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Tweeps, have you been to the landmark @LouvreAbuDhabi #Louvre #AbuDhabi? No worries. Got @twitter. Had the chance to visit while in the #UAE for the @MilkenInstitute #MIGlobal #MENASummit. Follow this thread for a #TwitterTour of highlights.… #art #museum
Hello #LouvreAbuDhabi! @LouvreAbuDhabi ~ in all directions, the #magic of art & creativity on display. Crossing borders. Crossing cultures. #artmatters #museumlove
#Stunning. This two-headed figure is one of the oldest monumental statues in the history of humanity. It is some 8500 years old. On display at the @LouvreAbuDhabi. 👥

@VisitAbuDhabi #AbuDhabi #LouvreAbuDhabi
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It is a bit amusing when you make a #GameofThrones reference in a tweet and only a few people get it. #PowerIsPower and those who get it scream it! 😂

It was one of the most remarkable scenes in the TV show. LittleFinger didn’t learn that lesson fully until his last minute alive
I did a thread this morning and few people understood it. Tinubu has to learn the lessons of LittleFinger or lose out. #PowerIsPower
The Nigerian Army OGs understand this very well. #PowerIsPower

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1 like = 1 curiosidade sobre #GameOfThrones

(vou brincar também)
Para começar, teve teaser novo da última temporada:
A oitava e última temporada estreia no dia 14 de abril.

Filmada em 55 dias, a oitava temporada terá seis episódios, com mais de 1 hora cada um e que estão sendo anunciados como verdadeiros telefilmes, pela duração e qualidade.
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Many have noted the mind-numbing stupidity of @realDonaldTrump's #sanctionsarecoming poster, but can we discuss how brilliantly apt it is in its mind-numbing stupidity? Let us count the ways (some #GameOfThrones spoilers ahead)...
First, some non-#GameOfThrones aesthetic concerns:
1. @realDonaldTrump evidently favors the graphic design stylings of people who make promos for frat house keggers. #SanctionsAreComing
2. How does this man still not know how to wear a tie? Or employ someone to tie it properly? Or employ a frat boy graphic designer to make it at least look right in posters? #SanctionsAreComing

Moving on...
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Any Crimes committed between 1984 to 2019 are considered Crimes, Treason. Nothing I mean Nothing can stop what is about to happen. PANIC IN DC. MITT ROMNEY Shitting bricks and others. Expect 45-60 days 2 be rocky. Deep State shills attacks hackin,
'blue-check mark attacks'
Deep state trying 2 kill @POTUS off. Obama 5:5 willing 2 blackmail
Look at #QClock for details
Mitt Romney big in news. CRIMES ..
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Q about to go mainstream
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Not sure what's crazier: That Trump is using a stupid Game of Thrones reference to threaten sanctions, or that he's obviously had that poster since at LEAST October
November 4
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Welcome to all our new followers! The Public Medievalist is an online magazine devoted to bringing medieval history to modern people and examining the ways that the Middle Ages are used today.
If you’re new to TPM and have no idea where to start reading our stuff, we just started the Gender, Sexism, and the Middle Ages series a few weeks ago. You can find that here:
Also, our series on Race, Racism, and the Middle Ages just had its 43rd installment, and you can start binging that series here:…
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Kenapa pidato Presiden @jokowi terasa lebih kuat dan meyakinkan hingga dapat "standing ovation" dari banyak petinggi dunia di acara @am2018bali? Yuk, kita ulas.

#GameOfThrones #VoyageToIndonesia
Pertama, Presiden Jokowi sudah lebih dulu mengawali dengan apa yang bisa dilakukannya sbg seorang presiden, kepala negara, dan pemerintahan.

Tiap gebrakannya tak hanya dipublikasi media dlm negeri, tapi juga menjadi sorotan media-media luar.

Apa yang sudah dikerjakan olehnya itu jadi lebih istimewa karena tak membuatnya goyah meskipun hantaman global menerjang, dan bencana pun mengadang.

Di sini ia menunjukkan kelebihannya.

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So after an age of netflindecision we decided to just re-watch #GameofThrones again from the start. It’s so weird going back all them years.

Here comes a 70-odd tweet thread commenting on every episode...
#GoT #S1e1 That cold opening though.

It’s odd that you give a pass to beheading, incest and marital rape but the thing that made me think “this show is different” was Jaime casually pushing Bran out the window. Seeing Robert grieving for Lyanna was more poignant with hindsight.
#GoT #s1e2 Lots of ominous shots of dragon eggs. Robb acting brash, Cat loving her kids, Joffrey being a dick #foreshadowing

Tyrion steals the wall scenes.
I realise now why they all love direwolves - mostly for Joffrey biting.
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So about a year ago I backed this #GameofThrones miniatures game and it finally arrived on Friday.

Any of y'all interested in seeing everything that I got? #nerdalert
So you have an idea how tall the boxes were stacked on top of each other.

The top box came inside another box along with the stuff I'm hiding underneath it.
I honestly wish I could lie this all out on the floor together but I have a dog that I afraid would try to eat some of the pieces.
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Void all contracts with ICE, @Microsoft!

Don't be @Trump's Volkswagen.

Don't support the fascist @Trump Regime.
All businesses with any supporting contracts or association with #ICE, should void the contracts and stop all work immediately.
It's time to start isolating the @Trump Regime.

No collaboration

No support

Don't become another #Volkswagen!
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[BREAKING] We have confirmed from multiple sources that @AmazonStudios new billion-dollar #LOTR series will open its first season centered on a young Aragorn.

Let's discuss whats available and how this opens up Tolkien's Legendarium. A thread. #Tolkien
Firstly, we must stamp out any remaining confusion:

From the first press release, we know this so-called #LOTR series will NOT be a retelling of the events of the War of the Ring. #BeenThereDoneThat

Instead it will be Appendices based and cover a lot of time and history. /2
This is the greatest advantage the show runners have: that so much of Tolkien’s storytelling, even just in “Appendix A,” covers a tremendous swath of time.

Starting with a young Aragorn narrative allows connections to his Numenorean bloodline (and to the founding of #Gondor). /3
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Then get out there and make it! a couple of years ago some guys asked me how I got into film reviewing. It was mostly by chance.
I've always loved movies, my aunt used to take me to the cinemas at weekends as a child where I'd see see films I fell in love with like The Princess Bride , Labyrinth the Disney animated movies and ET, but talking about them was a fun thing to do on @McYapandFries
After I took a break from project management however, I saw on twitter that @nerdpsan & @STARBURST_MAG were looking for writers (they probably still are). These weren't paid positions but you could get review copies of books/comics and a place to show case your writing
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We have decided to see what's up
I just finished the very first episode of #GameOfThrones
Too lazy to learn names right now so we have: the brunette bitches, the blonde bitches, and the platinum blonde bitches
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