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1 Jan
A #TeamPeteThread: I first heard of @PeteButtigieg as I was sitting on my sofa on a cold Arch night in MN and tuned into @CNN. I was immediately intrigued on the idea of restoring the values of freedom, security & democracy. So I donated! #PeteForAmerica #WinTheEra
I sat on that same couch in April to watch @PeteButtigieg officially announce his candidacy for the @TheDemocrats nomination for POTUS. #TeamPete #PeteForAmerica #PeteForPresident #WinTheEra
Then in May I got the privilege of hearing @PeteButtigieg speak @FineLineMPLS about waking up the next day to see 2 men on the cover of @TIME w/ the title “First Family”. We even chatted for a couple minutes. BTW, all of this was in thanks to two generous #TeamPete folks.
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