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Say what you will about the #GameOfThronesFinale, the John Hughes homage was a bold choice to end on.
I just need Benioff and Weiss to see this and I'll officially be "the Game of Thrones meme guy" instead of "the Suicide Squad video guy"
I know the text goes by a bit fast, but like my heroes D&D I started from the need to end on "nothing ever lasts forever/everybody wants to rule the world" and worked haphazardly backwards from there.
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I doubt many subjected to the Milgram experiment were pleased to discover they could be inhuman.

Similarly, #GOT fans are angry to discover they were backing a privileged monster, even though she’s been using a weapon of mass destruction to roast her enemies alive for years.
All that nonsense about “sure, but the character arc was too sudden”: what was the character arc like for Churchill when he ordered the firebombing of 200,000 civilians in Dresden, or of Henry Truman when he ordered a second city destroyed by an atomic bomb?

No lengthening of the story would have eased the shock here or made indiscriminate slaughter seem narratively “more natural,” “believable,” or “correct.”

#GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones
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I don't know if it was the writing but I can't help but feel #GameOfThronesFinale ended in a very dark scenario. Why we assume Bran is good at all? A thread.
The previous three eyed raven was hundreds of years old, perhaps older. The greensight power, like Dune's Spice, extend life and give prescient powers.

They basically elected an immortal, all seeing God Emperor.

And, like Leto II, Bran is no longer human.
Bran's powers make him basically invincible as he can see any plot against him before it's even imagined by his potential adversaries.

Theories that Bran is the Night King were wrong, he's far more dangerous.
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Now watched. Sigh.....


(Yeah, my phrase so look up my TL for it).

#GameofThronesFinale #Spoilers
As I said way too long ago JRRM and the showrunners are too invested in toxic white supremacist heteropatriarchy. So even when supposedly 'subverting' a genre, they replicate and reinscribe the same old shit.
Not surprised that a show that centred violence against women chose to go with Jon killing Daenerys (especially after rationalising how much he loves her but she really is mad).

SO SO many tropes there. Although given the sloppy writing, included inadvertently
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To celebrate the #GameofThronesFinale, which I don’t watch, I’m rewatching the DS9 finale.

It has some serious problems—not least with the insane timeline—but the pan out at the end gets me every damn time.
Also Morn should clearly have spoken in the penultimate scene.
Like, in a totally incongruous high squeaky voice or something.
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#GameOfThronesFinale prediction:

5 year time skip. Dany is now a Mad Queen. Jon imprisoned. Turns out Dany was pregnant from Jon and now has a child. Then basically Robert's Rebellion repeats itself but then instead of killing the kid, Jon decides to groom it for leadership. 1/3
So basically Jon ends up on the throne but only as a steward for the child. Then maybe another time skip to when the kid is old enough to take the throne. Then Old Man Snowgan goes into exile in the North. 2/3
So basically it's like Endgame but without the time travel. 3/3
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Do the Geneva Conventions apply in Westeros?

For the #GameOfThronesFinale the @RedCrossAU analysed every violation of international humanitarian law.

Over 70 #GameOfThrones episodes, over 100 war crimes.

Let’s go.
Joffrey. Tywin. Cersei. Ramsay Bolton. Walder Frey. Euron Greyjoy. Masters of the Harpy.

They have all killed sick or wounded soldiers.

Even if they are the enemy, all sick or wounded on land they are protected under the first Geneva Convention and its Additional Protocols.
Remember the Battle of Blackwater?

Any of Stannis’ soldiers who survived the wildfire would have been protected by the second Geneva Convention and its Additional Protocols, which covers the wounded, sick and shipwrecked at sea during war.
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