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[THREAD,1/9] Ocean heat content (0-2000m) data from IAP and NOAA/NCEI was just released, NO surprise, 2019 was the warmest year on record for global ocean. Not only that, the past 5/10 years are the warmest 5/10 years! […]
[2/9] OHC is one of the key measure of global warming. Human activities emit greenhouse gases (i.e. CO2) into the air, which taps more and more heat in the climate system. Ocean stores more than 90% of the global warming heat!
[3/9] A updated ocean energy budget from 0m to ocean bottom shows a total full-depth ocean warming of 370 ± 81 ZJ (~0.38 ± 0.08 W m^−2) from 1960 to 2019, with contributions of 41.0%, 21.5%, 28.6% and 8.9% from the 0–300, 300–700, 700–2000m, and below-2000m layers, respectively
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#Iran #IranUsa
'52' हा आकडा गेल्या काही दिवसापासून चर्चेत आला आहे. प्रत्येकाला प्रश्न पडतोय की '52' आकड्यामागे कोणता गूढ लपलेला आहे?
अमेरिका इराणच्या '52' ठिकाणीच हल्ला करण्याची धमकी का देते?
हे अनेकांच्या मनात असेल, तर या थ्रेड मध्ये बघूया या '52' मागचा खेळ!
इराणमध्ये 1979 साली इस्लामिक क्रांती झाली व कट्टर इस्लाम धर्माचे वारे संपूर्ण इराणमध्ये वाहू लागले याच कट्टर तेतून आधीच्या अमेरिकेविरोधी जखमांना भरण्यासाठी इराणचे लोक रस्त्यावर उतरले आणि अमेरिकेच्या दूतावासावर हल्ला केला यात जवळजवळ 60 अमेरिकन नागरिकांना ओलिस(बंदी) केल गेल. #Iran
आता इथून पुढे एखाद्या चित्रपटांमध्ये घडाव्यात तशाच घडामोडी घडत गेल्या या '60' नागरिकांमधून 'सहा'जण आपण चित्रपटाच्या शूटिंगसाठी आलेलो आहोत असा बहाना देऊन तिथून पळून जाण्यात यशस्वी झाले मात्र इराणचे रिव्होल्युशनरी गार्डस त्यांच्या मागे लागले.
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La settimana di #libertàdipensieroMDN dal #29aprile al #5maggio ha visto tanti bei programmi su @MegliodinienteR
🔴 #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania come sempre ha iniziato le danze con
Poi è arrivata @bonnie379
Martedì #30aprile con #Argo su #libertàdipensieroMDN
🔴 I segreti del CERN
@marco_gervasoni viene intervistato da @lameduck1960 su 🔴 #orizzontedeglieventi live della redazione di #libertàdipensieroMDN
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR dal 22 al 28 Aprile 2019 inizia con
🔴 #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
Socrate contro Facebook
Continua con la musica di @LazarKaganovic1 con "i lambratesi"
🔴 Je so' pazzo
Su @MegliodinienteR
Continua @bonnie379 con il suo sguardo al futuro
🔴 #blockchain
Su #Argo e @MegliodinienteR
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR
8️⃣ ➖ 1️⃣4️⃣ Aprile 2019
Inizia con #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
🔴 #Sadomarx
Continua con #larasparla
🔴 La professoressa di antropologia in vacanza ai tropici
@ArditaLara @MegliodinienteR
🔴 Chi ha paura della famiglia
Di @lupecchioli
#differentiprospettive @MegliodinienteR
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La settimana di @MegliodinienteR è iniziata con #unatazzadicaffè de @LaPravdania
🔴 #produciconsumagreta
Alle 21.00 puntuale, @lupecchioli, come ogni lunedì ha presentato #differentiprospettive
🔴 #ildannoelabeffa
E finalmente l'esordio di @bonnie379 su @MegliodinienteR
🔴 #argo
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Tony Mendez is best known for the 1980 #Argo operation to free US hostages in Iran, but as head of CIA’s disguise branch, he was also the architect of an “experiment in deception & illusion” that became the foundation of an operational mindset known as “#MoscowRules.”

Via @WSJ
Tony arrived in Moscow in the late 1970s w/ “some unusual cargo: enough masks, wigs, dental facades, prosthetics, makeup palettes & made-to-measure costumes to put on a magic show. If the CIA wanted to operate freely in Moscow, its agents had to disappear.” Via @WSJ
“By learning to outfox the KGB, the [CIA’s] Moscow station not only connected with #TRIGON, it scored some the biggest espionage coups in American history.” Via @WSJ

To learn more about TRIGON:

To learn more about Tony Mendez:
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This weekend we lost one of our most legendary Agency officers, Antonio “Tony” Mendez, the inspiration behind the Hollywood blockbuster #Argo.

In honor of his legacy, we are sharing this painting of Tony & the Argo mission from CIA’s Fine Art Collection.
The painting titled, “#ARGO: The Rescue of the Canadian Six” was painted by CIA DS&T officer, Deborah Dismuke.

Deborah was both the first female & the first Agency officer to have artwork displayed in CIA’s Intelligence Art Gallery.
Tony began his CIA career in 1965 & spent 25 years as a document counterfeiter & disguise maker.

During the Cold War, he painstakingly devised critical deception operations in places like SE Asia & the former Soviet Union.
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