile back so it’s easier to read. I present to you The saga of Leonard the gentle blacksmith and Siegfried the maybe not so simple tailor. #rpglyfe #dnd
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Making molds - #30secondtutorial #dnd #nerdcrafts

NEED: Silicone Caulking/gun, big bowl w/ dishsoap & water, thing to mold in an appropriately sized container, gloves (if you use them, I always end up taking them off)

Nice to have some goo-gone on hand, to get rid of stickies!
-Prep item to mold. I'm making dice, so I glued it in at the angle I wanted. Once the mold is done, the bottom will be the top of the mold, and where the die touches the bottom will be the opening.
-Get your gloves on! (I put soap on my hands instead of using gloves)
-Put water in the big bowl, with dish soap. About 1 part soap to 10 parts water.
-Put caulking in water mixture, work with hands for 3-5 minutes, until it's a big less-sticky blob
-Squish silicone in the little cup with item to mold, make sure it's filled in around item.
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#DnD #rpg #coya
The crowd is applauding,
You want to clap too!
How do you...
Hands! I had them! What did they look like?
Spectral hands appear in the air in front of you
No one seems to notice them
Must be yours
Yes that's them! Now arms I had big ones!
I was a big one!
You piece together the memory of the you that was and as it completes you realise that it's what you're supposed to be!
Makes sense now, you were a terrible wolf
You step toward the spectra; shape and as you do, you mentally envision pouring yourself into it
You fill the shape!
You remember it all now!
You are Peu Pue Flintwalker, Goliath of the Thugaga clan, Druid of the Twilight Circle, known as Howls from Wrong End in the Fae courts, guardian of George the shiny pebble and you owe some people a right kicking!
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@GauntletRPG Symbaroum last night was great! I didn’t expect such a good starter adventure. Somewhat disillusions you as the colonizers escaping their dying land and going into a new one, where indigenous folks are already about.

If you don’t mind spoilers continue reading!
(Pic from the core book) Our characters were all a part of a caravan going to the new land. To get on we had to fight some guards to prove ourselves able and basically entertain the leader as he was fucking with us. It’s a fairly trad #ttrpg /2
Somewhat like #dnd but you roll under. You take abilities, Boons, and Burdens; the later of which really help you create a unique character. Variol Hope, my character, is a witch hunter that specifically goes after abominations. Blighted, corrupted creatures. But on a hunt /3
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Good evening folks!

We're about to begin the last day of #Halloween #sale on #tarotreading

DM for more details
Again like the previous two days I will be doing a marathon #spooky thread here while waiting for customers.

This time I would love it if people could ask some witchy, pagan or otherwise magicky questions here and I'll do my best to answer or sign post to resources

I'll begin tonight's thread by saying happy #NaNoWriMo18 friends this thread is my writing for the day because I'm a rebel and I'm not writing a novel.

But enough of that.

I've got rocky horror picture show live @ London's playhouse theatre hosted by Mel Giedroyc on let's go!
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Who is your game about?
#RPG #DnD #GM #DM thread.
Let's get the obvious one out of the way, DMs: Your game is not about you. And it is not about that really cool NPC you invented.

But that's not what I'm going to talk about in this thread. I'm going to ask: Is your game about your PLAYERS or their CHARACTERS? No wrong answer.
Both answers get at different styles, but if you only ever learn one thing from all the stuff I say, it should be this: Be mindful about your choices! Pick a strategy because that's a fully informed choice you made, not just because that's the way you've always done it.
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