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My new podcast and Rachel Chandler's shocking connection to the Black Dahlia 👇#Balenciaga #Chandler #JeffreyEpstein

Rachel Chandler who was an associate of Jeffrey Epstein and who was part of the fall-out of Balenciaga's horrific ad campaign has ties to The Black Dahlia's murder.

The cover-up of the murder of Elizabeth Short continues to present day in much the same way was the Epstein case.
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Well, I'm going to leave here another Rabbit coming out of the hole, I've tried to post before, but I was blocked and chased, let's see if the post and the channel are still up now, follow the thread... 👇🏼🐰 1/25.… ImageImageImageImage
#GhislaineMaxell is under arrest. Will she name names? Or will she turn up dead in her cell too? The image is from the surveillance cameras of the tunnels on #Epstein Island. 2/25. Image
This was hanging on a wall in #GhislaineMaxwell's house.

As is public knowledge, she is an ex-girlfriend and best friend of #JeffreyEpstein. 3/25. ImageImageImage
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Leon Black purchased Great Canadian Casinos for Apollo. Neil Baker was the Bronfman’s former accountant who owned these casinos with his son. When will Canada investigate the #JeffreyEpstein links? @JustinTrudeau @cafreeland @INTERPOL_HQ @JoeBiden @NewYorkFBI @ICIJorg
Neil Baker managed the investment portfolios of the Bronfmans. He built an investment firm that took advantage of Canada’s tax loopholes allowing foreign ownership of Canadian assets.…
The Bronfman’s company became Brookfield.…
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In 2019, the Atlantic Council entered into a partnership with the Hungary Foundation, a group funded by the authoritarian Orbán government in Hungary.…
In September 2014, Eric Lipton reported in The New York Times that since 2008, the US organization had received donations from more than twenty-five foreign governments.…
In 2017, Tom Bossert, previously a Nonresident Zurich Cyber Risk Fellow at the Atlantic Council's Cyber Security Initiative, was appointed Homeland Security Advisor to the Trump administration.…
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This woman is called #LottaVolkova. Much acclaimed in the fashion world. She works for #BAALenciaga. We entered her Instagram. Let's see what we found. 👇🏼📝 1/10.
The person who commented on this photo and always comments on Volkova's posts is also renowned stylist #MARCJACOBS. Here he said: "So good." 👇🏼📝 2/10.
This is sick...👇🏼📝 3/10.
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When I decided that I was going to use my voice as a survivor of #JeffreyEpstein to spread awareness about the unique risks that young #autistic girls & women like myself face, I realized many of those risks were the same for me as someone who has mosaic #DownSyndrome & that my -
advocacy & education regarding #trafficking beyond being #autistic, but who may also have mDS, or any other type of developmental disorders. I wanted to point this out because October is #DownSyndromeAwarenessMonth & so many are unaware that there are several types of DS. -
Every few days I’m going to post some facts about what life is like having mosaic Down Syndrome & spread awareness about how having mDS (as well as being autistic) made me an easier target for #trafficking. If I’m able to show others signs to look out for, even if it’s just a -
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I felt it important to thank everyone for your amazing support since I’ve starting telling my story as a victim of Jeffrey #Epstein. I’m trying to respond to (kind) comment. For those who disgustingly victim blamed or said I enjoyed my time, I was a 16 year old #autistic child -
To even suggest such a thing says far more about you than me. It is due to those comments that I’ve made it my mission to educate about the dangers autistic people face when it comes to #trafficking - which is needed when 9 out of 10 autistic girls have been assaulted, the -
source for which can be found in earlier tweet. There was NOTHING I “liked” about being a victim of #JeffreyEpstein for 2 years. It left me w/ severe eating disorder, debilitating PTSD & shame, humiliation & a lack of self worth. Despite this, I’m doing what I can do in sharing -
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OK - now will live tweet below a hearing in Giuffre v. Alan Dershowitz, civil case heavy with #GhislaineMaxwell (sentenced to 20 years, appealing) & #JeffreyEpstein (compared here with... #RKelly, whose "associate" Don Russell is on trial:…
Judge Preska: Good morning! Sorry to start late, I had a sentencing. I suggest we do the protective order things at the end, and we'll seal it. Have you spoken about the impeachment issue?
Counsel: We were unable to reach agreement.
Counsel: Impeachment is not limited to initial disclosures but applies equally to pre-trial disclosures. By and large, impeachment material was produced.
Howard Cooper: I had laptop problems... This is a first for me, to have a line in a confidential letter cited
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I had my eye on Kazakhstan for a long time.
Senators Dalrymple & Hoeven went to Kazakhstan and North Dakota exports went from from $22,000 to $25 Million in 5 years. Image
Trump has a history with Kazakhstan and oil. I shared my concerns with elected officials via this email sent years ago. ImageImage
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#JeffreyEpstein to #AmberHeard and how women have been used to monetize.
@mldauber you aren't really about women's rights at all you. You are about using women to get power and money. Who do you work for? Who is paying you? You don't know what real women's leadership is at all.
"How social fields overlap, merge, and produce subjectivities can be expertly understood through a rigorous interrogation of the case of Jeffrey Epstein and his involvement with the Murdoch Family (The Sun - "Wifebeater" headline) and his connections to the Depp case."
If Michele Dauber was actually standing up for women's rights, she'd be standing up for women's agency. Instead she works a system of social media manipulation and click bait for Twitter (Jack Dorsey), Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg), and a bunch of other males.
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These fake victims should be investigated along with their parents of why they was out as teenagers with guys and not at school, home. Was they reported missing and exploited? The NY scandal & narrative doesn't make any sense. 🧵
No matter what financial class bracket guys would pay for strippers, escorts, sex if available. Crackhead would sell sex for a rock. The ordeal looks like escorting gone bad because not everybody's ID cards was checked to make sure they was 18.
Literally saying underage girl "victims" a few was reported as teenagers who seemed out of control, dodging their parents who seemed to have did no parenting in the ordeal, and others was in their 20s more of an escort agency advertising that they fell into. Then cried "victim"
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That Daily Mail article is a whole other level of 'special'..

And the Clinton Global Initiative is back in the news

What's next, Killary? Image
Proof that the Maxwell trial is a psyop?.. we had LIVE coverage of the Depp-Heard 'trial' but only artist impressions of Ghislaine during hers.. when last did you see an actual photo of Ms Maxwell?…
Ghislaine's father was a TRIPLE agent for the UK, Israel and Russia

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THREAD 🧵: When Virginia Guiffre settled her sexual abuse lawsuit against Prince Andrew for £12 million, he forced her to agree not to speak about the allegations or the settlement until the end of the year.
That’s reportedly because the royal family really didn’t want anyone talking about these sexual abuse allegations, or the fact that Prince Andrew settled them, during her jubilee.
But that NDA can’t stop the rest of us from talking about it. So, as we enter jubilee week, here’s @OwenJones84, @DrProudman and I speaking about that lawsuit, the settlement, and what it means for survivors of sexual abuse, on Owen’s fantastic show:

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10/5/21 - Wellicht is het u ontgaan dat Jeffrey Epstein op Sint Maarten een haven in bezit had. De NL regering van Sint Maarten was nauw betrokken bij de handel van #JeffreyEpstein NADAT hij eerder was gearresteerd en beschuldigd van mensenhandel 🧵…
23/7/19 - “Jeffrey #Epstein’s Port in a Storm: Co-Owning a Marina With Tycoon Andrew Farkas” Het betreft hier een haven op #SintMaarten, met betrokkenheid van de NL autoriteiten ter plaatste aldus Bloomberg
26/5/22 - #Epstein behoeft geen verdere introductie dus wie is Andrew Farkas?
“Andrew L. Farkas founded Island Capital Group LLC in May 2003 and is its Managing Member, Chairman, and CEO”…
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Scary thought.
What if #ChineseMoney funded #JeffreyEpstein?
Think about it for a minute.
Clinton strongly supported china to join WTO.…
Full clinton speech on china trade bill.…
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Au lieu de porter plainte contre la diffusion de la rumeur #JeanMichelTrogneux, les services présidentiels semblent avoir choisi une autre tactique: le harcèlement de Natacha Rey et de ses proches par la police.
2) Les avocats de Brigitte Macron ont laissé passer le délai légal sans lancer des poursuites contre les 4 premiers numéros de @faitsetdocs sur #BrigitteMacron et #JeanMichelTrogneux. D'ici quelques jours le délai pour poursuivre le 5e et dernier s'achève.
3) L'Elysée promet des poursuites. Sérieux?
Par contre, #NatachaRey est insultée et menacée, son entourage (y compris l'un de ses ex, dit-elle) convoqué pour interrogatoire, elle est suivie par la police et sur écoutes... Sans qu'aucune poursuite n'ait été lancée.
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“When you see alliances across international borders between religious right organizations and these authoritarian relationships. … I think the consequences are enormous for all of us. It’s more than just the story of the Fellowship. It’s the story of our democracy.”- Jesse Moss
Here’s an old thread by @kenklippenstein. His reporting covers some of those international alliances mentioned in the quote above.

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.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell

#PeterNygard, 78, has hosted celebs & politicians at the property, near the Bahamian capital of Nassau. Photos credited to Nygard’s website appear to show such visitors incl #PrinceAndrew & ex-wife Sarah Ferguson & their 2 daughters, 20 yrs ago.
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #GodSaveTheQueen #CSE

photo shows paedophile #PeterNygard talking with a shorts-wearing Andrew as the two stroll together. In another picture Nygard is posing with Sarah and her daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.…
.@thetalentguru #GhislaineMaxwell #JeffreyEpstein #GodSaveTheQueen #TheQueen #CSE

#PeterNygard’s Sex Trafficking Arrest Casts New Scrutiny On Reported #PrinceAndrew Visit
The #paedophile Canadian fashion mogul was arrested for sex trafficking in Winnipeg…
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Prince Harry lost his honorary military titles, which took gr8 pride in after serving in the military, for leaving his senior role & moving to the US — #PrinceAndrew, w/ no longer public role in the royal family, still retains the military titles bestowed upon him.
.@richardaeden #SussexSquad

#PrinceHarrry vs #princeandrew


This particular discrepancy has “prompted objections from veterans, who say it is unseemly to be under the command of a person facing such allegations,” according to The NYT…

Well, Andrew has always stood by his royal heritage because his privilege has kept him safe (for now). Harry chose to side with his wife, who found the constraints of the royal family damaging to her well-being, so losing those titles was part of the punishment.
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Wrote 'The Global Warming Survival Handbook' to which #JeffreyEpstein's girlfriend SHELLEY LEWIS contributed

Founding Citizen of #TerraMar—GHISLAINEs 'fake charity slush fund' for victims of her sex trafficking, pedophilia & sexual blackmail enterprise

As well as Ghislaine, Jeffrey Epstein & Shelley Lewis, we associate David with mysterious AMIR DOSSAL of the UN

Not only were both men involved with TerraMar, but David was "menswear brand ambassador" of LDNY Foundation where Amir Dossal was a Trustee!

The social circle of Ghislaine & Epstein's pal also encompasses:

Richard Branson

the British PM's father Stanley Johnson

Camilla Parker Bowles' mysterious nephew & co-chair of UK Tory Party, Ben Elliott

All have been ambassadors of Whole World Water
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Este lunes se está realizando el día final del juicio de #GhislaineMaxwellTrial con la presentación de argumentos de cierre por parte de la fiscalía y la defensa. Son muchas los eventos que han ocurrido en el juicio de la presunta ayudante del depravado sexual #JeffreyEpstein
#GhislaineMaxwell no testificará en el juicio por tráfico sexual. La defensa prometió presentar 35 testigos y concluyó con una lista menor. Los abogados llamaron a una experta en "falsos recuerdos" para socavar las afirmaciones de las supuestas víctimas que acusan a Maxwell
Los fiscales ofrecieron sus argumentos finales, reiterando las acusaciones de que Ghislaine Maxwell actuó como la "mano derecha" de Jeffrey Epstein.
“Era una depredadora sofisticada que sabía exactamente lo que estaba haciendo”, dijo al jurado la fiscal federal adjunta Alison Moe
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#BREAKING | Visitor logs ‘reveal Epstein visited Clinton White House on 17 occasions'
Newly released White House visitor logs have reportedly revealed that Jeffrey Epstein visited the building 17 times during former President Bill Clinton’s first term in office. #BreakingNews
The logs, obtained by MailOnline, allegedly show that on one occasion Epstein visited the White House several times in one day. #BillClinton #GhislaneMaxwellTrial #JeffreyEpstein
He was reportedly invited to visit by aides, but the logs show that Epstein visited the West Wing on several occasions, during which time it is possible that he met with President Clinton. #BreakingNews #BillClinton
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Stay tuned for Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Day 4 Live Update. #GhislaineMaxwellTrial #BreakingNews Image
Day 2 end : Besselsen confirms Epstein as donor to Interlochen.

Mr Besselsen confirms that Epstein was a major donor to the Interlochen school near Traverse City, Michigan. A building was even named after him.
The “Jeffrey Epstein Scholarship Lodge” has since been renamed.
Finance executive Daniel Besselsen to return to the court to give evidence
Daniel Besselsen will return to the stand on day four of the trial.

#GhislaineMaxwellTrial #BreakingNews
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Common Sense Media And The Aspen Institute’s “Beyond Primetime” Kids And Media Conference - 2007…

#JeffreyEpstein #AspenInstitute #CommonSenseMedia ImageImage
Geraldine Laybourne sits on the board of Kindercare.

Husband is Kit Laybourne, founder of Nickelodeon ..

KinderCare is owned by Michael Milken and his brother Lowell

Milken > Leon Black .. ImageImageImage
Laybourne couple > MTV, Nickelodean, Children's Television Workshop, Nick Jr., Disney

Milken > Drexel (DBL) > Craig Cogut > Pegasus Capital > McCain Institute funder

Cindy McCain : "We all knew.." ..… ImageImageImage
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