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One year ago, I was shocked to realize I had lost my senses of taste and smell. We had been so careful.

I’d like to share a bit about my experience with #LongCOVID, 4 things I’m grateful for and a few ways you can help: 1/14
The scariest part was struggling to breathe. I (finally) made a will. Throughout week 2, I wondered whether I would wake up if my oxygen saturation dropped in my sleep. Thankfully, my oxygen levels stayed high enough to avoid hospitalization. 2/14
One year in, I have debilitating fatigue and near-constant headaches and chest pain. Showering is a major expenditure of effort. Before this, I could easily run 3 miles even if I hadn’t exercised in months. 3/14
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1/ Well, it’s my #LongCOVID anniversary. Today marks one year from the day I noticed my first fever. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting so I thought I’d document some of my thoughts here. #1year1virus
2/ Weirdly enough I felt totally fine that first fever day and thought the thermometer might be wrong. I did BodyCombat earlier that day for goodness sakes, jump knees and burpees and all. A couple days later, I was gasping giving a 15 minute talk.
3/ After 1 month, I thought I was going crazy. How could I still be so sick from something that was only supposed to last two weeks? It was around then that I found the prolonged symptoms survey posted by @ahandvanish. I cried.
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Yesterday was my #covidversary. It's been one yr since my partner @israelfloresta & I got covid19.

We both tested negative. Now, we both have #longCOVID.

Here are some thoughts about this experience 👇🏽

I have a PhD in biology, I work with infectious diseases and I have done thousands of PCRs in my lifetime.

Yet, processing the implications of a (-) test while being ravaged by brain fog was humbling to say the least.

#1year1virus #longCOVID
We had access to testing early on because I was fully symptomatic and @israelfloresta was an essential worker. By the time we received the test result and it was (-), we were both getting worse. Our symptoms were dismissed and we were declined a 2nd test.

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One year ago today, I went for a run, like I did most mornings. I came back, made oatmeal w lots of cinnamon. My husband walked into the kitchen and said he could smell my breakfast from the bedroom.
I could not smell it.
That was my first morning w COVID19. #1Year1Virus
It started with some post nasal drip, some aches, skin sensitivity. I was slightly chilled but felt warm to the touch. I was nervous but heartened - no cough! This must be a cold. T said his throat felt funny the day before and it was a little more bothersome today.
The next day, the second Saturday of California’s Shelter in Place order, I got on my first Zoom with friends for a mimosa brunch. This was one of my only zoom hangouts this entire pandemic.
We poured champagne and I realized I was getting short of breath talking.
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A year ago today I had my first COVID symptoms, and I never recovered.

It feels fairly impossible to process what being sick for a year has been like, and what this year of watching #LongCOVID awareness and advocacy unfold has been like, but some thoughts: 1/
The first week of being sick was the easiest. I remember marking my calendar to donate plasma at the point I expected to be symptom-free, but that never came. The sirens in NYC were nonstop at that point. I watched my neighbors get taken away in ambulances. 2/
Every night from 2-4am the neighbor closest to my bedroom window had a coughing fit. It was so weird and horrifying to know we were all experiencing the same thing. In those days living in NYC was a horror show while the rest of the country had no idea how bad it was. 3/
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1/ I caught Covid a year ago this week and I’ve been sick ever since. I want to share my experience of Long Covid and a few thoughts on living with chronic illness.
2/ I spent most of 2020 thinking I’d get better any week, so I didn’t post about it often or identify strongly online as a long hauler. I’m well past that thinking now. Hope posting helps in a small way to raising our collective profile #1Year1Virus #LongCovid #longhaulers
3/ To start, let’s define “sick.” I’ve been living with headaches, a weird, “fuzzy” sensation in my head when it doesn’t hurt, pain in the center of my chest and levels of fatigue that range from being mild and a nuisance, to bone deep exhaustion that lasts for days.
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One year ago today, I developed my first symptoms of COVID-19. Over the past 12 months, I have battled issues ranging from severe GI issues to debilitating menstrual periods, started the @itsbodypolitic support group, and have helped to shape the media narrative around #LongCovid
some key takeaways from this past year:

1. I am strong af. But, I can't do everything alone. There is power in community, and strength in asking for help.

2. Economic and white privilege played an enormous role in my experience being easier than many other patients'...
I was mostly able to access care when I needed it. I was able to quit paid work and live off my savings when I needed enormous amounts of rest. I credit my (mostly full) recovery to that time I spent resting and pacing.

3. Recovery is not linear...
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