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Well done to all involved in #CleanAirDay actions in & around Preston Street Primary this morning 👏👏👏Air pollution notices were handed out before school on behalf of the Parent Council Transport & Environment Committee before school by volunteer campaigers😉#Edinburgh #LEZ Image
These notices highlight the unique position of Preston Street Primary sitting diectly on the boundary of a “Low Emission Zone” which skirts two sides of a primary school building. Step out of the playground at either side of the building and you step directly outside the #LEZ ImageImage
As far as we are aware there are no current plans to extend the LEZ coverage area beyond the current plans. Hopefully this will change when there is #AirPollution data available once the current zone is in operation. #ActiveTravel #Edinburgh #LEZ
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As recent events in Limerick make clear, having a team of #ActiveTravel staff is no guarantee of progress.

Ireland has deep-rooted, systemic problems with local government, urban planning and the organisation of transport.
One systemic problem that cannot be addressed by throwing money at it is our long-standing practice of developer-led "planning".

If a landowner decides to build something, then something might get built. If not, there seems to be no mechanism or momentum for the State to act.
If a property owner decides to act, or not to act, in a certain way, it seems as if the State, short of a CPO, is unwilling or unable to act. The State uses CPOs to plough motorways nationwide through the countryside, but appears powerless to develop even 20 metres of footpath.
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Today marks the start of #PrestonStreetPrimarySchool's next campaign phase to improve our playground facilities & to further engage with other stakeholders regarding improvements to #ActiveTravel & #SpacesForPeople around school & connecting to the wider city.#Edinburgh #LEZ 1/5 Vision for future of Preston Street Primary school sitting w
We're seeking support/feedback from local community stakeholders & those from the wider #Edinburgh area to join our campaign in seeking a more connected approach to #ActiveTravel & #SpacesForPeople #planning through cohesive #CommunityEngagement & inter-community cooperation.
The success of #ActiveTravel & #SpacesForPeople in our ward (#SouthSideAndNewington) will also require the often lauded 'cross-party co-operation' of our locally elected parties:
@EdinburghLabour (Tim Pogson)
@EdinburghLibDem (Pauline Flannery)
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Welcome to the 4th annual Healthy Streets Scorecard; THE big event on London borough calendars!

And we kick off today with an introduction from Alice Roberts @ClaptonAlice, @CPRELondon Head of Campaigns, #HSScorecard coalition coordinator & today's chair.

@ClaptonAlice @CPRELondon @Sustrans @RoadPeace @Wheels4Well @FutureTranspLon @_wearepossible @London_Cycling @LDN_LS @livingstreets @londoncouncils We're excited to present the #HSScorecard2022, tracking the progress of #London boroughs in delivering healthier & more sustainable mobility.
At today's event we'll explain results & new #HealthyStreets metrics on bus priority, diesel cars, & housing density weighting...
And we have 3 special guest speakers; @mayorofhackney, @sianberry & @AlexanderEhmann to discuss their own perspective on delivering #healthystreets.

We’ll be live tweeting, so follow the thread & use hashtag: #HSScorecard2022
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#Evidencebasedpolicing is all about addressing the #greatestthreatofharm, let's look at cycling offences 👍The place where evidentially we know cyclists pose a constant threat of harm is at pedestrian crossings & so the allocation of resources to enforce contraventions at such a
vulnerable location is fully justified. A plain clothed spotter with stopping officers further down the road is the best way to do it 👍 As the amount of people using #ActiveTravel rises this will become an emerging trend and so will need attention. 👍 Run it in the same way we
ran our #ASL operations where those who inconvienced or endangered were ticketed, those that haven't are warned. Then get the awareness right through the media push & you start to get behaviour change 👍. With increasing numbers of people cycling & walking due to #Modalshift
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That Panorama programme, but where to start... 🤔
Let's go with speed cameras first, programme makes a big thing about them not working, well they haven't for 5+ years mostly since the switch from wet film to digital & average cameras, fixed site cameras are largely ineffective
anyway unless placed at problem sites. Traffic officer numbers decreased dramatically from 2011/12 not 2016, if they had explored the earlier years they would have discovered a much larger decrease. Then we come to existing traffic officer numbers, most are in a ANPR intercept
role or share other roles such as ARV duties, thus do very little core traffic work but count as traffic officers on a headcount. Drink driving, well there's less tests as cuts have consequences, most drink drive arrests are proactive but due to high demand officers
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From a quick skim of the #ScotPfG, there doesn't seem much on transport that hadn't been published before.

However, lots of useful commitments made recently -- and comprehensive plan for delivering 20% road traffic reduction target will be crucial.
From #SustainableTransport perspective, the most important commitment in #ScotPfG is to reduce car kilometres by 20% by 2030.

This was initially announced in December 2020's #ClimateChangePlan update.
@TransformScot has campaigned for #TrafficReduction for 20 years, but we've seen nothing concrete from @scotgov or @transcotland in the 9 months since.

Exactly 100 months left until January 2030. The clock's ticking on that one.
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Later today, First Minister @NicolaSturgeon will outline this year’s Programme for Government to @ScotParl.

🔊 Join in the conversation from 2:20pm using #ScotPfG.

Thread: what’s in this year’s Programme for Government ⬇️ What's in this year's Programme for Government?
We will continue to support and protect our #NHS.

We’re committed to increasing our frontline health spend each year so it is at least £2.5 billion higher by 2026-27.

#ScotPfG More funding to support Scotland's NHS.
We'll work to improve national wellbeing by increasing direct mental health investment by at least 25% over the lifetime of this parliament.

This year we're providing £120 million additional funding to support the recovery and transformation of mental health services.

#ScotPfG Increased funding for mental health services.
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It's easy to overlook, but new, good quality cycling infrastructure is beginning to stack up in #Glasgow. Some way to go before we're at 🇳🇱 level, but here's a thread showing some of what's been built and what's on the way 🧵🚲🚴
#SouthCityWay. Not 100% finished, but you can get 2.5km from Queen’s Park to the city centre, with minimal time on-road (a temporary #SpacesForPeople lane plugs the last gap between the Gorbals and city centre for now). Will eventually connect directly to Merchant City. Image
Honestly, I love this so much. SCW is such a great example of 'build it and they will come'. Full on Dutch-style junctions, and plenty of safe spots to park your bike if you want to stop at any of the brilliant shops on Victoria Rd.
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Imagine, for the sake of argument, that there are two distinct cultures: Irish and European.

An Irish family travels to a European city on an informal 'cultural exchange', on this occasion in the form of a house swap with a couple living in an apartment.
It's summer. The streets, and the apartment block, are pleasant and quiet. The Irish visitors love their short walks to the shop. This being a European apartment, there's a communal laundry in the basement. There's a reservation system for using the washing and drying facilities.
Each machine has a number. Residents write their name and apartment number on a timesheet to reserve a slot for doing their personal laundry.

One of the Irish visitors, hypothetically, strolls down to the basement with a bag of dirty clothes to check out the facilities.
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Bike is back from repairs so it's time for a Leicester city cycle tour, first one in a while. Also first winter ride of my adult life I think! The gloves went back in the bag after the first hill however.
#leicester #cycling #cycleinfra #ActiveTravel
This is the A563/A5630 Anstey Lane rbt. Despite Leics CC recently upgrading it, only one arm is signalised although the cycle route crosses at least two. 3 lanes of busy traffic on each arm. Less confident or mobile users have absolutely no chance.
Towards Strasbourg Dr the path goes behind the bund. Like most New Town developments more land was used to futureproof the ring road. Now it makes a reasonable path along with 70s segregated track heading into the estate
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Nine facts about #ActiveTravel #LTNs #walking #cycling

Fact 1: 75% of people would like to see more money spent on cycling in their city.
The types of infrastructure people would find most useful are segregated on-road tracks (64%) and traffic- free cycling routes (60%).
Fact 2: Cycle lanes move more people than car lanes.
A three-metre wide lane can move 700 to 1,100 people per hour in cars, whereas for bicycles and walking this increases to 2000 to 6,500.
Fact 3: Walkers and cyclists spend more in shops.
Retailers overestimate how many of their customers travel by car by a factor of 100%.
Per square metre, cycle parking delivers five-times higher retail spend than the same area of car parking.
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The nine most common #ActiveTravel myths busted.
#LTNs #cycling #walking

Link to full report at the end of this thread.

Myth 1: There is no public support for investment in cycling infrastructure
Myth 2: Road space reallocation to bicycles will bring urban traffic to a grinding halt.
Myth 3: Removing car parking spaces will harm the local economy.
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❗️@NorfolkCC & @NorwichCC are consulting on proposed changes to #Norwich streets. We urge all our supporters to respond - the deadline's tomorrow! Here's most of our response - feel free to steal any of our points (long thread!)… 1/n
"🖊 We strongly support the proposed changes to St Benedict’s Street, Exchange Street, and to the timings of various crossing points. 2/n
However - although we are aware that more changes are still to be announced - we are V. disappointed by the lack of ambition compared to what other UK Transport Authorities are doing & compared to what Transport Sec @grantshapps & @transportgovuk have called for. 3/n
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Further to this #popup #cycling #sustainability #zerocarbon #worldcyclingday might appear counter-intuitive that Manchester is not supportive of pop up cycle lanes. So a thread👇🚲🚴🚴‍♀️
Pop up cycle lanes have traction with the press and looks like they are also popular with (commuter) cyclists. Light segregation schemes are becoming increasingly popular in other cities on the back of the Covid19 pandemic #Cycling #Manchester
Sure they offer value for money and with being temporary, they also offer adaptability. Estimated cost of constructing a kerb-separated cycle track in central London is
approximately £700,000 per km, compared to around £60,000 per km for light segregation…
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