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interview translation thread

#KEY_GASOLINE ImageImageImageImage
Q: we are filming the sep issue showcasing F/W, how on earth did you manage not to show any discomfort wearing those outfits in this hot summer heat?

Key: oof, not at all (flattered) ImageImageImage
Q:In the lyrics of the solo song "Bad Love" released last year "I'm sick and tired of it". Whenever I see Key, you remind me of a 만담가comedian*. You show off a veteran's ease.

(my remarks: i love his answer to this question) ImageImageImageImage
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#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

the fast breathing at the ending

i was really tired

i almost d!ed


i tried to pretend that it isn't but it really is very tiring

when i sang the high note in hello future

manager below

said that even down there he +
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

could hear my live voice i was so shy

tired to de*ath tired to de*ath

dreamies have worked hard


the hot sauce bridge originally after my part is with #JENO hyung


while singing

real almost d!ed kkkk
#세상에서_최고아빠_천러 #CHENLE bbl update!!

my breath

i almost fainted

if you rewatched the stage again you will see on my facial expression that it was very difficult

(in chinese) in the bridge originally i have a part and after that i have to sing with #JENO after that +
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if there’s anyone who would make a perfect combination with #TAEMIN’s performance it would be Chaeyeon. she bodied Taemin’s choreography so well
Chaeyeon is such a big #TAEMIN fan. she said he is her role model to a fan during fansign. she also always do Taemin’s cover justice n recently she mentioned she wants to work with him. i hope there will be opportunity for her to create a legendary collab with him someday 🥺
and to describe her style which makes me think she’s so suitable with taemin’s are her gracefulness, feather-like, effortless, fluid like water yet powerful.. i was already mesmerized with her moves ever since i saw her debut, i already feel like she’s the one in this generation
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last year on Road To Kingdom, The Boyz covered #TAEMIN’s Danger and they got 1st place. ONF with their #SHINee’s Everybody cover on the 3rd place. this year on Kingdom, SF9’s got 1st place by experts for their #태민’s MOVE cover. really appreciate their efforts 🙌🏼 ImageImageImage
the power of the group's hardwork+taemin+shinee are leading them to the top👏🏼
and #TAEMIN being the only male soloist being covered for 2 consecutive years on this big-scale show? that's a legend behavior right there
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✨Compilation of Taemin influencing kpop industry and being admired by fellow artists from time to time✨#TAEMIN #태민
disclaimer: this thread is going to be pretty long🙆🏻‍♀️
LOONA's Kim Lip mentioned #TAEMIN as her role model (2018)…

She wants to be a singer who's perfect in both singing and dancing like BoA and Taemin. she also want to search for her own color. Image
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by shiningnatt

i just made some Atlantis themed wallpaper! feel free to use it by tapping like/RT on this tweet!
hope u guys liked it💕

#SHINee #SHINee_Atlantis #Onew #Jonghyun #Key #Minho #TAEMIN ImageImageImage
and here's the OT5 wallpaper yay💕💕💕

again,, feel free to use them!!

#SHINee #SHINee_is_back_to_Atlantis #Onew #Jonghyun #Key #Minho #Taemin ImageImage
here's how the other ones looked like when you use them!

#SHINee #SHINee_Atlantis #Onew #Jonghyun #Key #Minho #Taemin ImageImageImageImage
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Ok, I realized that my answer is going to be somewhat long. So here is a solid threat of what to do/explore first as a babywol!

Also, for further info, definitely look to this thread by @mimikoko525. She's done a fantastic job!

So definitely, start with the debut, but I would look at 2 different vids bc both hold special places in Shawol hearts.
(replay debut stage - look at that hair)
(Rapper Taemin & the pastel clothes moments.)
From there, I recommend watching a run-through of some of their famous stages just to get a feel for all the different types of songs you will encounter, and to get you hyped for this epic journey!

MBCKpop actually has a pretty good compilation 😅
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#2NE1 Image
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Okay, it sucks that we didn't win, but damn. Those two performances of #Criminal and Black Rose showed everyone how it's done. Damn, #Taemin of @SHINee, you're unparalleled. #태민 , 화이팅!
Seriously, I still have goosebumps.
You know you're expecting him to do awesome, but then you're hit with the reality of him exceeding even your wildest expectations that you end up crying.

What the fvck. I'm emotional. We don't deserve him.
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Jin Guangyao X TAEMIN (태민) – Criminal

requested by

made this on hard mode: no subtitles in any clips

#cql #chenqingling #陈情令 #theuntamed #mdzs #modaozushi #魔道祖师 #jinguangyao #mengyao #lanxichen #niemingjue #xiyao #nieyao #nielan #3zun #taemin #태민
For extra pain here's the lyrics to the chorus:

So elegant, a criminal who hurts me
It’s okay, you soothe me just to torture me again
Ooh I’m on a leash called you
It’s painful as much as I can’t breathe but also magnificent
So elegant, a criminal who destroys me
Not okay, I try and shake my head
Ooh but I’m only getting dragged in more deeply
The moment I fall for you, is the end of my innocence
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........ bebi naman eh. 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
hindi kinaya ng puso. a young love so painful?

please don't play with my feelings like that, bebi 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
may naaalala ako pero iporpoject ko na lang sa OC ko yung feelings ko. tutal medyo based naman siya sayo. char.
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[ best of me ] jikook au

At a first glance, Korea's top solo artist at the moment and the internet's favorite youtube boy have nothing in common other than their hometowns. But what if there's more than what their public personas show? ImageImage
-idol Jimin
-youtuber Jungkook (not so secretly whipped for Jm 🥰)
-extreme fluff💕
-hints of angst that will inevitably lead to even more fluff💕💕💕
-please don't pay attention to the time stamps

rest ImageImage
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💎remember when💎

💎taekai thread💎

remember when jongin told tae "i miss you" and tae was like "why is he saying that, i see him everyday" but he looked so delighted and
flustered and so happy to hear that and he told jongin "call me" like yeah i bet y'all phone bills are wild bc of e/o i still cry over that
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