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Ok, time for the big one. What are appropriate rates for #gameaudio/#gamedev composers? How do you calculate what to charge? What is everyone ELSE charging? What do the numbers look like in AAA, midcore, indie, and so on? Let's deep-dive. #GameDevPaidMe

Sources: 1. I'm gonna be referencing stats from the Game Audio Industry survey by @GameSound. This is wonderful, but is biased in that respondents are folks who are well-enmeshed in this community. They are likely more successful than the average.…

I'll also be sourcing convos w/ other studios, composers, etc. To protect privacy, I will not be providing names or identifying details. You'll kinda just need to trust me that these equal real people who replied. I don't want folks to get in trouble!

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#GameDevPaidMe Lab Zero Games -
I had 6-7 years experience
Hired as contract senior environment artist- 42 an hour
I asked for 50 and the female ( POC )producer tried to low ball me more with 40 an hour. I agreed to 42 an hour to start as contract. It gets so much worse.
They continued to pile on more work with more responsibilities ( like how I needed to now make a whole level for a new demo of the game ) So more work more hours without actually getting paid for those hours. ( The CEO at the time had no idea the producer did this )
Eventually, I asked for 90k as a LEAD environment artist full time and they low balled at 80k
Also I never signed a contract that stated what my new salary or position was. ALSO they didn't credit me as a lead environment artist on the game credits. ( I quit before launch )
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#GameDevPaidMe Riot Games
I had 3 years xp prior
Mid level env artist- 80k
I didn't get a ANY raise for 3 years not even 5% to balance out inflation.
After 3 years I began asking for a raise because I had way more responsibilities and was managing other artists/ leading projects
so 6 years experience and Riot would not give me a raise. They gave me a terrible bonus of 2000? that I couldn't get until being there for another 3 years? I complained and my manager said it was a bad look and that I should be grateful for what I got
I believe that being aggressive about asking for better pay was one of the reasons they let me go. I was only asking for 15% raise. Which was again to balance out the 3 years of not getting a raise and also the fact that I was managing other artists and had more responsibilities
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2011: £21.5k /year
2012: 20,000 DKK /month (freelance)
2015: £25k /year + shares
2017: same job as ^^, but part time: £42k FTE
2019: £100k /year + options & nicer benefits
all roles except the last in small studios where i was doing programming & some design. now i'm at a large company (joined via acquisition) doing just game design (as a lead)
have been in London the whole time, but some work was remote (can probably guess which from the currency)
also, a good amount of time in the middle where I was also doing some contracting, curation work, commissions, having a Patreon, etc - happy to talk about that if folks find it useful, although it was never the majority of my income.
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