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(or rather the battle happens AFTER some very important pomp & circumstance) #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: the JUMP JUMP division's entries into tonight's Elite Trait matchups - #1 seed Bengal Tiger vs #3 seed Spinner Dolphin. Battle written by @c_n_anderson #2019MMM
The Bengal Tiger devoured the Ringtail Cat, the Springhare, and Bharal to make it to tonight's matchup. Will his hunger never end? It's becoming a spectacle. #2019MMM
The Spinner Dolphin defeated the Spinefex Hopping Mouse, the Impala, and the 9-banded Armadillo to make it here. Fortunately, for the Spinner Dolphin, every previous battle took place in marine waters. #2019MMM
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UP NEXT from the JUMP JUMP division: 1-seed TIGER versus 4-seed BHARAL #2019MMM
Our Bengal Tiger weighs in at 258kg/1173 stoats & the Himalayan Blue Sheep or Bharal weights 75kg/341 stoats #StoatsAsMeasurement #2019MMM
As noted by #TeamStoat, the male Bharal scared away its previous competitors (the stoat & rocky wallaby) in its native montane habitats of Nepal & India #2019MMM
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NEXT UP from the CAT-e-GORY division: 1-seed Sea Lion vs. 5-seed Tiger Owl (narration co-written with @TCastanea) #2019MMM
Tiger Owls, aka Great Horned Owls, occur throughout the Americas & are well suited for many habitats from sea level up to 11,000 ft. They live in forests, grasslands, deserts, swamps, marshes, & mangroves. (Smith 2002) #2019MMM
Tiger owls also adapt well to human ecostystems & can help control pest populations, but are sometimes killed when humans use poison on owls' rodent prey.… #2019MMM
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Next up: #1 ranked Moose vs. #8 ranked Flat-headed Cat! #2019MMM
Moose are part of North American culture. For example, kid's books discuss gift-giving & reciprocity among moose who are the recipients of muffins. However, they'd probably rather eat roots, bark, & twigs #2019MMM
In fact, the name "moose" comes from an Algonkian word meaning "twig eater" (…). While they don’t have front top teeth, their detention are well-adapted to cutting vegetation #veggie #2019MMM
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UP NEXT: 4-seed BHARAL versus 12-seed ROCK-WALLABY #2019MMM
During round 1, the rock-wallaby upset the serval with one wicked kick #CrouchingMacropodHiddenWallaby #YouGotSERValED #2019MMM
And to recap, this 10lb/4.5kg/21stoat sized marsupial edemic to northeastern Queensland in good ol' Oz… photo by @MichalKrause #StoatsAsMeasurement #2019MMM
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Next up: 6th-seeded Diana Monkey (Cercopithecus diana) & Red Colobus Monkey (Procolobus badius) #SimianSquad vs. 11th-seeded Bornean Bat (Kerivoula hardwickii) & Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes hemsleyana) #TeamBatToilet. #2019MMM
(n.b. This is a colloboration between myself and @tinkeringprim8 #TagTeamTeamwork #2019MMM)
Our setting this afternoon is the Taï National Park, Ivory Coast. This tropical evergreen forest is home to almost a dozen different primate species, including both of these monkeys... #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: the aquatic assault of the OCEANIC CRAB & LOGGERHEAD SEA TURTLE against the mutualism with pugilism the CLOWN FISH & SEA ANENOME. #2019MMM
Our battle takes place in the home turf of the Crab and Loggerhead (AKA #CrabberHead), which tonight is going to be the Sargasso Sea, an area of still waters in the middle North Atlantic #2019MMM
The Sargasso sea the area surrounded by the great currents of the Atlantic (including the Gulf Stream) and is an area of relative calm, where flotsam such as Sargasso accumulates #2019MMM
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FIRST UP: Top-ranked Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) versus Wildcard Winner larval Antlion (Dendroleon pantherinus)

[written by @PKurnath]

Tonight's Battle is Lion-e-Lion! Which Lion will sleep <forever> TONIGHT!?!? #DoNotClickThisVideo #DontDoIt #2019MMM
The antlion larva is fresh off a victory over the adult Tiger Beetle #StillHungry #TigerBeetleDrumstickWasNotEnough #2019MMM
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