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Delhi HC begins hearing Mehul Choksi's appeal against the dismissal of his writ petition seeking pre-screening of Bad Boy Billionaires.



#Netflix #MehulChoksi Image
Appeal listed before Chief Justice DN Patel and Justice Prateek Jalan.
Netflix India has filed it's reply. UOI has filed a short reply. There's no response from Netflix Inc: Adv Namit Joshi for Choksi.

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#EdTech | From #BYJU’S to #Unacademy – competition in India’s fast-rising online education sector - by @sanchdash

@unacademy @BYJUS @vedantu_learn #Eruditus…
The opportunity in Indian #EdTech is huge and the top edtech startups are all vying for the same pie. In 2020 alone, India’s edtech startups have raised over $1.5 billion which is just as much as the startups had raised in the past five years put together.

According to a Redseer report, India’s #EdTech startups had raised $1.6 billion between 2014-2019. Here's a look at the valuations of India's fast-rising #onlinelearning sector.

@BYJUS @unacademy @vedantu_learn #Eruditus
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THREAD: I was one of the reporters working on the massive stories this week related to sexual abuse in the world of cheerleading, and I’d like to share a bit of the background of how they came about. 1/24
I’m an investigative reporter with the main newspaper in Memphis, @memphisnews and I contribute to USA TODAY. In early August, my editor in Memphis asked if I would help @USATODAY with a national project on cheerleading. 2/24
I said yes. I knew a bit about cheerleading because in 2008, I had interviewed Jeff Webb, founder of the Memphis-based company Varsity Spirit, which created modern competitive cheerleading. 3/24
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Ya vi la película francesa 'Cuties' ('Mignonnes' en francés, traducido en Español como 'Guapis'), y con el nombre para América de Cuties de Netflix esa que causó mucha controversia por el hecho de mostrar un cartel y un trailer con unas niñitas super hipersexualizadas
y mucha gente indignada saltó en twitter contra #netflix y contra la directora de la película porque pues cómo va a ser posible que se muestren estas imágenes.

Inclusive se hizo una tendencia en twitter bajo el hashtag #netflixPedofilia Y yo dije "la hacen mucho de pedo!
Total la peli todavía ni se estrena, no puede ser posible que hagan tanto problema por eso" pero bueno es una película de baile y mi tío Netflix no me ha decepcionado con películas de esa temática!!!
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Size bir ahtapot aşkı hikayesi anlatacağım bugün. İzlemeyenleriniz varsa "Ahtapottan Öğrendiklerim" belgeselini izlemesini tavsiye ederim. Özellikle biyoloji öğrencileri için oldukça birinci elden bilgilendirici olacaktır. #ahtapot #ahtapottanöğrendiklerim @netflixturkiye
Ahtapotlar bildiğiniz gibi oldukça akıllı canlılar. Etraflarındaki şeyleri malzeme olarak kullanabiliyor, bipedal hareket edebiliyor, kapak açabiliyor hatta rüya görebiliyorlar.

Ancak bunları bilmekle bunlara yakından tanık olmak tabii ki farklı şeyler.
Cape Town'da yaşayan Craig Foster zor zamanların ardından kendini denize veren bir belgeselci. Bir Yosun Ormanı'nda dalarken bir ahtapotla karşılaşıyor.

Daha sonra bu ahtapotla arkadaş oluyorlar.
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Just watched @SocialDilemma_ by @jefforlowski on #Netflix
It's a drama documentary, a rare genre movie

Highly recommended to everyone who is active on any form of social media. Read the thread to know what social media did to me & people around me!

My usage apx social media usage stats:

Till 2018 April, the time I completed my BBA from NMIMS, Mumbai
Under 2 hrs per day - Includes Facebook/FB, Instagram/FB, LinkedIn/LI, YouTube/YT & WhatsApp/WA

2018 April to 2020 March, the active I was actively working at 2 diff formal jobs in Bangalore
Btw 3-4 hrs per day - Includes IG, LI, WA, YT & FB

2020 Mar to present, the Corona Virus Pandemic days when I'm not working formally anywhere
Btw 5-6 hrs per day, breaking this down
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Nació en 2009 comenzó a popularizarse entre adolescentes, preadolescentes y hasta niños, durante la cuarentena ya que muchos usuarios populares de #TikTok se graban mientras hablan con usuarios de otros países y lo suben a la plataforma china
#Omegle es anónima. Al ingresar no es necesario registrarse ni adjudicarse un nombre. "Si al comenzar a hablar con una persona se aburre o molesta por algo, el usuario simplemente cambia a otra.
"La primera vez que entré con mi prima, que es menor de edad, nos encontramos directamente con pornografía sin ningún tipo de restricción".
Y esto no es solo uno de los peligros de este chat.
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Fucking Disgusting!!! #netflix ceo Reed Hastings was just arrested for having 13,000 files of child pornography. Time for everyone to cancel your subscriptions @reedhastings
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Thread on #Netflix and the “media” trying to normalize pedophilia.

Don’t forget about other media, like Slate, previously pushing articles in defense of degenerate pedos. They’ve been doing this for some time now, and this Netflix thing is their next step.
Funny how I’m trying to retrieve my archives and they’re all suddenly not loading.....

Note that this goes back to 2012. They’ve been working on it for years. Image
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This Q Netflix nonsense:
1- none have seen the movie. It is about a bunch of young girls dealing with image/culture issues and competing. There is ZERO nudity.
2- tamer than toddler and tiaras dance mom events happening all over the US FOR DECADES.
3- actual movie poster👇🏽 Image
Here is a deleted scene from #netflix #CutiesNetflix that shows how they give signals to all pizza basement Illuminati to abuse/objectify/brainwash little girls. #TulsiGabbard #QANONS #Quacknon.

No. This is a one of many tv series on many US MAINSTREAM channels, in the south
My point with the two tweets above:
The movie will make one uncomfortable watching closeups of very young girls dancing and twerking, but it is not what Quacks are making it to be . Not even close.
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Got a ton of thoughts about #netflix _Cuties_ fiasco but mostly remembering that my mom wouldn't let me join dance b/c "little girls shouldn't wear makeup."
HEAR ME OUT: I'm not saying that little girls' wearing makeup is wrong or inherently sexual. I just remember my mom having very distinct notions about the difference btwn girls & women.
There's a thread in this conversation that has to do w/ our culture not loving children & letting them be children. Yes, the conversation is absolutely about predation & sexual explotation of young girls. But I think there's something else in play, too.
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Children cannot consent to sexual contact. Any sexual contact with a child is illegal, immoral & obscene. No amount of media or public relations advertising or challenges to these facts will change the fact that children are innocent & cannot consent.

@POTUS @TheJusticeDept @FBI
#ChildPornography even when shown on #Netflix is illegal to produce & since it travels across state lines is subject to #InterstateCommerce legislation. Children cannot consent to sexual contact & that includes consenting to sharing photos of them in sexual enticement positions.
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For those claiming that the filmmakers did “nothing illegal,” the law & case law is crystal clear here. The filmmakers & Netflix have violated Title 18, section 2256. The Fifth Circuit created the “Dost test,” a 6-factor test to determine if images are child porn. Here they are:
1. Whether the focal point of the visual depiction is on the child’s genitalia or pubic area;

2. Whether the setting of the depiction is sexually suggestive, that is, in a place or pose associated with sexual activity;
3. Whether the child is depicted in an unnatural pose or in inappropriate attire, considering the age of the child;

4. Wether the child is fully or partially nude;

5. Whether the visual depiction suggests sexual coyness or a willingness to engage in sexual activity; or
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All of the shows on #Netflix that my family has enjoyed together, at some point, will have something happen and we end up having to have a discussion with the kids to explain why what they saw is not right or normal.
We enjoyed Dragon Prince, but they went and added leftist ideals to it.

We enjoyed She-Ra, but they went and added leftist ideals to it.

We put up with it all this time but this #Cuties crap is just straight up #ChildExploitation.
After all of the objectionable content that we put up with or looked the other way for, I am done.

@netflix, I've been a paying subscriber since 2012, but you've gone a bridge to far.

I have just cancelled my subscription.
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In #Cuties ,@netflix promotes what is lawfully considered pedophilia as showed on IMDB.
Shame Shame Shame on you #Netflix !
#BoycottNetflix 🤬 ImageImageImage
Cuties (2020) - Parents Guide: Sex & Nudity - IMDb…
*shown 🙄
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I’m gonna use this Tweet as a way to illustrate how to get a simple data project up and running in R studio while also cross-checking the results listed in this Tweet.

1. All materials will be free and easily available online.

2. I have pretty severe dyscalculia, so I'm probably not going to get the numbers right the first couple times.😅

3. There is no course fee. I hate people who charge others to learn the basics of programming.😒
Ok, so, first off, let's click a NON-amp link >:P to the USA Today article.…
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Vi #Elseductor (The Beguilded), de #SofiaCoppola, mejor directora en Cannes 2017 por esta película, segunda mujer en ganarlo. Es protagonizada por Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Elle Fanning y Colin Farrell. Mis expectativas no se cumplieron, aún no sé para bien o para mal. 🧶
Destacó la admirable capacidad de contar su versión en 93 minutos. Digo su versión porque tanto la novela de Cullinan (1966) como la película de 1971 nos cuentan la perspectiva del personaje masculino. Coppola ofrece ahora la versión de las mujeres, una idea genial y seductora.
Pero hay algo que estuve pensando durante todo el metraje: no es que por ser mujer su #cine deba ser #feminista, sin embargo, ha dejado que se le ponga ese apellido a su filmografía, que vista con ese filtro paralingüístico, no pasa el test de Bechdel, por poner una varda.
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QAnon - Players In The Game - #BeThePlan
1. President Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America.  Elected in 2016.  Commander & Chief of US Military Forces. Before entering politics, he was a businessman and television personality. #Patriot
2. Hillary Rodham Clinton, US career politician. Former Secretary of State under Obama. Democratic presidential candidate in 2016 who lost to Trump in a shocking defeat.  They never thought she would lose!
3. AnthonyWeiner, Disgraced former US Representative.  Jailed for sexting a minor.  Married to Huma Abedin.  His laptop was seized by NYC police and held alleged compromising materials (insurance file) on Hillary Clinton and associates. #WeinerLaptop
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#NETFLIX #CUTIES exploits 11 year old girls for who’s pleasure? .. but it doesn’t just end there.. view full thread and let it sink in how sick these people are 😡 😡
Cuties won the #Sundance award this year... please check your trusted #google for confirmation... nothing unusual right, but let’s look further #ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEvil
SURPISED BY THIS?? Co-founder of the sundance film festival sentenced for #childabuse LET THAT SINK IN! how many more children need to suffer before people wake up to the evil truth and fight back! #woke #wokeaf #ChildrensLivesMatter
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**THREAD**How the #BeirutBlast was a direct hit to the #BLACKPOPE THE ONE WHO CONTROLS THE WHITE POPE.

Q is hunting #OBAMA for another reason than you think [#Netflix].

The connection between the BASILISK and the #BeirutExplosion and its INSANE connection to the #Vatican.
2/ For a refresher on the last thread please revisit..
First, we must know who the #BlackPope is. The black pope is the nickname given to the superior general of the Jesuits, the largest group within the Catholic Church. Other large groups include..
3/ the #KnightsofColumbus, #KnightsofMalta, #KnightsoftheTemplar among others.

The Jesuits were founded in 1534 by a man named Loyola Ignatius. Who was tried and sentenced for HERESY for his teachings amongst his followers. He eventually fled persecution to...
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/15/2020…
Post-COVID, should countries rethink their obsession with economic growth?…

#EconomicGrowth #degrowth #environment #ClimateChange #PostPandemic
Should We Conserve Parasites? Apparently, Yes…

#parasites #insects #biology #environment
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