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Oh my, oh my, OH MY! The trailer for Netflix CRISPR series "Unnatural Selection" featuring

--usual crew of biohackers @4LOVofScience etc.
--back of JC Belmonte's head
--Jennifer Doudna
--Kevin Esvelt of MIT

"If you are really playing God, you don't care what other people think"

-- Kevin Esvelt, gene drive guy, MIT Media Lab.

Netflix CRISPR series is coming
I can't express how wonderfully strange it is to see all the CRISPR people I know blown up on the screen pretending to look through microscopes and delivering Aaron Sorkin-like lines!!!

Unnatural Selection on Netflix I can't wait. #unnaturalselection #netflix
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Netflix comunicó a todos sus usuarios que puso en funcionamiento audio de alta calidad en Dolby Atmos y 5.1 canales para la reproducción de contenido en televisores.

#Netflix #TecnoBreak #DolbyAtmos
A la vez, en la resolución, la calidad del sonido se va a modificar de acuerdo al nivel de estabilidad que tenga la conexión a internet que se usa a lo largo de la transmisión.
De acuerdo a la compañía, en caso de que la aplicación que funciona en los televisores detecte que se incluye compatibilidad con los 5.1 canales de audio, la transmisión del sonido podría llegar a los 640 kbps.
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What did #QAnon say about this?

see thread 👇
Obama family $40mm+ (pre election less than $1mm)?
Disguised under book deals?

Those who take are offered more powerful positions within the party (controlled).

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#Cannibals #Vampires Great thread.

Did my human trafficking thread back in March.
The avalanche of truth is here ...

We are #TheGreatAwakening
We are the news now.
We are Q.
Another great thread!

Amazing number of AWAKE Patriots out there.
#QArmy is unstoppable!

#WellHellzBellz #Cannibals #SantaClaraDiet #Netflix

In the show, Drew is addicted to human flesh.

Nobody redpills better than Hollywood.

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The Great Hack On #Netflix is all about data rights but I found more disturbing something else in it: the idea that none of us, whether our data has been harvested or not, know when propaganda is propaganda anymore.
There’s a bit about a campaign called Do So which successfully encouraged non-voting in the last Trinidad election. Do So looked for all the world like a grass roots movement created by Trinidad youth as a rejection of government. In fact it was designed by Cambridge Analytica.
Surely what needs to happen on Facebook and here is some form of political version of what influencers on Instagram have to do when they are plugging something, which is to say they are plugging something. Hard to enforce though.
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Watch videos #TheGreatHackNetflix
#SteveBannon with #BrainKolfag @DonaldJTrumpJr smfh... Brain K is Obama's friend, he was at Obama's anti-gun rally in 2011. Proof on internet. @madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q those awake see those blond don't. So who's side you on Jr? BK fence still openin 4 drugs,
#ChildTrafficking and what about VP Pence going to meet a Drug Cartel?? Why you guys doing this turning on AMERICANS. . You the next criminals? @realDonaldTrump has the Funds for the wall.
Tick Tock ⏰
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I got blocked on YouTube for haring this piece of #TheGreatHack
This miserable pesos Britany Kaiser lying. Did you know She worked for Obama? #FalseClaims being made by her. ANONS have proof.
@realDonaldTrump #GreatAwakening
Video chopped up
Britany Kaiser from #CA making false claims GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, TESLA HELPED @realDonaldTrump won 2016 election 😂😂😂
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#Tweetorial vs. #UnsolicitedAdviceThread
🤔"What I wish I knew"🤔
#tipsfornewdocs #2wk

I was asked to do a wonderful Q&A during @umnmedresidency's first intern academic 1/2 day

Complied all tips👇

(💪work @Kay_L_Ingraham, @VigneshWP, @PendlKM) with co-panel (@jenwong101)
Before we begin.

Aside from trying to coax you to try twitter for #FOAMed #MedEd ...

Please know👉🏽not every tip will work for every person. Find what works for you!

Don't be overwhelmed
👉 Focus on something new each week or month!
** Audience ?s **

🗝️ Step 3 😱?👉focus on patient care unless you are taking w/in 3 months, just get signed up (it'll be OK)

🗝️ Research?👉focus on patient care and being a wonderful doctor (till spring @ earliest)

🗝️ Reading?👉read to care for your patient's illness

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#BehzatÇ!!! I binged on this #Turkish series with English Subtitles. You’ll get hooked. Been waiting for the return; Awesome!!!- - - “Turkey's favorite TV cop returns, but not to Turkish channels” via @AlMonitor
Once you go pass some mushy Sideline stuff it gets brilliant. They were able to tackle some of the most charged political issues/points, and the lead actor is simply amazing.
You can find it on #Netflix where I watched the 3 seasons. Go for it!
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#TheOffice — the No. 1 streaming show — will leave @Netflix + be exclusive to @NBCUniversal's new service.

Hoarding beloved movies + shows for the rights holder's branded #streaming services will soon be the law of the land. Prepare yourselves.…
The @WarnerMediaGrp streaming service — which supposedly soft-launches later this year — will reportedly be called "HBO Max"…
Branding Quiz 👨‍🎓

1. If you owned a vast collection of brands, and were aggregating ALL of them into one pricey, direct-to-consumer offering, would you choose to name that offering after just ONE of the brands?

2. Isn't there enough brand confusion already with HBO Now/HBO Go?
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@NetflixIT L'adattamento di #Cannarsi per #NeonGenesis è inascoltabile, perdendo completamento tutto il senso originale.

IMBARAZZANTE. #Netflix #NetflixIT
@NetflixIT - «Da qui innanzi il comando su questa operazione è rimessa a te»

- «L'UNITÀ PRIMA» (l'Unità-01)

- «Mancasi la forza lavoro»

- «In uscita!» (partenza)

- «Fammi svegliare Rei» (sveglia Rei)

- «Non devo fuggire, non si deve fuggire, non devo fuggire»

@NetflixIT - «Nessuna recalcitranza»

- «Pare che il turno di voialtri non ci sarà»

- «Mi hai salvato» (detto da una donna)

- «Fammi approntare un convoglio auto»

- «Ma se avevo appena restaurato l'auto con tanto sforzo!»

@NetflixIT MA CHE LINGUA E'?!?!?!?!??!?!?!
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Given where Indian small caps are today, this book is a very reasonable investment. Go for it 👍🏻
Best time to look for a multi-bagger is around the time when masses start to find the word 'multi-bagger' as disgusting. This masterpiece from @chriswmayer is inspired by Thomas Phelps's "100 to 1 in the Stock Market" and is an addition to that with more recent data. #100BAGGERS
“Bear market smoke gets in one’s eyes,” he said, and it blinds us to buying opportunities if we are too intent on market timing. [1]
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Sanghi Twitter is having an (expected) meltdown over #Netflix's latest dystopian drama #Leila.
Filmmaker @IamDeepaMehta serves as Director & Executive Producer for the series.

Incidentally, Mehta has had horrifying experiences with extremist Hindutva groups in the past too. 1/n
In 1996, Mehta's film 'Fire' released to much critical acclaim. However, the subject matter of the film - an unexpected lesbian romance between 2 women married to brothers in a middle-class Delhi home, was enough to kick the proverbial hornet's nest. 2/n
Fire's protagonists (played by @nanditadas & @AzmiShabana) were named Sita & Radha, respectively.

Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, & BJP workers, claiming the film was "immoral & blasphemous", started a violent nationwide protest & vandalised theatres.

'Fire' ended up being banned. 3/n
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I don’t know if any of you caught President Trump’s speech to National Association Realtors last week, but he stated the Dems are doing the biggest socialist take over of America in history. President Trump is always right - that’s why he mentioned #NeverSocialism at SOTU.
Allied with socialism, is one of biggest mass takeovers of our country’s history of Islam. As you know, we have them in our government. Obama let them in - he is the #TrojanHorse and actively organizing/recruiting behind the scenes through his nonprofit organization OFA.
Whoever doesn’t want to believe this is going to be sadly disappointed. It’s common knowledge - if you do a little research, that it’s being furthed by his “deals” with #Netflix Propaganda film one was a documentary regarding socialist #AOC. Then of course we have Ilhan/Rashida
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I finally forced myself to watch @ava’s #13th on @netflix. I know I am massively tardy to the party, but racial documentaries are hard for me. It was, of course, devastating, so I’m glad I’m grading at home today so I can process, seethe, mourn & completely avoid wypipo.
My first reaction was “Fuck, this [the systemic oppression of black people & destruction of black lives] is never going to end. Not until we upend every last piece of the existing systems.” Then I sat overwhelmed & crying bc the earth/humanity may not last long enough for that.
And let’s be clear, I read The New Jim Crow years ago (which is why I felt like I didn’t *need* to watch 13th), but watching the documentary tie these legacies to images/audio of #NotMyPresident brought it home in a new way emotionally for me rather than just intellectually.
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ON APRIL 16th @EricHolder SAID HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOAT 🤔Still Standing By the Flame I see?
MORE False Flag attacks Coming?
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService @FBI #QAnon #CIA/#MOS #Dogs
2/ REMEMBER Last Years Assassination @realDonaldTrump Attempt? Are todays @EricHolder Tweets a possible 187 @POTUS attempt?
NOTE: The day that I noticed Eric Holder at JFK’s Grave Site, his latest Tweet was about The
👉🏻Mueller Report!!!! 👈🏻 #Qanon
3/ There are No-Coincidences... Goats B-Day? April 16th?
POPE BENEDICT WAS BORN ON APRIL 16th... #NotreDame 🔥#FightingIrish ☘️ 187? NotreDame Coach Dies at 81 🤔
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#Breaking: Just in - #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, on LOCKDOWN amid reports of a man with a gun
#Update: #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, has been evacuated and the suspect is in custody police reports says! Police are now clearing every floor and room of the building.
#Update: Video of the scene at #Netflix HQ in Los Gatos, in Californië, has been evacuated and the suspect is in custody police reports says! Police are now clearing every floor and rooms of the building. Video Credit: @faubs
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Getting early reports that there is an active shooter at #Netflix office in Los Angeles.
Police are on the scene, area is on lockdown. Unclear whether shots have been fired.
Message from colleague at #Netflix.
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1. It is time for the #epilepsy community to get mad, to organize, the fight back. We remain the second-most stigmatized people with a disease. (Mental illness is first.) Even with control, we have three times the average unemployment rate. We are driven from schools, we lose...
2...our friends, we are called cruel nicknames. We are afraid to reveal our disease because we know it can easily result in termination or expulsion - "for our own good." The head of HR-Disability for a major corporation told me largest numbers of calls from managers.....
3...about people with disabilities is that they have discovered someone they hired has epilepsy, and asking if they can be fired or at least moved to where customers won't see them. And then...and then there is Hollywood, that thinks we're funny or worth ignoring, as if....
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Recordamos que en #Netflix teneis Ip Man The Final Fight con Anthony Wong como Ip-Man y un cast de lujo: Eric Tsang, Gillian Chung y Jordan Chan.
La leyenda del maestro de Bruce Lee continúa
Tambien en Enero se añadio #Revenger a #Netflix una cinta de acción coreana con ostias de las que duelen,
Desde Corea nos llega también A Special Lady a #Netflix, acción mafias y una protagonista de armas tomar.
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Cómo sacar partido de los recursos que ofrece Netflix para las clases de Lengua y Literatura en secundaria.

En el hilo os dejo algunas ideas...

@NetflixES #netflix
#Élite aporta esa atmósfera envolvente de misterio que tanto gusta a los adolescentes.
Sobre el plano real del instituto, pueden situar la escena de un crimen, imaginar culpables y elaborar una noticia con las 6 preguntas básicas del periodismo
#SexEducation es fresca y tiene una temática atractiva por razones obvias.
En pequeños grupos, pueden exponer sus dudas sobre sexo, preparar un cuestionario, investigar sobre dichos temas y, a modo de entrevista, recrear un consultorio juvenil como en la serie.
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watching my thread discuss #marikondo is close to my research heart: the global circulation of cultural artifacts and practices, a thread
The thing is that clutter and decluttering seems like an almost "human nature" phenomenon in late capitalism. We all have stuff and some of us are feeling overwhelmed by our stuff. Hence the long history of best-selling books about decluttering
Now #marikondo: her approach to "things" and objects points to a particular Japanese ideological and cultural construct of the emotional life of things.
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So #Facebook & #Instagram (second time in 3 weeks) deleted my accounts. For sharing information about #Kashmir. No explanations or replies to my questions are given. Of course this is not about Facebook, nor about me, but the much more dangerous path SM is taking.
It is all about Justice & about what is happening to many people living under oppression & facing severe surveillance & suppression on the ground and even online.
It is about principals & rights. Human rights. Enshrined in statues & bragged about. Said to be universal. Said to be
I don't know ONE Kashmiri who hasn't been subjected to some form of censorship. On the ground there are far worse consequences than removed posts. Journalists (and MANY civilians) have been trashed, arrested & targeted when covering human rights violations by India.
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