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OK, #TeamPete - it's time for some real talk.
Recently, I've been seeing a lot of grumblings about the media and their coverage - or lackthereof - about our guy @PeteButtigieg.
@PeteButtigieg I get the frustration, but as someone in the media field, I'm telling you, there's no conspiracy or cabal out to sabotage Pete's campaign. Not within the world of credible news and info media anyway. Leave those conspiracies to others.
@PeteButtigieg Instead, let's follow the #RulesOfTheRoad and turn our frustration or negative energy into even MORE grassroots efforts. If you've paid attention to the mobilize site, you'll notice organizers are setting up all kinds of things you can join to help/get involved.
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Thread: Alright #TeamPete, it’s time to talk about how we talk about racism. As @PeteButtigieg has said, white people need to have these conversations about ending racism with other white people. Please retweet. 1/
I’m a white lady and I humbly offer-up some things I’ve learned about how to talk about race and racism. There have been discussions lately about how the campaign should address race issues and welcome people of color (PoC) to hear more about Pete. 2/
Some Pete supporters have taken the criticism personally and gone to the campaign’s defense. It’s understandable to want to defend your favorite candidate from what you perceive as unfair criticism. 3/
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1) Welcome to my ramblings on attending the Pete fundraiser in Austin. I will recap the event, give my shallow analysis, and share my moment of impulsiveness. If you don’t want to read, just skim for the photos and skip to 14 (yes, it’s that long) #TeamPete
2) It was hot as hell. It’s always hot here, but this was stifling, humid, ungodly hot. 800(!) people showed up and braved intolerable conditions for 2+ hours just to see Pete. That is huge and proves he is gaining traction in Texas.
3) The place practically exploded when Pete walked on stage. The cheers and applause were deafening, and the energy in the room was palpable. He was clearly overwhelmed by the turnout and reaction.
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.@PeteButtigieg's quotes from the debate, a long thread. Divided into differently lengthened segments for your reading delight. #DemDebates #DemDebate2 #TeamPete
"I'm running for president because our country is running out of time. It is even bigger than the emergency of the Trump presidency. Ask yourself how somebody like Donald Trump ever gets within cheating distance of the Oval Office in the first place. 1/5
"It doesn't happen unless America is already in a crisis -- an economy that's not working for everyone, endless war, climate change. We have lived this in my industrial Midwestern hometown. My generation has lived this as long as we have been alive. 2/5
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Happy Saturday!! Let’s do this for real this time and break down #PeteButtigieg’s economic plan, A New Rising Tide! #PeteForAmerica #TeamPete
Before we start, you can listen to Pete introduce his plan yesterday in Iowa
You can learn about Pete’s labor and job growth record in SB here
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1/ Here’s a 🧵 of all the endorsements I’ve found for @PeteButtigieg, organized chronologically. If I accidentally omit anyone, I’ll add them at the end. I’ll also add new endorsements as they’re announced.
Thank you, endorsers!
2/ I believe @SteveGrossmanMA became the first to endorse #Pete2020, on 4/11. He is a former DNC Chair, former Massachusetts State Treasurer, and current CEO of the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City, a non-profit that trains inner-city entrepreneurs.…
3/ Grossman called Pete “a Midwestern, down-to-earth, smart, savvy, in-touch candidate” who can flip industrial states. “My concern is the future of the US... I think Pete has the capacity to be the beacon for an awful lot of people who really feel a deep, deep sense of concern.”
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IMAGE THREAD — Hello friends! I'm so happy to share #PeteForAmerica’s #RulesOfTheRoad in social media graphics for #TeamPete to share & retweet! Thank you for all you do to support #Pete2020. (These graphics can be reformatted for other purposes if you want, just DM me!) 💙
As you may know, I’m a volunteer graphic #Designer4Pete & #TeamPete. If you appreciate this Pete project, will you please consider donating $3 to #Pete2020 at this link? This allows me to do a little bit of fundraising for #PeteForAmerica with my graphics.…
#PeteForAmerica #RulesOfTheRoad #Respect

In our thoughts, words, and actions we cultivate a sense of respect. We should respect every individual we encounter. Join #TeamPete and #Pete2020. Share/Retweet!…
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A little while ago a former dutch politician wrote a column about @PeteButtigieg

I took the time (and google translate ;)) to give #teampete a translation. Hope you enjoy!


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Aaron Sorkin, as screenwriter of the TV series The West Wing, demonstrated a deeply romantic view of American politics, full of lofty idealism and moral leadership. Summarized in one statement by chief of staff Leo McGarry about the search for the next president:
“You take the smartest, most decent, honorable person you know, and you make them president.” In the series, this ultimate good man, Matthew Santos, then succeeds from a seemingly hopeless position with majestic speeches and the right moral compass to win the election.
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About climbing my 1st 14er, campaigning for @PeteButtigieg at 14,000ft, finding community with strangers, an electrifying moment, and the biggest surprise of my life!
We arrived at the #MtEvans trailhead around 7:30am, the peak was lost in fast moving clouds. #14er
Mt Evans magnets & shirts don't lie, the GOATS! So awesome.
We had goats greet us at the trailhead, we kept our distance &
ogled them with delight. #14ers
#TeamPete, I brought my @playmobil #minime & a #Pete2020 banner for some inspiring photos exploring #AmericatheBeautiful.
#SummitLake parking lot, with another 2,00-odd ft to ascend to the peak of #MtEvans, a #14er that I can see from my house, SE of Denver!
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Thousands of people from across America signed up to host watch parties tonight. These grassroots supporters are the backbone of our campaign and we couldn't do it without them.
Big hello to Tempe, AZ' Iowa City, IA; and Neenah, WI! #TeamPete
Lincoln, NE; Merrimack, NH; and Mesa, AZ #TeamPete
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I’m treading on dangerous territory, but I trust my #TeamPete folks to keep this discussion respectful.

As a recovering (post Vatican II) Catholic (family was SUPER Evangelical) I’ve not payed attention to any major social shifts in religions in the past 20yrs.

What, as a “regular practitioner*” of a mainstream religion would you say are the primary social stances publicly held by your church in 2019?

Are there discrepancies between what doctrine says & what the majority of practitioners follow?

If so, what are members doing to encourage more progressive views, & civic action?

Focus on the 80% & not the edge cases of your faith. (Those are EASY to spot!)

(*regular for our purposes is 1 or more times a month)

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Ok, #TeamPete, time to flex our diversity muscle. I want to translate "build Bridges, not walls" and "win the era" into as many languages as possible. Go. @Desis4Pete @Asians4Pete
As an update, I currently have 40 languages represented in some way. This is so exciting!
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