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Let's talk briefly about the law of unintended consequences.

According to Friedrich Hayek, the law of unintended consequences is that actions of people, and especially of governments, always have effects that are unanticipated or "unintended."
This law of unintended consequences is one of the building blocks of economics.

A simpler analogy for my lazy generation is in #GameOfThrones Season 5 when Cersei gave the High Sparrow power hoping that he would use that power to get her perceived enemies off her back.
He did what she wanted, but quickly turned the tables on her and had her put away.

Eventually, the only way she could get out of his grip was to stroll from one end of town to the other in her birthday suit.
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.@taylorswift13 returns to our cover, giving one of the most revealing interviews of her career. She tells @hiattb her side of the last three years, from the backstory of that infamous phone call to her musical evolution and more
@taylorswift13 @hiattb “It’s weird, because in some of the worst times of my career, and reputation, dare I say, I had some of the most beautiful times.” @taylorswift13 looks back on the tumultuous past three years of her life in our latest cover story
@taylorswift13 @hiattb “I felt like I was going insane when I was trying to maintain my career in the same way that I ascended. It’s easier to get power than to keep it." @taylorswift13 talks about identifying with #GameofThrones' Daenerys and more in our new cover story
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Oracle SVP @JudithSimOracle kicks off Monday's keynote with her key tips on traversing #OOW2019 #oow19
Some highlights to note:

Safra Catz' Keynote tomorrow
An innovators' keynote with Vishal Sikka and Jerry Rice
And, of course, Paws and Relax at the Nutanix booth

#OOW19 #oow19ar
CTO @larryellison takes the stage to discuss the Generation 2 Cloud

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Hello humans! Settle down as I summarise for you the #WhatsApptraceability case that will potentially set a global precedent for how governments approach encrypted communication. I have been reporting on it for @medianama
It all started with @AntonyRubin's PIL to link Aadhaar and social media accounts.

The latest: I spoke to IIT Madras's Dr Kamakoti about the submissions he has made to Madras HC.
Kamakoti is very clear: "WhatsApp remains the same. Their end-to-end encryption remains the same. There’s nothing that we want to change. There’s nothing that warrants the change."
traceability is also important to prevent social harm, scams
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You know what I'd like to see?
Middle-grade and YA that doesn't denigrate and insult traditionally feminine endeavors and practices. Things like sewing, embroidery, cooking... those are essential survival skills and beautiful art.
Why are we teaching people they are worthless?
Thinking back on the books I read, almost every teenage heroine was sick of sewing and embroidery, she wanted battle and violence.
This was universally praised as the right decision.
Even with #GameOfThrones we watched people dismiss Sansa as weak for the entire duration because she wasn't "strong"... and by Strong they always meant Violent.
Her skills and artistry were dismissed as silly, girly things.
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Why are you in such a foul mood?


Best lines so far on #GameOfThrones
Also, I love Brienne of Tarth
Brienne of Tarth, Sam, Gilly and Podrick are my absolute favorites
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#Thread #Kurukshetra #Analytics #Mahabharata
Started a fun project of mine today. Recording the duels of Kurukshetra war in an excel sheet in anticipation of some interesting pattern. Watch this space for interesting tidbits. Full exercise may take quite a while
Interesting Results! #Kurukshatra #Analytics. So many duels without a declared result on Day One
Could record two general battles and 26 duels on Day One. Only 6 of those duels ended decisively. Pandava side suffered horribly in the hands of Bhishma. Uttara killed in the hands of Shalya. Saving grace being Abhimanyu countering Bhishma and winning over Brihadbala #Kurukshetra
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Avec la 100ème question du #QuizzEnergieClimat vient le 20ème résumé de la semaine 😊
Le détail est dans les réponses des questions 😌

96. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, alias La Montagne de #GameOfThrones absorbe chaque jour 10000 kcal

97. Le barrage des Trois Gorges en Chine est la centrale électrique la plus puissante du monde avec 22,5 GW

98. Alessandro Calori, ancien joueur de foot italien, n’a pas donné son nom à une unité de mesure

99. Les territoires agricoles occupent 60% de la surface de la France métropolitaine

100. Un tweet émet 0,02 g d’équivalent CO2

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Abro hilo para contarles como llegué a ser El Rey De final pondré foto 😜
La Ceiba Honduras, 1990.
Mi abuela era la única que inyectaba en un radio de 500 metros a la redonda, en mi casa había un rótulo de “se inyecta” ...yo le había dibujado una jeringa toda chueca
Cada vez que llovía me tocaba hacer ese rótulo de nuevo😥
Mis amigos daban fácil con la dirección de la casa: en la casa de tavo hay un rótulo de “se inyecta” 😢😢😢😭
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Japan fought an 1894-5 war with China to make Korea independent, then brutally assassinated its Queen for getting too close to Russia conquered the Korean Empire (think:#GameofThrones) then 15 years later colonized the Peninsula, imperially ruling the colony for 35-years.
The typo: Joe Bidan shouldn't be trending.

The geopolitical intrigue of America's president once again dumping on a powerfully important regional and economic partner, Japan, while visiting their country.
Trump's statement tonight speaks to satisfying Kim Jong Un's political nationalism in justifying stoking a confrontation with Japan as a form of revenge. It's a huge boon for the North Korean dictator and Trump gave it to him, for what, we don't know.
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Taking a deep look into #GameofThrones you will discover that the story has never been about the Iron Throne.
We all assumed that the story was about who will sit on the Iron throne, but NO, it wasn't about that.
Pg. 1.
Take a look at the Journey that brought each and every key characters to season 8, you will discover that it all happened for a purpose and I think the Lord of Light played a huge role in making it happen.
Everyone who survived till S8, survived for a purpose.
#gameofthrones was never about who will rule the Seven kingdoma, I believe the story and journey has always been about the long winter and defeating the night king.

The armies been gathered by Daenarys was very important for defeating the Night King and white walkers
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Por que 9 entre 10 dentistas recomendam Colgate Total 12 para golfinhos e para baleias não? Por que baleias são tão grandes? Você sabia que existe uma baleia chamada "baleia esperma"? A baleia é mesmo um animal fiel? Vem comigo nessa #BioThreadBR sobre cetáceos (Parte 2)
Na minha última thread [JÁ FAZ 84 ANOS] () eu falei sobre a origem dos cetáceos e como eles conseguem passar tanto tempo debaixo d’água. Mas, assim como em #GameOfThrones, muitas questões ficaram sem resposta...
Por exemplo, como diferenciar uma baleia de um golfinho?
R: Pelo sorriso.
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4 horsemen. .. The Apocalypse End of the Dem Party coming to theatre near you Fall 2020.
7 seals reference to 7 different Declass. . #Bucket5 #JESUSRETURNS BQQM BQQM WE ARE LIVING BIBLICAL TIMES. GOOD VERSES EVIL.
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q
Jesus Has Come Back..
hells opened up a Bit Wider to swallow all Evil in.
"This is No Conspiracy Theory either" It is the #truth .. no one will tell you this without expecting to get Paid. Knowledge is Free. Q drop 1295...
Careful who you Follow .
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Walau #VPN sedang trending, tapi ternyata masih banyak yang ngga kebayang makhluk apa sih VPN? Kalen juga pasti ditanyain kan sama pacar, keluarga, teman, dll.
Yuk kita bareng belajar dgn cara simple, supaya nanti klo ditanya tinggal co-pas 🖖😄
Jalur umum internet kita seperti jalan raya yang dilewati banyak kendaraan, ada bus, mobil, motor,sepeda, pejalan kaki, dll
Kalau kasus di negara kita sekarang ini, seperti beberapa tipe kendaraan (medsos) yg sementara dibatasi, misal bus medsos hanya boleh kecepatan 15KM/jam
Nah #VPN ini seperti "internet jalur khusus", kadang suka disebut tunneling, jalur bawah tanah, seperti MRT.
Dari permukaan kita ngga kelihatan, krn kita turun dulu ke bawah, berangkat, dan nanti nongol sudah ditempat lain.
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You've might heard I published the last and FINAL update to the #GameOfThrones death count graphic here:

I was a naive, tiny baby when I first pitched this graphic 5 years ago shortly after season 4. Here's a lil thread about how this all started:
*extreme 80-year-old narrator voice* It was the summer of 2014. I had just graduated from NU and joined WaPo, and lil ol Shelly Tan was eager to pitch her own major graphic for the first time.

"Another character bit the dust on GoT. What if I counted all of them?"

You fool
I pitched the idea. Eds were interested but not convinced about the feasibility of counting everything. (NO KIDDING I SHOULD'VE LISTENED.) They said if I could get the data, they were in.

For the next 6 months, I slowly counted the first 4 seasons in my spare time...
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Why we need to remake all 8 seasons of #GameOfThrones.

For the past 8 years, GOT has corrupted the minds of viewers. There are calls for the last season to be remade. I believe every episode should be erased from history entirely.

First off, there’s the matter of representation.

The only dwarf represented is a vile misogynist. There isn’t a mosque in sight. The cast are mostly white, and even the people of colour display typically *white* characteristics such as aggression and greed.

Most of the gay and bisexual men end up having their heads squashed off, getting stabbed by shadow demons, or crushed by exploding churches.


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I tuned out the Monday-morning quarterbacking of the series finale of "Game of Thrones". So, not knowing the assigned reasons I'm supposed to hate it, here's why I loved it.…
Bran is clearly based on the Arthurian tradition of the Fisher King, whose disability is often held out as a symbol of social degradation. But “Game of Thrones” thumbs its nose at this ableist, reactionary tradition.
It may seem tired to have the show end, as it began, as a subversion of the chivalric traditions that valorize violence and degradge the common people, the infirm, women, and other marginalized people. But with the rise of authoritarianism, we need that ending more than ever.
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A brief thread on medieval sovereign debt, inspired by unanswered questions after the finale of #GameOfThrones. Quotations are cited from James Macdonald’s history of sovereign debt, “A Free Nation Deep in Debt,” unless otherwise specified. 1/
2/ Medieval monarchs did indeed borrow money, extensively, as accurately depicted in #GameOfThrones (and the books it was based on). “In the later Middle Ages, the kings of Europe were rarely out of debt."
3/ Unlike today, when national debts are more-or-less stable, medieval kings were constantly trying to get out of debt, only to be inevitably forced to borrow money again, in an endless cycle.
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« What is west of Westeros ? »

Toutes les cartes ont effectivement Westeros pour limite ouest. Mais ce n'est pas la seule « terra incognita » de l'univers #GameOfThrones, qui est bien plus étendu que ce qu'on voit dans la série

Petites réflexions cartographiques sur GoT ⬇️🗺️⬇️
Déjà, si le fait de s'interroger sur ce qui se trouve à l'ouest de Westeros fait sens, on peut aussi s'interroger sur ce qui est au sud, au nord et à l'est.

La série se déroule sur un territoire qui n'est pas vraiment fini, et ce dans toutes les directions
Qu'y a-t-il à l'est de Vahes Dothrak ? Au sud de Valyria ? Au nord de l'île d'Ib ? Saviez-vous qu'il existe un troisième continent, en plus d'Essos et de Westeros, et qu'il s'appelle Sothoryos ?
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Is it too soon to tweet with potential spoilers using the #GoT #GameofThrones hashtags?
To those answering “yes”, please mute those two hashtags (or - faut de mieux - me), you have until I finish my bath. ;p
Let’s have a Stark King! Lords of the EU27 I mean 6 Kingdoms: well OK, we guess

Cool, can we now also have an independent Stark kingdom? New Stark King: sure!

Cakeist much?

I suppose it *is* an escapist fantasy…

#GoT #GameofThrones
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Here's the 2 pages 132 & 133 of Liars, Keakers, & Liberals by @JudgeJeanine I think these are the most Important pages in the Biok. I use these pages as Reference to everything going on in #FisaGate 😎
Retweet thanks
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @TipsyPianoBar
Here's the 2 pages 132 & 133 of Liars, Leakers, & Liberals by @JudgeJeanine I think these are the most Important pages in the Biok. I use these pages as Reference to everything going on in #FisaGate 😎
Retweet thanks
@madmandave1011 @fedupwarrior4q @TipsyPianoBar
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1/ With #GameofThrones done, there’s a lot of talk about #HBO’s post-GOT future. The challenge is the answer seems paradoxical or contradictory, even though it’s neither.

Thrones is an unprecedented hit; a homerun worth not 4 but 100 runs. But HBO will be thrive after it.
2/ HBO’s future slate is *substantially* stronger than that of any traditional or digital network – even though it produces significantly less than Netflix and Amazon, and roughly the same of Starz and Showtime. But can anything replace Thrones?
3/ Next 3 years of HBO:
-JJ Abrams first co-run series in a decade
-Joss Whedon’s first co-run series in a decade
-The Watchmen
-Jordan Peele/Abrams' Lovecraft Country
-His Dark Materials / Golden Compass
-Time Travel’s Wife
-1-2 Thrones spinoffs
-More Westworld
+Lots more

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There is only one interpretation of the #GameOfThrones finale that makes any sense at all and here it is. SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY.
Of course, Bran becoming the ultimate Ruler of 6/7 Kingdoms comes across as an extremely Stephen Bradbury move, but was it really? #GameOfThrones
You could write off the miraculous change from the whole "I can never be Lord of Winterfell. I can never be lord of anything" to "OH YES I CAN BE KING OF EVERYTHING" in just a matter of weeks as bad writing, but what if - just maybe - Bran is totally full of shit. #GameOfThrones
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