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Happy Netflix Earnings Day! #Netflix $NFLX

Celebrate by reading my latest "visual of the week" and check in later as I try to extract insights from the last 7 weeks of Nielsen data.…
BTW, later today I hope to use Nielsen to see what the most popular non-datecdote shows are.

Current leader is Outer Banks
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The movie that we should all be talking about.

If not talk, at least quietly reflect on and conscientiously begin to make personal lifestyle changes, no matter the degree of change. Every little helps!!

#ALifeOnOurPlanet #Netflix #DavidAttenborough
The movie begins with a quick lesson on evolution and plunges into the prevailing ill-practices around the globe that are rapidly declining the health and richness of bio-diversity.
Backed up by plenty of evidence and personal experience of the decaying planet, David's witness statement to the world shakes you back to reality.
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Analysis: #NASDAQ $NFLX

Case 500 #Netflix Inc. - REVISITED

DISCLAIMER: The analysis is strictly for educational purposes and should not be construed as an invitation to trade.

#NFLX 1/4
Chart 1
Weekly Chart: The Oct. 2019 analysis yielded #profits on our short position. For the last 3 months the price has been unable to close above synthetic #resistance and has since traded lower finding support at the .....

NFLX 2/4
..... May 2020 #trendline A close below targets dual balance at 460.60 and possibly #pivot at 454.19 with #Fib. 0.382 at 451.59. Farther down strong #support between 415.27- 393.52.

NFLX 3/4
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Schitt’s Creek star #DanLevy lashes out at an Indian channel for censorship on the show - by @SanchDash…
Canadian actor and the writer, producer of the immensely popular comedy show Schitt’s Creek Daniel Levy (@danjlevy) lashed out at the Indian arm of a global television channel for allegedly censoring a kiss between the two leading men of the show.
Levy took to Twitter about the censorship of gay intimacy on particularly the Indian channel. @danjlevy had pointed out a snippet from the show that Comedy Central India had shared on Twitter in March 2019 when the show was being aired on the channel.
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Acabado (devorado) la última joya de Marcus du Sautoy. Lúcido análisis sobre qué es y hasta donde puede llegar la inteligencia de las máquinas (o AI). Los algoritmos son la materia prima del universo digital, y requieren de una aproximación solvente. Totalmente recomendable.
Solo he echado en falta alguna reflexión más sobre la idea de "inteligencia" (no se cita a Gardner, para mi fundamental para entender la #AI); si se cita a Tegmark (muy buen libro), y no en cambio Harari cuyo Homo Deus me temo despita más que clarifica.
Next: lo último de @Conectad2s desgranando la manera de pensar y hacer empresa de Hastings. El conocimiento libros es siempre limitado (sino todos seríamos ricos y sabios); origen verdadero saber es el error. Por eso es fundamental leer a risk-takers. #Netflix
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#13Sins (2014) 😍🔥

" ஒரு ஊருல ஒரு ஹூரோ, அவனுக்கு pregnant Wife, அவன் பாத்துட்டு இருந்த வேலை போயி வேலையில்லாமா கஷ்டத்துல இருக்காரு, திடீர்னு ஒரு phone call, அதுல ஒருத்தன் வாய்ஸ், நாங்க உங்கள ஒரு விளையாட்டுல சேர்த்து இருக்கோம்.... ImageImage
நாங்க சொல்ற 13 task மட்டும் செய்து முடிச்சீங்கனா, ஒவ்வொரு Task க்கும், ஒவ்வொரு Prize amount னு சொல்றான், இத நம்பாத ஹூரோவ நம்ப வைக்கிறதுக்காக உன் பக்கத்துல இருக்கிற ஈ யை அடிச்சு கொன்னா, $1000 னு சொல்றான்.. Image
அவனும் நம்பிக்கை இல்லாம ஈ ய அடிச்சு கொல்றான், அடுத்த second, phone ல $1000 Doller Deposited னு ஒரு message. அந்த message அ பாத்ததும் கொஞ்சம் ஆச்சரியமும், குழப்பமும், பணத்துக்காக நம்பி களத்துல எறங்கி போட்டியில கலந்துகிட்டு அடுத்தடுத்து அவனுங்க Task ah செஞ்சு முடிக்கிறான்" Image
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#Her (2013) 😍❤️

(Joker படத்துல நடிச்ச ஹூரோ தாங்க இந்த படத்துலயும் ஹீரோ சரி கதைக்கு வருவோம்)

" படம் எதிர்க்கலாத்துல தான் நடக்குது, ஹூரோ ஒரு எழுத்தாளர், அவரோட மனைவி விவாகரத்து பன்னதுனால யாரோட துணையும் இல்லாம தனிமையிலே கெடந்து வாடுறாரு... ImageImage
அந்த சமயத்துல Market ல Artificial intelligence (செயற்கை நுண்ணறிவு) ன்ற ஒரு விஷயத்தை புதுசா அறிமுகப்படுத்துறானுங்க, ஹூரோவும் அத வாங்கி அதுக்கு சமந்தா னு பேரு வச்சு அதோட பேசி பழகுறாரு, நாட்கள் கடக்க கடக்க தலைவன் தன்னையே மறந்து, இல்ல இல்ல அது கம்யூட்டருனே மறந்து லவ் பன்றாப்ல..., ImageImage
இதுக்கு மேல என்ன ஆச்சு ன்ற விஷயத்த படத்த பாத்து தெரிஞ்சுக்கோங்க 👍

ஒரு கம்ப்யூட்டர் க்கும் ஒரு மனிதனுக்கும் இடையே ஏற்படுற காதல நம்பும்படியா அவ்வளவு அழகாக காட்டி இருப்பானுங்க 😍👍

Love + Emotional + SciFi 😍🥺❤️

Defenetly Worth your Time 😍🙌🏼 ImageImage
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Solo quando il male è costretto a venire alla luce - così che tutti possano vedere - possiamo sconfiggerlo.

"A volte non si può dire la verità alle persone.
Bisogna mostrargliela."

Tutto ciò a cui stiamo assistendo dovrebbe far capire.

Banchi in ottime condizioni buttati e sostituiti con banchi in plastica a rotelle senza spazio per i libri, ma giusto quanto basta per i tablet.
"🎶Baby it's cold outside" censurata dalla radio perché "sessista", ma W.A.P. di Cardi B candidata come canzone dell'estate da #MTV
Gli obbiettivi dell'Agenda 2030 proiettati sulla Piramide Cestia di Roma, 23/09/2020 👁️🔺
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@PMOIndia @AmitShah Sirs pls note people like #EktaKapoor #AnuragKashyap #Anushka are all bringing out content that is anti-India, anti Hindu, if we dont have censorship for these films, series... the next generation will forget about our culture 1/1
1/2 these people are delib twisting narratives on the dictates of the underworld to destroy india's moral fabric. Censorship should be done on an urgent basis or let us forget about our rich culture! People cannot continue raising issues without gov support! Pls oblige!
1/3 Just like drugs, terrorism, TV series and movies produced by #netflix is a war on #IndianCulture, Middle classes bring their children with moral values, destroyed by these people who work for underworld!
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Delhi HC begins hearing Mehul Choksi's appeal against the dismissal of his writ petition seeking pre-screening of Bad Boy Billionaires.



#Netflix #MehulChoksi
Appeal listed before Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan.
Netflix India has filed it's reply. UOI has filed a short reply. There's no response from Netflix Inc: Adv Namit Joshi for Choksi.

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#EdTech | From #BYJU’S to #Unacademy – competition in India’s fast-rising online education sector - by @sanchdash

@unacademy @BYJUS @vedantu_learn #Eruditus…
The opportunity in Indian #EdTech is huge and the top edtech startups are all vying for the same pie. In 2020 alone, India’s edtech startups have raised over $1.5 billion which is just as much as the startups had raised in the past five years put together.

According to a Redseer report, India’s #EdTech startups had raised $1.6 billion between 2014-2019. Here's a look at the valuations of India's fast-rising #onlinelearning sector.

@BYJUS @unacademy @vedantu_learn #Eruditus
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THREAD: I was one of the reporters working on the massive stories this week related to sexual abuse in the world of cheerleading, and I’d like to share a bit of the background of how they came about. 1/24
I’m an investigative reporter with the main newspaper in Memphis, @memphisnews and I contribute to USA TODAY. In early August, my editor in Memphis asked if I would help @USATODAY with a national project on cheerleading. 2/24
I said yes. I knew a bit about cheerleading because in 2008, I had interviewed Jeff Webb, founder of the Memphis-based company Varsity Spirit, which created modern competitive cheerleading. 3/24
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Ya vi la película francesa 'Cuties' ('Mignonnes' en francés, traducido en Español como 'Guapis'), y con el nombre para América de Cuties de Netflix esa que causó mucha controversia por el hecho de mostrar un cartel y un trailer con unas niñitas super hipersexualizadas
y mucha gente indignada saltó en twitter contra #netflix y contra la directora de la película porque pues cómo va a ser posible que se muestren estas imágenes.

Inclusive se hizo una tendencia en twitter bajo el hashtag #netflixPedofilia Y yo dije "la hacen mucho de pedo!
Total la peli todavía ni se estrena, no puede ser posible que hagan tanto problema por eso" pero bueno es una película de baile y mi tío Netflix no me ha decepcionado con películas de esa temática!!!
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The #ShushantRhea case and the aftermath that followed, revealed a lot about us as a society than the victim or the alleged perpetrator. It laid bare all our claims of a progressive , liberal , educated society . Let me deal with it in subsequent tweets. (1/n)
It was a case of Suicide. Even family , sisters,doctors everyone claimed it as suicide. I dont know the reality so I wont comment on it .To me it looked like a case of Suicide. even family initially filed a case for abetment of Suicide. Then entered Politics and Media nexus (2/n)
Media planted stories , conspiracy theories , made villains , without any proof. They all fell flat on face because even CBI /NCB after so many days could not find the murder angle. Drug angle was exploited to keep the case going till Bihar elections. (3/)
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Next #netflixandchill
2020 #movie
The Devil All The Time
One word why, RPattz.

The Devil All The Time
Also, Harry Melling, from the Harry Potter films as Dudley Dursley.

#moviethots 2020
Devil All The Time
#netflixandchill Image
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Size bir ahtapot aşkı hikayesi anlatacağım bugün. İzlemeyenleriniz varsa "Ahtapottan Öğrendiklerim" belgeselini izlemesini tavsiye ederim. Özellikle biyoloji öğrencileri için oldukça birinci elden bilgilendirici olacaktır. #ahtapot #ahtapottanöğrendiklerim @netflixturkiye
Ahtapotlar bildiğiniz gibi oldukça akıllı canlılar. Etraflarındaki şeyleri malzeme olarak kullanabiliyor, bipedal hareket edebiliyor, kapak açabiliyor hatta rüya görebiliyorlar.

Ancak bunları bilmekle bunlara yakından tanık olmak tabii ki farklı şeyler.
Cape Town'da yaşayan Craig Foster zor zamanların ardından kendini denize veren bir belgeselci. Bir Yosun Ormanı'nda dalarken bir ahtapotla karşılaşıyor.

Daha sonra bu ahtapotla arkadaş oluyorlar.
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Having watched the #Netflix series @DirtyJohnUSA , am reading up some more on #BettyBroderick. This is from the prosecutor, Kerry Wells:
“ I've had my fill of Elisabeth Broderick. She was not a battered woman. She was getting $16,000 a month in alimony. She had a million-dollar La Jolla house, a car, a boyfriend. I see abused women every day with broken bones and smashed faces. Give me a break."
Kerry Wells went on to create a domestic violence and stalking unit within the District Attorney’s Office before taking the bench as a judge.

I’m wondering what she thought/ would think now of Dan Broderick’s action especially where the Epstein credits were concerned.
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Just watched @SocialDilemma_ by @jefforlowski on #Netflix
It's a drama documentary, a rare genre movie

Highly recommended to everyone who is active on any form of social media. Read the thread to know what social media did to me & people around me!

My usage apx social media usage stats:

Till 2018 April, the time I completed my BBA from NMIMS, Mumbai
Under 2 hrs per day - Includes Facebook/FB, Instagram/FB, LinkedIn/LI, YouTube/YT & WhatsApp/WA

2018 April to 2020 March, the active I was actively working at 2 diff formal jobs in Bangalore
Btw 3-4 hrs per day - Includes IG, LI, WA, YT & FB

2020 Mar to present, the Corona Virus Pandemic days when I'm not working formally anywhere
Btw 5-6 hrs per day, breaking this down
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Nació en 2009 comenzó a popularizarse entre adolescentes, preadolescentes y hasta niños, durante la cuarentena ya que muchos usuarios populares de #TikTok se graban mientras hablan con usuarios de otros países y lo suben a la plataforma china
#Omegle es anónima. Al ingresar no es necesario registrarse ni adjudicarse un nombre. "Si al comenzar a hablar con una persona se aburre o molesta por algo, el usuario simplemente cambia a otra.
"La primera vez que entré con mi prima, que es menor de edad, nos encontramos directamente con pornografía sin ningún tipo de restricción".
Y esto no es solo uno de los peligros de este chat.
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#Netflix - Cheers,
Jerry Harris Under Investigation For Solicitation of a Child For Sex.

'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Under FBI Probe, Allegedly Solicited Minors for Sex… via @TMZ


#Netflix - Cheers,
Jerry Harris Under Investigation For Solicitation of a Minor for Sex…


#Netflix - Cheers,

Cheer’s Jerry Harris under FBI investigation for solicitation…
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So now you're accused of being far-right, a Q #conspiracy theorist or a Trump supporter because you're against child exploitation and #child sexualisation displayed in #Netflix #Cuties? At least there is one progressive @TulsiGabbard not going along with this left wing lunacy. ImageImageImageImage
The media is up to it's old tricks again. Look at the madness.

Today, idols are not made of wood, stone, or brass. They are made of money, sex, and power.

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Fucking Disgusting!!! #netflix ceo Reed Hastings was just arrested for having 13,000 files of child pornography. Time for everyone to cancel your subscriptions @reedhastings
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