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Sep 28
13 free websites that are so useful they feel illegal to know:
1. Removebg

Remove the background from your image and add in any background you like in 5 seconds. Image
2. 12ft Ladder

Want to read an article, but there’s a paywall?


• Insert URL into 12ft ladder
• Click remove wall
• Access content Image
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Sep 29
In the next 10 years, INVEST in these and you'll be ahead of 99% of people...
1. Invest in yourself

Be your first priority.

Focus on your health because it's the ultimate wealth.

Stay fit;

• Mentally
• Physically
• Emotionally

Do this;

• Eat a healthy diet
• Hit the gym 5x a week
• Stay away from toxic people
2. Invest in friends

80% of your decisions are influenced by your peers

You need friends who push you to win.

Have a circle of friends who discuss;

• Self-improvement
• Business ideas
• Investments
• Success
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Sep 29
We compiled every DOJ doc, Trump legal brief, DJT social media post and news report for this.

Tracker: Evidence of Trump's Knowledge, Involvement in Retaining #MarALago Docs

The bulleted list of key findings is alone strong evidence for a prosecution.👇… Image
2. Exhibit one

Trump staff tell FBI "Trump was a pack rat who had been personally overseeing his collection of White House records since even before leaving Washington and had been reluctant to return anything."

via @jdawsey1 @CarolLeonnig @JaxAlemany @PostRoz Image
3. Exhibit two

Former Trump WH lawyer Herschmann warned Trump late 2021 he "could face legal liability if he did not return government materials he had taken with him when he left office"..."particularly any classified material."

Trump's response: "noncommittal"

via @maggieNYT Image
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Sep 29
🧵I want to share some thoughts about reporting on long COVID and other complex chronic illnesses. (e.g. below)
This is a thread about the ethos behind these pieces, and how I’ve approached interviewing, writing, and the rest of it. 1/
I still consider myself new to this kind of reporting & am learning as I go. This isn’t a finger-wagging lecture. I'm just sharing some stuff I've thought about a lot. I hope it will be helpful to other journalists who want to do this kind of work & inspire more to do so. 2/
And many (most?) of these ideas and principles also apply to other pieces I’ve written about people who’ve taken the brunt of the pandemic, including those grieving loved ones lost to COVID, immunocompromised folks, and burned-out healthcare workers. 3/
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Sep 29
"The Great Reset."

A comprehensive thread on the Global Elites' plan to control food, energy, and money.

What's their intention, and what can we do about it?

1/ Image
2/ For those awakening from the pod, I'll quickly get you up to speed so we can get into the thick of it.

The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum's plan to "shape the recovery" post-Covid-19.

It's an agenda to centrally plan the world.

It's global communism.
3/ The ultimate goal of the Great Reset is for you to own nothing and be happy.

And for them to own everything and be a little happier.

It's their strategy to consolidate power over food, energy, and money. Image
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Sep 29
It appears that Moscow’s illegal annexation of 4 Ukrainian territories will happen very soon – possibly tomorrow. There's a great deal of uncertainty for what comes next, but I'll share my thoughts on next steps and how mobilized forces aid the Kremlin's goals (or not).
As I wrote, Russia needs intense fighting to end ASAP. Through annexation, Russia will attempt to “force a rapid end to this phase of the war, stymie Western support for Ukraine, and buy itself time to repair and regenerate its military" (/2)…
It is possible that soon after illegal annexation, the Kremlin could offer Ukraine a “ceasefire” along the line of contact, to try to freeze the conflict. This would be an unacceptable deal for Kyiv - Kyiv has signaled it will not accept annexation. (/3)…
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Sep 29
SCOOP: San Francisco Unified School District has released a guidebook encouraging teachers to facilitate secret child sexual transitions and to affirm students who use the gender pronoun "it" at school—which, the district says, is the gender-identity version of the "n-word."

According to documents I've obtained from a whistleblower, the district has implemented a radical gender theory curriculum and celebrated "International Pronouns Day," teaching students that they can adopt a wide range of genders and sexual identities. ImageImageImage
The district teaches students that they can diverge from from "vanilla sexuality" and become part of the "bisexual umbrella," with sexual identity options including "fluid," "pansexual," "omnisexual," "homo-curious," and "hetero-flexible." Image
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Sep 29
Gov. Andy Beshear just announced his administration has "secured the return" $15 million given to Braidy Industries by the administration of former Gov. Matt Bevin for an aluminum mill that never materialized, and is also working to get the property back, too.
Beshear says Kentucky National Guard members will assist with search and rescue efforts in Florida following Hurricane Ian, including some of the same folks who helped with EKy flooding search and rescue in July.
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Sep 29
Ciro Gomes nasceu em Pindamonhangaba em SP (Sim, Ciro não é cearense), em 06 de novembro de 1957. Foi prefeito de Fortaleza de 1º de janeiro de 1989 quando tinha 31 anos, e deixou a prefeitura dia 2 de abril de 1990 aos 32 anos.
Siga o Fio
Sim, o “grande prefeito de uma das maiores capitais do país” só permaneceu no cargo por 1 ano, 3 meses e 1 dia. Qual a grande experiência que Ciro tem como prefeito? Hoje, Ciro Gomes tem a mesma quantidade de anos vividos fora da prefeitura de Fortaleza,
que tinha de anos de vida quando assumiu o cargo. São mais de 3 décadas fora do executivo municipal.
Quando assumiu o governo do estado do Ceará em 15 de março de 1991, Ciro tinha 33 anos, e deixou o cargo em 8 de setembro de 1994 com 36 anos, próximo de fazer 37.
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Sep 29
🚨🚨🚨Here are just a FEW of the terrible, radical, tyrannical policies Swamp Dems are trying to fund with BILLIONS of YOUR taxpayer $$$ in their new continuing resolution

WARNING: It’s worse than you thought

🧵THREAD (it’s a LONG one):
Dems’ continuing resolution contains NOTHING to secure our border from cartels, illegal migrants, and lethal fentanyl flooding in - and would EMPOWER the Biden admin to make the border crisis WORSE:
$57.5 billion for @DHSgov that, under the leadership of @SecMayorkas, has:

🚨Given violent cartels operational control of our border
🚨Allowed fentanyl to pour into communities
🚨Undermined our national sovereignty
🚨Attacked their own employees for doing their jobs
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Sep 29
Something very important is going on in the pension fund industry.

Why was the Bank of England forced to intervene as the lender of last resort?

Is something going seriously wrong?

A thread.

First, some context.

The size of the global pension fund industry is estimated to be in the $35-40 trillion area.

It's a very large and systematically important industry not only because of its size, but also because of its social impact.

When it comes to countries...

2/ Image
...the share of pension fund assets as % of GDP can be vastly different as some countries choose to accumulate retirement savings in other vehicles.

Conservatively speaking, the UK pension fund industry has $4 trillion in assets or roughly ~120% of GDP - it's very large.

3/ Image
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Sep 29

Omigoodness Aileen, you are a hack.… Image
Judge Cannon unilaterally rewrites HER OWN deadlines to make sure that her Trumpy doesn't have to commit until after the election.

Holy hell this woman has no shame. Image
Cannon decides she has "bettered" Dearie by making sure no report can come in until everything comes in. Image
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