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I emerged from the primordial soup to become a law prof. My humor is not for everyone. Following me leads only to pain. Run away! RT or like ≠ endorsement.
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2 May
And, there was that study in 2020 that found no decrease in employment related to the earlier stimulus.….
This adds some more information, although nothing about age breakdown. But still adds some value in terms of the initial claim in that tweet.…
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24 Mar
I just finished listening to Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson," and I think they were trying to recruit her in the @CIA. (Thread)
The first stanza is appealing to her sense of religious duty. "And here's to you, Mrs. Robinson
Jesus loves you more than you will know." It is a short walk there to "God Bless America" and the CIA.
The second stanza is the background check:
"We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files
We'd like to help you learn to help yourself"
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23 Mar
I was, for no particular reason, thinking today about an ENTIRE AND VAST LITERATURE on household reproduction that encompasses many voices across many fields.

#lawtwitter #AcademicChatter
A LOT of those articles, books, and essays are written by WOMEN. So I imagine if I were, say, citing literature in my essay, I would want to be careful to ensure I encompassed it fairly. I might also look at who I am tending to cite in my footnotes.
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6 Aug 20
I can't help but notice that in defending the Bar Exam, @NCBEX and some state BLEs have created a public relations disaster. (Thread)

#Lawtwitter #Barpocalypse #bloodybarpocalypse
How did we get here? Easy.
1. Ignore student health concerns.
2. Imply movement for diploma privilege is just a small group of lazy whiny students.
3. Commingle legitimate anger about being ignored with improper attacks to chill speech about the Bar Exam
4. Tell students they should focus on studying. As if that's possible when your Bar could be canceled at the last minute.
5. Establish draconian search rules for an in person exam.
6. Establish draconian movement rules for an online exam.
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23 Aug 19
Hey @PennLaw, it's a good thing that you gave Professor Wax a sabbatical so she could enhance your brand!

And the @NewYorker was happy to help!….


#Lawtwitter #academictwitter #phdchat #racism @atlblog @JosephPatrice
Some highlights on this thread. First quote from Wax: "Why are successful, peaceful, orderly, prosperous, technologically advanced, democratically sound countries so rare and so few, and why do they clump up in one tiny corner of the globe, namely Europe, the Anglosphere?"
(Gosh, I dunno, you never spoke to anyone about colonialism?).

Wax: "I think colonialism as an explanation is just a nonstarter. Colonialism came very late on the scene."
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3 Jun 19
Every controversial twitter post ever:

Me: I like cake.
Troll 1: What do you mean "like?"
Me: Cake is tasty.
Troll 1: Define your terms. "Tasty" means what? Also, what is cake?
Troll 2: I don't appreciate you leaving out pies.
Troll 3: Who cares? The planet is burning.
Me: Look, I'm concerned about the planet, too. I just like cake.
Troll 4: Liberals like cake. I can tell you're a pinko.
Troll 5: I had a friend killed by cake once. You don't know what hell you are bringing upon the planet.
Me: Look, I just want a piece of cake.
Troll 1: WTF! "Piece?" What does that mean?
Me: Slice.
Troll 2: I reported you to Twitter for threatening to slice.
Me: I was threatening to slice cake.
Troll 3: Cake are people too!
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21 Sep 18
Okay, Twitter, I have a theory about a criminal matter, hear me out (thread)
According to Wikipedia, "Jack the Ripper is the best-known name for an unidentified serial killer generally believed to have been active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district of London in 1888."
While I wasn't alive in the 1800s, and I've never been to London, there are some coincidences here that suggest that I am Jack the Ripper.
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27 Aug 18
What it is Like to Talk About Hierarchies based on Race, Class and Gender on Twitter with Other Academics

I understand that this thread will likely get me into hot water.

It may even cause me to quit Twitter altogether.

But it needs to be said. (THREAD)
There is a reason that discrimination still exists. And it isn’t all because of people on the right reject that it exists.

It’s us. Well, some of us.

The following are exchanges I’ve had. With Academics. I’ve never been prouder of the Academy. Kidding.
Honestly, it’s been a wild ride, with the ultimate outcome likely to be my silence. Maybe that was the intended result?
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