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Convicted pedo #MartyWeiss back in the news from #MYTRUTHDOC where @CoreyFeldman accuses #Marty of sodomy with 16 yr old #CoreyHaim on the set of #TheLostBoys directed by #JoelSchumacher we shall post some videos of @MWMTalent grooming kids #AnOpenSecret
Here is #MartyWeiss being sentenced in court for child rape. He served less than six months in LA County. He is now pushing for the banishment of the sex offender registry. He was the set minder for #CoreyFeldman on #TheLostBoys in 1987 #AnOpenSecret
Convicted pedo #MartyWeiss is using @Corey_Feldman's #MYTRUTHDOC to sell his book about child sexual abuse. This monster raped an 11 year old boy & #CoreyFeldman claims he also performed fellatio on a 16 year old #COREYHAIM on the set of #TheLostBoys directed by #JoelSchumacher
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Mike Brambles Former LAPD Golden Boy arrested in 1994.

Paroled in February 2020.

Detective in Hollywood Sexually Exploited Child Unit.

Worked 1980 Don Henley case where 16 year old girl died from drugs.

Friend of Madam Elizabeth Adams

He was sentenced to 102 years in 1996. Served 26.

From @latimes January 6, 1990.

Detective Mike Brambles described Adams as "extremely reliable" and she identified people involved in CHILD MOLESTATION & CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.

She was the Hollywood Madam before Heidi Fleiss.

She died in 1995 at the age of 60.
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The following are photos of very famous actors take by convicted pedophile #BobVillard, who was on sets & around children for decades as their publicist or manager.

Below is @LeoDiCaprio

Kirk Cameron #AnOpenSecret
Tom Hanks #AnOpenSecret
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Starting at 6 minutes this documentary discusses how 20th century sex guru Professor Kinsey met with & covered-up for an active serial pedophile Rex King who raped up to 900 children solely to benefit Kinsey's bogus research 👀👇#AnOpenSecret #kinsey
They admit they were working illegally with pedophiles & stimulating infants for orgasm here 👀👇 #Kinsey #anopensecret
*correction #RexGreen appears to be the name of the pedophile Kinsey worked with closely. #anopensecret
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#LarryBrinkin, San Fran Gay Icon & convicted pedophile said “I loved especially the [N-word] 2 year old getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond bitch is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D--- Rules!”🤬🗞👀👇…
Here is a link to more disgusting things convicted pedo #LarryBrinkin posted to his Yahoo Group. He is Zach3737. Warning! Graphic & 🤮 #AnOpenSecret…
The City of San Francisco officially resolved what a great guy convicted pedophile #LarryBrinkin is.

He protected people from gender discrimination, but protecting babies..not so much.

He felt it was OK to view material where 1 & 2 year olds were raped.

Retained his pension.
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#Bombshell: Ex-#DisneyStudios CEO, #RichardCook was found on the flight logs for #JeffreyEpstein’s #LolitaExpress to travel to #LittleSaintJames. #Disney owns #ABC who buried #Epstein’s crimes while children got raped & murdered! Cook started #Legendary pictures owned by #China!
I definitely think there is something fishy here. #DickCook started off as a monorail operator at #Disneyland. How does someone go from running a train at an amusement park to heading distribution for Disney films within 10 years? Are they promoting #Pedophiles from within?!
Correction to the original tweet, #DickCook started #DickCookStudios w #China and worked with #LegendaryPictures in 2011 after #Disney.
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James Franco’s Acting Students Allege Sexual Exploitation #AnOpenSecret via @variety
Photo #JamesFranco sent to 17 yr old girl. @HBO has no issue with his horrible reputation exploiting women.

#HBO gave him show about sex trafficking industry called #TheDeuce written by the great #DavidSimon @AODespair who has no guilt working with this dirtbag.

We respect the brave women who came forward with their claims about being exploited by #JamesFranco in his "classes" ⚖

We are not surprised by @sagaftra letting one of their famous members exploit up & coming actresses. They don't care‼

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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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1/3 #Stallman first apology on his pro-pedophilia stance off his webpage:

14 September 2019

(Sex between an adult and a child is wrong)

"Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it.
2/3 #Stallman first apology:

Since then, through personal conversations, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically.
3/3 #Stallman first apology:

This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why."

The above is a real post from an actual professor of computer science @MIT 🤡🤪 He is 66

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Big 🧠 #MIT Prof #RichardStallman uses his huge intelligence to deduct #Epstein's underage age sex slave WANTED IT😡

Claims she was "Entirely Willing" in victim shaming email blast to @medialab colleagues on Anti-Epstein protests @MIT

Here is a link to the full #jeffreyepstein email by creepy computer scientist @MIT professor #RichardStallman. Could not look more like a victim shaming troll if he tried.


@MIT 💥MUST READ💥 PRO-PEDOPHILIA quote by @MIT @medialab Professor #RichardStallman that he posted publicly 😱


Credit to @selamjie for finding & posting 🤞

#AnOpenSecret 👀👇
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Our film exposed many @sagaftra failures to protect child actors from sexual abusers

The same failures continue today under @TheGabrielle_C leadership

Vote @MatthewModine for a NEW #SAGAFTRA President
@sagaftra @TheGabrielle_C @MatthewModine 1. Michael Harrah was a member of @sagaftra Young Performers Committee
We got him to admit to inappropriate sexual behavior with a former child actor on camera

@sagaftra leaders didn't tell parents

They tried to cover it up & threatened to sue us!…
@sagaftra @TheGabrielle_C @MatthewModine 2A. @sagaftra under @TheGabrielle_C has totally failed to enforce Child Protection Act of 2012, requiring those who work with children in Hollywood to pass a background check

SAG-AFTRA championed the act and lobbied for its passage!…
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The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) was a British pro-paedophile activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984.

The group campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent.

WATCH 1983 interview 🤯 📺↙️


PIE had connections to members of 🇬🇧 Parliament including Harriet Harman still active as recently as 2015.

Harman was dubbed "Mother of the House"by the then Prime Minister Theresa May in 2017.

See @BBC interview with Harman below 📺👇


@BBC Doctor who studied PIE & wrote book CHILD LOVERS claims there is no "scientific" evidence that pedophilia causes children trauma🤬

Former PIE Chairman admits politicians & judges were involved including leading UK 🇬🇧 leading child welfare expert❗️


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Former #Disney child star makes directorial debut with @Pornhub.

@bellathorne said she was repeatedly molested from 8-14 years old & many in industry knew🙄

Media chose not make that a big story...BUT she directs a p-orn🎞 & they cover it😱

SEE 🎥👇

@Pornhub @bellathorne Here is @bellathorne bravely talking about being molested from 6-14 while working at Disney & "everyone around me saw and did nothing"


@Pornhub @bellathorne #BellaThorne starred in SHAKE IT UP on @DisneyChannel from 2010-2013.

The acting coach was Tony O'Dell.

Tony starred in HEAD OF THE CLASS with Dan Schneider & Brian Robbins in picture below.

Dan was Nickelodeon's biggest children's show producer fired for bad behavior in 2018
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Serial pedophile George Rose wins 1986 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical #AnOpenSecret v
READ in-depth article on how #GeorgeRose was likely killed by the boy he adopted whom he was also sexually abusing.

In this article you can see that George was a sex tourist in the Dominican Republic🇩🇴 , & it was widely known.

@TheTonyAwards @broadwaycom @BCEFA @BroadwayWorld @DramaDeskAwards @oldvictheatre @The_Globe As Richard Burton put it after they did “Hamlet” together: “One should not have to share the stage with animals, children or #GeorgeRose.”

2017 @nypost article on one man show Ed Dixon did which exposes George Rose's evil pedophile lifestyle.

CLICK 👉↙️:…
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We at #AnOpenSecret have heard many stories of sexual assault by @andydick.

We never condone violence, but the man who punched Andy in New Orleans is claiming Andy grabbed his genitals & provoked him to act in self-defense.

You can help bail him out 👇…
Flashback: Last summer, we exposed that @andydick uses the same procurer as Bryan Singer
We also discussed @andydick using the same procurer as Bryan Singer on Infowars earlier this year
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#BryanSinger bestie & serial pedophile rapist #GaryGoddard at the T2 Universal Theme Park launch in Florida in 1996. Gary had been raping kids for decades at this point & here he is working with the biggest star & biggest director of the day. Nobody knew anything? #AnOpenSecret
@Schwarzenegger @JimCameron @UniStudios @orlandosentinel @MiamiHeraldBRK @DisneyParks @anthonyedwards @Terminator Gary Goddard: One little known thing about me is that I created the Candyland characters for the Candyland board game for Milton Bradley. [laughing a bit to himself] Yup, yup, I’m King Kandy. When you play that, I’m King Kandy. Yup, serial pedophile #GaryGoddard is #KingKandy👇🤢
@Schwarzenegger @JimCameron @UniStudios @orlandosentinel @MiamiHeraldBRK @DisneyParks @anthonyedwards @Terminator And here is #GaryGoddard following around #BryanSinger at the premier of Superman Returns in Paris. Watch here 👉
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Convicted pedophile #BobVillard as seen in #AnOpenSecret managed @TobeyMaguire @LeoDiCaprio & #ChristopherPettiet who were all good friends & up and coming actors. Read #BobVillard's obituary letter to Chris when Chris died of a drug overdose in 2000. It is creepy! READ BELOW👇
Both Christopher Pettiet & Leonardo Dicaprio auditioned for the part of JACK BROWER on GROWING PAINS in 1991 which was a big break for Leo. It was also where Leo worked with another convicted pedophile #BryanPeck AS WE SHOW IN THIS VIDEO from the set👇
If you check 48:54 of #AnOpenSecret you will see this same #BryanPeck doing the X-MEN DVD commentary with director #BryanSinger & they include their good friend who is another pedophile predator of young boys, Hollywood theme park designer #GaryGoddard 📺👇
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Video 📹interview from 2010 with serial pedophiles #BryanSinger and #GaryGoddard out on the town together in West Hollywood. They have been friends for a very long time. Gary is the one chatting up the other two young men in the background. #AnOpenSecret
Another video from 2013 with serial pedophile #GaryGoddard rolling into the Jack The Giant Slayer premiere party with #BryanSinger & other members of his entourage.
2006 Paris premiere of Super Returns directed by #BryanSinger starring #KevinSpacey & in the background AGAIN #GaryGoddard. All three men are serial pedophiles. It was reported at the London leg of premiere Bryan & Gary raped an underage boy #AnOpenSecret
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EYE 👁️ OPENING video of lying psychopathic child molesters & rapists admitting their guilt. Talk how people are easily fooled. No one believes victims. They all live a "double life" & deny it aggressively. This is MAGNIFIED🔎 in Hollywood #AnOpenSecret ❗️
Now look at this interview with Michael Harrah from our documentary & ask yourself if he is lying❗️📺👇#AnOpenSecret
And hear this great interview with David Robb from @DEADLINE talking about how @sagaftra & @THR conspired against @AnOpenSecret to cover-up the truth & downplay the child sexual abuse discussed in #AnOpenSecret. 📺👇
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Thread: Kevin Spacey: The Cabal’s Loose End
1. #KevinSpacey (KS) was an A list actor w/ many leading & supporting roles in Hollywood films & television. I believe he has participated in some very evil acts with many important figures in Washington DC and Hollywood. Kevin Spacey is one of the biggest cabal liabilities ever.
2. Kevin spacey was an A list actor with many leading and supporting roles in Hollywood films and television. #KevinSpacey…
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#AnOpenSecret owner & producer @GabeHoff joined @entylawyer of to discuss #BryanSinger.

Many details that you won’t find anywhere else!

Subscription to Enty’s podcast is only $4.99 for 1 month to listen.

Episode #17…
Reference investigative materials that @anopensecret was involved with.

@entylawyer and @GabeHoff go into new details, which we have never discussed publicly before:

1. Deadline Hollywood 12-8-17…
2. Bryan Singer, secret settlements for child sex abuse, and Gary Goddard…
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We told you #VOP was a fraud from Day 1.

Why? Enabling convicted felons who make fraudulent claims about “rape trees” & “child sex trafficking” & “baby skulls”

By sending gift cards they trade for cash

Leads to this. Scary video

Great work @jjmacnab
Lewis Arthur, the leader of “Veterans on Patrol”, is shown in a disturbing video, cursing loudly and clearly not sober while his 9 year daughter is in the backseat of the vehicle he is driving. #VOP #BackyardBrawl = FRAUDS - as we told you from Day 1
If you really still have any doubts that #AnOpenSecret was right

warning many times

not to support Lewis Arthur with gift cards

watch this video by one of his followers

Arthur takes advantage of homeless Vets with severe mental & addiction issues
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For years we have been stalked & harassed by a close friend of Hollywood director Bryan Singer, Gregg Schneider @gregg_schneider

Gregg went after victims, distributors, PR people, on their FB, twitter & email

Want us to post a long email from Gregg? If so, please RT 1000x
Bryan Singer taking his friend Gregg Schneider @gregg_schneider cyberstalker of #AnOpenSecret, somewhere in his private plane.

Wonder where they were going, and what they did when they got there?
Here's Bryan Singer and Gregg Schneider @gregg_schneider with Michael and Kitty Dukakis
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Horrible smear by @jgrebes

Calls @Cernovich & @JackPosobiec “white supremacists”, cites NO EVIDENCE

Doesn’t mention #AnOpenSecret & many others also exposed Hollywood Director James Gunn making films employing children & child rape jokes on Twitter…
Missed this @jgrebes?

Is this what you’re defending?

You think it’s OK for James Gunn to make child rape jokes & be responsible for the workplace safety of women & children as Director?

How about this @jgrebes ?

Are you going to smear a critically acclaimed documentary exposing child sex abuse in Hollywood as “white supremacist” too, because we said it’s not OK for James Gunn to direct children’s films & joke about child rape?

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