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Ifalna, #Aerith's biological mother. She is so stunning. Adding color to this flashback scene made it so much more emotional to me.

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"Please take #Aerith somewhere safe."

A tale of two mothers, Ifalna and Elmyra. ImageImageImageImage
Ifalna returning to the Planet, and Elmyra adopting Aeris - it's such a heart-wrenching scene.

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idiotically i am now playing the original PSX #FF7 and oh my GOD it's not my imagination how much more fun Cloud is in this version? his fourth or fifth line is doing a backflip, striking a pose and then hitting on Barret
Barret comes off a lot harder here, with Wedge asking about the money and him thumping the crate to shut him up. In OG, I get the impression the reason AVALANCHE are in awe of Cloud is because he stands up to people they don't have the guts to #FF7
(god, I'll accept the darker Cloud from Remake so long as they don't walk back all his character development for Part 2. One of the biggest pangs of nostalgia I got from it was the part in The Drum where he's suddenly talking earnestly about 'Hojo's twisted creations')
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1/ #FinalFantasyVIIRemake, for as excellent as it might turn out, feels like the result of a product that doesn't have an end game plan. Given that we know the first installment of #FF7R barely scratches the surface of the story, but is a "full" AAA experience, concerns me.
2/ At the size of the "chunk" they have chosen for the first installment of #FF7R, how many more #games are required to tell the entirety of the #FF7 story? 8? 10? 12? Are they going to skip insignificant story bits as time goes on? We haven't been given the outline.
3/ From a project management standpoint, it's clear to me that @SquareEnix decided very little beyond this first episode. Because if they did, the required work to complete multiple AAA #FF7 #games, at this rate, is beyond the lifespan of the #PS5 alone.
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