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NEXT UP: #5 seed Beaver (Rodentia: Castor canadensis) vs #13 seed Rakali (Rodentia: Hydromys chrysogaster). It's #TeamRodent vs #TeamRodent! #2019MMM
In Waterfalls Round 1, Beaver tail slap sent Mink circuitously for a muskrat meal. A poacher's gunshot took out Peccary & Rakali advanced #2019MMM
Beavers influence entire ecosystems, even in the face of wildfires. #ActualLivingScientist @EmilyFairfax reveals how busy Beavers engineer an ecosystem: #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: 9-BANDED ARMADILLO (Dasypus novemcinctus; 10) vs STREAKED TENREC (Hemicentetes semispinosus; 15)! #2019MMM
Last week, the 9-banded armadillo went up against & suffered no injuries due to the sifaka during its nice vacation to Madagascar.

The streaked tenrec also suffered no injuries (other than to its pride) against its battle with the markhor. #2019MMM
The tenrec is now transported from the rocky ledge in cold northeast Afghanistan to a patch of scrubland in the much milder state of Texas, where our armadillo is just leaving his burrow & where tonight's battle takes place! #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: 3rd seed Tapir (Tapirus terrestris) vs 11th seed Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura) #2019MMM
Last round the tapir almost stepped on the water opossum, & the moonrat stank out the crab eating fox. Will the moonrat meet a similar squishy fate? Will the tapir be impressed by a wheezing ambulatory dust mop? Stay tuned #2019MMM
Dust mops aside, what is definitely impressive is the tapir's snoot (if you aren’t used to elephants). Its flexibility allows them to snorkel while swimming and feed on a wide variety of leaves, branches, & fruit. #2019MMM
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Next up: #1 ranked Moose vs. #8 ranked Flat-headed Cat! #2019MMM
Moose are part of North American culture. For example, kid's books discuss gift-giving & reciprocity among moose who are the recipients of muffins. However, they'd probably rather eat roots, bark, & twigs #2019MMM
In fact, the name "moose" comes from an Algonkian word meaning "twig eater" (…). While they don’t have front top teeth, their detention are well-adapted to cutting vegetation #veggie #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: 2nd seed West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) vs. 10th seed Aquatic Genet (Genetta piscivora) #2019MMM
In the first round of the Waterfalls Division, we saw Manatee triumph over the Ring-tailed Vontsira via nibble and Aquatic Genet eek out a victory over the Marine Otter thanks to a close encounter of the orca kind. #2019MMM
We again find Manatee facing off against a much smaller furry reddish opponent. Will the extra three stoats the Aquatic Genet has on the Vontsira be the key to victory?? #SoVeryDifferent #SuchAdvantage #2019MMM
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UP NEXT: 4-seed BHARAL versus 12-seed ROCK-WALLABY #2019MMM
During round 1, the rock-wallaby upset the serval with one wicked kick #CrouchingMacropodHiddenWallaby #YouGotSERValED #2019MMM
And to recap, this 10lb/4.5kg/21stoat sized marsupial edemic to northeastern Queensland in good ol' Oz… photo by @MichalKrause #StoatsAsMeasurement #2019MMM
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@tinkeringprim8 NEXT UP: from our JUMP JUMP division, #3 seed Spinner Dolphin vs #6 seed Impala #2019MMM
Our spinner dolphin won its first round matchup agains the Spinifex hopping mouse, turning the mouse into a water-logged "cat toy" for the dolphin pod #2019MMM Image by Alexander Vasenin via Wikimedia Commons.
Thorne et al. (2012) modeled spinner dolphin habitat and spinner dolphin resting was often predicted to occur in regions close to shore in popular tourist areas #2019MMM…
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FIRST UP TONIGHT: #1 seed TIGER vs. #8 seed SPRINGHARE! #2019MMM
Tiger bounded into round 2 by scattering the much smaller Ringtail, & arrives well-fed after his recent hog deer meal. #2019MMM
The rodent Springhare, meanwhile, emerged victorious after his round 1 tussle with Jackrabbit. #2019MMM
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UP NEXT: 2-seed Coyote & Badger (Canis latrans & Taxidea taxus) versus 15-seed Ants & Aphids (Formica cinerea & Aphis varians) #2019MMM
Our battle today takes place within Dinosaur National Monument along the Green River in Colorado. It has been another dry winter and the entire desert is feeling the impacts. ( #2019MMM
Coyote was going along looking for tasty ground squirrels to eat. But making your way in the prairie today takes everything you've got. Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot. #2019MMM
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Next up: 6th-seeded Diana Monkey (Cercopithecus diana) & Red Colobus Monkey (Procolobus badius) #SimianSquad vs. 11th-seeded Bornean Bat (Kerivoula hardwickii) & Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes hemsleyana) #TeamBatToilet. #2019MMM
(n.b. This is a colloboration between myself and @tinkeringprim8 #TagTeamTeamwork #2019MMM)
Our setting this afternoon is the Taï National Park, Ivory Coast. This tropical evergreen forest is home to almost a dozen different primate species, including both of these monkeys... #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: #8 seed Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) & Aardvark Cucumber (Cucumis humifructus) vs #9 seed Monkey #TripleTrouble of Goeldi's Monkey (Callimico goeldii) & Saddleback Tamarin (Saguinus fuscicollis) & White-lipped Tamarin (Saguinus labiatus) #CallitrichineCrew #2019MMM
Aardvarks are distributed in Africa, south of the Sahara. "Aardvark" is Afrikaans for "Earth Pig" bc Aardvarks have a boopable snoot & they use their formidable claws to dig burrows in the ground; excavate ant & termite mounds. #2019MMM
But the Aardvark is a bit of a foodie & appreciates a salad garnish. #AlsoDontActuallyBoopTheSnoot #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: the aquatic assault of the OCEANIC CRAB & LOGGERHEAD SEA TURTLE against the mutualism with pugilism the CLOWN FISH & SEA ANENOME. #2019MMM
Our battle takes place in the home turf of the Crab and Loggerhead (AKA #CrabberHead), which tonight is going to be the Sargasso Sea, an area of still waters in the middle North Atlantic #2019MMM
The Sargasso sea the area surrounded by the great currents of the Atlantic (including the Gulf Stream) and is an area of relative calm, where flotsam such as Sargasso accumulates #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: #7 seed Capybara & Wattled Jacana vs #10 seed Fork-tailed Drongos & Sociable Weavers #2019MMM
We all know that things like to sit on Capybaras (Rodentia: Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris) aka R.O.U.S. (rodents of unusual size #PrincessBride): What's so special about Wattled Jacanas (Charadriiformes: Jacana jacana) sitting on Capybaras? #2019MMM
Wattled Jacanas are one of several bird species known to "clean" Capybaras, removing ectoparasites such as ticks & leeches & then ingesting them… #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: 3rd seed Banded Mongoose (Mungos mungo) & Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) vs 14th seed Burying beetles (Nicrophorus vespilloides) & phoretic mites (Poecilochirus carabi) #2019MMM
Our combatants today have two different approaches to team work. #WarGoose enjoys relaxing spa days with snacks, while #TeamArthropod involves a hot & heavy race for dead bodies. #2019MMM
Team #WarGoose =
1. Warthogs-sturdy & pugnacious, armed with sharp gnashing tusks + an inclination to use them against anyone with a taste for pork.
2. Banded mongoose- much smaller, social, death to smol crunchy things. #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: our second battle tonight takes place under the sea in a coral reef in Fiji pitting the 4-seed Wrasse & Moray Eel against the 13-seed Fire Coral & Algae #2019MMM
Our home team, the Moray and Cleaner Wrasse have a special relationship where in the Cleaner Wrasse will zoom over the moray and remove parasites, and on occasion even entering the mouth of the eel to clean #2019MMM
Facing this toothsome twosome is the symbiotic powerhouse of Fire Coral and algae. Although not a true coral, the clonal fire coral does contain stinging cells it uses to capture plankton. A symbiotic relationship with algae provides fire coral an added food source #2019MMM
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FIRST UP: 1st seed Plains Zebra (Equus quagga) and Yellow-Billed Oxpecker (Buphagus africanus) vs 16th seed Batfly (Penicillidia jenynsii) and Gammaproteobacteria #2019MMM
Today's first battle pits two of the most classic mutualisms against one another. When I say classic, I mean so classic that there's actually a picture of a zebra and an oxpecker next to the definition of mutualism on Google. #2019MMM
This mutualistic relationship is very clear: oxpecker gets to make a meal of all the ticks and other harmful parasites trying to take advantage of the zebra, and the zebra gets to avoid the horrifying fate of a "ghost moose". #TrypophobicsBeware #2019MMM…
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Last battle of the night is the #1 seed Nimravid (Hoplophoneus mentalis) vs. #16 seed DandeLION (Taraxacum officinale) #2019MMM
The Dandelion, derived from the French 'Dent-de-Lion' for the lion's tooth in reference to the toothed edges of the leaves. But one could be forgiven for thinking it was due to that gorgeous golden mane! #2019MMM
The Dandelion is native to Eurasia but has spread widely across North America, South America, Africa, India, New Zealand, & Australia in tandem with other invasive colonizers. (Takakura et al. 2009)… #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: Great horned owl 🦉 (Bubo virginianus; 5) vs Panther chameleon 🦎 (Furcifer pardalis; 12)! #2019MMM
The great horned owl (Least Concern), AKA "the tiger of the air". Despite being in the Fam Strigidae, early naturalists called it the tiger owl due to its tiger-like stripey barring. Extremely adaptable, it has the widest range of any true American owl. #2019MMM
Of House Great Horned, this owl has the most diverse prey profile of an raptor in the Americas.

They are able to take down prey that weighs ~14lbs (~29 stoats), which is nearly 3x its own weight (4.5lbs or 9 stoats).… #2019MMM #StoatsAsMeasurement #WePrey owl house emblem we prey
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NEXT UP: We have a battle that exemplifies the best of March Mammal Madness. A battle of fishes! The small-spotted CAT SHARK vs. the STONECAT. Finally that degree in Marine Biology is paying off #2019MMM
The small-spotted cat shark is a member of a group of small, bottom dwelling sharks (Ironically also called dog fish). This particular species is found in the northeast Atlantic down to Senegal #2019MMM
In contrast the stonecat is a freshwater cat fish found in eastern North America, including the Hudson River, right down the road from me #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: # 4 SEED FISHER (Pekania pennanti) VERSUS # 13 SEED TIGER SALAMANDER (Ambystoma tigrinum) (photo: Paul Bannick @ConservationNW) #2019MMM Fisher (Pekania pennanti) photo: Paul BannickTiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum)
Both of our combatants are widespread throughout North America with overlapping ranges. Fishers inhabit forests with large trees, snags & logs for resting & denning, while tiger salamanders occur in forests, grasslands & marshy areas with soil suitable for burrowing #2019MMM
The fisher is not a cat & is not known to fish. #MammalOfTwoLies Fisher comes from the Dutch words fisse/visse & French words fiche/fichet, aka the European polecat. When hunting, small mammals are their primary prey but they will also omnomnom on birds (Powell 1981). #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: 6th-seeded Lion-Tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus) vs. 11th-seeded Cat Snake (Telescopus fallax) #2019MMM
Though named for its lion-like, black-tufted tail, both male & female Lion-Tailed Macaques also boast a leonine silvery mane. Accordingly, this species is called "Bartaffe," which translates to "beard ape" (*not an ape), in German. #ServingLooks #TheRachel #2019MMM
One of the smaller macaque species, a large Lion-Tailed Macaque tips the scales at 10kg (about 45 stoats). Males are significantly bigger than females (Harvey et al 1991), with large canines they use to compete for mates. #2019MMM #StoatsAsMeasurement
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NEXT UP: #3 seed Bearcat (Carnivora: Arctictis binturong) vs #14 seed Leopard Frog (Amphibia: Lithobates pipiens, previously Rana pipiens) #2019MMM
The common names of each of these species lands them in the Cat-e-Gory division: BearCAT & LEOPARD frog #2019MMM
This is our 3rd year seeing Bearcat, or Binturong, at MMM (previous appearances in #2014MMM & #2017MMM) because Bearcats are awesome (but not awesome enough to make it to the Wheatie's box.....yet #Is2019TheirYear #OrDoTheyLoveFigs) #2019MMM
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FIRST UP: Top-ranked Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) versus Wildcard Winner larval Antlion (Dendroleon pantherinus)

[written by @PKurnath]

Tonight's Battle is Lion-e-Lion! Which Lion will sleep <forever> TONIGHT!?!? #DoNotClickThisVideo #DontDoIt #2019MMM
The antlion larva is fresh off a victory over the adult Tiger Beetle #StillHungry #TigerBeetleDrumstickWasNotEnough #2019MMM
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NEXT UP: #8 seed Flat-headed Cat (Prionailurus planiceps) versus #9 seed Water Chevrotain (Hyemoschus aquaticus) aka mouse deer #2019MMM
Flat-headed cat occurs throughout the southern Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, & Borneo in low tropical forests (including oil palm plantations). They also occur in riparian habitats.… #2019MMM
Flat-headed cats are small, about the size of a domestic cat (1.5-2.75 kg), with a short stubby tail. Flat-headed cats can't retract their claws (neither can fishing cats or cheetahs!) (Sunquist & Sunquist 2002) #2019MMM
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