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UP NEXT from the JUMP JUMP division: 1-seed TIGER versus 4-seed BHARAL #2019MMM
Our Bengal Tiger weighs in at 258kg/1173 stoats & the Himalayan Blue Sheep or Bharal weights 75kg/341 stoats #StoatsAsMeasurement #2019MMM
As noted by #TeamStoat, the male Bharal scared away its previous competitors (the stoat & rocky wallaby) in its native montane habitats of Nepal & India #2019MMM
The Bharal are considered Least Concern by @IUCNRedList mostly b/c of their habitat. They live on steep mountain sides, meaning that they do not compete a lot with domesticated livestock for food & there is little threat from human hunting #2019MMM iucnredlist.org/species/615135…
That said, some countries have seen significant population declines in the Blue Sheep due to localized over-hunting, habitat loss & over grazing. These countries have plans in place with local communities to find more sustainable solutions #TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork #2019MMM
Bengal Tigers, on the other hand, are listed as #Endangered by @IUCNRedList & their biggest threats are directly related to humans (poaching, loss of habitat & loss of prey items, Aziz et al., 2013) #2019MMM researchgate.net/profile/Adam_B…
In fact, human-tiger interactions have been recorded for a long time. Motifs from the Indus Valley civilization show tigers being strangled by a human #2019MMM harappa.com/blog/bare-hand… Thanks @MarcKissel!
But a recent survey suggested that the overall tiger population increased by 300 individuals from 2006-2010 (Jhala et al., 2011). You can celebrate & learn more on International Tiger Day, July 29th #SaveTheDate #2019MMM iucnredlist.org/species/136899…
Tiger comes to tonight's #Sweet16 battle hungry; Yes, it ate a hog deer (& scared away the ringtail cat) & the springhare, but that was last week! A large-bodied carnivore like the Tiger is constantly on the prowl for its next meal, swinging between feast & famine #2019MMM
Higher seeds still have home-court advantage, so we find Tiger prowling for meat in the Sundarbans East Wildlife Sanctuary in Bangladesh. Tigers here hunt & feed mainly in the the mangrove woodlands (Monirul et al., 2007) #2019MMM search.proquest.com/docview/204707…
Down at sea level, the Bharal is feeling out of place in the mangrove forest, unable to see very far through the thick vegetation. He is also alone, which is strange since male blue sheep often travel in small groups most of the year (Wang & Hoffman, 1987) #2019MMM
On the plus side, there are lots of new plants to eat, so the Bharal starts to nibble a nearby leaf #2019MMM
He suddenly stops eating and takes a long, hard look around. Bharal's native predator is the snow leopard, so he is always on the look out for big cats #2019MMM
Unfortunately, an even bigger cat is crouching just through the leaves of a mangrove tree, waiting to strike.... #2019MMM
Tiger attacks, moving quickly & easily through the mangrove!! Bharal reacts, running away through the shallow waters!! But Bharal's footing is not as sure, since he is no longer on the steep hillsides of the Himalayas... #2019MMM
Bharal trips on a submerged mangrove root! He loses balance & collapses into the shallow water. Bharal thrashes to regain footing, but Tiger quickly grasps Bharal's abdomen with its large paws & sharp nails, then bites down on its neck #2019MMM
"The function of canines and the long and sharp claws seems to be quite clear, yet there has been doubt as to whether the former were used just for grasping and holding the prey, or for the actual killing...... " - Mazak, 1981 #2019MM
"... Recently, however, it was shown that the primary
function of the tiger's long canines is to kill its prey." - Mazak, 1981 #Carnage #2019MM
Bharal struggles to get free, but it's no use against such a large & powerful predator. Tiger drags the sheep to firmer ground & enjoys another meal #2019MMM
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