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Right mobile phone offences, it's going to get a lot of attention this week, & rightly so, cognitive distraction/fail to look properly is the largest causational factor of RTCs in the UK. But let's look at the facets of the changes no one else will look at…
Firstly this isn't the first time we've been here, this blog covers what happened when the penalty was last increased, we will see more of the same, remember all that happened was we were put almost into a state of "Stasis" by the Baretto judgement, which…
will be irrelevant after the 25th, but what Baretto did do was improve evidential standards to the point where most detected offences became πŸ’―%ers in court, this standard of evidence will see nearly all of the offences detected from the 25th meeting the evidential threshold for
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I was aware of this a couple of weeks ago & have already advised the #Activecitizen involved appropriatly but I think it's only fair to address it now it's spreading farther afield, which I shall do rather impartially like this...
Imagine that our #Activecitizens had held up other road users whilst filming evidence of a shoplifter making off with Β£20 worth of coffee, bacon & cheese from the local shop, do we think that the same outcome would have occurred... πŸ€” Our #Activecitizen was actually gathering
evidence to report a driver involved in an activity that induces the same cognitive distraction and danger as a drink or drug driver, a much greater threat to people than our imaginary shoplifter... so why the response... the next tweet has 2 phrases that are pertinent
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#ASL offences, if reporting via #3rdpartyreporting your evidence will need to show clearly the light sequence & the first stop line πŸ‘ remember that there is no specific #ASL offence it's a "red light" offence so the same rules apply, "could have & should have stopped on the
amber or red light" πŸ‘
If you find an #ASL box occupied if safe to do so place yourself in front of the offending vehicle as the junction design intended, if this involves you crossing the #ASL & commiting a technical offence you have a defence as you are ensuring your safety πŸ‘
otherwise stay behind the offending vehicle/s and take primary in your chosen lane with just under a car length space between you & the offending vehicle effectively creating your own #ASL / bubble of road space to dominate & use to negotiate the junction as you would have had
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That Panorama programme, but where to start... πŸ€”
Let's go with speed cameras first, programme makes a big thing about them not working, well they haven't for 5+ years mostly since the switch from wet film to digital & average cameras, fixed site cameras are largely ineffective
anyway unless placed at problem sites. Traffic officer numbers decreased dramatically from 2011/12 not 2016, if they had explored the earlier years they would have discovered a much larger decrease. Then we come to existing traffic officer numbers, most are in a ANPR intercept
role or share other roles such as ARV duties, thus do very little core traffic work but count as traffic officers on a headcount. Drink driving, well there's less tests as cuts have consequences, most drink drive arrests are proactive but due to high demand officers
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Right then, I've held off commenting on this to give myself a decent amount of time to think about what I would have spent the budget on instead of this πŸ‘‡, & why if @TfL want more harmony on their roads they need to come away from asking drivers to "think" and be afraid instead
First we need to see that the film addresses merely a symptom of the problem at hand, which is offending #driverbehaviour. Remove the causational factor & you remove the consequences, that is what they have failed to do. As for the reaction shown from the #vulnerableroaduser you
will never eradicate that, for it is a normal expected reaction to having one's life engangered, you cannot stop an evolutionary response, "fight or flight", even trained officers like myself will struggle not to react when the adrenaline kicks in & nature takes over. You
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