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1/ #MAMG20 The influence of neomedievalism in first-person video games is everywhere, but particularly prevalent in Bethesda Games—be it Skyrim or Wolfenstein or #Fallout4. Umberto Eco, who coined the term, thought “fantastic neomedievalism” was garbage, that the “avalanche of
2/ #MAMG20 pseudo-medieval pulp in paperbacks, midway between Nazi nostalgia and occultism” was not an area for academic study. He’s wrong on that last part, but unfortunately not on how Bethesda has used neomedieval tropes in their games. The Brotherhood of Steel in the #Fallout
3/ #MAMG20 series is pure neomedievalism—“knights” & “paladins” following a code, wearing massive suits of armor, fighting under the symbol of the sword & gear, they are a military order—austere in lifestyle, focused on mission, ready for combat. See .
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well time to finally get around to playing #Fallout4 (because attempt number 1 didn't end well - got bored and just stopped)
So I've made my dudes (bearing in mind I've played this for like 20 minutes once) and it's into the game... I have a robot and a baby, and then Paul Eiding comes to call, I guess war never changes #Fallout4
I sign up to this ridiculous form of doomsday insurance and then settle down to watch the tube with my husband when a wild urgent news report approaches #Fallout4
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One more dump from my last couple hours in #Fallout4.

I know I said I was going for Cait next, but her Perk is... kind of shit. SO, Deacon. Which means joining the Railroad, which I was gonna do anyway, so.
My Charisma at this point is 12 outta 10 (naturally maxed, got the bobblehead, & I walk around in a newsboy cap), so while he tries to lie to me CONSTANTLY, he never gets away with it.

"I'm a synth, ya know." Da'fuq outta here w/that.

Anyway, here he is in the duds I gave him.
I went the lore-friendly route and gave him lots of anonymity-enabling gear, like goggles and a bandanna. I figured he'd like that.
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I spent a LOT of time and killed a LOT of people to help a profoundly malfunctioning robot park a colonial era warship on top of a skyscraper this afternoon, and if you think I regret any of that, you don't know me very well. #Fallout4
The USS Constitution is part of our human cultural legacy and a rare treasure of bygone days, and if you think I'm gonna let a bunch of filthy shitheads scrap it for three months of iguana kebabs and needledrugs, you are w r o n g .
Also, dropped Hancock off at Spike's Home For Discarded Lovers and went and got this little turd. His perk is just too good, I want it as soon as possible.

(The timing was good, cuz he got to watch me steal everything of value aboard the Constitution before I sent it skyward.)
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More #Fallout4, and the construction of The Sanctuary Museum of Pre-War America.

Made a "children's toys" display case, and a "sports and leisure" display. Fishing rod won't fit in the latter, sadly.
As I mentioned before, the Vault-Tec rep is in Sanctuary and assigned to work the cafe, so the restaurant on the second floor is completely functional! Every evening after work, the residents congregate up here to eat and socialize. I need to finish the building & add furniture.
I also made the rep his own house; an old bus behind the museum. Unlike most of the settlement's living quarters, he has it all to himself, cuz again, Dude Needed A Win.
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More #Fallout4.

I didn't have much luck while looking for a mod to increase my settlement build limit without giving me other excessively cheaty powers, like unlimited materials. I did, however, find this.
The video's three years old, though, so I figured the developed MUST have patched this exploit out by now.

They hadn't.

Thanks, Bethesda!
So, after five or six minutes of repeatedly dropping and storing a dozen laser pistols, I was back in business. The museum's construction continues!
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