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22nd May 2022 - World Health Assembly meet about the #WHO 'pandemic' treaty

The Assembly 7 observer agencies incl.:

Sovereign Military Order of Malta
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Federation of Red Cross
Red Crescent Societies
South Centre ..
Chairperson of World Health Assembly (WHA) :
Dr Harsh Vardhan #NewDelhi…

New Delhi was created by the British Crown together with the Theosophists of the early 20th century

Needs its own thread
2019 article: "World Health Organization: Gates Foundation Now Second Largest Funder After U.S. Government"…
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The Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation is at the Saïd Business School, founded in 1996 when Wafic Saïd offered the University a donation of £20 million.…

It's opening was accompanied by protests over Saïd's role in the Al-Yamamah arms deal
The al-Yamamah deal is the biggest export deal in British history and generated £43 billion in revenue for the British company BAE Systems

Police later calculated that more than £6bn may have been distributed in corrupt commissions, via an array of agents and middlemen'
Saïd is part of the Casa de Campo crowd.. #Epstein connections..

King Juan Carlos + Pepe Fanjul +
Viscount William and Annabel Astor ; Rosemary and Wafic Saïd ;Dixon Boardman; Arianna, daughter of Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe..…

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Interesting thread. Timothy Leary attended the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 1938 to 1940.…

That's the same Jesuit college as Anthony Fauci
When Leary got into trouble at the US Military Academy at West Point, his mother asked family friend Senator David I. Walsh, head of the Senate Naval Affairs Committee, to intervene.

Walsh is an alumni of Holy Cross College too.…
HARVARD doc: "Timothy Leary’s legacy and the rebirth of psychedelic research"…

... Harvard does not have a dean of LSD,
but it now has something called “The LSD Library.” That would be the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library
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8/5/22 - Goedemorgen @MabelvanOranje, kunt u uitleg geven aan uw inmiddels verbroken relatie met Arpad Busson? Volgens @wikileaks blijkt uw ex-vriendje in de kinder handel te zitten. Verder de vraag wat Epstein op St.Maarten uitspookte. Fijne Moederdag 🍊… Image
28/4/17 - 'Prinses Mabel is klaar met miljonair Arpad Busson'. For the record, volgens @wikileaks is Arpad Busson gelinkt aan de zaak #Dutroux, #Maxwell en #Epstein. Hoe kijkt de @AIVD naar de liefjes van @MabelvanOranje?…
6/2/22 - @MabelvanOranje ex-vriendje Arpad 'Arki' Busson komt ook voor in het zwarte boekje van Ghislaine Maxwell. Busson is bevriend met Lynn Forester #Rothschild die eveneens in het zwarte boekje van Jefrey #Epstein en #Maxwell staat opgetekend. Image
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Sarah Ferguson and Tony Robbins > Pegasus Group Holdings

#Epstein #CRISPR Image
Jay Bloom, Chairmen of Pegasus Group Holdings, LLC, is the original founder of the Las Vegas Mob Experience
2020:"Curren Price Jr., center, with LAFC owners, from left, Peter Guber, Magic Johnson, Will Ferrell and Tony Robbins at the groundbreaking for the soccer franchise’s Banc of California stadium

Managing partner Henry Nguyen is vice-chairman and owner"… Image
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Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
La storia segreta della Siberia
1 parte

Cosa mostra l'Archeologia… Image
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
Se un film o semplici parole ripetute possono influire sul Dna, quanto i videogiochi violenti e la realtà virtuale del Metaverso ha stravolto le giovani generazioni?
I cospiratori responsabili del dep opolamento in atto.. avevano pensato a tutto.. ImageImageImage
Via #vincenzotrasmissioni
La Caduta dell'Impero Romano, le cause, la corruzione e la morte di interi popoli. Le invasioni barbariche, i dazi e le spese militari furono precededute da governi di politicanti inetti e incapaci, considerati "giullari di corte"
La Storia si ripete.. ImageImageImageImage
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Matthew Taylor - In 2005, he was appointed by incumbent Prime Minister Tony Blair as head of the Number 10 Policy Unit 🙄

Let's play: find the 🍕
Taylor > Blair and Mandelson 🙄

Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies (RUSI) > David Giampaolo, Pi Club

> Luke Johnson - 🍕 Express 😉

Blair with Prince Andrew at the launch of the NSPCC's Full Stop campaign

Andy likes 🍕 too 😉

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Creator of 'The Family Sex Show' is Josie Dale-Jones

"Theatre Royal Bath has appointed me a 2019 LEVERHULME Arts Scholar. I developed The Family Sex Show as part of their Incubator Programme"
Leverhulme Trust Board members are primarily recruited from the highest levels of Unilever, the descendent of Lever Brothers…

See 🧵👇
William Lever, 1st Viscount Leverhulme…

Sisters Violet and Anna Hesketh are descendants

and connected to the Guinness family..

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So many times I start looking into something and end up in an entirely unexpected place...
Gabe Hoffman is the CEO of Accipiter Capital Management in Palm Beach who comments on TESLA alot.. His company has major stock holdings in #TSLA…

He's also the producer of the 'documentary' An Open Secret , about child abuse in Hollywood ImageImage
In 2021 Larry Ellison bought Gabe Hoffman's $80M mansion at
12525 Seminole Beach Rd, North Palm Beach, FL

Apparently, Ellison plans to knock it down because he says he prefers Hawaii…

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Marina Abramovic is the story that just keeps on giving. She seems to know Ukraine quite well.. Her last visit was to Kyiv in Oct 2021

to perform her 'Crystal Wall of Crying' which commemorates Jews killed in Babyn Yar massacre…
In 2017 The Pinchuk Art Centre presented “Fragile State” - an exhibition with 10 leading artists including Marina Abramovic, Urs Fischer, Damien Hirst, Barthélémy Toguo ..…
"Reflections on War, Performance Artist Marina Abramović and Ukraine’s “Fragile State”..

Viktor Pinchuk sponsored the Yalta European Strategy (YES) conference - an effort to promote a political bridge between Ukraine and the West and European Union"…

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1/2. The saboteurs in *2015* knowing Jeremy was about to win the leadership set up Labour Together a few days before. An anti-Corbyn, pro-Keir Starmer party within a party. Lobbyists for *private healthcare* Israel etc. Lisa Nandy is 1 of 4 Directors #NHS…
2/2. 2020: Nandy, a Director of Labour Together, when asked If she would have used the NHS documents uncovered during the election: “No, if I was making that decision, if Keir Starmer was making that decision,...of course we wouldn’t use them.” #StarmerOut…
3. Director of LT Lisa Nandy would NOT have used the NHS documents uncovered during the election.

Delegates overwhelmingly passed a motion explicitly condemning Israeli apartheid & calling for sanctions, including an arms embargo. Nandy & Starmer said NO
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Would that be the same Oleg Deripaska , Russian oligarch and friend to George Osborne, Petie Mandelson and Nat Rothschild ?… Image
2008: Lord Rothschild and Nathaniel Rothschild hosted Senator John McCain..

Judicial Watch ..asked US election monitors to investigate whether the Rothschilds improperly sponsored the fundraiser… Image
Let's not forget that Senator McCain's wife Cindy fairly recently said about Petie's friend Jeffrey Epstein - "We all knew what he was doing" .. 🧐

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19/2/22 - Jean-Luc Brunel was een Franse modellenscout en manager van een modellenbureau. Hij kreeg bekendheid door het modellenbureau Karin Models te leiden en richtte MC2 Model Management. JEFFREY EPSTEIN trad op als financierder. Wat weet #doutzenKroes 🧵
32/12/88 - journalist Diane Sawyer brengt in 1988 verslag uit over seksueel misbruik binnen de modellen wereld. Top modellen onder de vleugels van Jean-Luc Brunel delen hun ervaring. Niet meedoen betekende einde carrière voor het model.
20/8/19 - 100 top modellen en model industrieleiders richten zich middels een open brief aan Victoria's Secret CEO John Mehas. Ze uitten hun bezorgdheid "voor de veiligheid en het welzijn van de modellen en jonge vrouwen die ernaar streven model te staan voor Victoria's Secret" Image
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Amnesty International seems to be quite a schizophrenic organisation :

"1972: Lord Gardiner with Chairman of Amnesty International Sean MacBride and the Secretary General of Amnesty International Martin Ennals at the launch of Amnesty's campaign for the abolition of torture" ImageImage
Kerry Kennedy Cuomo is the chair of the Amnesty International Leadership Council

> besties with Jean Shafiroff > #Barclays #Epstein

Kerry is the ex-wife of Andrew Cuomo. They lived in Mount Kisco.. an area that came under the scrutiny of the chans for a number of reasons... ImageImage
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Bejayzuz Christ @GBNews

As one of your interviewees pointed out

95% of civil cases are settled out of court

If you're involved in a traffic accident the insurers usually at least in past settled on a knock for knock basis regardless of fault

If a company is...

If company sued even falsely not only must weigh cost of tying up management maybe Board & CEO for months even years fighting to clear name

But whether want bad publicity of case dragging out years rather v short term hit of settlement

Smeared either way so settle
Also even if are innocent, being innocent & in right no guarantee will win case against false accusation

Especially if #MeToo #WomenMustBebelieved case

Or jury afraid of mob violence if make decision "on wrong side of history"

Remember the half doz cases...

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What has a Don Johnson look alike competition winner got to do with #PeterNygard and #Epstein?
Well Clint Regis Wunderly worked for both men.
In his Casting 360 profile he lists personal assistant & chief flight engineer for #Nygard. He also participated in several Peter Nygard hosted fashion shows.
Sources close to the #Nygard case confirm he, or someone using his name, briefly attended the virtual bail hearing in Jan
Notice the last paragraph in his Casting profile - Florida.
So then we went digging.
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Why was #NoamChomsky photographed with #Epstein's butler in Paris in late 2016.

Here is the photo of #Chomsky with Epstein's Paris Butler, uploaded on Dec 1, 2016.
When was it actually taken we don't know as Valdson won't respond to our messages.
So I tracked Chomsky's movements in the month before.
On Nov 5 he was in Barcelona to give a speech at the United Nations University global think tank and postgraduate teaching organisation.
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28/4/17 - 'Prinses Mabel is klaar met miljonair Arpad Busson'. For the record, Arpad Busson is gelinkt aan de zaak Dutroux, Maxwell en Epstein. Hoe kijkt de @AIVD naar de liefjes van @MabelvanOranje?…
6/2/22 - @MabelvanOranje ex-vriendje Arpad 'Arki' Busson komt ook voor in het zwarte boekje van Ghislaine Maxwell. Busson is bevriend met Lynn Forester Rothschild die eveneens in het zwarte boekje van Jefrey Epstein en Maxwell staat opgetekend. Image
7/2/22 - @MabelvanOranje is een telg uit de young global leaders club van het @wef @ProfKlausSchwab… Image
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That's why Matt Hancock had the Epstein-MOSSAD-andOtherIntelligenceServices-connected Nicole Junkermann on his Healthtech team ImageImage
Nicole Junkermann > China > Infront > WANDA > University of Pittsburgh > CCP > organ trafficking

That's UK govt > #NHS > Nicole Junkermann > satellites > SWARM Technologies > SpaceX > Elon Musk - 'I didn't know nuffin' about Jeffrey Epstein'

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To clarify, Ding is a WEF & likely CCP stooge

But I’ve contended they didn’t tinker with the common cold in the lab. I don’t have the science background to tell you whether🦠or💉will be worse, health wise, but I can tell you the ends justify the means to the sick fks behind both
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How are there still people who do not consider the possibility this guy is a psychopath?
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"Follow #Friends" ~Q
Joey loved pizza
Pheobe was the MASSEUSE & practicing witchcraft.
Nearly ALL the special celeb guest stars who appeared on the show have ties to #Epstein & the occult.
Anthony Bourdain tweeted that during commercial breaks, the entire cast would chant "Hail Satan".
The same people who run Hollywood, run America & most of the 🌍.
[They] used the "FRIENDS" show to burry the name Rachel Chandler / Jeffrey Epstein connections, in Google's search
results for ALL these years. Jimmy Kimmel did a "Friends" reunion on his show last year to pump Google full of new "Friends" material due the growing interest of Epstein Island / Rachel Chandler in the Q movement.
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So, I didn't know who this particular puppet master was, until today.

Francis Kalifat - president-elect of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France, the umbrella organization for Jewish organisations in France…
"The Governing Board of the WJC..held an unprecedented gathering at UNESCO in Paris in November 2018 .. under the leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder

> Governing Board Chairman David de Rothschild…

So, #Epstein acquaintance Alan Dershowitz who was brought on by the #BBC to comment on the #GhislaineMaxwell trial, is on the same board as Ronald Lauder ..

Lifestyles Magazine.. Gabriel Erem - founder

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