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#covid19 Introducing #DarkWinter narrative~ the 2nd effin 🌊wave

Presstitutes & Puppeteers:

Ousted (FAUX) whistleblower #RickBright warns US facing ‘darkest winter in modern history."

"Europe must prepare for a 2nd deadly wave... in the winter, " WHO

1. #billgates- funded 2001 simulation gone awry
2. A reference in #GOT.

How do we ward off White Walkers w/ their tests, surveillance, & 500 million pre-filed #rfid syringes?
Ousted (faux) whistleblower warns US facing ‘darkest winter in modern history…
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Hoy hace 9 años que se inauguraba oficialmente el #FestivalScout de @scout_es
en Lorca.
Para nosotros un punto de inflexión.
Los scouts celebran su festival nacional de la canción en el castillo | La Verdad…
El 108 apostó por organizar exclusivamente con sus recursos humanos en ese momento,más decenas de antiguos scouter, el #Festivalscout.
La lluvia hizo acto de presencia. Nuestro coordi @Perriwy:
«Queda inaugurado el festival, ¡a refugiarse!» | #Lorca…
Queríamos ser de las primeras ciudades que organizaran un Festival federal de la Canción Scout por dos veces. Lorca es #CiudadScout declarada por su @AytoLorca por algo. Ya se hizo en 1997 en similares circunstancias cuando representando a @asde_exmu fuimos a #Calatayud #Zaragoza ImageImage
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L’#expoWisigoths est une occasion en or de parler des "Barbares".
Ce terme, utilisé originellement par les Grecs, est souvent employé aujourd’hui dans la création artistique pour définir un guerrier solitaire ou une horde. #Boucherie
Alors empoignez vos scramasaxes, sellez votre fidèle poney alezan, parez-vous de votre peau de bête autour de la taille, et allons sur les chemins de la réception du "Barbare" dans la #CulturePop en compagnie de @MathieuS31
Le terme "Barbare" définit au départ celui qui ne parle pas la langue commune, donc l’Autre.
Mais bizarrement, cet élément sera peu repris dans la création fictionnelle du Barbare, au contraire de leurs caractéristiques physiques et sociales.
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TOLKIEN E O OCIDENTE -- J.R.R. #Tolkien, o autor de "O Senhor dos Anéis" (SdA), voltará às telas por um novo seriado do grupo #Amazon, que pretende aproveitar o vazio deixado pelo fim de "Game of Thrones" (na verdade, #GoT já aproveitara o vazio anterior, deixado por SdA).
Isso nos dá ocasião de refletirmos um pouco sobre a obra de Tolkien e sua influência sobre o Ocidente. Por Tolkien não foi apenas o criador de uma "mitologia pop". Na verdade, o propósito do autor era bem mais ambicioso: criar uma mitologia propriamente ocidental e católica.
Tolkien é um dos autores do chamado "renascimento católico inglês", que conta também com o Cardeal Newman (canonizado no último 13/10/2019), Chesterton, Hillaire Belloc entre outros.
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#Qanon post #310 also about #Pensacola speech about the military! There was a shooting at a military base in Pensacola this weekend almost two years to the day. News unlocks the map. We need to read these crumbs to show what’s coming #ProjectLookingGlass?!
😳 #Qanon in post 316 calls out @realDonaldTrump’s speech at #Pensacola. Listen to his speech. Thank you for your SACRIFICE. Can they see two years ahead via #ProjectLookingGlass? #MartialLaw on the 11th to be the #Redpill that leads to #TheGreatAwakening?
Since Q called out the time stamp on this post, it is also possible that Marshall Law could be instituted on 12/31 of this year. Anons, what do you think is the significance of the time stamps?
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Abrimos hilo sobre #VFX, donde muestro planos de películas antes y después del trabajo de efectos visuales, y os enseño el proceso por pasos en #GIFs animados. ¿Va?
Empezamos con esta escena de #DoctorStrange. Aquí podéis ver qué es real y qué es digital.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine
Seguimos con #TheMartian. Podéis ver que se rodó en un set bastante completo y que digitalmente se añadieron el paisaje marciano del fondo, los efectos atmosféricos y la corrección de color. Aquí por pasos y capas.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
Continuamos con varios planos de #AliceInWonderland (2010) de Tim Burton. Como veis en ocasiones hay sets de rodaje, pero en otras lo único que se conserva del plate rodado es a las actrices y poco más.
#DelSetALaPantalla #cine #VFX #EfectosVisuales #GIFs
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A weekend thought for you.

I did a video about this a couple years ago.. but “coincidences” keep happening.

Had to revisit..

There’s a chance that the creator of “The Simpsons,” Matt Groening, is a real life time traveler...

Buckle up.

A thread..
It’s all so subtle.. On Episode 3 of the ninth season, titled “Lisa’s Sax,” which aired on October 19th, 1997.

For no reason at all, in the middle of the episode Marge is holding a book titled “Curious George and the Ebola Virus”

17 yrs later in 2014, Ebola took over the world
Season 10.. Episode 5.. Titled “When you dish upon a Star”.. which aired on November 8th, 1998

A still image appears on the screen.. “20th Century Fox.. A division of Walt Disney Co.”

19 years later Disney actually bought 20th Century Fox
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Poucas vezes eu vi um deputado federal tão burro e incoerente. Essa merece uma thread. Vamos lá.

1. A fusão entre AT&T e Time Warner lembra a compra da Time Warner pela AOL em 2000, naquela que tinha sido a maior transação corporativa da história. Mas os problemas são graves...
2. O maior inimigo do capitalismo é a concentração do mercado em poucas mãos (monopólio/oligopólios).

A compra da TW pela AT&T, segundo os princípios liberais, é um crime capital porque reúne sob o mesmo controlador dois grupos líderes em setores de uma mesma cadeia.
3. O Bozo Jr. - que certamente nunca leu uma orelha de livro de economia ou economia política - passa longe disso, embora bata no peito para se dizer liberal, capitalista.

Ele deveria fazer um vídeo para alertar sobre o perigo que representa essa fusão. Mas não chega nem perto
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Having spent a couple days on exceptionally bad clothing, it’s time for a #TailorSnarkWars palette cleanser.

Well dressed men of size, a photo stream.

Big, tall, both, burly.
Not skinny bois.
Though we love our Chrises, not this thread.
Formal & casual.

Kristian Nairn (Hodor)
(#GoT has been great - they cast diverse body sizes & shapes. So...)

Kristian is 7’ tall. He favors bright plaids with tee shirts and jeans. (This is perfectly acceptable casual wear.)
Note shoulder seams (at top of arm): a little low on his arm, but that’s movement fabric.
Again, it’s the geometry of fabric: an arc is longer than a line.

Suit jacket, intentionally oversized because this is a casual look, with jeans & Converse. That jacket will button.
If this was formal? Might wanna pad the shoulders a bit, but it’s not. No cuffs, cuz tee.
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It stuns me that people purporting to be Democrats or "resisters" are still devoting their time to attacking @RepAOC. This is such a blatant embrace of GOP talking points. If you don't like change, you're in the wrong party. And if you can't Google the work she's done, be quiet.
If you claim to support @SpeakerPelosi, then assume she knew what she was doing when she put @RepAOC on major committees. Here's an example of AOC's skilled takedowns on the House floor:

Here's @RepAOC as the youngest person in House history to chair the House at Pelosi's behest:

AOC becomes the Speaker of the House — momentarily…
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•Game of Thrones, a n̶o̶v̶e̶l̶ thread•
One week has passed & I’m still disappointed in the #GOT finale but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love & appreciate the journey 🗺 📺
Think of it this way; much like a breakup...While it’s fresh, you may feel disappointed, surprised, angry, betrayed, hurt, sad. Mourning the loss is normal. Evenings (around 9 p.m. ET) are the most difficult, for the night is dark and full of terrors
You may wish to seek revenge, adding your ex’s name to a list of others who’ve done you wrong, make plans to flay or neuter them, burn their house down, even💀
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Taking a deep look into #GameofThrones you will discover that the story has never been about the Iron Throne.
We all assumed that the story was about who will sit on the Iron throne, but NO, it wasn't about that.
Pg. 1.
Take a look at the Journey that brought each and every key characters to season 8, you will discover that it all happened for a purpose and I think the Lord of Light played a huge role in making it happen.
Everyone who survived till S8, survived for a purpose.
#gameofthrones was never about who will rule the Seven kingdoma, I believe the story and journey has always been about the long winter and defeating the night king.

The armies been gathered by Daenarys was very important for defeating the Night King and white walkers
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You've might heard I published the last and FINAL update to the #GameOfThrones death count graphic here:

I was a naive, tiny baby when I first pitched this graphic 5 years ago shortly after season 4. Here's a lil thread about how this all started:
*extreme 80-year-old narrator voice* It was the summer of 2014. I had just graduated from NU and joined WaPo, and lil ol Shelly Tan was eager to pitch her own major graphic for the first time.

"Another character bit the dust on GoT. What if I counted all of them?"

You fool
I pitched the idea. Eds were interested but not convinced about the feasibility of counting everything. (NO KIDDING I SHOULD'VE LISTENED.) They said if I could get the data, they were in.

For the next 6 months, I slowly counted the first 4 seasons in my spare time...
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Finally saw the #GoTFinale while in Japan thanks to the technological assistance of friends and I am now going to barf out a thread about it.
Those of you who live under rocks should avoid this if you haven’t seen the last episode yet.
The hamfisted political allegory of the last two episodes perfectly encapsulates middlebrow bourgeoisie showrunner Deep Thoughts about “power” i.e. banal horseshoe theory
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1/ With #GameofThrones done, there’s a lot of talk about #HBO’s post-GOT future. The challenge is the answer seems paradoxical or contradictory, even though it’s neither.

Thrones is an unprecedented hit; a homerun worth not 4 but 100 runs. But HBO will be thrive after it.
2/ HBO’s future slate is *substantially* stronger than that of any traditional or digital network – even though it produces significantly less than Netflix and Amazon, and roughly the same of Starz and Showtime. But can anything replace Thrones?
3/ Next 3 years of HBO:
-JJ Abrams first co-run series in a decade
-Joss Whedon’s first co-run series in a decade
-The Watchmen
-Jordan Peele/Abrams' Lovecraft Country
-His Dark Materials / Golden Compass
-Time Travel’s Wife
-1-2 Thrones spinoffs
-More Westworld
+Lots more

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I doubt many subjected to the Milgram experiment were pleased to discover they could be inhuman.

Similarly, #GOT fans are angry to discover they were backing a privileged monster, even though she’s been using a weapon of mass destruction to roast her enemies alive for years.
All that nonsense about “sure, but the character arc was too sudden”: what was the character arc like for Churchill when he ordered the firebombing of 200,000 civilians in Dresden, or of Henry Truman when he ordered a second city destroyed by an atomic bomb?

No lengthening of the story would have eased the shock here or made indiscriminate slaughter seem narratively “more natural,” “believable,” or “correct.”

#GameOfThronesFinale #GameOfThrones
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Ok, one more briefly. #GoT

The advantage of hereditary monarchy is it’s EXCELLENT for continuity of government. You can do very long term projects if you’ve got reasonable predictive capacity for 2-5 decades out.
(It has 100s of other problems.)
King Bran is kicking the can.
Because there will be another war of succession when Bran dies. No 3👁R needed. It could be next week (It’s not like King’s Landing is ADA compliant, or even structurally safe) or in 5 years (Iron Bank gets tired of being called out for lying) or 40 (he gets old & dies.)
So they’ve now set up the Elected Leadership without an Elected Body problem, which has been causing civil wars in the Western world since... Charlemagne died.

But most strikingly, when the Barons got tired of Henry II’s brats (Magna Carta) or the batshittery of the Stuarts...
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Last night wasn’t just the final episode of #GameOfThrones, it was the final episode of ‘A Science of Ice and Fire’—our series with @ChabotSpace that dives into wild experiments involving reactions freezing cold and burning hot. Here's all of them for your binging pleasure 1/
You don’t have to be a dragon to breathe fire. You can get your Drogon on using the fundamental laws of basic combustion. #GameofThrones 2/
Touching liquid nitrogen is basically like touching the Night King. This rose doesn’t turn blue, but by dipping it in the -321 F° substance, you can smash the flower like an ice cube: #GameofThrones 3/
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O que foi bom no último episódio:
- Jon matar Danyele, cheio de culpa e o dragão "entender" o que rolou e queimar o simbolo de tudo aquilo que FUDEU o mundo deles e ainda ocasionou a morte da mãe dele... Derreter o trono é muito significativo! achei a cena foda!
- a Sansa mandando um "senta lá, tio"

- a cena final na mesa com os conselheiros do Rei, num mix de pastelão e inadequação... Achei maneiro tb o Bron como cara do dinheiro!

- Jon ir para alem da muralha ficar com os selvagens junto com o Fantasma

O que foi "nheee":
- Arya Colombo ou Arya Aventureira, como preferir... sem sentido. (Sem contar a cena ridicula do cavalo nao ter sentido nenhum e nao explicarem nesse episodio)

- O encontro de Tormund e Jon... deveria ter sido mais caloroso e com algum dialogo...
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1/ The big failure in #GoT finale was yada yada-ing of post-war power/statehood/allegiance. These notions underpinned the entire show/books, GRRM’s very interest in writing epics.

To point, his core criticism of LOTR was Tolkien’s conflation of a “just king” w/ a "good king"
2/ #Thrones probes these ideas at length. Robert had no interest in ruling, but was King because he was a great fighter/rebel. Ned died because he was just, Tywin ascended because he was a cruel tactician, Joffrey King because his “father” was. Dany Queen because she conquered.
3/ But at the end of the show, all kingdoms and provinces but The North are simply cool with submitting to the rule of Bran Stark, with no debate nor concern for consequences. Several Kingdoms are just reassigned.

This betrays the show’s logic, principles and recent history.
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y hay algo más que no sé si contar. acá son las 12 de la noche, acabo de venir de Paris a HK en la mañana, después de eso, vi #got, después pasé toda la jornada 11-16 en mi trabajo, después gimnasio y después me tomé unos vinos, así que no sé si es prudente, pero fue algo fuerte
tiene que ver con el motivo por el que nos fuimos a vivir a China. Y pasó en el congreso al que acabamos de ir.
desde que empecé mi tesis, mi orientador me tenía ganas. Y todos sabemos lo que pasa cuando uno -una- le dice que no a un profesor poderoso. El señor era grado 5, fue nombrado Honoris Causa por la UdelaR, gran amigo de Maria Simon y Carolina Cosse, entre otros
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I was feeling a little bad for Jon Snow until I realized that any idiot who TOLD Grey Worm what he'd done even though Drogon had removed all evidence effing deserved worse.
Also too?
Readers: "George R.R. Martin is a BRILLIANT WRITER!"
GRRM: I think I'll name the dragon "Drogon."
Ultimately, the best part of #GoT for me was falling in crush with Rose Lesley (I have a bit of a thing for redheads), then learning that she grew up in Lickleyhead Castle.


Because, you know, I'm twelve.
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So I finally watched S8 #GOT - re-subscribed to HBO and binged it in the 2 days pre-finale. Apparently I disagree with lots of vocal folks, because I don’t think any of it was shocking or out of character. Rushed, though.
(Particularly given they had two years.) There could have been two full 8-ep seasons in those 6 eps.

I don’t get ppl who say “But Daenerys was never evil, only good!”

You were blinded by the blonde. The greatest evil grows in ppl who become convinced they can only do good.
Daenerys didn’t become evil simply because she was a Targaryen. She was driven mad by a lust for revenge. Every time prior seasons showed us a “Myhsa” good deed, they also showed us Daenerys acting out of personal revenge for a slight.
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Now watched. Sigh.....


(Yeah, my phrase so look up my TL for it).

#GameofThronesFinale #Spoilers
As I said way too long ago JRRM and the showrunners are too invested in toxic white supremacist heteropatriarchy. So even when supposedly 'subverting' a genre, they replicate and reinscribe the same old shit.
Not surprised that a show that centred violence against women chose to go with Jon killing Daenerys (especially after rationalising how much he loves her but she really is mad).

SO SO many tropes there. Although given the sloppy writing, included inadvertently
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