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As folks are looking for assorted livetweet threads about #MooreVHarper – the current SCOTUS case that will officially usher in the Independent State Legislature theory as settled law – just wanted to remind y'all about our #LawTwitter MegaList here:…
I think it's a "will" with this SCOTUS, and probably 5-4
(With the obligatory disclaimer that ISL is insane as a legal theory, and I hope I'm wrong on SCOTUS buying it. @BlackFish775)
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1/ Robin Keller, until recently a retired equity partner at @HoganLovells who was still serving clients, writes for @WSJopinion about how the firm fired her for defending the #SCOTUS decision in Dobbs (which overruled Roe and Casey).
2/ For background, here's a July 2022 story by @Kathryn1 for @ATLblog about the controversial call where Robin Keller shared her views on Dobbs and abortion. Keller was suspended soon after. #SCOTUS #lawtwitter #appellatetwitter
3/ I expect I'll have more to say about Robin Keller and Hogan Lovells later.

For now, see my Notice and Comment post from last month, "Can A Conservative Work In Biglaw," and the almost 100 comments it garnered.
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How NOT to oppose a judge up for re-election.

1/ A brief #legalethics ⚖️ tale for #lawtwitter.
2/ Setting up a website seems normal enough...but is maybe a bit over the top.
3/ Then allow other people to post materials that the judge is (falsely) a member of the KKK...not so great.
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Gonna do me some #lawtwitter and live-read this. Let’s go.
1/n: Matthew Butterick’s fonts remain excellent, and it’s a pleasure to the eyes to read a brief set in them. This seems trite—but it’s important, because so many lawyers tell you “we pay attention to the details” and “we are master communicators” and then use Arial.
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Cinderella is a movie about contract interpretation, negotiation, & breach.

A #lawtwitter 🪡 🧵:
A Royal invite comes to attend a ball. The invite commands “all eligible maidens” to attend. Cinderella asks to go. Stepmother and sisters reject this ask. Cinderella pushes back on this material issue, noting that she fits the defined term & attendance is mandatory.
Stepmother concedes the point, but amends the invite to make Cinderella’s attendance contingent on completing all chores & dress prep. “I said… ‘if.’” (Greatest line ever.)

Sneaky tactic: she & stepsisters then pile on chores, making performance impossible. Or so they think.
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A tale of Judicial #legalethics ⚖️ & how differently discipline is applied to those in the robes. #lawtwitter

1/ Judge, drunk driving, crashing into things, dashcam'ed and put on Youtube. (vid: )
2/ Gets out after wreck, lies to bystanders, leaves the scene of the accident.
3/ Comes back to accident scene, lies about the accident to police, claims to have only "had two beers."
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A brief tale of #legalethics for #lawtwitter (Spoilers: don't fake having cancer)

1/ When you tell a client to do something, you're kinda supposed to do it. Image
2/ When you take fees, and then don't do anything, you need to refund those fees. (This seems self-explanatory...) Image
3/ Don't fake cancer. 🤦‍♂️ Image
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1/ Take note that in terms of our law, you can’t sue another person for compensation for damages for injuries sustained in a road accident. You may however, under certain circumstances, claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF).
2/ Don't admit liability for the accident, even if you think that you may have caused it. Don’t offer any payment that can be construed as a bribe.

Only provide the essential information when making your statement to the police.
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1/ Report the accident to your insurance company:

Inform your car insurance company that you’ve been involved in an accident as soon as possible.

Be honest about what happened, as if the insurance company discovers you misled them concerning something, your claim may be
2/ rejected, at the very least. Lying intentionally to your insurers also constitutes fraud, which as you should know, is a criminal offence.

Should you wish not to submit a claim with your insurers, you should still inform them of the accident within a reasonable time frame.
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My mom asked me for a take on the debt relief, which is not my field. However, I'm a millennial, a voter, and a person who works in poverty law, goes. A few thoughts. @jorie_graham here you go.
First of all, I'm a person who had astronomical debt and, through a combination of loan forgiveness/repayment assistance and plain payment, paid it off.

So let's start here: I am really, really happy at the thought that others might not have to do that.
I work in a field where everyone has astronomical debt. #lawtwitter please chime in. A lot of us worked through the "summer of slaughter" 2008 where no one could get job offers, struggled in the difficult job market that followed, and, like me, chose change-making paths w/low pay
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#Lawstudents Saying it here on Twitter TL, instead of responding to your individual DMs - currently our firm has one full time #Intern, one full time #Paralegal, who is a CS pursuing law plus 1 more assisting through online internship.
And one more joining us next monh for a month online internship - we are a very small team of lawyers/boutique firm so we only take as many interns with whom we can do justice through proper mentoring and coaching - on live transactional matters, arbitration and disputes…
So, it’s difficult to accommodate more…but do keep in touch for future vacancies which we regularly update on #LinkedIn
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It’s the 10th and likely last day of testimony in trial over Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit against LA County. @ciara and @MonicaDenise were in court yesterday with Vanessa and Kobe's oldest daughter, Natalia. What's going on in court today? Follow this thread for updates. ⚖️🧵⚖️ Image
Vanessa hadn’t updated her Instagram at all during trial,
but she posted this this morning. It’s Kobe’s birthday. 🎂 Image
Testifying today is to be @LASDHQ Lt. Hector Mancinas, Deputy @LACOFD Chief Dennis Breshears (whose been at the defense table for all this testimony), Chief Andrew Smith and the defense expert psychiatrist, Mark Cohen.
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Internship application hacks:
1. One page CV
2. Short covering email
3. Address to a Partner in the firm/Chamber
4. Say why you are passionate about working with firm/partner
5. Show credible writing/research/seminar/moot court exp in the relevant area you are applying
6. Write how you can contribute to the practice area
7. Amplify your skills/abilities in that area of law practice
8. Don’t bluff about what you cannot do!
9. Write about your extra-curricular activities (other than law related stuff)
10. Most importantly, be relentless- shamelessly - every week - sending a follow up email till you get a straight no or yes, or an interview for the slot!

And lastly - follow this routine simultaneously with other firms/partners #Lawyers #lawtwitter - you will find something!
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Calling all #lawtwitter partners!

My colleague & I have been asked to present “What Partners Want Associates to Know” — tips for success in the firm & your personal practice.

We have ideas! But we are only two partners. We’d love to hear your words of wisdom, too! Thoughts?
And calling all #lawtwitter associates!

When we did this presentation in 2021, we asked our associate attendees what questions they have, because one of the things we want associates to know… is what they want to know!

What info would you want covered in this presentation?
And if y’all would like, I’d be happy to do a little 🧵 with the results when ready!

Thank you for your help!
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I used both consent and search warrants dozens of times over the course of my career to recover classified govt info - but never a subpoena. Let’s talk subpoenas and why they’re not used to recover classified material from those not authorized to have it.


I’m talking here about information produced by the USG containing national defense information and appropriately classified in accordance with EO 13526. Not someone’s after-the-fact book, or classified information in a news article.…

Someone not authorized to possess it, in this thread, refers to former President Trump. Presidents to not “get” security clearances. They gain access to classified info by virtue of their election, and are the USG’s ultimate classification (and declassification) authority.

3/ Lookit the North Korean missile launch
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⁉️This week many law students start On Campus Interviewing.Every single interview will end with “what questions do you have for me”?

Some of my favorites 🧵👇
0/ But before we start some reminders.
• Questions are part of the interview. You are still being assessed.
• This won’t be your last opportunity to ask questions so be strategic.
• Ask questions that show interest (ask questions that show hesitation post offer)
1/ Good “what questions do you have for me” questions
• Teach you about firm culture
• Show interest in firm
• Demonstrate you’ve done research in advance
• Lets the interviewer talk about their favorite parts of job
• Open up new opportunities for you to talk about yourself
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One of the most repulsive things I've witnessed in more than 25 years in the legal profession.

Blatant unconstitutionality aside, the page oozes a putrid mélange of theocratic sanctimony & gleeful cruelty.

This "freedom" [sic] is unrecognizable as America.
As absurd as it is cruel.

Pro tip: Freedom of movement—the right of interstate travel—is *older than the United States* itself. Enshrined in Article IV of the Articles of Confederation of 1781 ("…free ingress and regress to and from any other State…"), the precursor to…
…the Privileges & Immunities Clause of Article IV of the US Constitution (1789). Literally two hundred years of constitutional jurisprudence—from Corfield v. Coryell (1823) to Saenz v. Roe (1999)—has affirmed this fundamental right. Thorough treatment:…
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so no one is going to like my take on this,
& I hope to share more officially with an article

But people are being a little misled here… #chronicpain #opioids #westvirginia #drugs #opioidcrisis
reason we're seeing opioids lawsuits being overturned is not about the validity of what the companies have done but how they've been sought after by AG's & litigators

TDLR: Public Nuisance lawsuits are IMO garbage that works by intimidation & not merit…
Public Nuisance lawsuits mean plaintiffs don't have to prove intent or specific ways that the defendants' actions led to damages

good scare tactics for an issue w/ lots of public feeling & can push judges & juries to do things they might otherwise not
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1/? #lawtwitter Applications for #OCIs and the #articlingrecruit are coming up! Having done OCIs recentlyish, I have the following tips that might be helpful:
1) Trim the # of words in your cover letter by cutting superfluous adjectives/adverbs. A wall of text is intimidating.

2) Have an attention-grabbing and creative "elevator pitch" right at the outset of your letter, just so the reader gets an idea of who you are and what makes you different from hundreds of other applicants.
#torontorecruit #lawstudents

3) Express your genuine interests and try to connect them with the firm/org's specialties, but avoid construing yourself as closed off to less flashy areas of law because students are often asked to do an array of things from various partners.
#torontorecruit #lawstudents
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In a recent work engagement, I came across interesting "procedural" info about corporate filings outside of Delaware and brought it to a law partner's attention.

Partner responded that at their age (late middle) they were "not really interested in learning anything else".

Definitely not my tribe.
😎🤓 I need to sieve new info through my gills like a pint-sized land whale!

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#lawtwitter I have tried to point out the errors and add some complexity to this thread. If you care to join, great. If not, great.
@espinsegall @marydudziak @robertltsai
FDR did NOT whip the Court into submission
Only 1 justice allegedly switched sides, but he was a moderate and had sided with liberals before
The Court didn't invalidate the SSA, but its doctrine could justify doing so
FDR appointed 8 justices - and THIS altered the Court
FDR had enormous congressional majorities and public support
Neither the public nor congressional Dems backed court-packing
FDR was a highly complicated and racist president, who owed his popularity, in part, to white southern Democrats
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1/ Before I get into the CaseLines side of things concerning opposed motion dates, I will briefly explain the process leading up to the point of requesting an opposed motion date.

An opposed motion date will be required when an application becomes formally opposed.
2/ It is not as simple as that however, so let me explain the process.

The following explanation is in line with the Uniform Rules of Court and the Gauteng Division’s various Practice Directives. Let’s start.
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So y'all remember that time Trump's DOJ sent a subpoena to Twitter to compel them to reveal my identity, right?

Well there are some updates.


1st I want to thank @NatlSecCnslrs for pursuing this information. We are only learning about this thanks to a FOIA request submitted by him.

You can support this important work of holding the govt accountable and the public informed by contributing here:…
According to the emails obtained through @NatlSecCnslrs' FOIA, an unnamed USCP analyst mistakenly attributed a threat made to Sen McConnell in a reply to one of my tweets to me.

<Dear journalists, please note that I started this statement with "according to.">
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Thread : To persuade young #lawyers to sacrifice something in order to get long term benifits.

1/ Are you willing to sacrifice something for a better future? Then the following example may inspire you.

#lawyers #lawstudents #students #lawtwitter
2/ It was around 1991. I was preparing for AOR Supreme Court Exam. It was my first attempt at this exam. I had rented one room at about 200 feet distance away from my house.

In this room, I used to go to read for about 8 hours a day.

I used to study alone.
3/ (In 1975 around, I had picked up a quote from a book, "Isolation and Discipline are essential for progress of an Individual". I used to follow this concept wherever I can.)
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