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Does it feel like you're just using this bird app without meaning or purpose? Does it feel like you're just tweeting into the void?

You aren't alone!

Let's talk business for a sec, #ENVtuber. Let's talk about setting good SMART social media goals.

It'll be fun, I promise!
Okay I lied, it probably won't be fun, but hey, did you really expect a marketing Vtuber to always tell the truth?

Thats the first lesson, in fact, is to not just take my words as gospel. Do your own research!

Second caveat is if you're ALREADY stressed about numbers and twitter growth, this may not be for you. This is business advice for those who are seeking to improve their social media. If you just want to tweet about big breasted mommies or whatever then that's totally valid!
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@CriticalReikan Image 1: Follow

BxnnyVT @BxnnyVT Hai! 0(9*-")* I'm an ENV Tuber on twitch! Commissions are OPEN #BxnnyArt 271 Following 3,416 Followers

Followed by Haku-Chan, Hakuro

*Setsuki (ÉRA), and 28 others you follow
Image 2: BxnnyVT @BXnnyVT. Oct 1 FINDING



If ur a small acc RT or reply to this. let's be all moots here! #VTuber #ENVTuber


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@CriticalReikan @BxnnyVT 3: BxnnyVT @BxnnyVT. Sep 2 FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!! FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!!

FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!! FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!! FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!! FINDING SMALL VTUBERS!!! If ur a small acc RT or reply to this. let's be all moots here! #VTuber #ENVTuber 290 tl 470

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The story of BetrayedMussel a major Projekt Melody simp whose obsession led him down a dark path of mental breakdowns and the spending of tens of thousands of dollars.

Extremely long thread ahead.

#ENVTuber #VTuber #VShojo ImageImageImageImage
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The way in which misogynists in fandom expect women to dress, how to behave, how to exist is not a truth to market demands, but a constant, reinforcing cultural decay born from objectifying us.

The misogynist's illogical idea of how we ought to be trumps our needs as people
What exists as a market, born from fandom, are the collective norms created (in real time) by fellow misogynists, amongst themselves, irregardless of how anybody thinks outside of their narrow-minded bubbles.

What is true FEELS true bc it FEELS normal among them and friends
Misogyny sits in a weird place in society as being absurdly normal while actively being discouraged and undermined everywhere. In the digital abyss lies corners of the internet that create alternative realities for themselves to escape reality itself and coddle one another's egos
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#ENVtuber tip: Small Goals are supreme. If you set small goals, it gives you that sweet serotonin because its easy to accomplish and makes you wanna and feel like you can do more. (A thread) 1/16
For example, lets say you have 3 viewer avg in your stream. Set your small goal to something like 7 viewer avg. Now I hear you saying "But thats only 4 people!?" Yes. It is. 4 more people in your stream watching you and interacting with your content. 2/16
Correct me if Im wrong, bc my math do be dookie, but 7 is bigger than 3 no? 4 more people is also achievable. And if you announce your small goal in a sphere where people are watching you (i.e. Twitter) people will be more inclined to help upu reach that goal. Heres why. 3/16
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Y’all probably either are confused of drama of the day in #ENVtuber land. So here’s a summary (not including the dozens of lukewarm takes that form a consensus of enjoying the outreach that clips from various fan channels give to any #Vtuber).

I’ve got unique thoughts on this🧵
From a professional standpoint as someone who manages, consults and cares deeply for VTubers, Cimrai just about covered a lot of what I could’ve and probably would’ve said myself

This professional perspective is missing with a lot of indie talent
I come from a similar background as a content creator doing this for 7 years, but also had my start in a similar aspect as clippers like @UsVtuber. My best friend @RinaHoshinari did too with his FB page geoing hella viral for posting a McD’s anime ad and getting it shared by McDs
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Last time on #rosetopia! We made it to Neksdor town but not before Feebee's ex, Prince Barry B. Benson could release the terrible genie Momotaros! The Great Sage Magik gave us some pointers, so after hitting a roadblock we're off to find him in a cave further down!

We ran into some Goblins but @namaswans /Sun S37 is having none of that business! They're too cool for this!

#miitopia #rosetopia #envtuber
@namaswans Speaking of Sun, they have a sweet new ability! Now they can hack enemies! Somehow! I guess since people hack computers, robots can hack... sneks and goblins?

#miitopia #rosetopia
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2000 what did I do to deserve so many friends, colleagues, clients, and dearest fans??

Y'all tell me sometimes how I inspire you. I called myself Reikan back in highschool because I wanted to be someone who can inspire others.

Thank you for sticking around 💜 Reikan. 2000 followers
I started making content in 2014. I was on and off even back then because of life and struggling with balancing my education, work, and my social life.

In 2018, when I came out as trans, a shit ton of my followers out of 26k came after me and started being hyper critical of me
That hostile environment broke me and I never looked back since. I started diving deeper into Twitter after neglecting it for so long and dove into the Vic Mignogna case where I met so many amazing people with such tenacity and strength despite the absolute hostile environment
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#ENVtubers have a men-bashing (aka misandry) problem

Men-bashing (aka misandry) may feel well deserved all things considering of who runs society, workplaces, cis privilege, etc, but constantly saying "I hate men, all men suck" and whatnot, even in private, is juvenile and creates a transphobic environment
I understand where the frustration and even genuine hatred of cis men comes from. The general lack of empathy/ability to empathize due to their privilege, etc stuff galore makes every place the rest of us live in genuine hell.

I was just sexually harassed the other day ffs [3]
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Rose rose #rosetopia Part 10! Let us begin!

Last time we got to know @prayersfromabi the Cleric and @tiefyweefy the Mage! We're on the way to Neksdor town to meet some more folks! But first, we may have some loose ends from the previous chapter to tie up!

#miitopia #envtuber
@prayersfromabi @tiefyweefy Oh, It's Barry B Benson, Feebee's ex! And he's run across a strange Lamp! Didn't the great sage Magik warn us about this? Hmm

#rosetopia #miitopia

Oh no he's kind of a dick! We better stop him from wrecking the gaff!

#kamenrider #miitopia #rosetopia #deno
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How it started, how it’s going

Let’s unpack my notes on this case, shall we? 🧵

If you’re low on spoons, I suggest muting the following TW/CWs in Twitter settings: groomer, pedo, pedophilia, abuse, manipulation, child grooming, sexual advances, and other related keywords 🌸💖
TL; DR: @InkgeistTv is a pedo who grooms minors (first in a Splatoon community and now in the #ENVtuber community). I am consulting one of his victims to make this process smoother to reach desired goals and make sure that awareness is made

More details in QRT
DISCLAIMER AND PSA: I ask that Ink and his friends not be harassed, but Ink specifically be challenged and held to account for what he has done and what damage he could be doing right now to any minors who are unable to come out right now.

Now, w/out further ado, let’s unpack
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Tomorrow! Thursday 5th August 10pm GMT/5pm EST!

Playing Team Sonic Racing so I can compete with Super Sonic Racer @ImyStarlight! Let's GIT GUD and GO FAST!

Link below!

#envtuber #teamsonicracing #SonicTheHedgehog #Sonic30th

And make sure to check out Imy's streams too!
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Coming to you live from hospital as I try to do stuff to get me asleep! It's #rosetopia Part 4!

When we last left our heroes off, they'd rescued @AirinTV's beautiful face, much to the celebration of @LilyLyco.

@AirinTV @LilyLyco Tulip learned a new skill: Indifference! It does not appear to work on compliments from Arly, however.

#rosetopia #miitopia #envtuber
@AirinTV @LilyLyco A letter from Mayor @PorcelainMaid ! try not to read it in his voice!

#miitopia #rosetopia #envtuber
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Hey it's #miitopia Adventure part 3!!!

Last time we met the Great Sage MAGIK who helped us fend off DARK LORD GARFIELD.

Moving to the east, we get stopped by the Royal Guard. It's the Dark Order!
@stu_dos @EvilUno @Pres10Vance @Alan_V_Angels
#rosetopia #joindarkorder #aew Image
Oh man Stu Grayson Dark Order, why you gotta be a buzzkill today?

Guess we're not based enough to go this route yet! We must prove ourselves before enterring the castle! (or find a way to sneak around).

#rosetopia #miitopia #aew #joindarkorder
Onwards through the STRANGE GROVE! Maybe we'll find a way around this way!

Tulip and Rose have something(someone?) else on their minds though...

#rosetopia #miitopia
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MIITOPIA RUN START! #rosetopia #miitopia #envtuber

Looks like myself and a bunch of vtubers have been Isekai'd to some odd new world where faces are getting stolen! Can we solve this mystery and get back home? Do we want to? Will we remember each other? Let's find out!

7H7W6GV Image
It's me! I'm here! A simple traveler wondering how I got here! #miitopia #rosetopia
Any way the wind blows~
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Howdy, y’all! @CriticalReikan here to teach y’all a thing or two about Networking!

I've been networking pretty much everyday for the past 10 years.

Here's what I learned in a thread, so buckle up


#ENVtuber #VTuberUprising #TwitchStreaming
Search: “How to network” and this is what you get: a whole lotta nothin about business n hustle culture.

This advice is dandy when you want to be entrepreneurial.

“Networking” feels inaccessible doesn’t it? [1]

#ENVtuber #LGBTuber
From experience and by trade, social media was game changing with how a lot of us network. Networking is, once again, a social activity, not commercial.

Networking stops being goofy and starts looking more like talking with people.

(Latest Chirpty ayooooo) [2]
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1 AM thoughts:

I've been networking pretty much everyday for the past 10 years. I literally started building my audience and connections since I was in high school. Here's what I learned [NETWORKING THREAD, POST YOUR PNGs]

#ENVtuber #VTuberUprising #TwitchStreaming
Google or YouTube search: “How to network” and this is what you get: a whole lotta nothin about business n hustle culture (that HubSpot video is good tho).

This advice is dandy when you want to be entrepreneurial, “networking” feels inaccessible doesn’t it? [2]
From experience and by trade, social media was game changing with how a lot of us network. Networking started becoming reclaimed once more back to being a social endeavor rather than a potential commercial exchange of goods and services—hence the “social” in social networking [3]
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#VTuber #ENVtuber #hkVtuber #VTuberUprising *Qilin's Manic ADD Ramble about tech upon seeing this meme.*
My sorry ass last December was experiencing the the pc dustdown of my life when extracting the #ZOTAC 1070 Mini from the 2011 HP Pavilion tower. For gpu thermal paste session.
Before installation in my first self built rig. I'm lucky the gpu is still essentially "prestine" cause my lack of intense gaming and no use of programs that would push it. Due to the fact it was in a pre-built with a weak cpu.… done
Using this classic as my main graphics driver for the conceivable future. Memories of it being part of the last major teenage savings spent for "gamer" stuff. Razer Kraken Pro V2, Ornata Chroma, and Logitech G602 since there were no Razer mmo mouse in Best Buy stock that 2016🎄.
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Survivors have come to me in confidence for nearly 7 years now, let alone last night with almost a dozen survivors, I’ve noticed that despite the backlash, there really isn’t enough anger and genuine concern about pedophilia in the #ENVtuber community where it’s a crisis
The anime community, many video game communities including the FGC, now the #ENVtuber community have such a bad issue with predators, serial sexual harassment, child grooming, etc that we’ve had many of our own personal unique #MeToo moments for each. The problem has no spotlight
If you are a CSA/COSCA survivor (Childhood Sexual Abuse, Child on Child Sexual Abuse) or a general survivor of sexual harassment and sexual assault, please feel free to come to me to speak your mind or use #MeToo and #ENVtuber to tell your story and I will give you free PR help
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The story of one LGBTuber Discord server and "trial" that was held there involving #VTubers who didn't get along with one another.

This is the longest thread on this account yet, be advised.

Thread #2

#ENVTuber #VTuber
Aster accounts.
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The story of one LGBTuber Discord server and "trial" that was held there involving #VTubers who didn't get along with one another.

This is the longest thread on this account yet, be advised.

Thread #1

#ENVTuber #VTuber
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Language does not change in a vacuum and can get modified by an almost immeasurable amount of factors. From generation to generation new words are borrowed or invented.

#ENVTuber #VTuber
The meaning of old words can drift dramatically from one group of language users to the other. This is a case of two definitions of the same word being so dramatically different between two groups that they end up clashing.
One of those groups, however, does not want to let the other's definition stand and is frequently insulted by the mere mention of it.
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"Context matters" is the theme of this very long discussion between two #VTubers on the meaning of words and how they're utilized.

One aims to remain civil while the other ultimately seeks to be offended.

Very long thread ahead, but one worth reading.

#ENVTuber #VTuber
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Hello hello #ENVtuber! My schedule for next week is out! Study it closely~ Image
First up by @RobynJayeCh's request, is I WANNA BE THE GUY, which is probably going to be hell on earth!

I did promise I'd do it for hitting 500 subs on YouTube, and I always follow through on my promises! Image
Next we're back to DARKEST DUNGEON on Wednesday! I'll try to unlock a few more slots so stop by to become part of the JCC anime girl exploration crew! Heart attacks help you build character!
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