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I'm freaking out about #barpocalypse! How do I survive this week? (a thread)
I've been talking to a lot of folks this week, all of whom are legit freaking out about the remote bar exam next week. I can assure you that EVERYONE and I mean everyone is losing their damn minds.
Under the best circumstances, you would be going nuts right now, and with the added pressures of the pandemic and remote exam, it is completely normal and expected that you are suffering from self-doubt, anxiety, and depression.
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#barpocalypse fam: We are down to the wire on your bar prep time, so now is the time to make hard decisions about how to use these precious final days (a thread)
Be brutally honest with yourself about your MBE overall performance, your comfort with the essay subjects, and your MPT prep thus far.
For MBE, you need 60% correct overall to pass, and anything more is a buffer for you. You are now past the point of "learning" more rules of law, so now you must use your bar prep tools to determine your top and bottom subjects.
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.@il_bar just sent out a Code of Conduct for the remote bar exam.

(If you haven’t received it yet, don’t worry- you know how IBAB’s emails never arrive at the same time for all of us, if they arrive at all).

“favorite” provisions below #ILbarexam #barpocalypse ImageImageImage
If anything goes wrong and we fail as a result, we’ll that’s just a shame.

Nothing to be done.

Cool. #ILbarexam #barpocalypse Image
What does P mean? Can we challenge if we are flagged and failed because of testing conditions? If so, how?

And 280 characters is not enough to go into our concerns with ExamSoft’s privacy policy. #ILbarexam #barpocalypse Image
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#barpocalypse fam: How to schedule your last two weeks of bar prep (a thread)
The first thing to do is reclaim your power over your time. Your bar prep company suggested schedule is deliberately too jam packed with activities and no one, and I mean no one, is able to do all these tasks. Throw it out!
You also need to eliminate any passive studying from your schedule as these things are not helpful in boosting your scores or helping you perform better under timed pressure. That means no more watching lectures or reading outlines for hours.
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🧵: reiterating the point that the @NCBEX and bar examiners like @il_bar have known/should have known that the October 2020 remote bar exam was a VERY risky move for MONTHS + what they can do about it now. 1/n

#barpocalypse #remotebarexam #barexam
On August 6, @Extegrity released a statement through @BarExamTracker saying that it would not participate in the remote bar exam.

Extegrity informed the jurisdictions it had been working with of this on July 27 and the @NCBEX on July 28. #barpocalypse 2/n
On August 4, a week after the @NCBEX learned that one of its 3 approved vendors did not believe that the remote exam was feasible as currently planned, NCBE Trustee/ NCBE's ABA House Delegate Bucky Askew opposed the discussion of/vote on @ABAhod Resolution 10G. #barpocalypse 3/n
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So, based on what we are seeing re: #barpocalypse, I have some predictions (a thread).
Best case scenario: ExamSoft crashes when everyone logs in at once to start the first session. There is a brief delay before bar takers are able to begin the exam, but bar examiners allow extra time to complete sections. No further disruptions.
Next best scenario: ExamSoft crashes when everyone logs in at once to start the first session. After significant delay, it is determined that the online exam is not feasible. Bar examiners institute a delay of 7-10 days to shift to open-book exam format.
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Attention #barpocalypse fam: If your bar prep company is still demanding that you complete a certain amount of their coursework to guarantee your free retake, CALL THEM OUT. They respond to social media, so shame these companies into doing the right thing.
It is absolutely unreasonable to demand people complete endless busywork tasks during a global pandemic when many people simply don't have time or resources to put in this kind of time. Start demanding your bar prep company do the right thing.
Let your law schools know if your bar prep companies are either not really helping you or trying to extort more money from you to prepare you for this exam. If bar prep companies are unable to come to campus or contact students, their business will dry up.
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#barpocalypse fam: The only way to get gatekeepers' attention is to FUCK WITH THEIR $$$$$. Don't join any organization that was not behind you. Don't hype any bar prep company that did not help you prepare and tell your classmates to hold off paying for courses.
Remember, all these voluntary bar associations are bleeding members. They need you to join to survive. If your local bar association did not support you or advocate for you, DO NOT JOIN and do not give them membership dues.
Find out which of your state legislators are up for election and which ones advocated for you and vote against the ones that did nothing.
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Notes on #barpocalypse: I am NOT studying for bar exam, but today my home office has been a nightmare. Can't get stable internet even using my phone as hotspot, dogs keep infiltrating despite closed door, and neighbors are tearing down their fence.
I don't know how bar examiners expect bar takers to ensure that no one comes into camera range or makes any noises. Even when I threaten my husband with death if he comes into my office during Zoom court, he still forgets and pops in unexpectedly along with all the dogs.
I spend so much time just trying to get the internet stable for regular Zoom calls that it takes forever to get anything done. Literally spent hundreds to order a mesh network to boost signal--and this is not reasonable for bar takers.
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I can't help but notice that in defending the Bar Exam, @NCBEX and some state BLEs have created a public relations disaster. (Thread)

#Lawtwitter #Barpocalypse #bloodybarpocalypse
How did we get here? Easy.
1. Ignore student health concerns.
2. Imply movement for diploma privilege is just a small group of lazy whiny students.
3. Commingle legitimate anger about being ignored with improper attacks to chill speech about the Bar Exam
4. Tell students they should focus on studying. As if that's possible when your Bar could be canceled at the last minute.
5. Establish draconian search rules for an in person exam.
6. Establish draconian movement rules for an online exam.
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Also in the big #MakeMeSmart this week, you know what I've gotten obsessed with? The bar exam. So turns out, multiple states are insisting on holding bar exams *in person* this month, putting students at risk or ensuring only young healthy probably white people show up. 1/
And that's draconian and dangerous and exclusionary in a pandemic, but it turns out the bar exam *always has been* draconian and exclusionary. 2/…
Three states are letting graduates enter the bar without taking the exam, something called "diploma privilege," based on the crazy idea that if you graduated from law school, you uh, are a lawyer, no elitist and death-defying test required. 3/…
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American friends struggling with the bar exam nightmare #barpocalypse: There is a better alternative than either forcing law graduates to do the bar exam (useless at the best of times, criminally negligent now) or sending them into the practice of law with nothing but a J.D. 1/11
Law grads don't need to be re-tested on what they learned in law school (or if they do, then the regulator needs to de-accredit the school). They've got the substantive law knowledge. What they need are the skills, supports, and structures to become working legal professionals.
Here are two programs from Canada that address this need.

In Ontario, the Law Practice Program includes a 17-week Training Component, centred around a virtual "simulated law firm" that provides activities and assignments to help develop lawyer skills.…
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