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Today, we’re excited to endorse six outstanding candidates who are breaking barriers and changing the face of leadership across our country.
We’re proud to endorse @sharicedavids for #KS3! Congresswoman Davids consistently puts her constituents first and knows how to build consensus towards common-sense solutions. Her pragmatic approach will serve Kansans and Americans well for years to come.
We’re proud to endorse @sandra4nv for NV Assembly 41! Assemblywoman Jauregui is a proven leader and fierce advocate for building a more fair and just country. Nevadans need her in their corner fighting for high-quality education, an equitable economy, and accessible health care.
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1/ A 🧵 on the #MayorPeteDoc/#MayorPeteMovie . #TeamPete #TeamPeteForever So last night, we sat down to watch the #MayorPeteDoc/#MayorPeteMovie
2/ I read lots of reviews in advance and expected to cry and find it cathartic on some level. I sniffled a couple of times but it was more of a delightful trip back to the reasons I boarded the Pete Train and never looked back.
3/ Some of the reviews I read in advance suggested that the documentary portrayed the struggles of Pete to "open up" or that it showed sides of Pete that most people didn't know existed. No on both counts for me.
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#TeamPete! Do you like smart Midwesterners running for mayor? Do you like progressive problem solvers who believe in relational organizing? Do you like blue and yellow as a color scheme?

Then join me and support @GaviBegtrup for Mayor of Cincinnati! 1/
This Thursday at 8 PM ET I'm hosting a virtual fundraiser for Gavi, and I hope to see many of you there!

We'll have Q&A with Gavi followed by a cocktail class – a great way to spend a Thursday night!

Want to learn more about Gavi first? Read on 2/…
Ever wish more politicians were scientists?

Gavi's a PhD physicist who's worked on Capitol Hill as a AAAS Fellow and advisor to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. No wonder @314action endorsed him!

(And hurray for #scipol! @jonathan_moch @KaylaJanae @Steph_Guerra) 3/
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Ready for a new thread #TeamPete? @SoundsKugle got me back into making Pete GIFs but with the transportation theme. So this thread is dedicaded to them.

My Tenor account:…

Search Transportation Pete or team Pete to find them all.
So the first are based on a quote from his hearing.

Search Transportation Pete or team Pete to find them all.
Search Transportation Pete or team Pete to find them all.
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🚨🚨Today we're publishing Energizing America: A Roadmap to Launch a National Energy Innovation Mission! You can download it for free from @ColumbiaUEnergy or order the paperback on Amazon (#1 clean energy new release!). 🧵👇🏽on what it's all about (1/10)…
The US has a storied history of launching national innovation missions. They've delivered life-saving drugs, spawned the computer & internet revolutions, and put a man on the Moon. But we've never launched a serious, sustained innovation mission to combat climate change (2/10)
Time to change that—and seize this political window. A President Biden would make “the largest-ever investment in clean energy innovation" & bipartisan support in Congress is growing. (In rare show of resistance, Republican lawmakers raised funding by 25% over Trump years) (3/10)
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Here is my #TeamPeteForever thread. The first time I saw Pete in person was on May 2 in Minneapolis. This is when I connected with the Minnesota for Pete group, in particular, @Coffee4Pete pictured here.
In June and July I plunged into #TeamPete I read Shortest Way Home, got a decal and went to my first debate watch party! @MN4Pete
In July I traveled to South Bend and met @TheStefanSmith @JoyAnder25690 @GoodGuyPete2024 (Lety) @AJ_Indiana and @kyrsielaine
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For action-oriented people, it’s difficult to accept that the most important thing we can do right now is stay home.

But #TeamPete doesn't sit idly by. So, if you can help, here are organizations focused on making sure our most vulnerable communities stay safe & healthy:
.@domesticworkers is providing $400 in emergency assistance for qualifying home care workers, nannies, and house cleaners who are experiencing financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This allows these workers to stay home and stay safe.…
.@FeedingAmerica is supporting local food banks to ensure nobody goes hungry during the pandemic.…
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Like so many other Democrats unifying every day around @JoeBiden’s character and leadership, I couldn’t be more excited to help elect him the next President and end the disaster of Donald Trump.
It’s an honor to work alongside all of @TeamJoe who spent the last year fighting their hardest, in Philly HQ and the states, even when they were counted out. That’s who you want to be in the fight with, always.
I’m grateful to be back on a team together with folks from across the party and so many other campaigns, friends old and new, and especially the #KHive, #TeamPete, #BetoToBiden, #TeamAmy, #TeamCory, #TeamMike and many more still every day.
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Ten days ago when Pete announced he was dropping out, the campaign ended for many people, but for my team it meant executing a graceful close to the race. (THREAD 1/)
There’s an event to produce, a schedule to send out the next day (and the next), dozens of calls & briefings to pull together +surrogates and advance teams spread across the country who need to get home. (2/)
I’m proud of my team for putting their heads down and doing this work in the same manner they did throughout the campaign. I’ve had some time to reflect and want to share just how amazing they are as they look to their next opportunities. (3/)
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I am going to close tonight with this: I am not a party loyalist. I am not a candidate loyalist. I am a values loyalist. The reason I was so deeply engaged in the Buttigieg campaign was because it not only was so closely aligned to my values it actually lived & breathed them
You may have heard me say that I believe that our problems aren't with our politicians and their staff compromising it is with US compromising. We allow our politicians to behave badly by continue to validate that behavior with our votes.
We dismiss their behavior as "just politics" while at the same time being angry and frustrated at what is going on in Washington, what our country has become, and stew in the distrust we have for the very officials we elect.
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The purpose of Nebraskans for Pete Buttigieg will go on as it began—an account to support @PeteButtigieg. We will continue to share relevant tweets, posts, articles, and events, not as an endorsement of any other candidates, but as a way of continuing to win the era...1/4
and build support for Pete. All members of #TeamPete are still welcome as we follow @PeteButtigieg into the future. As Pete said, “There is simply too much at stake to retreat to the sidelines now. Together we can beat this president and build the era that must come next.” 2/4
We will also be advancing the movement @PeteButtigieg built by continuing to organize at the grassroots level, participating as #TeamPete in service opportunities in our community, practicing the Rules of the Road, and gathering to celebrate #joy and #belonging at Pete-ups. 3/4
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Tonight proved that #TeamPete had a grassroots infrastructure that was strong, organized, & ready.

The Marathon States program @PeteForAmerica didn’t just organize. We built community through belonging. Our volunteers built real connections.

Here’s what we accomplished:
We IDed, trained, and worked with 848 volunteer leaders in non-early states, some who are campaign veterans and many that were finding their voice in this space for the first time.
Those volunteer leaders led more than 50,000 active volunteers nationwide in weekly organizing activities not just in support of Pete, but in service to their community through monthly service projects with local organizations creating the world we want to live in.
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I would say I'm suspending #ROTR, but Truth is one. I've been carrying around a lot of frustration for a long time that I no longer have a campaign to divert my energy toward, so allow me to vent, #TeamPete. I am FURIOUS at how dirty the media did Pete during this campaign. 1/20
The press couldn’t write a nice word about him without repeating the lie that he had no Black support-- and it was a lie. SC isn't the only place Black voters live, and he had 10% in Illinois MONTHS ago, for instance. But beat that drum enough, and it became self-fulfilling. 2/20
The press silenced the overwhelming majority of Black South Benders who supported him-- 75%, higher even than his white support in South Bend-- and it was so much more insidious than just ignoring them. They interviewed them and then SHELVED those interviews. 3/20
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Congratulations #PeteButtigieg on a well ran historic campaign. If you caught my #SCprimary2020 Recap then you arent surprised by this development. Here is a rough cut since I'm hopping on a flight.
Full 🎥:
I can't think of a higher note for #PeteButtigieg to spend his last day on the campaign trail than commemorating #Selma55. To #TeamPete supporters it has been fun getting to know y'all after my girl dropped out. You're welcome to stick around. Hugs & support to y'all 🤗
I can't think of a better high note for #PeteButtigieg's last day on the campaign trail than commemorating #Selma55. To the #PeteForAmerica supporters, it has been fun getting to know y'all after my girl dropped out & you're welcome to stick around as the primary continues.
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„Pete Buttigieg has a more bare-knuckled view of how American politics works than someone like Biden.“
#TeamPete #PeteForPresident #PeteForAmerica
Part 1/3
The case for Pete Buttigieg.
#TeamPete #PeteForPresident #PeteForAmerica
Parte 2/2
The case for Pete Buttigieg.
#TeamPete #PeteForPresident #PeteForAmerica
Part 3/3
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Real Talk LONG Rage Thread:

I try very hard to be ROTR compliant. But sometimes, you just have to call some shit out. Especially when there is so much at stake. Yes, I'm #TeamPete. But, I'm somewhat new to giving a damn about politics & my views are raw. And maybe we need raw.
Let's talk about the billionaires. Steyer and Bloomie. GIVE ME A GODDAMN BREAK. Neither one of them are effectual in any way except monetarily. Neither can debate worth a damn. Bloomie can barely grasp the english language - in fact, he's a TRUMP CLONE. Steyer is a bump on a log.
Sure, if you want a fucking TRUMP CLONE or a wallflower to run this country because they BOUGHT THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY, keep supporting them. ALSO let's not forget that BLOOMIE is a goddamn RACIST BIGOT. He's a liar. HE IS NO DIFFERENT THAN TRUMP. Plenty of receipts out there.
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Ok, #TeamPete. @PeteButtigieg and I were married on June 16th, so my favorite number on this board is $616. Who wants to grab it? →
@PeteButtigieg Thank you, Jaclyn in Highland Park, IL!

Let’s keep this theme going. @PeteButtigieg took me on our first date on August 28th. (We went to a South Bend Cubs Game.) So who wants to pitch in $828? 👉 Image
@PeteButtigieg Thank you Megan from Lee's Summit, MO!

Let’s keep it going...Buddy got his Explorer Club shirt on March 31, 2019.

So who’s ready to donate $331? 👉 Image
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THREAD. Someone asked me about @PeteButtigieg's donations from Millionaires & Billionaires, so let me see if I can make this as simple as possible...
1. The max donation ANYONE can give to a candidate in the 2020 election cycle is $2800 for the primary & $2800 for the general. You can, technically, donate $5600 now, but if they do not win the nomination to the general election, then candidates have to return that second $2800.
2. @PeteButtigieg has donations from more than 800,000 individuals. The average contribution in the fourth quarter was $33 and 98% of contributions were less than $200. (max=$2800) He doesn't accept money from registered federal lobbyists, corporate PACs or fossil fuel industry.
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.@PeteButtigieg is inspiring folks across New Hampshire—from the small towns to the industrial cities. Here’s why many Granite Staters are excited to be on #TeamPete👇
Suzanne from Belknap County is on #TeamPete because she shares @PeteButtigieg’s vision for the future.
Rick from Carroll is on #TeamPete because he trusts @PeteButtigieg’s leadership.
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I've never seen Pete Buttigieg speak more passionately and authentically than when talking about how Trump has wronged the intelligence community.

Sorry #TeamPete, this wasn't intended as a compliment...
😂 please stop RT and liking this
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Just saw someone I know and respect urge people on FB to vote for BS in the NY primary. In 2015 when I was visibly upset by the racist rhetoric coming out of then nominee DJT, this person told me they don't think the DJT supporters are motivated by racism, instead...1/
...this person told me most people were low income whites concerned about the economy that's why they were voting for him. I speechlessly looked at them for a few minutes and internally seethed. I hadn't been as invested or involved in the primaries in 2015 as I am...2/
...this time around, and thus I can now clearly recognize the pattern. The problem with most BSBros is that the 'burn the house' mentality sounds good from their white, urban, middle or upper middle class context because it won't impact them. As a POC and an immigrant I am...3/
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Hey #TeamPete! I went to IA and I'd like to share my thoughts w/ you. First, you should know I've NEVER volunteered for a campaign before. I've never texted complete strangers, called complete strangers, and knocking on complete strangers' doors is possibly my worst nightmare 1/
...until now. I'm so inspired by @PeteButtigieg and #TeamPete that I went to #IA on the spur of the moment with a near stranger I'd only just met! @melissagrizzle! And she's awesome! Turns out my husband and her brother were colleague friends in KC! 😂 2/
Time out to let you know that @Lis_Smith retweeted this. And I am dead 3/
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Hey #TeamPete, wanted to speak to you personally on this morning's pieces on race as it relates to this campaign. Hope you'll take the time to hear from me. Thread.
1| I say it often because it's true: I'll go to the mat for this team every time. Full stop. Getting to be in the trenches with this particular crop of extraordinary human beings on the daily is most likely the coolest thing I'll ever do and I'm so good with that.
2| Part of those trenches includes being introspective when faced with stories like these. However, Pete for America has a lot to be proud of, both internally and externally. Read more here:…
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Stay true to our shared values.
(Especially belonging and joy 😃)
Knock. Dial. Text. Raise.
Turn the page.
Win the era.
You got this, #TeamPete!…
Donations go a LONG way, as well as kindness. In all of our work and our words, let us exemplify the true spirit of belonging and unity that is sorely needed in this country. 9 days. Every penny counts. Let’s do this.…
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