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I just watched Pray Away on #Netflix and it was…tough. Opened some buried memories and there were scenes that truly resonate with me. I know it’s hard for some closest to me to understand some of what I’m working to heal from but I’d recommend this film as a great start
I never was sent to conversion therapy. My parents sat me down and asked if I was gay when I was in 6th grade after they found gay porn on the family computer. I denied it but they insisted that they were ok with it if I was. This scene repeated itself multiple times
In high school I was moved to a rural school district and needed a group to fit in. And it could not be something like theater, that would give me away. So I chose the church. I fully took it in. I literally have read the Bible cover to cover multiple times. Even the boring books
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How not to do in-game product placement 🤢…
#Mirriad "partnership comes at a time when consumers increasingly avoid ads & are becoming incredibly hard to reach & connect with. Brands need to become a deeply engaging part of peoples' experiences in new & radical ways"…
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@BobRossOfficial I know a painter who knew Ross. Bob pre-drew the paintings he used on television. The BR enterprise is a building hidden next to a birthing center in NOVA. He was a troubled artist, like many artists. The fact that his own son and wife contributed to the doc says something.
@BobRossOfficial LIVE TWEET:
Seems like the Kowalski’s want to silence #BillAlexander - who obviously contributed to @BobRoss success.
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#TikTok is supper the 1.3 billion monthly active users (and I) can testify.

Its strength is in the #algorithms that use the 15-30 second videos to figure you out really quickly...and then feed you a never ending diet of video shorts that tickle your fancy Image
#TikTok captures more "signals" about you than any other social media platform...and in double-quick time

(Think about it...on #Netflix, you need to watch a whole show before they know if you'd more of the same. On TikTok, they've figured that out in a couple of minutes) Image
Which all makes TikTok a perfect place for #ecommerce. Especially when you can add influencers like 16 year old #CharlidAmelio and her 123m followers (her videos have been Liked 9.8 billion times...which means they've been watched many more times than that!)

#dunkinDonuts Image
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[Documentary] Seaspiracy -2021

சிலர் சுற்றுச்சூழலை பாதுகாப்பா வைக்கனும்னு நினைப்பார்கள். அதுக்காக ரொம்ப மெனக்கெடுவார்கள். வாட்டர் பாட்டில் , துணிப்பை கொண்டு போவார்கள்.

அது போல கடல் உயிரினங்கள் மற்றும் கடல் மேல் மிகவும் ஆர்வம் கொண்டவர் Ali Tabrizi

#tamilhollywoodreviews #Tamil Image
அதிலும் குறிப்பாக திமிங்கிலங்கள் மேல் மிகவும் ஆர்வம் கொண்டவர். 

திமிங்கிலங்கள் எண்ணிக்கை குறைய முக்கிய காரணம் நாம் உபயோகிக்கும் பிளாஸ்டிக் பொருட்கள் என்பதால் ப்ளாஸ்டிக்கை கூட உபயோகப் படுத்தாத மனுஷன். ஹோட்டல் போன கூட மரத்தால் செஞ்ச கரண்டிய எடுத்துக் கொண்டு போகிறார்.
இவருக்கு ஜப்பான் நாட்டில் திமிங்கிலங்கள் மற்றும் டால்பின்கள் கொல்லப்படுவதாக கேள்விப்பட்டு வீடியோ எடுக்க போகிறார்.
அங்கு நடப்பது கொடூரமாக உள்ளது
டால்பின்களை கொல்கிறார்கள்.  அதுக்கு அவர்கள் சொல்லும் காரணம் டால்பின்கள் நிறைய மீன்களை சாப்பிடுவதால் எங்களுக்கு மீன்கள் கிடைப்பதில்லை.
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/1 Thought of doing a thread on Akash $AKT, explaining why it could be a game-changer in the decentralised cloud computing space. @akashnet_ has leveraged blockchain to build a decentralised cloud hosting solution that seeks to disrupt the cloud computing industry. #AWS #Azure
/2 Akash is the first distributed peer-to-peer open cloud computing marketplace. Akash is a serverless computing platform. Think #Uber, think #AirBnb. Akash cuts out the middleman in a similar vein.
/3 Hence, Akash is positioned to disrupt giants in the industry such as #AWS, #Azure and #Google, much the same way Airbnb disrupted the lodging and vacation rental industry.
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Copyright TED Talks

Ver mi Publicación del presente articulo en mis diferentes redes Sociales y por favor sígueme en cada una de ellas:

Fan Page:…
El artista-funámbulo Philippe Petit (Francia, 1949) ha actuado en cinco continentes a lo largo de cuarenta años. Además de escribir sobre su arte, da conferencias de creatividad y motivación, es dibujante, ofrece sesiones de magia,
practica el arte de la carpintería de armar con las técnicas del siglo XVIII y el de forzar cerraduras, es ajedrecista y estudia los vinos franceses. Divide su tiempo entre la Catedral de Saint John the Divine de Nueva York, en la que es artista residente,
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Today our topic of discussion is #SAREGAMA industries Ltd.

Let's start.

Saregama India Ltd. is an Indian music label and content producer for Indian television.

Its music catalogue consists of more than 117,000 songs in 14 languages built over a period (1/n)
of more than 100 years. It has daily and weekly TV shows currently on air with television networks in India.

#Saregama ’s head office is located in Mumbai, with other offices in Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai.

It is listed on the NSE and BSE.

Pic: original #Kolkata

#SAREGAMA was founded in 1901. It produced the first song recorded in India and later moved into the production of cinema and television content, digital retailing, aggregation, radio programming and events.

#MultiBagger (3/n)
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[Indonesian] The Night Comes For Us - 2018
Raid , Raid 2 படங்கள் பார்த்து இருக்கிறீர்களா ? அது பிடிக்கும் என்றால் யோசிக்காமல் இந்த படத்தை பாருங்கள். ரத்தம் தெறிக்க தெறிக்க ஒரு பக்காவான ஆக்ஷன் படம். ஆக்ஷன் காட்சிகள் எல்லாம் தாறு மாறாக இருக்கும்.

#tamilhollywoodreviews #Tamil Image
ஒரு பெரிய கொடுரமான கடத்தல் கும்பல். ஹீரோ அதில் முக்கியமான பொறுப்பில் இருக்கும் அடியாள். ஒரு பிரச்சினையில் ஒரு கிராமத்தையே அத்திப்பட்டி ஸ்டைலில் காலி பண்ணுகிறது ஹீரோ குரூப்
ஒரு சிறுமியை கொல்ல வேண்டி வருகிறது. அந்நேரத்தில் திடீர் என திருந்திய ஹீரோ தனது ஆட்கள் அனைவரையும் கொல்கிறார்
கடுப்பான Cartel இருக்குற அடியாட்கள் அனைவரையும் ஹீரோ+ சிறுமியை கொல்ல அனுப்புகிறது. இவர்களிடம் இருந்து தப்பித்து சிறுமியை காப்பாற்றினாரா என்பதை படத்தில் பாருங்கள்

சண்டை எல்லாம் செம அதுவும் Raid 2 படத்தில் சுத்தியல் வச்சுகிட்டு ஒரு பொண்ணு வரும் . அந்த பொண்ணுக்கு 2 தரமான fight
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ANO I | Edição 1 | Agosto 2021
São Paulo | SP | Brasil
Special Father´s Day Edition

©Luba&Leo Unlimited Studios

... porque, no Brasil, se comemora o Dia dos Pais no mês de Agosto:
... 10 dicas para alimentação saudável na maturidade :

... como manter uma vida saudável na maturidade:
... muitas empresas já perceberam q a experiência 50+ traz vantagens sobre os profissionais mais jovens:

... quem são e qual é a mensagem q trazem p/o envelhecimento saudável e p/a maturidade útil:
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[Israel] [Mini Series] Fauda - 2015
இஸ்ரேல் மற்றும் பாலஸ்தீன் நாடுகளுக்கு நடுவே நடக்கும் பிரச்சினையை மையமாக வைத்து எடுக்கப்பட்ட தொடர்

ஆக்ஷன் Sequences எல்லாம் சூப்பரா இருக்கும்

கண்டிப்பாக பார்க்கலாம்.

Short Review Below, Full Review:…

#Tamil #Netflix ImageImage
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> 「7(な)」 「2(つ)」の「2(つ)」 「7(な)」という語呂合わせで、この日が記念日となったよう…
#スイカの日 #西瓜の日
#fruit #vegetable #food
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Netflix Earnings Report - Thread 2

The Content Thread
1/ Let’s start with flashy headline:

This might be Netflix’s worst quarter for Original Content since early 2019!
2/ Here’s the outline of today’s thread. First, I’ll review the high level data for TV and Film.

Then I’ll focus on a few factoids that all indicate this was a bad quarter for content.

Then we’ll finish with the potential bright side for Netflix.
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What time is it? It's time to review #Twilight #NewMoon on #Netflix. #TwilightSaga #TwilightOnNetflix

*long sigh*

Yep. Let me just...


Let me just go get ready. I'm doing this sober again.

*puts balled hand to mouth trying to hold back tears*

Let's do this.
Before I start I just have to say this.

*longer sigh*

I make bad life choices and that’s what you’re here for.
So tell your friends because I’m doing this for an audience of like 4 fans and this guy who keeps sending me DMs saying “New Moon Can’t Melt Steel Beams.” I don’t know what that means, but…just.


Why would I do this yet again? WHY? WHY????? WHY?????????????????????????
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With seasoned investors like @LuckyInvest_AK sir talking about platform businesses I feel motivated to start a 🧵🧵 on discussing, analyzing & understanding platform businesses. Read on to learn more.
Quick question before we begin. Would you rather :
I hope your answer was the 1st one because I am not a fish seller. Please don't expect my threads to **always** contain investment ideas. My broader goal is to empower each person learn to see reality a little bit clearly. To enable you to learn to fish.
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Laurus lab is the clear winner 🏆 here.
Let's discuss about it.

Time for a thread.(1/n)
Laurus Labs is principally engaged in offering a broad and integrated portfolio of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) including intermediates, Generic Finished dosage forms (FDF) and Contract Research Manufacturing services (CRM).
The company has grown from one-product company in 2010 to 60+ commercial products in 2020. The company has 116 patents .(3/n)

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A 🧵 on some lessons from Jose Mourinho 👇

I’d recently watched an episode from a Netflix Original series called The Playbook, where in which popular and successful coaches from all sorts of sports share the rules they live by to achieve success in sports and in life. (1/23)
The episode that stood out to me the most was arguably the one of Jose Mourinho, not only due to my love for ⚽️, but also my admiration for him as an individual and a coach.

The following tweets are some of the takeaways and lessons from his rules for life and coaching. (2/23)

Mourinho was promoted to Head Coach at Porto in 2002-03. A team, which at the time required a massive overhaul and rebuild due to there being no clear vision in the team, and most of all no passion to win. (3/23)
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This is going to be the #learning EVENT of the summer 🚀 📚 #FestivalofLearning2021 💡

Don't waste your brain cells binge watching some series on #Netflix... Spend 3 days LEARNING with the greatest thinkers and investors on the planet.

Check out the Agenda 👇 🔥🔥🔥
Keep in mind, more guests and sessions are being added HOURLY.

Day 1 Image
Day 2 Image
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🍿 This week's hi, tech. is all about @netflix originals! You can check out the full thing via the link below, or just follow this fun thread.

I've looked at 584 movies and found some eyebrow-raising things along the way. (1/12)

Q1. Is Netflix releasing more Originals every year?

Yes, clearly.

Netflix is estimated to have spent over $17 billion in cash on original content in 2020.

I’m most excited for Cowboy Bebop, slated for a fall 2021 premiere.
Q2: For which genres is Netflix creating most original content?

Documentaries, followed by comedy and drama.

But is that changing over time? Let's have a look.
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Presented via @YouTubeBrasil by @LubashivayaLuiz & @Leo_Ferret | Produced by Luba&Leo Unlimited BR
#NETFLIX | #FATHERHOOD | #PATERNIDADE | ESTRÉIA 18 JUNHO 2021 via @Netflix @NetflixBrasil

"Be the kind of #father you would like to have. A brother!"

"Seja o tipo de #pai que você gostaria de ter. Tipo irmão!"

"Sea el tipo de #padre que le gustaría tener. ¡Un hermano!

Presented via @YouTubeBrasil by #LuizBotelho & @Leo_Ferret | Produced by Luba&Leo Unlimited BR…
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Is there anyone who doesn’t have a @netflix subscription?

#Netflix is still the streaming platform I consider a must-have. Some pundits were saying back then that Netflix was toast because content providers were pulling out their titles to set up their own streaming services.
But @netflix proved the doomsayers wrong by focusing on developing original content.

It’s become the platform for content creators who never thought they could bring their vision to life. We keep hearing this time and again, whether in South Korea, India, or other countries.
.@netflix has made #TreseOnNetflix and #TheSandman possible, when for years most people thought they couldn’t be adapted.

As for my No. 2 streaming platform, it’s @disneyplus. I’ve been a @Marvel fanboy since I was a kid, so the #MCU is the killer app for #DisneyPlus for me.
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Udh setahun lebih kita #DiRumahAja karena kondisi pandemi. Alhasil, motivasi belajar jd turun dan lebih pgn rebahan nonton drakor/ film aja. Tapi tenang aja nih minca punya rekomendasi #FilmEdukasi dari #Netflix loh! Kpn lagi kan bisa nonton #film sambil memperkaya ilmu?

Sebelum beralih ke rekomendasinya, minca mau ngasih tau dulu nih kalo film2 ini bisa kalian akses secara gratis melalui kanal resmi youtubenya Netflix loh! Jadi kalian gaperlu berlangganan Netflix dulu nih untuk nonton filmnya. Asik bangett kann?🤭
Judul : 13th
Mengangkat isu Amandemen Konstitusi ke-13 di Amerika Serikat, film ini menjabarkan perkembangan dari klausul kualifikasi kedua dalam seramnya kriminalisasi massal dan ledakan penjara di AS. Film ini juga menampilkan cuplikan arsip dan wawancara pihak terlibat.
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On Friday June 4, 2021 I attended a meeting with Secretary of State Blinken. The purpose of the meeting was to talk all things #Palestine
#SheikJarrah #Silwan #Jerusalem #Gaza #EqualityforAll #OneLove
Full thread in 1 convenient viewing location here:…
I attended as an individual. I am not affiliated with any PAC or organization. I obviously do not speak for or represent the #Palestinian people. There’s like 7 million of us at least, and like 2 million of #Palestinians stuffed in #Gaza alone.
To the #Palestinian Americans who boycotted this meeting after the #Biden Administration handed Israel $735 million dollars in weaponry following the merciless attacks on Palestinians locked in Gaza.
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Deep Dive Mega-Thread #2 - Syntropy

I connected through dial-up, swam in the matrix and weaved my way through the social fabric of the web.

Today I emerge, reborn and enlightened,…

...holding a giant bag of $Noia.

Here’s why...
Index: (tweet #’s)

Overview: 1 - 33
Tokenomics: 34 - 71
Staking: 72 - 82
Roadmap, Thanks: 83+

This is not financial advice. Do your own research. Disclosure: I am invested in $Noia and will continue to hold it long term, based on my analysis.

Ok, here we go...
Syntropy ($Noia) - The Internet’s Third Epoch.

Decentralised, faster, and more secure.

(Special thanks to @timberners_lee for getting us started and laying the foundations for Syntropy to exist).
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