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#BREAKING: Huge victory for #ReligiousFreedom:
A federal court just struck down the controversial #TransgenderMandate, which tried to force doctors to perform potentially harmful gender-transition procedures against their conscience and medical judgment:…
A 2016 HHS regulation, governing nearly every doctor nationwide, said doctors must perform gender-transition procedures, even on children, & even when the procedures could be harmful and were against the doctors’ conscience and medical judgment. 2/
HHS did this by issuing a regulation redefining “sex” to include “gender identity,” and saying doctors who don’t perform gender transition procedures would be punished for “sex” discrimination:… 3/
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Aside from being grossly illiberal, anti-pluralist, and inflammatory, Beto O'Rourke's call for ending tax exemptions of religious groups that oppose same-sex marriage is also blatantly unconstitutional under current Supreme Court precedent /1 #CatoSCOTUS #SCOTUS
"A long line of court opinions has made clear that 1) 'tax exemptions can’t be denied based on the viewpoint that a group communicates.'" "Support," the term used in the question, = viewpoint. /2 #CatoSCOTUS…
Whether through tax leverage or other means, the Constitution also forbids government from reaching into many internal decision processes of churches. #SCOTUS rebuked the Obama admin on this in the 2012 Hosanna-Tabor case, 9-0 /3… #CatoSCOTUS
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1. I've been pondering how 2nd Cir might rule on the #TrumpIsAboveTheLaw appeal. First, the @DeutscheBankAG case may drop any day now and that may change things because, as I recall, one of the presumed Trump returns was not protected from public disclosure. And press is waiting.
2. The very fast track was afforded to determine the matter on the merits but it will likely be ruled on very fast, and the interim stay order lasts to oral argument so the court could simply refuse to extend it and the case will be done. I think Trump's Consovoy firm work
3. cheap or free for the publicity. Their legal arguments would flunk you out of any decent law school. I don't imagine 2nd Cir will give them much thought. So CJ Roberts will be faced with choice to vote with the Fascists on #SCOTUS and face a packing plan in 2021 or accept
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So, wonder what it's all about at the Supreme Court and #GayRights today?
Here's a primer & photos (pulled off interweb w/ credit) of some of the thousands of activists who turned up in front of #SCOTUS to fight for #EqualityForAll
#RiseUpOct8 #RiseUpOctober8 #RiseUpOctober8th
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The #SCOTUS heard arguments today in cases that implicate the rights of #LGBTQ people in the workplace. This DOJ took a hostile position in all.

We were proud to submit an amicus brief on behalf of 60 orgs standing up for the dignity of all workers. #RiseUpOctober8 Title VII
@LawyersComm @SharonMcGowanDC @LambdaLegal @LGBTEqCaucus @PiperPerabo @TransLawCenter @cmclymer @HRC @Lavernecox @AlphonsoDavid Workplace discrimination against LGBTQ people is discrimination on the basis of sex.

You can find a copy of the @lawyerscomm & @civilrights org brief joined by dozens of national civil rights groups here👇🏾 #RiseUpOctober8…
@LawyersComm @SharonMcGowanDC @LambdaLegal @LGBTEqCaucus @PiperPerabo @TransLawCenter @cmclymer @HRC @Lavernecox @AlphonsoDavid @CivilRights The Supreme Court must recognize that Title VII's protections extends to millions of LGBTQ people in American, especially those most often subjected to discrimination --> LGBTQ people of color.

Democracy requires that the SCOTUS respect the full scope of Title VII's protections.
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Time to read the SCOTUS hearing transcript from this morning because I hate myself.
FUCK Neil Gorsuch. (I guess we're turning this into a thread)
Gorsuch's insistence on forcing the lawyer who is arguing the case of a gay man who was fired to instead talk about transgender bathroom rights (a position he did not prepare for) is going to be what conservatives use to prove that we have no coherent argument.
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Sitting around waiting for the transcripts of the title VII oral arguments at #SCOTUS like
Time to dig in.
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POSTED: #SCOTUS argument transcript in the sexual orientation cases (Bostock and Zarda), which waere heard first this morning:…
BACKGROUND: My thread on these cases —>
PAM KARLAN, arguing for Bostock and Zarda, opened the arguments with crisp, clear, succinct, accessible discussion of how clear these cases should be:
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This morning the Supreme Court is hearing three cases to determine whether #LGBTQ workers are protected from discrimination under our nation’s sex non-discrimination laws, a decision that will have major consequences for our nation. #SCOTUS
Someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity is intrinsically linked with their sex. It is impossible to discriminate against someone in a same-sex relationship without, by definition, taking their sex into consideration.
Same goes for gender identity. It is impossible to discriminate against someone for not expressing themselves in a way that aligns with how you perceive their sex without considering... their sex.
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1/ ICYMI, I've written and co-written a couple of things I hope some readers will find interesting about central questions in each of the Title VII cases being argued in the #SCOTUS today.

#TitleVII #LGBTQ #stephens #zarda #bostock @SCOTUSblog #appellatetwitter
2/ First, in this blogpost I address the argument that T7 doesn't prohibit an employer from adhering to a policy or practice of disfavoring gay men and lesbians alike, e.g., a "heterosexuals only need apply" policy.
3/ I explain that that doesn't describe the employers in the two cases the Court is hearing today--nor virtually any other employers one finds in T7 cases--but that, in any event, the Court's doctrines involving other forms of discrimination ...
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Tomorrow #SCOTUS is going to hear three cases that will decide if employers can fire LGBTQ people for no other reason than being LGBTQ, or any expression thereof. This is very worrisome.
I don’t think the outlook is good at all. Gorsuch and Kavanagh are partisan ideologues, who do not care about protections for marginalized groups, including #LGBTQ people. So, as I brace myself for a painful hearing and a bad decision, I have to think about what I can do.
This case will hinge on whether people can invoke religion to fire LGBTQ people and cause pain and suffering. The plaintiffs are not ministers. They are doing everyday jobs. But this is going to be a case of “religious freedom” giving a license to discrimination.
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Trump loses Manhattan grand jury fight in SDNY over his tax returns. Decision and Oder link.…
Trump files his emergency notice of appeal to the 2nd Cir. His attorney messes up the filing and has to do it again. So Case is now at 2nd Cir as they rush to stay the release of this tax returns to the grand jury.
2nd Circuit issues a temporary administrative stay.
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Here we go.
This year's #SCOTUS term is going to be absolutely bonkers.
(I should pin this tweet.)
Breaking: Supreme Court denies motion to dismiss NYC gun case as moot. Case goes on (could always be found moot after argument)
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On the anniversary of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, I'm sharing some video & photos I took that day outside #SCOTUS where thousands gathered to protest.
We lost that day. #KavanaughLied.
He has the seat; for now.
#ReclaimTheCourt #ImpeachKavanaugh
This was @SenJeffMerkley in front of #SCOTUS on the day of the Kavanaugh confirmation where thousands had gather to protest.
Do not forget the Senators who voted for him.
#KavanaughLied #ImpeachKavanaugh
.@SenWarren telling us her 30-day plan in front of #SCOTUS on the day of the Kavanaugh confirmation where thousands had gather to protest. You can hear someone shout "Run for President"
Remember Senators who voted for him
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People who aren't #LGBTQ seem not to know this happens all the time. My wife and I have both been fired for being gay. So has my bestie. I have written numerous news stories about the new trend in firing lesbian teachers who marry. There are no protections for us.
I wrote about the case before #SCOTUS Oct 8 here. ↘️ The Trump DOJ is urging the SCOTUS to rule against #LGBTQ people and for discrimination.…
The Trump administration has been pushing discrimination against #LGBTQ people in every area--including the military, #healthcare, education and employment.
The breadth of this cannot be overstated. I have written about two dozen pieces this year alone.
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Here's an idea:

#Democrats in Congress order their Sergeant at Arms to arrest non-cooperating Executive Branch officials.

#Trump orders #SecretService, #USMarshals, #FederalProtectiveService and other federal police officials to protect Executive Officials from arrest.
Barricades are set up around federal buildings.

Armed forces face off against each other on either side.
Do you think it can't happen?

After Lincoln's assassination, President Andrew Johnson fired Secretary of War Stanton.

Stanton did not take being fired at all well.
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1. There's a risk that when @TheDemocrats impeach @POTUS and @SenateGOP says it's okay to be a criminal President, Trump will figure he's free to commit even more serious crimes. We need to make @WhiteHouse & @senatemajldr know we'll file Impeachment Articles repeatedly as
2. needed effectively shutting down the GOP judge machine and the #SCOTUS with Roberts setting up permanent house in the Capital. Trump will be impeached. He needs to get over it and stop giving us reasons to do it again and drag his entire cabinet into the impeachment barrel
3. with him. Trump won't be the first President to be impeached but he may be the first President to be impeached twice. Maybe three times. Do I hear four? 😎
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SHE'S HERE! #ElizabethWarren takes the stage. #theMajorityRules
Tune in NOW:
When #ElizabethWarren was urged to run for Senate, she was also told she couldn't win.

"If a woman doesn't run, I guarantee a woman will never win. You won't get what you won't fight for." — @ewarren #theMajorityRules
@ewarren .@ewarren made sure she did two things every day:
— She found a group of people to talk about what's important and why she's in the fight.
— Every time she met a little girl, she'd tell her "Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I'm running for Senate because that's what girls do."
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🚨 We won! The Court found that Harvard's race-conscious admissions process complies with #SCOTUS precedent

Today, a court also rejected motions for summary judgment in our case involving UNC's diversity efforts.

We won't stop fighting to safeguard diversity

@NAACP_LDF @Harvard @AAAJ_AAJC @NPR @cspanwj @nytimes @educationweek @TheAtlEducation @HuffPostEdu @thehill Federal Judge Allison Burroughs’ issued a landmark ruling today in favor of @Harvard on all counts in our case SFFA v. Harvard.

Today’s decision should reassure public and private universities that race conscious admissions are valid.

Read more:
@NAACP_LDF @Harvard @AAAJ_AAJC @NPR @cspanwj @nytimes @educationweek @TheAtlEducation @HuffPostEdu @thehill Our clients, current and former @Harvard students have been heard.

“Affirmative action programs are necessary for resolving the persistent problems of privilege and isolation on college campuses."

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Today's a huge day for the Supreme Court. It will impact when Roe. v. Wade is overturned.

I'll explain the details in this thread.

In the meantime pray! 🙏😁

Today, 10.1.2019, the Supreme Court holds its long conference, an annual meeting where they will decide which cases they want to hear this year.

All it takes is 4 justices to OK a case for them to hear it.

One case in particular has the power to dismantle #Roe.

The case that can overturn Roe is callee June Medical Services v. Gee.

It's about the Louisiana Law forcing abortionists to have admitting privileges at local hospitals,

The Supreme Court can choose to do 1 of three things with this law...

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The Council for National Policy #CNP, "The Secret Society"… "the heart of a great conservative movement that helped to make America strong and prosperous in the 20th century – now helping to ensure she remains free and secure in the 21st century,"
Some CNP members - Mike Pence comes quickly to mind - in the context of bolstering their conservative credentials, have proudly revealed their CNP membership, even though CNP's policy is to keep membership a secret. Here is it's 2014 Membership, the latest…
If you prefer, you can watch this report on The Council For National Policy via @YouTube
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1. Here's the docket in Trump's new SDNY suit trying to get a federal judge to interfere in a NY state grand jury. District judge assigned is Victor Marrro, Clintion appointed senior status judge from #PuertoRico. Anti-Injunction Act should resolve it in short order as I recall.
3. Electronic copy of the complaint is not available on line. Yet.
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Congress & White House have a history of fighting abt what classified material Congress can have on demand. In this case, a fed’l law says that a #whistleblower complaint that the Inspector Gen’l finds “urgent” be sent to Congress Intel Committees. So what is “urgent”?
The federal law defines “urgent” as “A serious or flagrant problem, abuse, violation of law or Executive order,..., or operations of an intelligence activity involving #classified information...” among other things. This appears to be the relevant part of the #whistleblower story
Congress states “Congress as a co-equal branch of Gov’t, is empowered by the Constitution to serve as a check on the has a ‘need to know’ of allegations of wrongdoing...including allegations of wrongdoing in the Intelligence Community.”
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The reason I didn't name drop in the poll is because I didn't want there to be any bias. I was looking for an honest vote of what people think about what was said/asked, not the person that said/asked it.

Bad - 92%
Good - 8%

As promised, screenshots below☟
Why would an Anon ask this in 2019? Why even plant that seed?

Imagine, he is recommended to a newbie, newbie see this coming from a big account they were pointed to.

We saw what Q did by asking questions.

Why not "is Q fake/real"?

Why "what if"?

People think he is JFK Jr & Q
Again with the "what if".
(planting the seed?)

Q told us to watch Hannity, & Hannity is reporting the truth. Again, some people think he is Q, & others JFK Jr.

He has a cult like following. To them, this is Q or JFK Jr asking "what if". Impact? Divider?

Critical thinking.
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