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If you watched #BirdBox then you understand what media fixation and over-saturation on the topic of “mass shootings” helps to propagate. It brings to life the festering evil and hatred in the hearts of the weak. This is by design, their horrors are harnessed for political power.
Make no mistake, the people raking in ratings want more blood because they also want more power over your emotions. “If it bleeds it leads” is an age old newspaper adage. I didn’t make it up. The creation of copycat killers is a byproduct of media hype that furthers the hysteria.
The good people among us must not be swayed by the over-emotional hype designed to drive us to vote to curtail our own freedoms and the good among us must also be more vigilant in thwarting the plots of the hatefully deranged.
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Last night I had a major epiphany about Bird Box.

If you haven’t seen #BirdBox don’t read this.

If you have please read this thread!
The basic storyline is a mother decides to take her children on a perilous + life endangering journey in order to give her kids a better future in a distant unknown sanctuary.

Before the family embarks on their journey, home for this family is dangerous.
Their lives are at risk everyday. They barely have any food. They don’t know how they are going to survive. So they do the only thing can do, they leave.

The journey is horrible. They almost die several times. They are cold, scared + attacked by crazy people.
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I've seen the #BirdBoxChallenge all over social media lately. As someone with low vision and a blindness cane user, it worries me to see many unsafe and inaccurate videos about doing tasks with no vision. Here is a thread on safe and positive alternatives to the viral challenge
I'm not actually offended by the Bird Box Challenge itself. I like the idea of people learning about life without sight. What I don't like is that many of the activities can easily lead to injury or perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Now, let's get started with our alternatives!
1. Use a screen reader to navigate technology

How would you use your smart devices without eyes? Try enabling a screen reader to find out. iOS users can turn on VoiceOver and Android can use TalkBack.

For Windows, press ctrl-windows-n and for Mac press command-F5
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1/ The most important thing about #BirdBox is what it tells you about (A) a frequent Netflix criticism from talent; (B) the service’s reach (users x frequency x duration) and brand trust; + (C) its control of the most valuable promotional real estate in the world: their homepage
2/ Netflix says #BirdBox was “viewed” by 45MM people over its first seven days (view = 70% complete). This is out of roughly 147MM subscriptions (with each holding 3+ users). This is a huge achievement. Full stop. And notably, Netflix barely promoted/marketed it. Barely a dollar.
3/ Talent often complains that Netflix doesn’t promote their originals enough because they have too much. Or that their shows/movies are “lost” in the library. As if dozens of LA billboards make a title a success globally (studios have long done this only to make talent happy)
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#BirdBox was fine but Sandra Bullock is unlikely to ever surpass what I consider to be the zenith of her cinematic accomplishments, which was the moment when she thought she hit a baby carriage with a bus and Keanu shouted CANS! IT WAS ONLY CANS! and she realized she didn’t
jk I loved Gravity
“it was so amazing how they filmed it in space”
- me after watching Gravity
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Lots of talk the past couple days about how #BirdBox gained 45M viewers and what mean for #Netflix & the movie industry. I'm most curious as to *why* Netflix released the viewership number. I have some theories! 1/6…
Theory 1: Sandra Bullock is a huge movie star and wants to remain one. So she & her reps wanted everyone to know that she wasn't taking a step down from studio moviemaking to do #BirdBox on #Netflix. Releasing the 45M # lets everyone know she can still deliver a big audience. 2/6
Theory 2: #Netflix is trying to attract as much movie talent as possible. "Hey A-list producers, directors and actors, forget about your 2018 box office rebound. We're the future of movies, and the future has arrived. Come sign with us and reach a much bigger audience." 3/6
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So here are my #BirdBox thoughts as a visually impaired person. There are #Spoilers

First, they all needed to learn cane skills. It makes life a lot easier. It gives you more information than your feet & sounds alone.
I have useful residual vision which I rely on, but I do experience frequent short periods of nothing but light & dark vision. It is extremely challenging to adapt to sudden sight loss, but of course many people do! Therefore in my opinion it’s not unrealistic that they adapted.
However, I wish there had been a bad ass blind survivor character from the start. Demonstrating how we navigate the world & maybe they could’ve RESCUED the sighted people? Instead of the blind people being passive saintly characters at the end who seemed to still NEED help.
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#BirdBox Contains the message of the gospel. Let me explain...
If you peep, the people who looked usually were consumed by some type of fear or past traumatic event.
This is exactly what satan does in real life. He infiltrates the lives of people, uses their most traumatic events to host demonic activity in their emotions, feelings and thoughts then later uses it to encode fear & lure them into a snare so that they may perish.
Secondly, peep how throughout the journey there were people who were seeming being used or possessed by the creatures (demons) to make people look. Those are wolves in sheep’s clothings & false prophets! Many people are used by the enemy to deceive us into falling into his trap..
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